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is there a way to hover over a cell in excel 2003 and have it show a drawing? Something like when you move your cursor over a cell with a comment the comment shows up. I'd like to do this buty instead of a comment I'd like to have a PDF file show up. is it possible?


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I have a comment in a cell and the options are set to 'Show cooment Indicator Only' as the amount of text in the comment obscures header details on the workbook. I have tried to move it around but I have come to the conclusion that the only way is to have the indicator only and the user can view the comment by hovering the cursor over the cell.

The problem i have is caused by setting my 'Freeze Panes'. the comment is in row 9 and is the same row as the freeze pane setting, so when the user is entering data on row 150 and then hovers the cursor over the cell in row 9, only the first 2 rows of the comment are visible. In order to view all the comment the user would have to scroll up the worksheet to row 10.

I am aware that the comment can be moved around when editing and will stay where placed when the options are set to 'Show Comment Indicator and Comment', but as stated above this isn't an option due to space constraints.

So is there some code that will 'place' the comment, when viewed by hovering over the cell, somewhere other than the default setting?


Is there a way to have a comment, that is hidden, show when you hover over a locked cell (can't be selected) in a protected sheet? The cell is a Header that uses Autofilter.

When setting it up, unprotected sheet, the comment shows when I hover over the cell. But when I protect the sheet, I have to hit 'Ctrl' to get the comment to show. This is fine for me, but there are other users at various levels that may not know how to do that.

On another sheet it works fine, but I'm not using the Auto filter with those.

Any ideas? I'm using Excel 2003.

Oh great Gurus out there in Excel land,

Is it possible to put a picture(any format) in a comment box?

Actually I am looking at the possibility of being able to hover(a second or so) over a cell and have a small picture appear. The cell would also have a hyperlink to a detailed drawing of a part. The hover "mode" would somehow go to a file which would show say a photo of the part. By hovering, the user would be able to look at a photo and then decide if this is what they where looking for and if it was then they could click the cell and go to the actual part drawing. My idea may present a problem because by hovering over a cell that has a hyperlink one gets a "balloon" that shows the path to the file and whether to click follow or click and hold.

Again I am not sure this would be possible!


Do you know if there is a way to show the comment indcator in diffrent colours or not at all.

I would like some comment indcators red and some green in diffrent cells.

Or is there a option to not show the comment indcator but still show a comment when you hover the mouse over the cell


My goal is to have my comment indicators on the top left of the cell like an error indicator and when you hover the comment appears on the left too instead of everything on the right. The reason for this is that I have a floating userform on the right and the comment always appears under it on hovering. I can use any VBA or API you can give me. Thanks in advance.

I have moved a comment by dragging and dropping it. However, when I 'hover over' the cell with the comment, the comment box goes back to its original position. If I click on Edit comment, or Show comment the box appears in the position I moved it to.

I have a merged cell that is 52 columns in length by 2 rows wide. I want to enter a comment into the cell and then hide the comment until the cell is passed over by the cursor.

So I enter the text for the comment box, which initially appears on the right side of the merged cell, then after entering the text I manually move the comment box from its current position at the right to a new position on the left side of the 52 X 2 merged cell and end the comment edit by clicking the worksheet.

The comment box stays in it's location to where I moved it as it is still in "Show Comment".

I then right click the comment box and select "Hide Comment", which hides the comment box. However now, passing over the merged cell with the cursor opens the comment box in it's default position back to the far right of the cell and not in the left side position where I located it.

Once again, editing or showing the comment box will position it where it was moved to it's new location, but passing the cursor over the cell with a hidden comment box, makes the comment box appear at the default right of the cell.

Is there some way I can resolve this so the hidden comment box appears on the left in it's new location instead of on the right in it's default position when "Hide Comment" is active?


For some odd reason when I hover over a comment it won't show and it flickers.
I don't know what I did different.
It works fine on my old workbook.
Any ideas how this can be solved?

So far I've tried:
Deleting the comment and reapplying the comment.
Deleting the cell and copied the working cell from my old workbook

Any ideas?

Hello all,
I have another question:
In a cell, I have entered some comments, using the alt-enter tab which show as lines e.g

'Comment 1
Comment 2
Comment 3

Rather than 'Comment 1 Comment2 Comment 3

So if I do have a cell with 'Newcomment 1 newcomment2 newcomment3.
How do I get it to be the same as putting each comment on a seperate line?

