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Shortcut Keys - Transpose

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What are the shortcut keys for paste special - transpose?

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Similar Topics

If I have created macros that are associated with Shortkut keys...

for instance Ctrl+b = will run macro associated with b as shortcut key....

Is there anyway to disable all the default shortcut Ctrl+p will bring up the print dialog box....I only want to use the shortcut keys that my macros are assigned to...

thanks for any help

Hello All, I have packaged together a load of macros in a .xlam file. Using the Custom UI editor I have placed some xml inside it which creates a new menu. All this is using Excel 2007. However, although I used to have shortcut keys assigned to the macros (which were imported to a new document one by one) now that they are available as an add-in (which is much much better) I am no longer able to run them with a shortcut key. Does anyone know what code I can use to assign shortcut keys to the various macros? And where I'd put it? Thanks, s

Hi guys,

I'm pasting some info from the internet in an excel file.

I cannot paste it special transpose directly from the website (because if I choose paste special I have a choice between HTML, Unicode Text and Text)

Basicaly This

Member Name: Jewelers - IA
Address 1: 123 West Monroe
Address 2:
City: Pleasant
State: IA
Zip: 52641
Phone: 546544
Fax: 545465
Additional Contact:

must come out like this in one row.

I have to do this for a lot of time so I thought of making a macro. However, when I record the "paste special transpose" action. It always selects the same cells with my shortcut.

The best would be to find an option to paste special transpose directly from the website. But if that's not possible, at least that i can have a shortcut for paste special transpose.

Could someone help me with the code?


i have tried using the letter M as a shortcut key (because it is to activate a "Move" function) but unfortunately it doesn't work. I gather from this that not all of the keys are available as shortcut keys presumably because they already have function.
Is there a way around this? and/or is there a list somewhere of the available shortcut keys?

I want to disable shortcut keys on workbook open but I don't want to upset anyone. How can I test for shortcut key assignment, so I can save and restore when the workbook closes? With other application settings I just tested with a msgbox. With the shortcut keys that doesn't work.

I am trying to convert the macros from one of my spreadsheets into an add-in. The only problem that I am running into is there are a couple of my functions that I frequently access via shortcut/accelerator keys (i.e. ctrl-s, NOT save). Is there anyway I can set up the add-in so that I can still use these shortcut/accelerator keys. Please let me know what code I need to add and where I need to add it.




Is it possible to use shortcut keys to paste special as a value / format etc?


Does anyone know a way to list the active shortcut keys? I know there are manyy lists of the desfault shortcuts, buit I'm trying to generate a list of the curreently active shortcut keys & what macros they tie to. I have a vague recollection that someone had a VBA means of doing this, but I cannot find it in the forums I've searched.


Is there a tool/method to show what macros are assigned to what shortcut keys in Excel? As well as what shortcuts are in use by default? Trying to avoid duplication or use of a key combination already used by the system.

My problem

In a cell, I insert function Transpose then I select the range of cells that i want to transpose
I press the control+shift+enter keys and I only get the first entry.

When I use paste special - transpose, I get the transposed range

Any ideas?

I made a userform to add comments and shortcut keys to subs I've written. Basicly, it is just a more userfriendly way to work with application.macrooptions. But to make sure, I do not overwrite an existing shortcut, either a standard Excel shortcut,or a shortcut previously assigned to another macro, I would like to create a function which checks if the shortcut is already assigned. Anyone a clue how to do this?

I searched the internet already, and all that I found that comes close is an addin of Ivan Moala, which creates a list of all the shortcuts in use. Only, the download page seems to have expired. As I found lots of reference to his Addin, I think that it must be a good addin, but also one of the only addins available?

any help will be highly appreciated.

as we can create our own formulas in excel by using macro like spellnumber() to convert the number to text

can we create shortcut keys through marco, and if then help me how i can create a shortcut key of merge and unmerge cells


Anyone know how to make a short cut or hot key to do a paste special transpose? Dealing with a lot of data. Want to program it to ctr+f or something of that nature...

I have over 40 macros in my Personal.xls (Excel 2003), some I created, some created by others. The problem is... sometimes when associating a shortcut key to a macro, I realized too late that key is already assigned to another macro (by running an unintended macro). Is there a way to find out what are the shortcut keys already assigned? Or to prevent the unintentional use of the same shortcut key in more than on macro?

Thanks a lot!

Hello All,

Please check following link it's contains total shortcut list and function keys, it's very helpful for all excel user.

Exceltips Keyboard Shortcuts

An add-in has been installed within my Excel software and now I'm not able to use all of my keyboard shortcut keys. For example, Shift+Control+arrow down does not work any more. How do I adjust the settings to enable this again?

What would be a "code symbol" for the Alt key that I can use as a shortcut to link a sub to? For example Shift Key is "+", Control Key is "^" in the following assignment:


Application.OnKey "+^1", "sub_to_run"

What about the Alt Key?

Also, is there a source on the web/link anyone knows of that lists all keys of the keyboard and their symbols that VB would recognize, and that I can use as a shortcut to trigger subs from?

Thank you

I'm having the EXACT same problem. Have you had any luck fixing it? It's driving me mad!

Is it possible to get a list (such as in a message box) of which
shortcut keys call which macros?

I am trying to find an easy way to identify my macros. They manipulate the worksheets somehow. So for now it is cntrl and letters QWER. so four macros, each do something. Perhaps there is an easier way because those shortcut keys pre-existed. so with Cntrl + numbers, why is that disabled?

Hello guys, I know this thread is out of place but I tried google with no success.

I wrote some code for power point now I want to use shortcut. there is no option like in excel where you can specify to use shortcut keys. Is there a code that I can write that would recognize the shortcut and execute the code?

Thank you


i imported a tab delimited file to excel2007. although there are blank rows in some cases, pressing cntrl+down takes me all the way to the last row imported. i copy pasted special with values only a column to another sheet and still when cntrl+down or cntrl+up it skips all the values inside....for the most part this last column i imported and tried this one was blank...but i was trying to use these shortcut keys to find which values in the column are not blank...any idea why the shortcut keys sometimes work and otehr times they dont?

when typing things in column M, row 7 and next type in row 10, it will skipp all the blanks when using this shortcut key so why not the same on the imported database, even with values only?

How do I apply the general number format "0.00" to the selection using
shortcut keys?

Can't find it via the help feature.



Hi All,
Just a query with 2007...
I have a couple of problems....
ALT shortcut keys ... we have two computers .... one will let me do all my old shortcut keys.. the other only lets me do some??? is there a setting I'm missing? (cant use ALT I R, ALT E S T .. and several others....

The other problem is when I open a file a lot of my number formats have changed to long date .... as Wednesday 22 May 1968 .... this dosn't happen all the time just every month or so ???? Why????

Just curious if I'm the only one?


Hello! When assigning a shortcut key to a macro, I've noticed that you can
use existing shorcut key combinations (i.e., Ctrl+C, etc.) Is there any way
that Excel can warn you that the shortcut key is already in use for something