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Convert Stones And Lbs To Kg

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G'day guys,

Pretty much a novice when it comes to Excel, but I'm hoping you can help me out here.

What I want is to enter my weight in stones and pounds into one cell, then in another cell have that converted to kgs so I can display a chart.

I've tried a few things, but nothing working thus far. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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Similar Topics

Hello all,

This is a query relating to the Weight chart I have been trying to do - I'm not sure if anyone has any answers, but people stopped replying to my last topic on this, I think because it was too long to read -

I have a Weight Chart which allows me to input a person's weight each day in Stones, pounds and ounces. With the help from the experts on this site, I have managed to get the spreadsheet to tell me how much weight has been lost to date from the starting weight.

However, what I would like to do now is to calculate how much weight is left to lose based on a target weight. I have been trying to work this out for days and it isn't quite working and I can't for the life of me work out why - below is what I have done:

E3 = Target weight (stones)
F3 = Target weight (pounds)
G3 = Target weight (ounces)
E4:E4: is current weight (stones)
F4:F4: is current weight (pounds)
G4:G4: is current weight (ounces)




O3==IF(INT((ABS(M7)+N3/224-M6)/16)=14, 0, INT((ABS(M7)+N3/224-M6)/16))

P3=IF(INT((ABS(M7)+(N3*14-O3)-M6)/16)=16, 0,INT((ABS(M7)+(N3*14-O3)-M6)/16))

This seems to work for the stones and pounds, but the ounces aren't working - but this could be because I haven't got the formulas correct for stones and pounds. Can anyone help?

That said- I would welcome any help that would give me the answer I want, even if it is nothing like what I have above.

Hi guys, I'm totally new to Excel and have searched for a solution to my problem without any luck. What I want is to have my weight in stones in one cell, with pounds in another, followed by some sort of BMI function in the next cell. I'm not sure if this is possible but I would certainly appreciate any help - even just a proper way to write weight would be a start! I'm not sure how halves and quarters would come into play with pounds, again any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Thommo

Hello, could someone please give me a little help. What I want to do is convert a weight from kilograms to stones & pounds. So say in cell C5 I will have a weight in kilograms, say 72, then in cell C6 I want it to display that weight in stones & pounds, which should convert as 11 stone 5 pounds. I just need the formula that will do the conversion.

Thank you.

We have a medic who would like a weight monitoring worksheet currently storing data in pounds (lbs) to display this data as Stones and lbs in a chart. Any of you helpful whizzos able to shed any suggestions for this..

I have converted the spreadsheet so it now shows
Col A- Date
Col B - wt in lbs
Col C/D - stones/lbs equivalent
Col E - actual weight loss in lbs

I don't know VBA but can do a mean copy/paste if you tell me where it goes. You're welcome to the current worksheet if it helps.

Appreciate your time


I have been trying since yesterday to add a simple column or bar type chart to a worksheet that I will be using to record weight loss. I just need the first series to display the target weight and each week to add a new column in series 2 for current weight to show progress.

The problem I cannot resolve is how to get the chart to display stones and pounds correctly. Is there anyway I can get it to show that there are 14 pounds in a stone?

Sorry if this question has already been asked, I have spent hours searching but having little knowledge of Excel, cannot find anything that I can understand.

Many Thanks,


I want to create a spreadsheet to track weight loss/gain for a number of
people in our office. The gotcha is that we want to work in Stones and pounds
(1Stone=14Lb). I would like to be able to calculate differences between
cells displayed in Stones/Lbs


I've got a column that displays a series of weights in stones & pounds (both
in the one cell). How do I get a chart to recognise and display in the same


Hello everyone -

I am trying to create a weight chart, which works in stones, pounds and ounces. My first query is that each time I enter the weight in for each day, I need it to deduct 1ib 4oz from the weight I enter. At present I have seperate columns for stones, pounds and ounces. However, if I try to do a simple lbs minus 4 it doesn't work, because sometimes the pounds are less than four - so instead of taking the stone column down by one and then deducting the remaining pounds, it just puts the pounds columns to -3 or similar. The same applies to the oz columns - good old imperial eh!

