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Convert Image Into Xls

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hi guys,

can you recommend any programs available that can convert image format file like bmp into xls format? no luck with google.

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Similar Topics

Hi friends,

I want to convert the pdf file into word file .

I just try to convert a PDF file to Word but i m not able to edit it. The PDF is an image file of some kind. It contains a grid with headings and contents that I would like to be able to edit or somehow convert to text. I was able to create a JPG of the section I would like to edit, but I cannot do much with that. It would be too difficult to edit as an image file in Paint or similiar software. I have already tried some online sites to convert the JPG to text. The only thing I get back is a comma and sometimes a parathesis. Are there any suggestions on how I can convert the image file into a format that can be edited in Word?

please give me your suggestions.


Hello, I hope someone can help give me some advise on how I can convert a cell value to an image. I want to be able to:
1. Firstly copy a cell value as an image file to a specific location in C drive
2. Secondly the image file name should be the same as the cell value
3. Thirdly the adjacent corresponding cell should contain the link address of the image file location
is it mission impossible or possible? . please help

Hello, Does anyone have a brilliant way to convert a text in a cell to image in the adjacent cell? For eg I have the name 'Tom' in cell A1 and would like to convert this and store it as an image that displays Tom in cell b2

The point is i need Tom to be stored as an image somewhere so that i can use it for mail merge using it as an image


I have found a piece of code a vba function to convert a blob image to file and then to bring that image from the file into a word document.

This code worked for me perfectly.... my trouble starts when i use this same code to call a blob image of this same database (access file) but from a different table.... I am getting an error saying "the graphics filter was unable to convert this file (c:\photo2.jpg)".

I have no clue why this is happening when it's able to pull the image from the first table...

please help me on this....

I am using Windows XP professional... access/word 2003.

thanks in advance


I am exporting info from Filemaker to an excel file and the file that is exported needs to be in a certain format. What I need is some tips and tricks on how I can make this work in excel. I need to know how to get Image 1 to look like image 2 using excel. All I am basically doing is moving cells around to be in a certain format than the way they were imported. I need this automated to reformat an excel file with over 100 entries. Each entry needs to look like Image 2. They can all be on the same page, just the cells for each transactions needs to look like Image 2.

hi all
i would like to have an image box on a userform which can be updated on the fly to show new images (eg different faces for different users) but i do not want the images stored inside the spreadsheet and so i cant use image.visible or similar. try as i may all my attempts to load a jpeg from file have failed even after sucessfully determining that the image file exists. i thought i could use image.picture but no luck.

any suggestions?

Hi All

Please can somebody help. I have checked for info but can't seem to find any.

I want to attach images to records. When I connect the field to BMP image it displays the contents of the file as you would expect, the image itself, however, if I connect to say a JPG image format it displays the filename and not the image. I want to be able to display the image and all my images are JPG - please help.


Hi All

Another posting to this reliable site (my saviour)

I didn't think it was possible but later understand that it is - my query is
I want to print a worksheet in a corperate format, it contains prices and unique product code, but I would like to add a product image to the product code line. I was told that I could do this from retrieving the relavant image from a image file?

Is this correct, if so how would I create an image file in excel or indeed in any other app and how would I instruct the app. to import the correct image file, using a vlookup?

Any help,or guidance would be truly appreciated?

Thank you in advance for your valuable time

My overall goal is to have an image both displayed behind my cells (I'm using Format->Sheet->Background) AND to have said image print (I've added a 2nd version of the image to my header). This mostly works, except that the header image is being cropped on the far left and right edges.

I am running Windows XP with Excel 2003
I have the file set to landscape with 0.25" margins on all sides
The header image I'm using is 6" tall by 10.5" wide
I cannot attach my file for reference due to sensitive data, though I could replicate a similar one if requested

Any help would be much appreciated.

I need a macro that will only find formats mm:ss and not format hh:mm:ss and then convert mm:ss to hh:mm:ss.

For example:


It searches each and then only finds the 58:46 and then converts it by taking 58:46/60 and giving 00:58:46. I need to do this since some are in hh:mm:ss format, while others are in hh:mm format. Unless there is an easier way to convert just the mm:ss format - and right clicking and formating isn't working.

hi all,

i have a few questions:

i am trying to convert this format:

4/20/2008 14:00

to this:

April 08, 2008 14:00

1) I don't see any way to format that so the time is still included?

2) when the initial format is UK format (20/4/2008), I don't have any option to convert it at all. when i try to convert it, nothing happens. no issues with converting format with US dates.


I have an embedded word document that misteriously changed into an image.
This image is not a word doc converted into a picture (i.e. like I convert an
embedded word doc by right clicking and selecting 'image object', 'covert',
and then select to activate as a word doc.) but an actual image as if I
inserted a picture. Need to turn the image back into a word doc so I can
recover my work. It would also be nice to figure out how I am changing to an
image, amost seems like a bug since it has randomly happened twice.

I've got a variable path for a file stored in a cell inside a worksheet that I need to convert to the old dos format (no spaces).


