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Link A Picture

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How do I go about linking a picture ?

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Similar Topics

I want to link from excel back to a collection of jpeg pictures. If I create
a link to a file and then click on the picture, the picture opens in a
picture viewer, which acieves what I want. However if I want to save the
file (& picture collection) to ** to forward to another user or view on
alternative computer I lose the link and picture cannot be found. How can I
save the link?

Hi guys,

I was thinking about linking a picture to someones name in a form.
The form used is to record people entering and leaving a building, the picture is taken upon entry but has to be manually linked via a table,

Would it be possible to automatically link the picture taken upon entry to the person???

I would like to link a cell to an image I've converted to a picture (.jpg) but I don't want that pic showing up in the cell, just a link to it. Whenever I've tried to add the link a smaller picture shows up with the cell or IE opens up and then opens up the picture. Is there a way to link to the picture without all of these annoying extras? What I've done so far is cell-insert tab-object-create from file-browse-double click on .jpg-insert-tick link to file box-OK. Any suggestions?

Hi All,

Is there a posibility that a Picture can be linked to a Value encoded in a cell?
if i input "A" to cell A1, is ther a formul or is it possible that cell A2 will give the Picture A???

A3 Picture A
B3 Picture B
C3 Picture C
D3 Picture D
E3 Picture E

hope anyone could help...


I'd like to insert a link into an Excel file that is tied to a picture file on my C Drive. Then, when I do a mail merge, have the picture come up onto the merged document. Is this possible? If so, please explain.

I want to place a picture (my company's logo) in several locations in an excel worksheet and I may have to change/replace the picture. My thought was to have a picture as an external file to link to a spreadsheet. Then if I change/replace the picture with the same name, it will automatically update the spreadsheet hopefully. Do you know how to link this picture to a worksheet ?

hi all,

i've tried several times to link a picture from one workbook to another ( in the same file) but without any effort.

i appreciate every answer

thanks in advance

I have a list of inventory items with item #'s and descriptions. I want to link each item # to an external directory full of picture files (jpg). How can I create a link that looks at the item # (ex. Nail123), in let's say A1, and returns a picture from a file named Nail123.jpg into B1? Thanks in advance.

when trying to insert a picture as an object without linking and not as an icon it doesn't matter what type of picture file i try to insert .bmp , .jpg the picture shows as an icon. the isnert picture as icon box is unticked. I found a temporary solution by converting the picture to a 24 bit bmp file but this as stopped working.
i'm using word 2003 with sp3 and office 2007 compatability pack installed .

can someone tell me how to get to see the picture i'mtrying to install rather than an icon.

Hello All! I have a small problem, I am trying to link a cell(s) in excel 2013 to show the name (don't need a blue link) for each of a group on pictures on my desktop I.E. 12345.jpg 4567.jpg 304958.jpg
I also need need it to put a space in between each picture name so my uploading program can tell them apart

Thank you for your time!

I have a personel file, 1 row for each person. I want to have a picture of that person attached to a cell. Problem is that when I import the picture it takes up more than 1 row. Is there anyway to link the picture to a cell and when you click on that cell the appropriate picture enlarges?


I got an error with a programing line, and i just cant figure how to resolve it. System give me an 438 error

ActiveSheet.Picture.Insert(RANGE("SonrayPicture_Path") & Fname).Select

Range("SonrayPicture_Path") = name of the directory where the picture is based

Fname: Name of the picture file to be displayed

The purpose is to put a link to the selected cell and displayed the picture

Any help appreciated


Hi all!

I need to link pictures to a certain list in my excel sheet. The problem is, whenever I transfer it my flash drive and open it in another computer, the hyperlink is no longer working. I came across a fxn that opens the picture files from a flash drive as long as the excel file and the picture files are 1) on the same folder, and 2) the picture file has the same label with the cell that I linked it to. The bad news is, I lost the fxn and cannot remember it.

Does anyone know a better hyperlink fxn, or does anyone know if there's a better way of linking an external picture file to a cell so that whenever I click on the it, the windows picture viewer launches and shows the corresponding photo?


I have a template which will be populated with data using vlookups to the datasheet. Stuff about animals. The data / text is fine, but at the top I need a picture representing the animal. How do I build a dynamic link to a picture? So you set an animals name using a drop down list and it goes and finds the image for that animal.

I tinkered with the following: using Copy, Shift+Edit / Paste Picture Link. This links the picture to an another worksheet. It has a refernce in the tool bar as =Anima!$A$1:$D$8. If you type over the worksheet name, then it pulls the image from another worksheet, e.g. animal2!. I planned to use the INDIRECT function so that I could change the worksheet name by referencing a cell in the worksheet (e.g. INDIRECT(SheetName&Range)). However, it wont work. I gives me "the text you entered is not a valid cell reference of name or defined name". The same function works fine in a cell but does not work with the paste picture link function. The worksheet it open, its just pulling from a workshet in the same workbook.