Also, I would like my table to work out weight lost over a period of time - so, I have my starting weight at the top and then I want my most recent weight to be taken from the starting weight, leaving weight lost - I can't get this to work either. Is there a way to make it so that the calculation uses the most recent weight entry and does so automatically?

If anyone has any solutions to these queries, I would be very I have to caculate this for a number of people and it would be much quicker if it did it all automatically upon entering the most recent weight.


If there a way you can change the metric system in an excel spreadseet cell so instead of running 1.1 - 1-10 you can enter stones pounds and ounces . e.g. 1.1 - 1.14 with 1.14 being highest rather then low. It should include ounces also. My scales show stones pounds (each pound to a quater) and I want to input this into an excel spreadseet so it records the stones, pounds and each quarter of a pound or onces (all 16) in a single cell so I can put them in a graph. When I try and input data it obvously records the decimal 12.14 as being a small decimal rather then the highest - I also don't know how to get it to measure the ounzes. I presume there some complicated formula for this?


Hi, I'm trying to write a spreadsheet that compares body weights for older people in the UK who are not at ease with metric figures. I've searched the board and have come up with several answers, but they don't seem to work for me.

For instance, cell A1 is kilos, and I'd like that weight in stones and pounds in cell A2. What I've come up with for cell A2 is this:

=ROUND((A1*2.2046)/14,)&"st " &ROUND(MOD((A1*2.2046),14),0)&"lbs"

This works for, let's say, 90.8kgs in A1 (answer: 14st 4lbs), but if I enter 87.6kgs, for example, I get an answer of 14st 11lbs. I think it's something to do with the "ROUND" function but I'm struggling. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

By the way, for non-Imperial weight people, multiplying by 2.2046 converts kilos to pounds, and there are 14 pounds (lbs) in a stone. Thanks again.

how do I get a cell to show Stones & Pounds (Weight) from Pounds?
In other words, if I put in 222 lbs, I want a cell to show this in Stones & Pounds

Hello again,

Would someone take a look at this code and tell me where I'm going wrong. It's more of a copy and paste code. I started by doing a macros for coding an equation to convert pounds to stones + pounds. Once I got the equation into a VBA code, I tried to use a previous code and have the equation continue to convert the pounds cell to the stones + pounds cell after conversion, unfortunately this is where I've erred as I'm getting error code: 450.

Here's the code, highlighted is the copy and paste code I tried to use from an earlier code which works like a charm:

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I'm trying to populate all cells that I have assigned for the sterling + pounds equation. When there are no more conversions to do, the code should stop.


Hi - Can someone tell me how to plot non metric measurments on a graph. e.g. a graph that has stones, pounds and ounzes on the y axis opposed to the metric 1-10 etc for kilograms. Alternatively how to plot miles and yards on the y axis apposed to kilometers and meters. I am trying to plot a graph for weight that shows stones, pounds and ounzes on the y axis with weeks on the x axis.

Thank you

Hi All

I am back again with another plea as follows.

I have in column E starting at row 1 the below data:


The first figure/s on the left of the first slash is an age.
The middle set of figures between both brackets is weight in stones.
The final set of figures is the weight in pounds (I am only concerned with the last two figs in the last subset.

Thus I would like the above to read as below in separate columns F,G and H starting in row 1

AGE WGT STONES WGT LBS 11 11 9 7 11 6 9 11 4 7 11 0 9 10 13 6 10 13 9 9 10

Once again I would be exremely grateful for any help or guidance in solving this problem again I would like to thank you all in advance.

Kind Regards



How can I convert Stones and Lbs to Lbs
i.e. in A1 10-12 (10st - 12Lbs) what formula could I use in B1 to return 152

Any suggestions would be most welcome.



