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How Do I Get Brackets Around Negative Numbers?

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My regional setting in Windows XP Home shows negative number format to be in
brackets yet the number format in Excel 2003 still does not show the bracket

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I have read every questions and replies on this site in order to get my
negative numbers to show in brackets and nothing works. I am desparate. The
regional settings are changed to indicate negative numbers in brackets but
when I try formatting the cells in Excel, I cannot get the numbers to show in

I have Windows XP, Office 2003.

Please help me...


I am trying to format my negative numbers to come through with brackets. Is there a way I can take the normal accounting (comma) format and make it so the negative numbers show up in brackets?


How to show negative values displayed in brackets so that it is aligned properly with positive values in the same column. That is, the right bracket of the negative value is as follows:

800.12 - so that 2 is aligned underneath 6

I have done research on the forum and help on vba and got the following code:


I understand that the underscore is needed for the alignment.
However, when I include the _) the above is shown as follows:

800.12_) the underscore and bracket are included and the bracket and is aligned underneath the right bracket above.

Also, I don't want to show 0 in brackets. Instead, I want to show it as -

Thank you.

I have Excel 2007 and when formatting numbers under "accounting" the negative numbers show up with a "-" rather than brackets. How do I reformat the formula to show negatives in brackets?

When I want to format my numbers in Excel through Format\cell\number\number
the option of choosing negative numbers displayed in brackets "(#,###.##)" is
not available. How do I obtain that option?

No matter what I do, I cannot get Excel to show negative numbers in
brackets. Furthermore, I would like this to be the default format on opening

It rather surprises me that it is not the default or at least in the options
because most reprentations of negative numbers in accounting etc are
presented with negatives in brackets.

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Good afternoon all

I have a colleague who is extremely new to Excel and when he types a
negative value into a cell, he wants it to show brackets rather than the
minus sign. I realise this can be done by applying a Custom Number Format,
however, as he is a complete beginner with Excel, I have a feeling this will
be too confusing for him.

Is there another way that he can apply this formatting rather than setting
up a custom number format?

Thank you.


In Excel 2000, "format cells accounting" got me brackets around negative
numbers. Excel 2003 gives me a negative sign. Is there any to change this?
I know I can get the format I want in custom, but this seems to require
formatting each cell.

I have Excel 2002 (XP) on my present laptop. I need to be able to display
negative numbers/currency values in parentheses using accounting format but
with an input locale of UK set in Regional Options in Control Panel (where I
live) the option is not available (only the "-" sign). However with an input
locale of USA the negative parentheses options are all available and work
fine. I have set the negative number formats in Regional Options (Windows
XP) to show parentheses in both number and currency formats but these don't
wash through to Excel. I had this problem before on a previous machine and
found a fix but I can't remember what or where - I know I didn't have to set
up a Custom format though! I seem to rember changing a registry value?
Can anyone please help - it's driving me nuts!

Trying to write a macro to format numbers automatically

macro reads as follows;

Selection.NumberFormat = "#,##0_);[Red](#,##0)"

However when I run macro "_)" or "(#,##0)" is not being recognised, that is, negative numbers are no being reformated to show as brackets and positive numbers are not being re-aligned to match negative numbers

Eg. -2555.00 should format to (2,555) or 6555 should format to 6,555

Any help or ideas why this macro is failing?

I'm a very basic excel user, this is probably an easy one for you guys.

for example, the cells in column A contain numbers with some cells having negative numbers eg 100, 99, -12, 36 etc

the last cell in the column shows the SUM of the column.

My question is, when the SUM of the column is a negative eg -376

I want it to turn the cell red and also put the number into brackets (parentheses) eg (-376)

Thats it, help please

Excel 2003

I'm trying to convert a set of data to where it will view as thousands, and include a comma seperator (without dividing everything by 1,000.)

For example, I want the number 1,444,837 to show in the cell as "1,444". This is working for positive values, but not for negative. In the example above, a negative number would still show as "(1,444,837)". Rather than showing "(1,444)"

I'm currently using an edited custom format:


Any suggetions on how to get negative numbers to work correctly?

