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How To Create Mailing Labels

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I have a spreadsheet that contains names in one column and full address in another. I want to be able to create mailing labels from this list. Is this possible or would this have to be done in Word?

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Similar Topics

I just received a massive worksheet full of information for mailing labels. It's all in columns-which is excel. Is there an easy way to set this up for mailing labels? I've tried to import it into word, but I'm not getting anywhere. Is it possible to change the way excel displays the cells? To a point where I can have the address beneath, then the state, zip, etc? Thanks!

I have a mailing list that I need to 'export' or 'copy' to either a Word Document (for mailing labels) or just dumped into a word document formated.

I no NOTHING beyond how to enter data into an excel document (and cut and paste obviously).

The excel spreadsheet is set up with each name, company name, address, city, state and zip in each column. This spans 500 names for 500 rows.

What's the easiest way to export the entire column so it displays so I can do labels...

Chris Powers

I have a Word mailing list (8 rows, 2 columns on each page) which I want to
convert to an Excel mailing list. I can paste it into the spreadsheet but I
want to avoid having to cut and paste all the addresses into the Excel
address fields. Is there any easy way of converting it?

Using Office 2003, have a SS with addresses, have merged into word to create
mailing labels works fine....I need to create membership labels....2 of the
same address to a there a way to merge the SS into word without
creating duplicate rows in the SS...This is a huge membership list.

I currently have an Excel spreadsheet with headings (name, title, address, city, state, zip). Is there a way to make mailing labels in Word from this spreadsheet? It would save me a lot of time instead of re-typing the information. Thanks.

I am trying to copy a number of multi-line mailing labels into an excel database. I know how to transfer data from excel into word to create mailing labels...but was wondering if there was a way to copy a label (which is pretty much a multi-line paragraph) and paste it into excel so that each line pastes into a different column. We are getting a number of mailing labels sent to us in word and want to create a database in excel before we print and send these. Any ideas?!

I received lots of mailing lists that are saved as a Word .doc, and are
formatted as mailing labels. But I need them in either a .csv or .xls
format. The problem is that when attempting to save the .doc it maintains
the address information in a block and doesn't it place all the address
information in one line and then all the information for the next on it's own
line. I know that there is a simple way to go from a spreadsheet into a
mailing label .doc, but what about the opposite? I've tried using macros,
but the line count isn't always the same for each address. Any suggestions,
etc. would be greatly appreciated.


I am addiny in a mailing list and do not know what formula to add them together, But on sepearate lines.

When I add A2&B2 I get it all on one line like Company, Address, Zip...

I want it to come out like :


Or is there a better way to add a mailing list to excel...

SO I know that the mailing labels with fit the right format of the excel file... Confused...

Please help... Need advice


Hi all, I have a small problem which is probably very simple but, I can't quite get it to work.

I have a file with x number of names and addresses and I want to format these names and addresses in mailing label that can be printed out on a sheet of avery labels. The will need to be formatted neatly and have self adjust text sizes for the larger addresses.

EG: the Mailing labels will need to print 3 across and 12 down. The label size is constant throughout the sheet it is only the address size that may change size and I need them all to fit with the bounds of the individual label.

Address 1 is normal

Mr Joe Bloggs
14 Where Street
Timbuktu QLD 4650

Adress 2 is a bit longer as it contains company information as well.

Mr Joe Bloggs, Assistant Director
Corporate and Personnel Department
Rural College of Learning
1551b Private Mail Bag 1245
Mellbourne GPO VIC 3001 Australia

Hello all,
I do mailings a few times a year to subscribers whose information is contained in an Excel workbook, but the nature of the label creation is a little tricky. Let me explain.

I have 236 subscribers on the list, and in any given month, only about 30 to 40 will get a mailing (if you're curious, it's a non-profit ham radio QSL card service). What I need the mailing label to contain on the first line, above the name, is the balance left in their account following the current mailing. That balance will be found in a column in the spreadsheet. The subscribers' other label info are contained in columns N (callsign), P (full name), Q (Street Address), R (City), S (State) and T (Zip). But here's the part that I don't know what to do with.

What I need to tell Excel/Word is this: If any value whatsoever is present in column I (cost of a mailpiece) then (a) create a label for that subscriber and (b) have the first line of the label read You have XX credits remaining as of (current month/year), where the value of XX is found in column J for that subscriber.

