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Highlight Row And Column

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As I move down a cell, I would like the entire row and column be highlighted. Is that possible?

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Similar Topics

hai guys

i have got a large amount of data in a sheet which i found it difficult to compare with the other columns
usually when ever we place our cursor in a particular cell ,only that cell will get highlighted by default
what i want is THE ENTIRE ROW SHOULD GET AUTOMATICALLY HIGHLIGHTED when we even place the cursor in any one of that row cell
than is should disappear when we move the cursor but wherever we move the cursor that particular entire row
should be again highlighted.

Thanks guys

G'day all,
I spend a lot of time in spread sheets working with part numbers and sales figures. With a part # in column B and sales per month in adjacent columns, stretching back years. Is there any way to highlight an entire row automatically? ie. I use Ctrl F to search for a number and it goes to B24. I now want the entire row 24 highlighted as the active row. When I move to another cell I want the entire row highlighted automatically. Can it be done. Hey, no prizes for guessing I'm pretty backward when it comes to this stuff.

Hi I am a completely new to VBA and have a question.

Is there any way to create a formula that will either highlight (in red lets say) an entire row, or move the entire row to another worksheet, if one cell has "Y" in it. Moving the entire row would be preferable.

I have been able to highlight the one cell, but I need to either highlight the entire row, or move it completely, and this seems to be way beyond my capabilities.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I am trying to Highlight an entire row, if a vlue exists within a column. I have read many forums in which you can create a macro to do this. I have "10" values that I would like to use as far as values within a column. I would like to run the macro, and if a number exists, I would like it to highlight the entire row.
The cells that i would like to have read are within Columns "w" and "x". The cell values are within a merged cell because of the way that the program exports the report into excel.

The values that I would like to have met are :

96- Highlight Entire Row Orange
237-Highlight Entire Row Yellow
402-Highlight Entire Row Blue
680-Highlight Entire Row Blue
871-Highlight Entire Row Blue
827-Highlight Entire Row Blue
213-Highlight Entire Row Blue
833-Highlight Entire Row Blue
339-Highlight Entire Row Blue

Please let me know If I can post the excel spreadsheet, and whether or not I can be helped. Thanks !

Hi there,

My version of excel only contains options to add 3 conditional highlights, however, I require 6 conditional highlights to ideally perform a specific task. Is there anyway of achieving the following, perhaps via a macro???

If a specific word is typed into cell AG2, the entire row 2 will be highlighted in a specific colour including cell AG2 according to this order:

paid = green highlight
sol = pink highlight
hold = red
temp = yellow highlight
gen = orange highlight
call = blue

Please note that I wish the formulae to function through the entire column AG from cell AG2 onward. Row 1 contains headers. So if, for example, a word indicated above is typed into AG3, then the entire row 3 will be highlighted with the corresponding highlight.

Your help in this matter is most appreciated.

Kind regards,


as records in excel increase, its hard for us to know which rows we are
selected or referring to..for example column(A) to column(Z) in row 10
it will be easier if the selected row(10) is highlighted the moment we move
to row10
to edit any column ...
wonder if i can do that ?

when u move out from row10, maybe to row 15...then row 15 will be
highlighted next..
the moment we move to whichever row, that particular row is to be

can it be done ? thanks...

I have checked everywhere and have been unable to locate an answer to this question. I want to be able to highlight the row that my cursor is currently in. For instance, if I am in cell G11, then I want row 11 to be highlighted. As I move to another cell, say F21, then I want the highlight to move with me so that row 21 is highlighted. Please help!!!

Hi folks,

I'd appreciate any help on this as I am a novice and really don't want to do this manually!

I have a spreadsheet with over 100 rows and 100 columns. I want to highlight any columns which contain the exact same values. The entire column needs to be identical to the other highlighted column. So for example:

If Column A is the exact same as Column B and Column D then highlight all of the columns in orange.
If Column F and Column C contain the same values then highlight all of the columns in brown.
If Column G does not have a match then don't highlight.

An example of what I mean is attached.