From c:\Awesome File\FTP\My Awesome File.txt

to c:\Awesom~1\FTP\My~1.txt

The actual path/file name is much longer and is determined by multiple fillable fields, cells, and drop down menu's so the only feasible way at the moment seems to be that I need some code to convert the file/path name all at once.

After doing a little searching on google I came up with several that could determine the short path name of the actual workbook, but none that could convert a path that was different from the workbook.

hello Forum,
I have the following problem:
I get an Oracle txt file with the data i need to run a report.

the problem is that the layout format is not always the same ( mainly due to tab alignement).

i have made a print screen where i have 2 different files with different layout:
-in the first image the Name1 client column is overlapping the Beleg-Nr column; in the second it is shown correctly.

i have recorded a macro for the 2nd file to format the report : to apply the text to column functionality using the tab reparator.
the problem is that if i use the macro to format the 1st file, i get the following output.

Uploaded with

I'm really stuck here.
do you know if there is any way/solution to avoid all these problems.
is there a way to set the output of the file as csv instead of text, or even better to export it to excel?
or is there a solution to convert this directly to excel?

I need to convert long time format to all minutes

So I need to convert this format:
1 days 7 hrs 28 min 21 sec
to this format:
and this format:
1 hrs 10 min 3 sec
to this format:
I tried performing a Find and Replace but there are some cells that only have seconds and they kept being reported as 14:00 instead of 14.

Attached is a sample of what the before picture looks like.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to do this?

I need to convert Google analytics date values to proper excel dates

the data is in the following format:

Friday, September 24, 2010

any easy way to do this?

edit: using office 2010

I need to build excel sheets and be able to convert images to text. I copy the sheet from a web site and all fields in the table come in as text except for one. That field can be 1 of two images. Right now i have to save the xl sheet as html and then Find/Replace the html image code with a + or - sign which is time consuming. Is there a way I can convert he image though excel. I need to be able to sort the sheet as well as pull the data into a separate tab.

I need to build excel sheets and be able to convert images to text. I copy the sheet from a web site and all fields in the table come in as text except for one. That field can be 1 of two images. Right now i have to save the xl sheet as html and then Find/Replace the html image code with a + or - sign which is time consuming and difficult to outsource. Is there a way I can convert the image through excel. I need to be able to sort the sheet as well as pull the data into a separate tab.

I have a report in my excle file which I need to convert into any of the image file format e.g. bmp, jpg, etc.

Is it possible to create a macro for this task of it can only be done manually?


dear expert

i need help on dates convert to standard format. I have set of dates in column its download from sap so date couldnt convert to standard format it looks like (20130803) yyyymmdd convert 3-Aug-13 like this

find the attachment ......

if gets result in same means more thankful .....

I am trying to convert a column of numbers into hours:minutes:seconds.

For example, I have following numbers (original data followed by desired output). I tried using the custom number format but could not get the desired result. Any assistance appreciated.

9 - convert to :09
53 - convert to :53
68 - convert to 1:08
109 - convert to 1:49
121 - convert to 2:01
262 - convert to 4:22

How can I convert 7:00 PM (or 0.791666666666667) to 1900 (this has a general

My problem is that I import a database from MS Access and its time format is
as the example above shows. Thus I'm looking for a formula that can convert
my Times eg 6:15 AM to 615 etc


I have the following code which displays the middle 10% or so of an image on a file:

Sub ShowPic()
Dim Pic As String
Pic = "F:\Data\DCP_0102.jpg"
UserForm1.Picture = LoadPicture(Pic)
End Sub

How can I modify the code to scale the image to the size of the user form. All my images are the same format and I can format the userform to approximate this format, but I want to see all of the image.

Hi! I'm having trouble making a formula that will for example:

CELL A1: Contains the Formula to Convert "B1" to a "hh:mm:ss.000" format
CELL B1: Contains data in a milliseconds format eg. "2885600"

Can anyone recommend anything?

Another one I'm trying is:
CELL A1: Contains the Formula to subtract "C1" from "B1" showing the results in a "hh:mm:ss.000" format
CELL B1: Contains data in a "hh:mm:ss.000" format
CELL C1: Contains data in a "hh:mm:ss.000" format

FYI I'm using Excel 2002 & Windows XP

Thanks in advance.


I have a excel spreadsheet which has many images (500+) in one column, each row. Each image represents a status (there are approx 5 different images). As I would like to be able to sort the spreadsheet, I was wondering if there was any way to convert the image to text. I did some research and the only way I could see is maybe using the alternative text (each png file has different alternative txt depending on the image). I cant find any way just to display the alternative text instead of the image in each cell, so I guess a macro is the best way

When I select on image it says the pictures name is "Picture 1", therefore I would like a macro what selects Picture 1, gets the alternative text, and pasts it in column I, then moves on to "Picture 2" and so on, till they are all done. Not every row has an image (eg. it could be rows 10-30, 50-75...)

Any ideas?