Thanks all

Hi folks,

I'm relatively new to Excel VBA Programming (too many years in other languages ) so forgive me if there is an obvious answers - I have searched quite a bit but can't seem to find the answer.

I am developing a worksheet upon which some number crunching is performed and results are written out to various cells. If the result being put into a cell needs somebody's attention then the cell's background color is changed to orange and a Comment is attached. All of this is carried in the Worksheet_Activate method.

The cell correctly shows a red triangle in the top right hand corner BUT when I hover over the cell, the Comment is not automatically displayed as per normal behavior of Excel.
I have check my Excel options and I have the "Indicators only, and comments on hover" selected.

The Comment is displayed if I select "Show/Hide Comments" menu option. Also when I programmatically create the Comment, I set its Visible property to True then all the Comments are displayed.

Can anybody provide me with some guidance please as to what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.



I am trying to find a way to adjust where a comment is shown when you hover over the cell. I have a size constraint for my spreadsheet and the comments are currently showing up off the edge of my screen when I hover above the far right row. I would love to have the comments appear to the left instead of to the right for a cell.

I am using excel 2003 and can write macros to change the size and location if you show the comment permanently but I have a list of 200 comments so it would clutter the screen to much to do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi all

I've got a spreadsheet that has something really strange going on.
Some of the cells seem to have a cell comment on them that I can't get rid of. The only thing is, it isn't a cell comment. If I go to Tools/Option/Comment & Marker, there's no change and no small red marker in the corner of the cell.

I can't right-click on this pseudo-comment to delete it but I can left-click and move it around the screen. If I select a cell that has one of these comments on it and then press Escape, the comment goes away.

I can't see any VBA within the workbook that I haven't typed in.

Has anyone any ideas at all on what this is and how I can get rid of it?

Hey Excel Gurus:

I am using excel 2007. Which will be better, using formulas or macros for the following to get the desired results.

I am having each individual person's data in separate workbooks. I have to compile these different workbook into a single workbook.

For ex: I have given below sample 3 person's separate workbook.

Workbook of Mr. A.xlsx

Task # Date # of Items Comments
101 04/01/2010 2 Comment of Mr. A.
102 04/01/2010 1 Comment of Mr. A.
103 04/03/2010 3 Comment of Mr. A.
104 04/10/2010 2 Comment of Mr. A.
105 04/20/2010 5 Comment of Mr. A.
102 04/20/2010 2 Comment of Mr. A.
106 05/01/2010 3 Comment of Mr. A.
104 05/02/2010 2 Comment of Mr. A.
107 05/05/2010 1 Comment of Mr. A.
103 05/10/2010 3 Comment of Mr. A.

Workbook of Mr. B.xlsx

Task # Date # of Items Comments
201 04/01/2010 2 Comment of Mr. B.
102 04/01/2010 1 Comment of Mr. B.
202 04/03/2010 3 Comment of Mr. B.
201 04/10/2010 2 Comment of Mr. B.
105 04/20/2010 5 Comment of Mr. B.
204 04/20/2010 2 Comment of Mr. B.
106 05/01/2010 3 Comment of Mr. B.
204 05/02/2010 2 Comment of Mr. B.
107 05/05/2010 1 Comment of Mr. B.
205 05/10/2010 3 Comment of Mr. B.

Workbook of Mr. C.xlsx

Task # Date # of Items Comments
101 04/01/2010 2 Comment of Mr. C.
301 04/01/2010 1 Comment of Mr. C.
101 04/03/2010 3 Comment of Mr. C.
302 04/10/2010 2 Comment of Mr. C.
303 04/20/2010 5 Comment of Mr. C.
301 04/20/2010 2 Comment of Mr. C.
202 05/01/2010 3 Comment of Mr. C.
305 05/02/2010 2 Comment of Mr. C.
306 05/05/2010 1 Comment of Mr. C.
304 05/10/2010 3 Comment of Mr. C.

