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Combo Box Font Format?

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Is there a way to format the displayed font in a Combo Box. Formatting the input ranges does not seem to work.


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Similar Topics

I have a combo box with a list of options from which the user can choose.
The problem is that I can't seem to change the font of the text in the combo
box. I want to make the text bigger or perhaps bold it. Right clicking on
the combo box only allows me to assign a macro or enter the format control.
There does not seem to be a way to change the format of the font in the combo
box. Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi, I am using Excel 2003, created an Activex control combo box and set font properties to Arial 11 pt. bold. The code for the combo box works fine and returns a value from another sheet.

Occaisionally when I click the drop down carat, the font size of the list displayed by the combo box increases or decreases. Once this starts, clicking the carat repeatedly will increment font size up or down continously to the point that the data in the box is unreadable.

Any ideas why this happens or how to lock the font size in some stronger way? Thanks!

I have a Combo Box and the font size is extremely small. I cannot adjust the
font size through the Format Control (right click) and the font does not
increase in relation to the Combo Box (i.e. if I enlarge the box, the font
size stays small).

Am trying to change font in a combo box in Excel 2003 but cant figure out how
to. The font appears to be a default size and style regardless of how large
I make the combo box. I have canged the size of font in the linked list but
this does not work. Any help welcomed.


I know combo-box from Control Toolbox can be formatted (change colour, font size....) from the properties window.

But can the combo-box from the forms toolbar be formatted. I just want to change the font size, font colour and the background colour.

I tried looking at various things but I cannot find anything that will change this combo-box.


I know I could use the combo box from the Control Toolbox, but I was having problems with dynamic ranges that I am using, it doesn't update properly. And using forms combo-box was easy, uses less VBA. (And it works)

All I need is to re-size font and colour the white area of the combo-box

Any suggestions?



I'm sure this is a simple question, Why can't I change the font size of a combo box?
I tried changing it in the drop down listFillrange, linked cell, and I've tried properties and format control.
Thanks for any help

I am trying to create an ActiveX Combo box which displays a list of dates formatted in the style "14-Mar-98". However, once you select a date from the combo box, what is displayed within the combo box is a text string (e.g. 37864).

Does anyone know how to format an ActiveX Combo box so that whatever you choose is displayed in a date form?


I first put in a format combo box which has 10%, 20%, 30% etc. When selected (it works fine) it has a formula to change the percent to 90%, 80%, 70% in the other cell (=1-(Criticial_Requirements_Weighting/10)). The only problem was the font on the selection in the combo box was very small and did not look good. I read that I could not change the appearance of this combo box. I changed it to an active x combo box, but now when I select an item in the drop down, it looks like 10%, 20%, 30% but when i click and view the selection in the cell it is displaying as 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3. I added the following


Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() 
    ComboBox1.Text = Format(ComboBox1.Value, "0 %") 
End Sub 

If you like these VB formatting tags please consider sponsoring me in support of injured Royal Marines

Now my formula does not work and it is still displaying 0.1. Is there a way to change the look of the cell and drop down selection using the combo box and not the active X combo box? I have been trying everything for a week now, but nothing is working, thanking you in advance.


I am using Excel 2007 and I cannot get the text in my combo box to resize. Here is what I have done:

Gone to the Developer tab on the ribbon.
Under the Controls portion of the Developer tab I've clicked insert.
Selected the combo box from the drop down list.
Clicked on the page to insert the combo box; repositioned and resized to what I want.

I have clicked on design view and had the combo box selected and selected the properties button, however there is no font size option. I was just wondering if there is anyway to get the font size inside the combo box to be bigger.

Thanks for all your help!

I have a combo box that is linked to a list of dates ("dd/mm/yyyy") however what is the line of code to format these dates in the same format when they are displayed in the combo box?


This is only my second time here so be nice!!
I have a two questions regarding combo boxes on an Excel spreadsheet.

1) Using the form combo box can the font size be changed?
2) Using an active X combo box, how can I get it to work and how do you add anything to it. I add one go in to properties but I can't click on the box so it works??? confused!! ?

Is there a way to change the font displayed in pull down menus created with the combo box usign the forms toolbar. I am using the Mac excel.

Apprecaite any assistance.


I am trying to populate combo box with system font list, found this code which should work but i get no values in the combo box!?!

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim i As Long
For i = 0 To Screen.FontsCount - 1
Combo1.AddItem Screen.Fonts(i)
End Sub

If anyone can see where i am going wrong would be most appreciated.

Within the last day, the font in my all of my combo boxes has been shrinking every time I use them. I can barely see the font at this point. Any suggestions?

Hi Group,

How can I write some simple code to change the format on a range of Combo Boxes.
I want to change the Font Type & size, Background colour, & List size



this issueis from a project where I had an excel specialist help me program an audit report.
He helped me put in an combo box/drop down menu to filter out users I am auditing, after the project has finished I wanted to format the drop down menu (change font, expand selection of the worksheet..etc) but for some reason I was not able to do any change to it like other combo box. I tried right clicking the drop box but it doesn't work and I could not find any link in the macro/VBA that directly correlates to the combo box. am I just missing something completely obvious or this is put in with a special 3rd party program?