Thanks for any help,

Does anyone know how to highlight an entire row and column automatically when the cursor activates a cell in a spreadsheet?

I have a large spreadsheet and when I click on a cell I'd like the whole row to be highlighted so I can check that I'm editing in the correct row. I know that the ROW HEADER is highlighted but I'd like the entire row to be highlighted. I'd like this to be so for every cell on my spreadsheet.

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers, John

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to highlight an entire row, if a cell value in a column equals 1?

Basically I have a column full of 1's and 0's. If the cell value in the column is 1 I want the row to be highlighted green?

Or is this more of a VBA task?

i can not see the found cell in a highlighted column when using Ctrl F. I'm using Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. When I highlight a column, the highlighted color is so light that when I do a "Find" CTrl+F command and it finds the value I can't see where the value is highlighted. Is there any way I can darken the highlight used when selecting the range in which you want to search?I Changing the color scheme for the entire program doesn't help. I have resorted to doing a Find All for the moment. Any other ideas

Is there a way to have Excel highlight the row and column in a "Cross-bar"
fashion, that is dependent on the current selected cell?

This would be very useful when one needs to read data in a few cells near a
selected cell barried in the middle of a dense dataset. Especially, when you
are taking your eyes on and off the screen and have to move the selected cell
at every step. For example, when I move the selection onto cell "G19", the
entire row 19 and column G would be highlighted such you get a big
highlighting cross "+" that extends to ±infinity in the respective row and
column of the selection, such that data a few cells above or below or a few
cell besides the selected cell position can easily be read.

Perhaps anyone has seen a utility or function that allows this? If anyone
has an idea how this could be implemented in VBA, let me know.

I have been given a sheet with a few thousand rows that I'm having to look at row by row and make changes to the content as needed.

As I navigate down, of course the cell in the column in question is highlighted, but is there a way to have the whole row highlighted when I move to the next cell up or down? This would help because there's information in other cells along each row that I need to see to populate the cells in the column in question.

I found a chunk of VBA code that will come close to doing what I need, but it only highlights the row from A to where the cursor is, and I'd like the whole row highlighted (the sheet in question goes to column AA).

I know I can hide columns I don't need, and I know I can apply conditional formatting to achieve the old-school greenbar paper look which would help. Just checking to see whether there's some quick setting that would change the display of the current cell to include its entire row as I navigate around the sheet.


Is it possible for cell A1 (my header row) to get highlighted with any color whenever any cell in column "A" is selected.. if I select any cell in column "B" then the highlight should move to B1 etc etc...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been repeating these steps for years and to think that now then I look for help, really wasted.

Anyway, I would like to create a macro or something similar to it so that I can have excel handle the steps.

These are the steps that I have been doing :

1) Select a field (entire 1 row ONLY) to search data in

2) Ctrl + F and key in the data I want to locate

3) After cursor moved to the found data, I will move the cursor 4 cells to the right (press 4 x right arrow)

4) Highlight the entire column (Alt + Spacebar) and setup autofilter (filter only 1 column)

5) From filter, choose "Custom" -> "does not equal to" and input zero as data and execute the filter.

6) At this point of time, the entire column is still highlighted, I will Ctrl+C to copy it

7) Open another spreadsheet, with cursor at E1, right click and "Paste Special" -> "Value" -> "Subtract" and hit enter to paste data with reverse value

8) Go back to the previous spreadsheet (the filter is still active at previous column), highlight entire Column A, Ctrl+C to copy it

9) Move back to preceeding spreadsheet, with cursor at D1, right click and "Paste Special" -> "Value" and hit enter to paste value

I am trying to write a macro that uses conditional formatting on my data (which is columns A to AE wide, and varying rows deep) to highlight an entire row (from A to AE) if there is a cell in the row which is highlighted.

ie. I have conditional formatting set on different columns to highlight cells with errors and cells that are blank. What I would like is to have the entire row highlighted if highlighting already occurs on a cell in that row.

Is there an easy way to do this?


I got a nice bit of code back in the old excel 2003 days about this but I lost it since i changed to 2007, here is the description:

On whatever row I select a cell, make that entire row highlighted with a color or somthing.

