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Repeat Rows At Bottom

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Hi guys,

is there anyway to repeat rows at bottom?

or at least on the last page?

thanks in advance

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Similar Topics

I've searched but can't find a suitable answer to this situation: how do you tell excel to repeat rows at the BOTTOM of each print page?
It's easy enough in page setup to get repeat rows at the top but I want to do exactly the same at the bottom.
The rows I want to reappear stay exactly the same (quantity, height etc) so it doesn't have to be too fancy!
I don't think it can be done at all in page setup - unless someone else knows something different...
Any ideas anyone?
Thanks in advance.

Sorry guys...

I'm looking for the opposite instruction... I need to use rows to repeat on top... and rows to repeat on the bottom...

Can some one help me with the instrcution "ROWS TO REPEAT ON THE BOTTOM"

I know how to use the top... but I don't know if there is a way to do tha same at the bottom

Thank you

I am aware that we can repeat rows at Top of each Page, but i want the rows to repeat at bottom of each page.
Please provide me the macro or the procedure to do so.
Help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks and hope to get a solution.

I have a sheet with activex controls at the top and bottom and cells in between that the user can edit. I know you can repeat cells at the top and bottom of every page that is printed, but is there a way to repeat the controls at the top and bottom of every page?



As we repeat rows at top and coloumn at left while printing using page setup option. can we repeat the rows at bottom and coloumn at right... if yes then how ???? pls help....


I'm using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 in 'Page Layout' view.

I am using ' Page Layout > Sheet Options > Rows to repeat at top: ' to use the same 4 rows at the top of every page I start working on.

What I need to figure out it how to do something similar to the bottom of only the pages that get data added.

(and if I'm going about this all wrong... are the any recommendations on how to format a word document so that there are 'fields' that can be easily referenced for lookups in an excel sheet?)

I know there is a feature via the print setup option to allow you to apply "Rows to repeat at top".
But I was wondering if there is a feature to allow the user to repeat rows at the bottom?


Anyone have any idea's on how to add a range of cells to the end of everypage that prints?

Something like in page setup you can add rows to repeat at the top...but I want rows at the bottom to repeat?

My range would be range("A359:I377") On every page that prints.

Thank You, Mike

I have an excel spread sheet that I need the bottom 6 rows of the first page to repeat on all of the other pages when I print it out. I know how to do it from the top of the page. Is there a way to make this work?

Can i define a serie of rows to repeat (printing) at the bottom of each page like i can define it to the top?

Hello Guys,

I wonder if it is able to repeat rows at bottom of a worksheet?


Is there any way of repeating multiple sets of rows at the top of subsequent pages?

It's difficult to put into words so as an example, I want to repeat rows 1 & 2 on each subsequent page, so I go to page setup>rows to repeat at top and enter them there - no problem.

But, can I somehow also get Excel to repeat rows 10 & 11 as well as rows 1 & 2, but not with rows 3 - 9?

Any help greatly appreciated!


This is just an idea - would it be possible to repeat the navigation bar now located at the top of the page again at the bottom?

I often find myself reading long threads and than having to scroll back up to the top of the page to check for new posts, access my subscribed threads and so on. Repeating the navigation bar at the bottom would save me a llot of scrolling and make my life just that little bit easier.

Alternativly, why not simply include a "Back to the Top" button?

What does everyone else think about that?

I made a spreadsheet and I want the top 5 rows to repeat on every page. I select my area, go to print preview, then page setup. But when I go to the "rows to repeat at top" button, it's grayed out so I cant pick it. How do I set my spreadsheet up so it prints rows 1-5 at the top of every page?


Please do not tell me to use headers. I MUST use a function within a cell.

Why? ..because my customer has a complex header using the "repeat rows at top of page". These so-called header rows have formulas and functions and can not be re-created in the "Page Setup > Custom Header" field. They do not want the page number above their header, or at the bottom of the page. The want me to display the (page) and (pages) within the repeated rows.

Note: The same rows repeat at the top of every page, so the same cell that displays the page number info needs to keep track of how many times it has been displayed. I thought that maybe a global variable (counter) could be used.

Or, how about a custom Print function that continuously updates a global page number variable as it iterates through the pages using set print range - effectively printing one page at a time.

I know VBA, so solutions involving VBA are fine.

Thanks in advance,


I have inserted a page break on my sheet, and I have two rows of data at the bottom of page one that I would like to also be printed at the top of page two.