Any ideas about why this doesn't work, or a suggested alternative?



How to make a picture appear depending on a value in a cell?
For example if the value is 1 then Picture no 1 is shown, and if the value is 2 then picture no one disappears and picture no 2 appears.

How Do I save a Camera Icon Dynamic Picture Link created in the Sheet itself?

Using the Camera Icon one can create a Images or Picture Links to the origjnal set of cells, now this Image or Picture is created in the Excel Sheet itself, now how Do i save this image to use it elsewhere?

Ex: Lets say I have 2 scenarios
1 Scenario: I have a rnage of numeric values in the range from A1 till C3 with the formula as = RAND()*100...

As the RAND function is used the value keeps on changing everytime I press F9..

Now using the Camera ICon I select the range of cells and paste it next to the OriginalRange as an Picture Link now true to its LINKING property it keeps on showing different values..

2.Scenario I have a Dynamic Picture in the cell A1 with some text at the Bottom of the Picture in the same cell i.e the Picture occupies the TOP portion and in the same cell at the bottome theres some space left intentionally left behind to show the TEXT alongwith the Image..

NOW on USING THE Camera ICon for the above 2 Scenarios I need to get the method to save the Dynamic Images..

Is this possiible and if yes then please provide an example..

Warm Regards

How do I link a picture to a cell based on the response in a different cell? The picture would be saved as a file.

ie. Cells A1:A31 have the same dropdown list which populates C1:C31, D1:D31 and E1:E31. Based on the date entered into B1:B31, a table in T38:AH78 is popuated with data. Based on the results in E1:E31 (which would all be words or blanks), I would like a picture to appear in the table in the same cell as the word appears (ie over top of the word).

ie. if B2 populates cell T45 and E2 is Dog, then a picture a Dog would appear in the table.

The table populates correctly, I just don't know the code in VB to get the picture to appear.

So i have a userfrom with three pictures
a three pictures are hidden, a combobox with three selections will show the picture based on the value. Then when command button1 is pressed I want the picture showing to paste in cell D14 on Sheet "FULL ON-OFF"

I picture something like this (taken from the text)

Sheets("FULL ON-OFF").Range("d14") = Image7.Picture

but all this does is paste a number in that cell, not the picture. AND this is just always one picture, I need the picture showing (and only that picture) to show.
I guess all three could paste if needed, but as long as the one picture is the one overtop

is there a way in excel that if you type a name the picture linked to that would show


1--a picture
2--a picture
3--a picture

plz let me know if you know a way to this
thanks in advance

Is there a way to change from having a link to a picture on a spreadsheet to actually having the picture showing? Without having to go to the picture and paste it into each row?

I'm desperate to not have to do this manually for like 100 different pictures. Any ideas would be awesome!


I am trying to inset a picture of North America into a tab in excel and still be able to type in the cells. I need to enlarge it so that I can fit some data on top of picture. I enlarge the picture by proportionally dragging the corners, but the picture sits on top of the cells, so I am not able to type in the cells. I tried to send the picture to the back, but didn't work.

I then tried to insert the picture as background, and it worked, but however, since the picture is small, the picture is displayed multiple time, much like a wallpaper on a desktop in tiles.

The question is: is there a way to insert the picture across all columns in excel? the next best option i konw is to enlarge the picture before inserting. Please let me know if you know of any clever way to do this. much appreciated.

What is the code to just delete pictures which name start with "picture"?
so if we run th code: all the picture with name: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3 wil be deleted.
but not with picture named "house", "computer", etc

thank you

I am trying to copy a picture from the internet and paste it to my spreadsheet. I have done this before, but now, when I past the picture one of two things happen.

1) The picture does not show in the spread sheet. It will show borders where the picture should go, but no picture. I tried savig to my picture directory in windows, but still I cannot post the picture in excel. It is saved as jpeg.

2) The picture will show up, but when I save the file, close the website, close my excel sheet,,,then open my excel sheet I get a message of an error. The picture is not showing.

Can someone help.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Experts,

Need your help...

Code in the attached sheet helps me to insert a picture from a folder based on the cell value (A1)...

however when I change the value it is not replacing but it is inserting a new picture...

How can I rewrite the existing picture...?
I want to replace/delete exsiting picture and add/insert new picture when value in A1 changes...

please help...

Harish S

I have a picture loaded on an userform. Is it possible to write a macro that copies the picture to the clipboard - when clicking on the picture ?
Purpose is to paste easily the picture afterwards in other MS Office applications.
Any suggestions ?
Thanks a lot.