The problem for me is that this project does not need to generate labels for all subscribers each pass. I only need to generate labels if the subscriber is getting a mailing that month, and it must be customized each time (with the balance info).

Thanks in advance. Any assistance greatly appreciated!

I have a mailing list of about 1000 rows that I can export to Excel. The columns are separated by fname, lname, address, zip, etc.

What I want to do is to perform a function which will allow me to eliminate duplicate mailing addresses. Some of my customers have different names and the same mailing address. I want to send only one mailer to each address. How can I do this?

We receive CSV format files which contain mailing information (name, addr,
city, state, zip). We want to open these in Excel and print mailing labels
on sheet forms like Avery 5160. Is there a template/macro to do this?


i have a spreadsheet of client names on one column phone on second column and
adresses on third column. i would love to set up address labels. any way to
do this?

I am a new user and I need assistance with printing mailing labels.

I have a list of mailing addresses. Each row is a person's mailing address. Since there are multiple people living at the same address, I have a duplicate problem. I would like to find the people living at the same address and then create an extra column where both first names and surnames from the duplicated addresses appear.

Fraser Shepherd

Hello all, I am looking for someone who can convert an excel spreadsheet of 1080 names and addresses to mailing labels. I have tried but can't figure it out. Could really use the help of someone who knows how to do this and can do it for me.

Hi guys.

I hope perhaps you could help me with this.

I have a bunch of data in excel that I need to create mailing labels with - no big deal, BUT, I need to create different amounts of the same label.

Let me try to explain:

Say I want to create a label for "ABC123" - I need to create 31 of those labels, 56 labels for "XYZ456," 19 labels for "QWE987."

Is there any way to automate this process? Yes, the number of labels needed is already entered in excel next to the data, for example:

ABC 123 31
XYZ 456 56

etc. etc.

Does this question make sense? I think this is something that can be done with a VisualBasic script, but I'm not sure precisely how to do this.

If you could possibly point me in the right direction, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

I want to create labels with data that I have like you would in ms word.

I asked the asst. thing in there and it has no idea what I'm typing.

Thanks in advance for help

I have a MS Word document that is configured for printing mailing labels. I need this data converted into MS Excel where the names are in one column, the addresses are in another column, and ideally, the city state and zip are in sepreate columns as well. Is this conversion possible, and if so how? Thanks in advance for your help with this matter.

Hi there. I am trying to setup my Excel 7 sheet to be merged into Word 7 to create mailing labels. I am confused as to how to do this.

I have three columns set up like this:
<<Name>> <<Address>> <<City>>

When I open up a Word document and go through the process of creating a mail merge to create labels, the information from the Excel sheet isnt showing up in the merge.

I am not sure if I made sense (my apologies if so).

I need to get this done in the next hour so I dont have time to go through past answers for this problem.

Your help is much appreciated!!!

I have been given the task of separating data from mailing labels (over 10K labels) and I want to know if this is possible using excel?


There are 27 mailing labels per 8.5x11 sheet of paper (3-across 9-down)

Each label is formatted like this:

city, state, zip

I have scanned them (OCR) to my HD and when I paste into excel
they keep the same format as:
city, state, zip

city, state, zip

city, state, zip


How would I go about putting them into a format such as this:

contact address city state zip

With the above format, I would be able to sort by different criteria (zip, city, etc.)

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

I currently have an excel spreadsheet with 5 columns.

B-Street Address

I am making mailing labels using the label template that comes with my labels, so I have to move these values from excel to Word. Right now, I am doing the following thing over and over:
=C1&", "&D1&" "&E1

To get each thing in a usual letter address format. Is there an easier way to do this? Right now I am just literally going back and changing each number to 2, 3, etc to get each address.

If this way is fine, how do you get it to advance by a row? I tried A1+1, but obviously since this is a text value, it gives me an error.

Thanks for all your help way in advance!


How do I take an excel list with names and addresses in separate fields (Cells) and turn it into mailing labels?

Thank you,

A co-worker has a load of address information they want to print in a WORD label program.
How do you get the Excel info into Word?

I am fairly newbish when it comes to spreadsheet but, never the less, here we are.

I have 2 excel 2010 spreadsheets. One of them, we will call Mailing list, has a list of names and addresses that I want to use. My second spreadsheet, called No Thank you, has a list of names that have asked to not be part of the mailing list.

How do I ensure that no names (and addresses, etc) from the No Thank You list, appear in the Mailing list?

Thanks in advance.

I would be happy to elaborate if needed.