and the final compiled workbook should look as below

Workbook of Task List.xlsx

Task # Date # of Items Comments Mr. A Mr. B Mr. C
101 04/01/2010 4 "Comment of Mr. A.
Comment of Mr. C." 2 2
102 04/01/2010 2 "Comment of Mr. A.
Comment of Mr. A." 1 1
201 04/01/2010 2 Comment of Mr. B. 2
301 04/01/2010 1 Comment of Mr. C. 1
103 04/03/2010 3 Comment of Mr. A. 3
101 04/03/2010 3 Comment of Mr. C. 3
202 04/03/2010 3 Comment of Mr. B. 3
104 04/10/2010 2 Comment of Mr. A. 2
201 04/10/2010 2 Comment of Mr. B. 2
302 04/10/2010 2 Comment of Mr. C. 2
105 04/20/2010 10 "Comment of Mr. A.
Comment of Mr. A." 5 5
102 04/20/2010 2 Comment of Mr. A. 2
204 04/20/2010 2 Comment of Mr. B. 2
301 04/20/2010 2 Comment of Mr. C. 2
303 04/20/2010 5 Comment of Mr. C. 5
106 05/01/2010 6 "Comment of Mr. A.
Comment of Mr. B." 3 3
202 05/01/2010 3 Comment of Mr. C. 3
104 05/02/2010 2 Comment of Mr. A. 2
204 05/02/2010 2 Comment of Mr. B. 2
305 05/02/2010 2 Comment of Mr. C. 2
107 05/05/2010 2 "Comment of Mr. A.
Comment of Mr. B." 1 1
306 05/05/2010 1 Comment of Mr. C. 1
103 05/10/2010 3 Comment of Mr. A. 3
205 05/10/2010 3 Comment of Mr. B. 3
304 05/10/2010 3 Comment of Mr. C. 3

Thanks in advance:)

This is a problem I have encountered 3 times now. It has happened for users
on both Excel 2002 (2) and Excel 2003 (1).
The cell with a comment attached is displayed in the worksheet but when you
hover over the commented cell it flashes the comment for a split second so
that it can not be read instead of displaying the comment box like it is
supposed to.
Has anyone else seen this behavior?

My Excel>Preferences>View>Comments is set to Comment Indicator Only.

Working from keyboard and mouse, when I click on a cell holding a comment ($B$52) , the comment appears. When I click on a different cell the comment disappears.

When I run the code Code:

End Sub

the cell is selected, but no comment appears.

When I run Code:

  With Range("B52")
      .Comment.Visible = True
   End With
End Sub

the comment remains visible even after I click off of B52.
I get the same behaviour when I use Application.Goto rather than Select.

I would like to write a routine that
1) creates a comment for cell B52
2) selects B52
3) shows the comment in B52
< VB routine ends >
4) comment disappears when user clicks on different cell.

Does this require event code?

Thank you.

Hi, I recieved an Excel spreadsheet to make some changes there. But there is one thing I haven't seen before. There are some cells which contain a comment-like text-field. This text displays only by activating the cell (not like by common comment, where you just have to roll-over with the cursor and the comment will show). I am not able to delete this comments or nothing else. I opened the VBA, but there are no macros at all not in modules and neither in the MS Excel Objects.

I made a print screen of one of these comments.

Can somebody help me with it?

This is an odd one and google has shown me that nobody seems to have the answer so far!

Usually when I edit comments it works - now it doesn't. I can "show comment" and get into it that way but I shouldn't have to do this (especially as the comments appear so far from their cell sometimes!)

Normally I can right click and select edit comment and so long as the sheet is unprotected then I am in the comment straight away (even if the comment has drifted from the cell to which it's fixed).

It's not a question of protection, or of sharing the document because it is only used by one person at a time. There is no code effecting it as I wrote all the code in the sheet and I haven't touched the comments.

I can still see the comment if I hover over the cell (and I can see the option to edit the comment when I right click or when I try it on the ribbon - 2007 Excel by the way). But it does nothing.

Does anyone know what's going on?

Any help as always appreciated

I was wondering, more specifically, if I could on say a single click on the cell, keep comment open until clicked outside of the cell comment. Currently set up at the moment to show comment on mouseover of the cell. And I would like to keep comment open if i choose to click on the cell.

