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Random Word Generator

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I am trying to create a random word generator - it creates words from 2 and 3 parts located in the corresponding columns - it does it randomly but I want to list all the possible combination for both the 2-part and 3=part word combination - can you please help me do that? Maye there is a way to do that with a macro that can be easily adjusted to work on more source components - now the file works on the first 20 rows of the 3 columns.

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Similar Topics

I know you can make a random number generator pretty easily in excel...but is it possible to make a random word generator? I will give the words I want randomly generated.



I know excel can generate random numbers,

Can someone guide me how i can create random word generator.

I have list off word in sheet 2 column A, Column B, Column C and Column D from row 1 to 60,000.

In sheet 1 i want to press next button and word is selected form sheet 2 and displayed in a cell BUT no word is displayed again if it was displayed once.

I am creating this file for school as one of the teached wants to do spelling test on kids, i though a file would make it easier.

hope someone can help out.

Is there a way for Excel to return random words/phrases that are entered into individual cells?

I am trying to learn a language (French) and this would be more convenient in many cases than carrying a box of flashcards around. Every time I learn a new word or phrase, it could be entered into Excel for random generation and study.

If anyone has any ideas or can direct me to a good source for the information I would appreciate it.


I am tring to generate words at random to see how many times actual words appear. Right now I'm just producing a single titlecaps word of a given length (# of letters) with this formula:
=PROPER(CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26))) where I just repeat paste on as many instances of CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26)) inside the PROPER() formula connected by "&" as I want letters, i.e. a random three letter word is "=PROPER(CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26))&CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26))&CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26)))".

This is fine but I also want to make the number of letters random, say randomly distributed between 1 and 5 letters. I tried using =REPT(PROPER(CHAR(64+RANDBETWEEN(1,26))), randbetween(1,5)), but that just repeats the same randomly chosen letter the randomly selected number of times. I also tried the substitute() formula but that just confused me.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

I am total newbie when it comes to working with excel and I would appreciate if someone could help me with the following two problems I am having -

1. In a single column I have a list of random words e.g in column A, I have 1000 words going vertically down, in columns 1 down to a 1000. I would like to know how I can add a comma to the end of each word automatically?

2. In column A I have a list of 2,609 words going vertically down (the amount of words could be any random amount - even and odd numbers). In column A for the first 20 words I would like to automatically put the words "GROUP 001" in Column B next to the first 20 words in column A, thus the words "GROUP 001" would be repeated 20 times in column B. For the next 20 words in line in Column A, I would like to put the words "GROUP 002" in Column B, thus the words "GROUP 002" would be repeated 20 times in column B. In this example there are 2,609 words so 2,609 divided by 20 = 130.45, so there would be GROUP 001 to GROUP 131 in column B.

I hope this is not to much of a challenge.
Thanks in advance

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I need help with a macro which creates random sentences out of a list of words (I have a column with 2000 rows. Each cell contains 50-60 words). In each cell, I would like to create sentences - without meaning - for example one sentence contains 4 words, the next one 8, the next one 5...
Basically the words should be separated randomly by a dot, and after each dot the next word has to begin with a capital letter.

Any assistance you could provide would be really appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hello all,

I have a random number generator to help create random codes. Then, I have a macro to update the list of codes I generate by appending any new codes I generate to that list. But during every step that the macro goes through (like copying or pasting etc.), the random number underlying the random code gets updated.

Is there any way in which I can 'Pause' the random number generation during the running of the macro?

After the macro is run, the random number generator needs to get kickstarted again and with any calculation step, the random number is refreshed.

I am at my wit's end about this and any help will be highly appreciated.

Best wishes...

I know the title is confusing, but I don't kow how to describe this otherwise.

Here is the challenge I'm facing:

I have a list of synonyms in word in the following format:

word A1 Word A2 Word A3 (<-- all A-words are synonyms from each other on the same row)
Word B1 Word B2 Word B3 Word B4 (<-- all B-words are synonyms from each other on the same row)

Now I need the following output:
Word A1 Word A2
Word A1 Word A3
Word A2 Word A1
Word A2 Word A3
Word A3 Word A1
Word A3 Word A2
Word B1 Word B2
Word B1 Word B3
Word B1 Word B4
Word B2 Word B1
Word B2 Word B3
Word B2 Word B4
Word B3 Word B1
Word B3 Word B2
Word B3 Word B4
Word B4 Word B1
Word B4 Word B2
Word B4 Word B3

If I try to explain it in words: I need all combinations of synonyms in pairs formatted in rows.