Is there a "simple" way to add up Stones, Pounds and Ounces? I have tried
using three columns, one for each then dividing the total of the Llbs by 14
and Ozs by 16 but cannot get the end figure to show correctly. i.e the final
figure may be shown thus: 36.625
Help please

I want ot record and then plot weights over a period of time. Will excel "do"

How do I input imperial weights(Stones & Pounds) on an Excel chart?

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if it was possible to make a custom Format in the Format Cells box.

I wanted to do a weight loss spreadsheet using the Imperial measurements. The UK guys will know what I mean.

Here in the UK we usually use Stones and Pounds for example 12 Stone 5pounds(lbs).

Now there are 14 pounds to 1 stone. So how I have had to do this is have the stone and pounds in two separate cells. and then have a 3rd cell that will take the value in the 'stone' cell and times that by 14 and then add the pounds value to that. In the above example of 12st 5lbs, the total value in pounds would be 173lbs.

To reverse this I simply divide 173/14 rounded to 0 decimal places to ensure a whole number. Then to get the pounds value I times that 12 stone by 14 to get 168, once I have that figure I take the 168 away from 173 and I get my 5 pounds.

What I wanted to know is, could a VBA code be made that would do all these calculations in one cell and then I could have a custom format say in the above example 12-5 and then the VBA code would treat both figures either side of the '-' as separate numbers?

Can this be done?


Hi Can any one help me, I am trying to create a chart which will show data in stones & pounds? I have done the chart ok but not sure how to change the data format which will plot weekly weight loss e.g. 9st 10lb then next week show 9st 9lb etc.

When I use the default format chart shows 2nd week as a big weight gain not a loss. Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks

I am attempting to plot a chart that shows weight loss over a given period.

When I try and enter the weight data in stones (E.G. 13st 10lb, I enter the data as 13.10, but obviously it defaults to 13.1). Is there any way to have the chart show the data in weight so that it displays 13.10??

This has me confused!

I have a sheet with a column of dates and a column of imperial weights that look like "10st 6lb". I need to chart the weights but cant seem to do it. I converted the cell into something I thought Excel would understand by using the following:
=LEFT(B2,FIND("st",B2,1)-1)&"."&MID(B2,FIND("st",B2,1)+3,FIND("lb",B2,1)-1-FIND(" ",B2,1))
but I hadn't realised that Excel would consider 10.11 to be smaller than 10.2. Obviously, I want it to be "ten delimiter eleven" rather than "ten point one one".
I had then considered just converting to pounds or even stones with a decimal but I've been told that isn't neat enough.
The chart needs to show 10st 7lb, 10.7, 10:7 or similar rather than 10.5 (ten and a half) stone.
Does this make sense to anyone?

Ok first off im not sure if what im doing can be done and im kinda new to all this. so what i have is two cells that reference back to another page

=IF('Price and Qty'!D22,'Price and Qty'!C21,IF('Price and Qty'!D32,'Price and Qty'!C31,IF('Price and Qty'!D42,'Price and Qty'!C41,IF('Price and Qty'!D52,'Price and Qty'!C51,IF('Price and Qty'!D62,'Price and Qty'!C61,IF('Price and Qty'!D72,'Price and Qty'!C71,""))))))

i want both cells to have the same code, but i dont want the cells to have the same value.

its hard to explain but i'll do my best, we have a estimate page for building material. under patios, we have different types of stones, now sometimes we order two different stones, so i dont want one of the stones to show up twice on our order form

How do I input Imperial weights(Stones, Pounds & Ounces) onto an Excel chart?

I have a table of conversions.

for example:

3.60 pounds in cell a1. cell a2 is to take the .60 pounds remaining in cell a1 and convert that to ounces, 9.6.

When this happens I want the pounds to only display the whole number rounded down.

so: 3 pounds in cell a1 and 9.6 ounces in cell a2.

The problem is when I used the rounddown function in a1 to make it display the whole number, cell a2 reads it as 0 becuase theres nothing left to convert. When I used the format cells function to display 0 decimals it rounds it up sometimes. I always need it rounded down. What should I do?