Thank You,

Hello Excel experts

I've written a simple macro which produces an automated gantt chart on one sheet based on information held on another (It just copies the dates across then formulas and conditional formatting do the rest). So far so good. However, due to limitations in the amount of information I want to show of the Gantt Chart sheet (Ie there are several columns and I only want to display one in the Gantt Chart), I would like to hide a lot of the information under a comment which is only revealed by hovering the cursor over the top of a particular cell.

I have concatenated all the relevant information that I would like to be in the comments and the macro that creates the Gantt Chart also copies this over the the Gantt Chart sheet as values. The next step I am trying to do, so far though, is beyond me.

I am trying to get a comment displayed in a range of cells (B14:B265) to be linked to the text in a range of cells adjacent to it (CX14:CX265). That is to say that when you hover over for example cell B27 you see a comment which is identical to the text in cell CX27. Is this possible? Ideally I would like to write it into the same macro that produces the Gantt Chart so the comments refresh when it is produced.

Aditionally, how do I get this same macro to adjust the comment size to include all the text in the cell refered to which may vary in length considerably.

Your help would be greatly appreciated if this is possible.

I have a spreadsheet that requires instruction, and to save space I put it in a comment block in the upper cell of the rightmost column displayed.
The quickest way to read a cell comment is by placing the cursor on the cell. The comment then appears to the right of the cell with an arrow opointing to the cell.
Is it possible to change this setup so that the comment appears to the left of the cell?


I have a problem with a worksheet I've used for many years. Although I recently switched to Excel 2007, this had started to occur a while ago, with Excel 2000.

If I hover on a cell containing a comment, the comment correctly appears next to the cell. But if I right-click and pick Edit Comment, the following happens: screenshot
A rectangular group of cells becomes entirely blank, except for red and green triangles. The top-right cell in the blanked area flashes slowly. The comment is nowhere to be seen, and cannot be accessed even if I right-click in the area where it would appear.
I have been unable to find a solution to this problem. Thanks for your help.

is there a way to have a comment box, or msg box appear when the cursor is hovering over a designated cell?

i would prefere it to only appear if the cursor is over the cell, and when moved, it would dissapear,

with that said, im thinking msg box will not work..

can anyone shed some light on my little attempt here?

thanx much

Received a spreadsheet with these annoying pop up boxes that the boxes stay
up until I move the cursor to an unaffected cell. Appears to be attached to
a range of individual cells. Can move the comment, note or ? anywhere on the
spreadsheet, not outside of spreadsheet.

Looks like a comment or note, but no cell indicator on corner of cell, and
the insert comment command pops up a box for a comment insertion. Have tried
"no comments or indicators", "no smart tags".

Anyone have an idea of what I've got, AND how to get rid of them?

Thanks in advance, and

Any help appreciated.



I have a summary data report in Excel, that has comments in certain cells
which I've populated using VBA to show lists of names when you hover over the
cell. I have Comment Indicators visible.

If I Save As Web Page, I was amazed to find that the comments are also
translated, which is great. However the Comment Indicators are no longer
subtle red triangles in the cell corner, they are numbers in square brackets
e.g. [99], which sit in front of the data they're attached to, obscuring the
view of the number.

I've had a look at the source, and it appears to be a javascript function,
but I can't work out exactly how they're displayed. Can anybody help? If I
could move the comment to the corner of the cell that would be great, or if
not, lose the indicator completely, but still have the popup text show when
the mouse hovers over a relevant cell, which I'll indicate in another way.

Lastly, I'm trying to automate as much of this as I can, so I don't actually
want to have to make changes to the web page source every time.

Thanks for any help.


I have a spreadsheet with 528 rows and 10 columns. The left-most column has an Auto Filter applied. I had been having no problems up until I got to row 510. One of the columns has a comment in each cell. When I save the spreadsheet, all of the comments that are after row 510 get moved to cells that are earlier in the spreadsheet, which already have their own comments. The actual box of the comment does not move. Rather, the red comment indicator gets placed (seemingly at random) in another cell. Those cells' comments get replaced, and the comments are deleted from the cells after row 510. The comments, when shown, then have their attaching arrows splayed all over the screen as the connect to the cell in which they are now placed. When the comments are then hidden and the cursor is held over the comment, Excel "experiences an error and needs to restart." After it restarts and recovers the file, things are usually as messed up as before it crashed if not more. I am using Excel 2003. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening??