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Count If Question?

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I'm not sure if this is a count if problem but we have gender in one column, M or F and we want to count the Met, Exceed or Did not meet in another column that corresponds to the gender. A formula like if(Gender column=M, count if (Score column, Met)) does not work.
HELP! we need to get this done quickly. We just need to know how many males/females met, exceeded or did not meet.
Male E
Male D
Male M
Female M
Female E
Female D
Male M
Female M

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Hi all newbie here,

I have a list of 44 sports and I need to count how many Males or Females partipate or compete in each sport.

Gender Activity ParticipateCompete
Female None No Yes
Male Angling Yes No
Female None No Yes
Female Basketball No Yes
Male Badminton No Yes
Male Judo Yes No
Female Triathlon No Yes
Female Badminton Yes No
Male Archery Yes No

I have created lists called "activity" for the sports and "gender" and "Yes No" for the compete or participate.

Oh, and I've been asked not to use VBA.

Any ideas?


I have a table with 3 columns, column 1 is a list of names. Column 2 is a list of how many people have that name and column 3 is the gender of those people eg. Name Number of people Sex Aaron 2 Male Abaleeza 1 Male Abraham 2 Male Ada 19 Female Adam 3 Male Adolphus 1 Male Agnes 14 Female

I am wanting a formula to count exactly how many people were male and how many were female. I am at a total loss as to what to use, so any help appreciated.

Need some help with this.

I have two columns of Data as part of the results of a questionaire on smoking.

Column 1 has either male or female in it. Column 2 has either yes or no in it.

I want to use a function to count the number of male smokers, (male and yes). Male non smokers (male and No). Female Smokers (Female and Yes). Finally Female non smokers (female and No).

Seems easy but Im stuck Help !!!!

Let's say I have three columns of data.

In Column A, is gender: male/female
In Column B, is name: Bob, Jon, Mary, etc
In Column C, is salary: $40, $30, $20, etc.

In column B, there will be instances where a name might appear more than once. I want to be able to do a sumif formula of Column A and Column C, but not include any records where a name in column B is listed more than once. Is there a way to do this?

1 Male Bob $50
2 Female Jane $30
3 Female Kate $20
4 Male Mike $30
5 Male Bob $50

So if I wanted to sum all male salaries above, it would be $80, not $130.

Males B
18-64 C
1 Females 18-64 0.9 Children Males 15-17 0.9 Children Females 15-17 0.8 Children (Male and Female) 6-14 0.6

male 54 16 120.5 male 30 32 240.5 male 60 32 240.5 male 60 32 240.5 male 50 4 31 female 34 4 31 female 49 32 240.5 female 43 16 120.5 female 96 8 60.5 female 49 8 60.5 male 71 16 120.5

All I want is this: if E falls within the range in the column B (e.g. 18-64) and D is male, multiply G by C1 (1).

If E falls within the range of 18-64 of column B, and D is female multiply G by C2 (0.9)

If E falls within the range of 15-17 of column B and D is male multiply G by C3 (0.9)

If E falls within the range of 15-17 of column B and D is female multiply G by C4 (0.8)

Finally, if E falls within the range of 6-14 of column B and D is either male or female multiply G by C5 (0.6).

I am definitely stuck and any help would be welcomed.

Okay so, I'm trying to sort it in to age and gender categories, I entered the formula and when I clicked enter it didn't say there were any mistakes, but when I actually test if it works, it doesn't. it just comes up as "#VALUE!", This is for my ICT GCSE spreadsheet, oh and here's the formula

=IF(D5<20&AND(D7="Female"),"Female Teenager","Male Teenager"),IF(D5<51&AND(D7="Female"),"Female Adult","Male Adult"),IF(D5<150&AND(D7="Female"),"Female Over 50","Male Over 50"),IF(D5<6&AND(D7="Female"),"Female Under 5","Male Under 5"),IF(D5<11&AND(D7="Female"),"Female Child","Male Child")



I need urgent help.

I have data in my excel sheet. I am trying to compare the achievement levels of both boys and girls in years KS2 (primary school),7,8,9.
I entered data into 6 columns; Class, Gender, KS2, year 7, year 8, year 9
however, now when i try to compare my data all the males and females are in different entries on my graph (i.e. male, male,male, female, male, female,female, instead of male, female).
I would ultimatley like to have a scatter graph and bar chart displaying the achievement of both boys and girls. Sooo sorry if that is confusing, please ask if you dont understand. ANY help would be greaaaatly appreciated. thanks in advanced

I'm trying what appears to be a complicated bar chart and I'm struggling to get any decent results... Can anyone help?

I have six variables (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6) which represent groups of people. Each of these groups have a male/female split, and so I am representing each variable's male/female split as a percentage.
V1: 52.9% Male; 47.1% Female
V2: 52.7% Male; 47.3% Female
V3: 46.2% Male; 53.8% Female etc...

That has produced a very straightforward bar chart where each bar adds-up to 100%. Simples.

However, I also want to add, below each of the variable's (V1, V2, etc...) bars, another bar that splits each male/female group into three further sub-categories (X1, X2, & X3). So, of the 52.9% who are males within V1, X1=61.84%, X2=3.52%, and X3=34.64%; and of the 47.1% who are females witin V1, X1=19.28%, X2=26.65%, and X3=54.06%.
V1: 52.9% Male 47.1% Female
V1': 61.84 X1, 3.52% X2, 34.64 X3; 19.28% X1, 26.65% X2, 54.06% X3

The problem is that Excel doesn't seem to like the fact that the bars representing variables V1-6 are split into two groups (male/female) whereas the bars representing the three further sub-categories are split into six (X1,X2,X3,X1,X2,X3) groups.

Have I made any sense there? These things are always quite tricky to explain...

Any help would be very appreciated!



Gender Yes/no Male Yes Female No Male Yes Female No

In this table, when the value is Male, corresponding Cell with value "Yes" should be cleared. How can I do it with Macro?

Proposed table should be,

Gender Yes/no Male Female No Male Female No

Hi, I am trying to do a count on two columns of data -

Active Male
Active Male
Inactive Female
Active Female
etc. etc.

I would like to count all active males or active females. I assume a nested countif would work but i have no clue how to put it together. Any help would be much appreciated!


Dear People,
I am very new to the intricacies of Excel. I want some help.
I created two tables of male and female names using a web utility known as mockaroo. All went fine, no hitches. It makes files of the dot csv extension. I downloaded them and saved them as xls (Excel 2003) files. I even managed to copy the female name excel file at the end of the male name excel file. Then i gave column headings (first_name, last_name, date_of_birth and gender).

Now I have all the female names below the male names. What I would like is to "scramble" the list so the the male and female names are randomly "mixed".

By the way, these are the dummy patient names for a patient information database I am trying to design in Access 2003. In a real world situation patients as they are entered into patient databases will all not be males followed by females or the other way around. So just to mimic an imagined "real life" situation is there a way I can interlace the male and female names so that they are well "mixed", instead of separating into two "layers" of male and female? It would not do if the male and female names are simply alternating.

Thanks in advance!


How can we delete the rows which has "male" in this table?
name gender aaa male bbb female ccc female ddd male

the output should be,

name gender bbb female ccc female

Thanks in advance

I've already post this in another forum but the reply I get isn't reallt what I needed and no one is replying me anymore. So can anyone help me out here. This is the forum that I've posted on:

Excel VBA - I have this worksheet that have contestant name, gender and racing time. so for eg I have:

Name | Gender | Time | Overall | MaleRank | FemaleRank
Mitch | Male | 15.06
Jess | Female | 16.06
Rach | Female | 17.07
Will | Male | 17.09
and so on...

I want the system to be able to identify the overall(Both male and female) 1st, 2nd and 3rd places under the Overall column, I also want it to be able to identify the Female 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and identify them under FemaleRank column. So same for Male1st, 2nd and 3rd and identify them under MaleRank. All of the ranks need to be calculate with a button click in excel vba forms. So after I clicked the button, the above example will display:

Name | Gender | Time | Overall | MaleRank | FemaleRank
Mitch | Male__ | 15.06 | 1st___| 1st Male _|
Jessy | Female |16.06 | 2nd___|_________| 1st Female
Rache | Female |17.07|_______|_________| 2nd Female
Wille | Male__ | 17.09 | 3rd____| 2nd Male |
and so on...

p.s the time will first be sorted in ascending order and pls ignore the __'s as they are use to make the columns look more understandable. Actually any kind of way to identify the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places is fine but this is the only way I can think of(by making 3 new columns)...

What I want is vba code to loop through the results and identify the ranks for overall, male and female(only top 3 places). Can anyone please help and give a hint cause I really don't know how to do it.

Dear everyone.

I want to create a form such that if we choose the type of bike and the gender of customer, it gonna show up the model number. I tried to use an if function in the name range-define. However, it annouced that the spaces did not enough for my if statement. Can you show me another way to do it? Thanks

Bike Type Gender Model
Hybrid Female 7300 WSD
Hybrid Female 7200 WSD
Hybrid Male 7700
Hybrid Male 7500
Hybrid Male 7300
Hybrid Male 7200
Tandem Unisex T 900
Tandem Unisex Cruiseliner Tandem
Road Female 2100 WSD
Road Female 1600 WSD
Road Female 1000 WSD
Road Female Pilot 1.2 WSD
Road Male 1600
Road Male 1000
Road Female Pilot 5.2 WSD
Triathlon Female Equinox 7 WSD
Road Female Madone 5.0 WSD
Road Female 5000 WSD
Road Male Madone SSL 6.9
Road Male Madone SSL 6.5
Road Male Madone 5.0
Road Male 5000
Road Male 2100
Triathlon Male Equinox 9
Triathlon Male Equinox 7
Triathlon Male Equinox 5
Road Male Pilot 5.0
Road Male Pilot 1.2
Tandem Unisex T 2000
Tandem Unisex T 1000
Triathlon Male Equinox TTX 9.9

Hi all,

I'm using the following COUNTA function for a range of cells.