I need this for a piece of software which allows import of synonyms, but the format has to be as above (each synonym on a row, in pairs).

How would I accomplish this in Excel?

I've uploaded an excel file with an example and on the second worksheet the complete synonym list (in foreign language, but that shouldn't matter)

You can find it he

I would appreciate it very much if someone can offer me a solution.

Kind regards,


I have created a set of drop down menus across cells A2:E2. Each of these menus contain a unique list of words.

I am struggling to find out how I can create a Macro that will randomly select and display a word (from each cell's own list). I want to be able to create a button that will repeat this process when clicked; therefore displaying a different combination of words across A2:E2

Hope you can help



I have a button.

When it is clicked I want cell B2 to display the word from a cell within the range A1:A200 from a seperate sheet (I want this selection to be random). I then want cell B3 to equal the number that is to the right of the word that has been selected
thanks all


I have a table which produces a random generator for competitions, which is fine, although pretty basic.

I was wandering if anyone knew of a way to do the folling:

Generate teams of 2/4 randomly. For forthcoming golf matches.

Hi All,

I've been trying like mad to find a random name generator that I had saved on disc, but unfortunately no more.

What I need is to start with a list of names, then at a press of a button I will be asked for how many 'teams' I want to create and where I want the output.

The result will be the required number of teams made randomly from the master list of names.

As I said, I did have this handy little worksheet before, but for the life of me I can't seem to track it down anywhere on the net.

Does anyone on here know where I could find it, or better still have it or know how to re-create it??

Many thanks.


I have a macro and at one part of it I need it to do the following:


Column C

word word word
word word
word word word word
word word


Column F


As you see, I want to replace the spaces, " ", with "-". Thanks in advance.

Long story short, I have a Kris Kringle spreadsheet that I wrote. It takes a list of people and randomizes who buys for who. The problem is that I have discovered it isn't random. This is the code I am using to create a random number

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This loops over and over to do its work. The trouble is that every time I run the VBA code, it generates the same random numbers in the same order. I am aware that you need to "seed" the generator to get a different starting point for the random number generator, but I can't work out how to do this. I have tried using "randomize" at the start of the VBA but that didn't work.

Any ideas?

I am new in here, so I am scanning this forum like anything. I have been readign quite many threads, and one of the tread on permutation and combination attracted my interest.
(URL is:

After reading it, I was wondering that is it possible to create permutation and combination from words in Excel sheet.

let's say there is a string of 10 words, can we make a formula that will combine all 10 words in all the possible ways and give output in the cells?

Suppose the 10-word sentence is:

Right now asking Permutation and Combination question in excel forum

Now could we have all the possible word combinations using a formula? Let me add one more thing here. The formula should not produce results containing any repetitive words, like Right Right Right, Right Right, or now now asking .

This should not be in the list.

I have found out that there could be 9,864,100 possible combinations of non-repetitive words in a 10-word sentence.

Waiting to hear from experts

I am trying to create a group of teams from a list of people, however I want the teams to be completely random. Is there a way to select a cell value completely at random, and with no repeats? I am familiar with the random number generator, however don't know of a random cell generator. Thanks for the help!

I am trying to generate random words from the list of the vowels and the consonants standing in different columns - I am using F9 to recalculate next bunch of the random words but I wish to collect all of them in one single list. Can you please help me do this? In the future I plan adding more columns to the green area shown in the attached worksheet.
Hoping to hear form you soon!)

Hello out there -
Here i am asking for more asistance, again.

I would like to copy the words in one column repeat them 8 times each and add a number to the end of each word that increments. The revised list can stay in the same column, just need to be able to do how ever many words are in the original column.
Thanks in advance--


Any Word Any Word 100 New Word Any Word 200 Next word Any Word 300 Any Word 400 Any Word 500 Any Word 600 Any Word 700 Any Word 800 New Word 100 New Word 200 New Word 300 New Word 400 New Word 500 New Word 600 New Word 700 New Word 800 Next Word 100 Next Word 200 Next Word 300 Next Word 400 Next Word 500 Next Word 600 Next Word 700 Next Word 800

Hi All,

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but here it is: I want to generate random numbers with a normal distribution around 0. I know that this is fairly simple using the random number generator in the data toolpack, but the problem is when I run the generator and put the output to say A1:A100 it's not actually random. What I mean is if I run the output to A1:A100 then B1:B100 then C1:C100 they all have the same values. I tried opening a new workbook and it gave me the same values. Any help here?