Hi there,

Sorry to flood the forums with multiple posts of the same type but I'm running a bit behind here...

I have a range of dates on a spreadsheet linked to a userform combo box. All dates are displayed "dd-mm-yyyy" on the spreadsheet.

When I select a date from the combo box dropdown the dates are displayed as "dd-mm-yyyy" HOWEVER when I select one is displays as a number format.

I was using the line

cboDate.Text = Format(cboDate.Text, "dd/mm/yyyy")
Worksheets("Data Extract").Range("B8").Value = cboDate.Value

in my code however by doing so, when it writes the date back to my worksheet it is no longer a valid date format (ie no numerical value) it shows as "01/03/2008" but I'm presuming it's being entered as text (as I can't change the formatting of it)

What am I doing wrong?


I've created a combo box in excel using the Control Toolbox. I've created a list for the combo box and it seems to work fine. My problem is that every time I click on the combo box and make a selection, the font shrinks. And it just keeps shrinking and shrinking every time I click on the box until I can't even see what it says. What causes this?

Hi all, I have a combo box ActiveX control on my excel worksheet that I would like to have it's selection list populated with a Named Range that I have defined.

Under normal circumstances, I would just use Excel's data validation option to create assign my list to a cell. Of course I would specify it to ignore blank cells since I'm using a Dynamic Named Range. In this case there would be no need for an ActiveX control.

Alternatively, I could do this relatively simply through the form control as well. However, in both of these choices, I'm limited because I need to change the Font Size. I can easily do this by changing the font properties in the ActiveX control, but don't see a way possible to do this for form controls or in embedded cell list.

So my question, is there a way to change the font through some VBA code for a form control combo box? If not, is their a VBA function that I can assign to my ActiveX control combo box to populate its selection list with one of my defined Named Ranges? Thanks so much for any feedback on this!!!


Hi guys, I will appreciate your assistance on this:

I am trying to populate combo box 2 based on the input in combo box 1. Given the data set below:

Source 1 Source 2
AA 2
AA 2
AA 4
BB 10
BB 15
BB 20
CC 3
CC 6
CC 9

I want the results to show as follows:

Combo Box1 Combo Box 2 Combo Box1 Combo Box 2 Combo Box1 Combo Box 2
AA 2 BB 10 CC 3
4 15 6
20 9

If "AA" is selected in Combo box1, I will like Combo box 2 to display ("2" and "4"); If "BB" is selected in Combo box1, I will like Combo box 2 to display ("10", "15" and "20");

I have tried using this function: Me.Bn.Value = Application.VLookup(Me.Phs.Value, Worksheets("CycTA").Range("V5:W" & LastRow), 2, False) but it is not working.
In my code: Combo box 1 and 2 are named "Phs" and "Bn" respectively.

Pls find the attached file.

Thank you!

Hello, I have a series of drop downs (combo boxes drawn from the forms toolbar) embedded into a worksheet and input ranges from another worksheet within the same workbook. The drop-downs work fine but their font size seems very small, how do I change it as there seems to be no obvious way and there is no properties grid as in a VBA object? Any help greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


I created a combo box (form control) and I would like to change the font and add color to the box, but this option is not on the format control selection.

Is there a way to do this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi all

I have created a user form to create, save, edit and delete records to/from an Excel database. It has 2 combo boxes (combo 1 and combo 2). Combo 2 drop down list is dependent on the selection in combo 1. They both use dynamic named ranges for their lists and allow manual user input as well as selection from the drop down list.

When the form is used to read a record from the database, the 2 combo boxes are populated with the data in the record. I need to set the drop down list in combo 2 based on the value in combo 1 ie - I need to determine if combo 1 value was selected from the drop down list or manual user input. I can't use the index value when the record is first populated, as it it <-1 even if the value was originally selected from the list.

What is the best way to determine if combo 1 value is from the combo list or not?

As I am relatively new to coding, I am hoping for a simple answer


Conditional Formatting in VBA
I need some help with a VBA code. I need to create a fourth format in VBA to format the cells based on a fourth condition

Currently I have a couple of cell ranges that are using the three conditional formats. The conditions are as follows:
1) If the task is current - no conditional format
2) If the task is complete, the cell is green
3) If it is getting close the cell is yellow
4) If it is late it is red.

5) Need help -- Need the font color to be white, when cell equals "#NA"

In order for the chart to work, the tasks that are not assigned need to have #NA and not "". I would like to the #NA to appear blank by using the white text. need to use a fourth format that will turn the font color of a cell white (make it appear to be null) when it shows the #NA result. The only way to do this is through VDA code.

Can someone help me put together a code that will add the fourth condition to the ranges below?

The ranges are as follows:



I've created a combo box in excel using the Control Toolbox. I've created a list for the combo box and it seems to work fine. My problem is that every time I click on the combo box and make a selection, the font shrinks. And it just keeps shrinking and shrinking every time I click on the box until I can't even see what it says. What causes this?