In column X92:W58 i have a drop down list to pick a gender, (Male , Female). Can I add to the counta function so that I can count all data entered into W92:W580 and get it filtered by gender.

E,g Say there were 10 data entires within the counta range and 3 were female my table would show: Male: 7 Female: 3 Total:10?

Thanks in advance.

I have to count the number of males and females in certain categories. Lets say column A has ranks like "PV2, PFC, GEN" and in column C you have Male and Female. How can I get a number of Male PFC's or Female PV2?

Dear forum members,

I have a full list of Fortune companies with all their directors and individual data.

I now want to count how many female directors each company has (and subsequently how many male directors). My data looks like this:

DOW Director 1 Male DOW Director 2 Male DOW Director 3 Female WMT Director 1 Male WMT Director 2 Male AMD Director 1 Male

I know want to construct a list that tells me that WMT has 2 male members, DOW has 2 male and 1 female members and so on. Could anybody help me with this?

I have data with the following structure (simplified version):


So that my answers are all in one column.
I need to create a table with 2 criterias (X & Y 'axes' of the table) that are represented by my answers.
For example, to create the following distribution:

-----------------------------Age axis

Obviously, simple COUNTIFS formula with multiple criteria will not work as there are no intersections of answers on different questions. The only connection between them - is the ResponseID.
I am thinking of something like SUMPRODUCT formula that will include intersection of ages with responseIDs in one array and the intersection of gender with responseIDs in the other array. However, I cannot find out a working formula.
Could someone help please?

I am attempting to create a pie chart with percentages hidden within. For instance,

I have counts of how many people like different subjects, and then want to display how many of them were male and female for each. Ideally, this would all make it into one pie chart via VBA.

15 Total
10 Male
5 Female

11 Total
6 Male
5 Female

Language Arts
9 Total
2 Male
7 Female


The primary chart would be the totals, and then imbedded in the same graph, the percentage of male vs female would be displayed.

Any assistance would be a tremendous help! I have been coming up with only dead ends.

Thank you in advance,


Hi All,

First time posting here, and am hoping the experts here would be able to lend a hand!

I've included a copy of what the data "sort of" looks like, and what the desired output is.

Pretty much I have Data that sorts people based on gender and position.

The thought would be to "Sort" them into a new table based on their gender/position.

So if it was
Employee A, Male, Waiter
Employee B, Female, Waiter
Employee C, Male, Cook
Employee, D, Female, Cook
Employee E, Female, Waiter

My result set would look like:

Male Waiters: Male Waiters Male Cooks female Waiters female Cooks Employee A Employee B Employee C Employee D Employee E

It seems simple enough but can't seem to get any forumla to work. Would anyone be able to lend a hand? :P

Much appreciated!

Good Afternoon,

I have a row on my sheet F with values that say either Male or Female. How do i change it to just say F if female or M if Male. Sorry to be such a noob.
Im hoping this is really easy.

A download I received has the female, male and couple in three different columns (D, E, F). If the response in the row is answered by a female, the word female shows up in the female column, and so on for male and couple. I would like to create a single column which reviews these three columns and puts a 0 for male, 1 for female, and 2 for couple in the newly created column.

Hi wondering if anybody can help?
This is the kind of data table i have, what i need to do is to be able to create a further table showing the different totals of the differing groups be it of ethnic code or gender and then convert these to a percentage of the overall total.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 david Male Black 0.00 andy Female Black 5.00 5.00 Jim Male White 'British' 0.00 claire Male Black 0.00 matt Male White 'Other' 12.00 12.00 june Female Black 0.00 ann Female Black 0.00 dean Male Asian 7.00 7.00 Sharon Female White 'Other' 0.00 Harry Male Asian 0.00

Wk Totals % of Overall total White British White Other Black Asian

Here's hoping


Column G contains race (i.e., black, white, etc.)

Column I contains gender (female or male)

How do I do a sum that will return the count of the number of white females (# of cells that have white in column G with a corresponding female in Column I)?

I am building a weight loss tracker for a contest. I want to rank both the Male team and Female team by total weight lost each week.

What I need to know how to do is in Column U I have a rank formula. What I need it to do is look at columns C and D and determine if the person is male or female and run two different ranks.

For Example if there are 10 people 5 male and 5 female, the rank formula in column U needs to rank just males (column C) 1-5 and then just females (column D) 1-5.

The spreadsheet is attached for reference.