I have about 30 rows of formulas. When I enter the numbers into each line I get some lines that end in $0.00 (as it should) and other lines that end in $(0.00). How do I get rid of the brackets when 0.00 is not a negative number?

Does anyone know how I can change the default number format to show blank
spaces rather than commas between thousands. For example:

10 000 000 and (10 000 000) instead of 10,000,000 for positives and
(10,000,000) for negatives. This needs to work such that no matter how big
the number, spaces are put in and not commas.

Also, is it possible to cover circumstances where if there are decimal
points then show them as input:

ie if I type in 5.1 that it shows up as 5.1 where as an input of 5.12 shows
as 5.12 basically depending on how many decimal points are required then
show them.

For all of it, negative numbers to be shown in brackets and in black not



How do you format negative numbers to have brackets. I used to have the opion
in "number" in the old version but this has been lost.....

I am having problems formatting french NEGATIVE numbers.
Specifically, our client requires negative numbers to be represented as (n
nnn), as opposed to -n nnn.
I have changed the language in my control panel, and Excel is accepting the
space seperator, but is not accepting the brackets as an available option,
even though I have enabled this in the regional setting (customize)
Oddly enough, numbers in the thousands are properly displayed, but numbers
less than 1000 are displayed as -nnn

Any suggestions?

Anthony LeBaron
Senior Designer - Interactive
284 King Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 1K4

416 366 7100

I need to format numbers so that if the value is zero it is shown as -, if it is negative it is shown in brackets to no decimal places and comas where necessary (eg (9,010)and same for positive without the brackets eg 1,250,00. Thanks guys

When selecting Accounting as the number format, negative figures used to
appear in brackets. That is now no longer the case. Negative figures using
the Accounting format now appear with a minus in front. I have never used
any version of Excel other than Office XP.

I have just purchased a netbook an installed Excel 2003 on it. I have copied all my Excel data files from my desktop where all negative numbers are in parenthesis. The files in the netbook, however, are showing a negative sign. I have customised the Regional Settings so that negative numbers and currency are in parenthesis, however, these options do not appear when I choose Format, Cells Numbers or Currency - only the negative sign option is shown. How do I get a general change so that all negative numbers in all Excel worksheets can be in parenthesis.

Hi, could someboy help me with formatting cells, if posible I would like to show a number if it is a negative in brackets with a minus symbol and it it is a positive number then just in brackets. I have tried ="(" & I11-C11 & ")" but this dosent work with conditional formatting.

Has anyone got any ideas??



I'm using a horizontal stacked bar chart to display a comparision between sales gains and losses for my company. The losses are obviously negative numbers.

I'd like have the axis display non-negative numbers. To this end, I went into the axis format options and selected a custom number format, using the following: #,##0;0;#,##0

This worked perfectly to eliminate the negative symbol in front of the negative numbers. However, it no longer formats those negative numbers with a comma for thousands. The positive numbers still have commas in the correct place, but the negative numbers do not despite using the same format defination.

Would anyone have an idea of what needs to be used in the custom format to achieve what I'm looking for?

Thanks in advance for any responses!

i have a column of numeric data that has brackets for negative figures.
how can i remove the brackets a replace with a preceeding negative symbol

  M 3 4.20 4 (3.36) 5 (3.20) 6 (5.20) 7 2.00 8 2.00 9 2.00 10 2.00 11 2.00 12 2.00 13 2.00 14 (5.30) 15 2.00 16 2.00 17 19.00 18 (2.00)

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

How do I display negative figures in brackets rather than the minus sign

Would someone please tell how to display negative number in brackets instead of preceeding with a minus sign. I am using the 2000 version.
Thank you for any assitance on the matter.

I have the following formula in a cell:

="% Change in Services"&" & "&"and Supplies "&(TEXT((V319-T319)/T319,"0.00%"))

This works fine, but I would like to have this show any negative percentages with brackets, and in red font, as opposed to "-7.35%" which is how this currently shows up.

For a negative percentage, the desired final result would look like:
"% Change in Services & Supplies (7.35%)," with the "(7.35%)" being in red.

Any help would be appreciated.