Other than making a copy of the rows and pasting them right after the original rows and inserting a page break between the two, is there a way to automatically have those rows print?

Not sure if it complicates things or not, but I'm also using print titles to repeat the top two rows of the sheet on the second page.


I have a Tab in a worksheet that can be up to 100 print pages long. I have a macro that automaticly hides all the unused rows prior to print. I also have the top couple of rows repeated on each page when printing.

When I print this out the repeat rows are printed out for every page. I end up with the repeat rows printed for the pages where there are hidden rows. I don't really want this to happen. Deleting the rows prior to print is not really an option, which I know would solve this.

Is there a way to stop the repeat rows printing when there are no rows of data to print.

Thank you

I need a way to fix a print problem. When I go into File - Page Setup, and I
choose which rows to repeat at the top ($1:$5) and select which columns to
repeat at left ($A:$A), the rows at the top never print completely on pages 2
through the end. Only on the first page can I see the entire title and
subtitle. On the remaining pages they get cut off where Column B would
begin. Can I fix this?

Dear Concerned,

when i remove print last 5 rows of the excel data should be repeated in every page at the bottom of each page. how to do this is excel 2007.

I have multi-page output with a need to have a row repeated at the bottom of each page. in the page setup dialogue box, under the sheet tab, there is an ability to select a row to print at top. does anyone have any ideas how to get a row to repeat at the bottom of each page of the output?

Hi, I have a column where I need to repeat the same formula a set
number of rows apart. Is there a simple way to do this? The cell
references are relative and it would be nice if I could make this
formula repeat in several worksheets, yeah same places and same column
in each worksheet. (L). While the L column ends in different rows in
each worksheet, not necessarily at the bottom of the column. The
formula to be copied references data in the d column so when I run out
of data in the d column in each sheet can it repeat to the next
worksheet? Also the k column has a label of text for the result of that
formula. This is excel 2004 Mac. Any Ideas? steveo

I have a problem formatting my report in the way I would like to.

I want to repeat the top 10 rows and the first 4 columns of my report on
each page when I print it (therefore the text I want repeated makes an upside
down L shape)

I know that I need to do the following:

Rows to repeat: $1:$10
Columns to repeat: $A:$D

However, the report 'headings' in the first 10 rows include merged cells
(e.g I merge 6A - 6T). This causes a problem in the printed version of the
report, as any header text which is not 'alligned' with columns A-D will not
appear on any page other than the first page.

Only the text alligned with columns A-D is repeted on each page - the other
text that I want to see from the first 10 rows is not vissible

Is it possible to get round this without using the actual 'Headers' facility?

Thanks in advance

Most everything I found when Searching was people confused about Freezing their panes and Repeating Rows while printing.

I have a document that I want the same rows to repeat on each page that is printed. These rows are 1:5. In Page Setup, Rows to Repeat At Top, I have entered: $1:$5.

I also have columns that I want to repeat at the left of each page. These are columns A:B. In Page Setup, Columns to Repeat At Left, I have entered: $A:$B

I notice that these specifications work fine for the first page (obviously) and the second page. But, when viewing the 3rd page in Print Preview, it does not appear correctly.

On page 3, Columns A and B correctly appear to the left. Rows 1 to 5 appear at the top, but rows 1 and 4 are cut off where they would overflow into Column C and beyond.

Row 1 has text that is entered only in Cell A1 but overflows into B1. There is nothing in B1, so this is fine (the text all shows). Row 4 has text in Cell A4 but A4 is merged all the way to G4. The other rows appear as normal on Page three.

What I'm not understanding is why Page 2 displays rows 1-4 properly but Pages 3 and beyond do not. I thought it might have something to do with the fact that text overflows from column A, but then it shouldn't work on Page 2, right? I then thought that perhaps it has something to do with specifying both rows and columns to repeat at the top, but would that make sense?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. If it appears I've missed something simple, please point it out--I'll look like a dolt, but that's not bad from time to time.


I have a large amount of sheets that I'm printing. I have them grouped and that is working great for most of the Page Setup functions. However, the Rows to Repeat at top are greyed out when I have the sheets grouped. I don't want to set up each. Is there a way I can set them all up at once? I want to repeat rows 1 through 13. Any thoughts?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.



I would like to know That Rows to repeat at top & Columns to repeat at left , i have studied some of the topics related to this one , but i didn't get understand , can any body will help me out from this with example , Thanks a Lot in Advance .