Can excel be use to create a random number generator similar to With true randomness not with a pattern one can recognize.

Appreciate any thoughts on this.


Hi all,

I am wondering how I can use the random number generator function (=RAND()) in Excel but with conditions. I have a spreadsheet that I need to generate potential “scenarios”. I am unsure as to whether it is best to use a macro to automate the task.

Part 1: The numbers I would like changed each time with the random number generator are between BI4:BR123 and then Excel will use these numbers to calculate other columns. Each row (eg. BI4:BR4) has to add up to 1 exactly; irrespective of whether some of these cells are zero. I would like to be able to specify how many of the cells within each row should have numbers (maybe with an MsgBox/user defined form that pops out and requests information??); thus the rest of the cells should have a zero. The number of cells per row that can have a random number can range from 1 (with only one cell equal to 1) to 10 (each of the cells in a row having some non-zero value but the cells sum to 1).

For example, if I need 4 cells to have numbers (which must sum to 1) then I do not care whether this is BJ4 = 0.10, BM4 = 0.43, BN4 = 0.32, BQ4 = 0.15 OR whether this is BO4 = 0.25, BP4 = 0.25, BQ4 = 0.25, BR4 = 0.25; so long as four of the cells in row 4 have numbers summing to 1.

Part 2: After all my calculations, the final values that I am most interested in are in AS4:AS123. I would like Excel to copy these cells and then paste it into a new worksheet or new workbook (Output.xlsx??). And repeat the same procedure for exactly 50 times (ie. generate random numbers for BI4:BR123), calculate and then copy cells AS4:AS123 and paste into new worksheet/workbook).

I hope this can be done in Excel?? The most important is part 1 of the question. Thank you again. If you need any other information then I am happy to provide.

Hi, after a bit of help, what i am trying to do is design a random question generator for somethign i am doing at work, has to be done within access or excel. This is what i am trying to achieve..

100 Questions, broken down into 5 categories. and it will lets say choose 2 random questions from each section, to make a small exam.

Anyone available to help as have been scratching my head, have workd out how to create a whole random number, and also messed about with LOOKUP and VLOOKUP but cant seem to get that working properly, let alone figured out how to ensure it doesnt pick the same question twice in the same run.

anyone help :x

thanking you in advance

Has anyone seen an Excel program that will generate words based on letters entered. For example, if I had 10 cells in a row, and each cell contained a letter (duplicates are okay), what words could be derived from arranging those letters in random sequences.

It would need the ability to accept any letter of the alphabet, A thru Z

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

How many words could it generate, and what are the words?
I assume it would have to reference a spelling dictionary.

It could be used as a spelling learning game, etc.

No rush, just curious if anyone has seen something like this.


I need some help in creating a random number generator from 1 to 60 and I need to to this for 25 different times.
We have this wheel ( Paddle wheel and we have 20 paddles) with the numbers 1 to 60 and we sell chance tickets for a $1.00 to win 20.00.
Then I am going to print them on business size cards that way we don't have to retrieve the actuals paddles.
Can any one help me with a Random Number Generator for 1 to 60.

mike in wisconsin

I am looking for a way to create from a group of numbers that I input a new combination of 5 numbers.

I have a set of numbers that fill columns A, B, C, D, E and rows 1 through 10. I am not sure if it's even possible to do something like this. Ideally I would like to have a macro where I can push a button and a new combination is generated from the set of numbers I have supplied.

each combination would contain 5 numbers.. like 6-10-20-30-40, something like that

If that's not possible, I need a way to generate all possible combinations of 5 items to a new sheet. I also wouldn't want a number to repeat in the same set of 5.

Good: 6-10-20-30-40
Bad: 6-10-10-20-30

Can anyone help me get started on something like this or point me to a thread or resources where maybe something like this has been discussed.