Just that simple. I want to click on a cell and make the entire row highlight automatically. If I click another cell, the highligh needs to follow. If I ress the down or up arrow, the highlight just follows theselected cell whereve it goes highlighting the entire row


Hi all,

I'm trying to set up a worksheet so a running total is kept. I want the current total to be highlighted yellow. For example, in D1 I will have 2, in E1 I will keep the total of the D's. So in E1 it will be 2. As this is the first entry it will be highlighted yellow. When the user then enters a value in D2, ie 4, E2 will update to 6. I want then E2 to be highlighted yellow and E1 to have no highlight. When the user updates D3 to say 6, E3 will become 12 and it will then be highlighted and E2 will lose its highlight.

I set up a conditional format condition, for example, for cell E2......

Condition 1: Cell Value is Greater Than E1....highlight yellow.
Condition 2: Cell Value is Less Than E3.....highlight is removed.

However, this isn't working. The cells will highlight yellow but when another value is added to column D and a new total is displayed in E they just keep highlighting, the previous ones do not go back to white.

Does anyone have any I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance


I'm trying to figure out how some conditional formating and I cant get it to work.

What I want is for column H to be highlighted based on the value of column I.
So... If I2<721, then H2 will highlight green. If I2 is between 721&780, then H2 will be highlighted yellow. And if I2>780, then H2 will be red.

I know how to do it one cell at a time, but I need it to apply to the entire column based on the cell next to it.
Also, I dont have access to visual basic.

Thanks in advance,

Highlighted box will not move around with the arrow keys, why not? Screen
shifts with arow keys, but need mouse to move to next box. Return key moves
highlight as usual.

I have a spreadsheet consisting of 100 rows, with 11 columns in each.
Different rows are highlighted via "conditional formatting" according to
number ranges in some of the cells. I wish to have the highlighted rows
move to the top of the list, that is if conditions are met to highlight a
row that row would move to the top of the spreadsheet joining all other
highlighted rows. I would want the highlighted rows to be sorted
alphabetically, followed by the non-highlighted rows sorted alphabetically.
Typically there are approximately 15 to 30 out of 100 rows that are
highlighted. Is there a formula or format to accomplish this? Thank you
for your consideration and time. Regards, Gary

hi all,

is there any way so that when i move my mouse pointer to any cell in any column, the whole row gets highlighted.

thanx in advance

Friends and Experts,

My colleguaes and I work with a rather large data entry/archiving Excel 2007 spreadsheet on a daily basis. It contains several columns and rows that will not easily fit on one viewable screen. We have searched for the ability to highlight the entire data set across the row and down the column of the selected cell. This would allow us to navigate with the directional keys quickly and enter data assuring us we are on the correct row and column with a simple visual indication.

I know that the number and letter of the row and column highlight on their own, but what we are needing is for the entire row and column of data to highlight as well.

I have attached an example of what we would like to see.

Does anyone know of a setting/function/method to accomplish this? I have searched around to no avail.

I'm using Excel 2003, my question is how to highlight current row & column
with a color automatically, to identify my position. Though excel help us by
highlighting column & row number, but i want whole column & row to be
highlighten to better finding my cell position and all the contents in
appropriate row & column. So When I change my cell position, the highlighted
row & column move appropriately.


I have a column of dates that needs to be compared current date and
highlighted if the date is less that today's date.

The dates were populated in a general non-specific format (below) and vary
in length. My plan was to create a macro, that uses conditional formatting
to say; if the cell date is less than today's date highlight it yellow. I
am not finding this to be an easy task! Anyhow, after creating the
conditional formatting; I apply it the column by using a past special, then
lastly apply a format to the entire column of dates as DATE "*3/14/2001".
What happens really doesn't work like expected. The date reverses itself in
the format of 05/31/2006 without applying any highlight for the conditional
format. Does anyone know how, I can get this to work? I don't mind the
date being reversed, but it's not being recognized or highlighted from the
conditional formatting. Help!

The column below should have two dates highlighted in yellow (second and