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Auto Updating Charts In Word Linked To Excel

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The title pretty much summed it up. I have some charts copied into a word file. The charts are linked to the original charts in an excel file. Ideally I would love these charts to auto update whenever there is new data in the excel sheet. I will have a few of these charts in the word file and then a whole bunch of summaries below them explaining the weekly data. So far the closest I have gotten to this is having to just copy and paste the charts in the same Word file. Since there would be a couple of these charts in the Word file it doesn't seem like the easiest way to go. I would like to not have to use VB code but if it's the only way then I would give it a try. Thanks!

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Similar Topics

I copied many Excel charts into a Word document. Now the file is huge and it Word keeps giving me a not responding error. Is there a way to copy the charts so that they are smaller and not editable in Word?

I think this would be the most appropriate place for my thread - seeing as it's pretty word-related.

So, if I want to email a word file to my friend with excel charts embedded inside, he will be able to edit them, which is great. Unfortunately, each embedded excel chart in the word file is individual and not linked together.

So I figure creating a link to an excel file is good for this, except the linked excel file is stored on my computer and I can't email that to my friend to allow him to edit (the paths get all messed up).

Is there any way to achieve both these? I.e. Email a word file, with multiple excel charts, which are embedded inside, but are also all linked. So in updating 1 embedded excel file - all excel charts would be updated.

Is this possible?? Thank you!


I have a Word document that contains charts linked to an Excel sheet. I created the links by doing Paste Special > Paste Link.
Now when i go into the Word document the charts look like normal charts and the 'Update Link' option is not available. I re-pasted the charts as a link, saved the file and when i go back in the charts show no option to update link!

I use this method on a lot of reports i do and this is the first time i have know this to happen...any ideas??



I have a number of excel charts which need to be inserted into Word for my project. How can I make sure the sizing of all the charts will be consistent after importing them all?

that's what I do:

insert - object - create from file - Browse - chose my file - then use cropping to edit the picture -

is this the way? the problem here is I have so many charts which will be time consuming. Is this the simplest way? Since I have data in my excel sheet meaning that I need to hide them all for each sheet containing the chart.

Could you please help me in this?

Thanks heaps!

I have charts in XL2010 with rotated y-axis titles that I have pasted as OLE links into Word. I can resize the chart or update (F9) the chart when it is open and the formatting is maintained. However, when I reopen the file later the chart formatting is wrong sometimes- with the most obvious thing being that the y-axis title is no longer rotated (reads vertically from bottom to top with overlapping letters). Also, the chart lines are slightly bolder and slightly pixelated.

After pasting (paste special\linked\OLE) I am telling it to maintain formatting (with the \*MERGEFORMAT switch in the link) and I am turning off the auto update (via File\Edit Links\(select all)Manual). Save before exit.

I also have Excel tables, that I have linke to Word the same as I have done for the charts, that do not desplay the contents on reopen. I don't know if I'm making the same mistake with the tables as with the charts to lead to this...

What am I doing to cause this- or what can I change to maintain my formatting?

Thank you!


I have a large workbook with over 35 tabs of data and charts. Most of the tabs are linked to two or three summary worksheets that are used as the source data to build Project tables and charts each month.

I have recently run into a problem where I am able to copy the first seven charts to my monthly report I make in Word, but I am not able to copy any of the last five charts. The copy function still works on the other charts and all the tables will let me copy and paste them to the report but these last five charts will not even copy.

Did I make these in a way that prevents me from copying them?

Paul (using Excel 2007 on WinXP Pro)

Excel / Word 2003.
I am exploring yet another avenue of vba coding that i am not familiar with.
I have a template word document that i am wanting to fill with items (be it cell values or charts) from an excel file.
I am looking at the coding examples on the net and i am slowly getting there. However i seem to be unable to copy a chart from my excel file and copy into word. I need to be able to specify a specific position on the word document too.

Can someone give me example syntax for doing this please. I have no idea what to use. Many Thanks

My friend has to prepare a report every month in MS word. The report contains about 50 (47 to be exact) charts generated on excel over the month. These charts are stored in 13 different excel files which have different names each month.

Right now she copies ,pastes special and resizes each of the 47 charts into specific locations in the report template and its driving her crazy.

How can I automate the process to be able to open a particular excel file, extract a particular chart from it and place it in a specified location in the word template.

This started out what I thought would be a simple task. I have an excel file that has many charts that can drill down to other charts. One of our workers put together a group of charts on another excel file. They also start at a higher level and then drill down to get more specific information. I want to add these new charts (along with the data they refer to) to the charts on the existing file. While I'm able to copy the new charts as a picture, I would like to have the charts refer to the data. This will allow changes in the future when the data changes. I've searched my usual sources but still come up empty. When I use the "copy and move" option on the tab, I get an empty page at the new location. I hope I'm not trying the impossible. Any suggestions would greatly help.

Hi -

I have a group of about 50 charts on one tab of a workbook called 'Charts'. These charts are pulling data from a different workbook - called 'Dashboard' which I open simultaneously. I have created a second tab with all of these charts in the same 'Charts' workbook - just copied one sheet to make a second sheet...but now on this second tab, I need the charts to link to a different tab in the 'Dashboard' file. The good think is, all the cells,rows and colums are the same in the tab I need to link to, I just need to change the sheet name that the charts are referencing from 'Sheet 1' to 'Sheet 2'. I tried to highlight the whole worksheet that the charts are on and do a find/replace...but that doesn't work. Is there a simple way to change the reference sheet name of all of these linked charts in one swoop?

Thank in advance for your help


every month I have to mail 24 charts to my collegue which arrived from differents file.The problem is that I have also to mail them all the 24 files.Is there easy way of just sending the the charts.Means macro or utility which looks in saved file and then copy the charts into one file which only has charts and not data.


I am copying excel charts into a word document, which has a specific layout for publicatiion. On several charts, parts are not showing in the word file e.g. top line on one chart and the far right on another. Any thoughts?
Many thanks,

Hi all,

I've got a complex workbook with lots of linked data - on one sheet there are 8 fan charts showing financial data.

When I paste the charts as pictures into Word 2007 , everything is fine. This is all on XP.

However, when I try to paste special them as linked Excel Chart objects, 4 of the charts paste in okay, but the others don't - with the ones that don't, it's _another_ chart from that worksheet that gets pasted instead.

I've never seen Excel do this -any ideas why it might be doing so?

Thanks in advance,


I have been successful pasting charts/graphs to Word from Excel before through use of VBA. I am using the following code to continue that, but everything else pastes just fine, but charts/graphs won't paste. Anybody have solution? Simplified code below. Again, I can everything else other than charts/graphs to paste, but for whatever reason charts/graphs won't paste through code. If I do it manually, it works.


Dim objword as Word.Application
Set objword = New Word.Application

Range("Chart").CopyPicture Appearance:=xlScreen, Format:=Picture

objword.visible = True

Hi all,

I'm using Excel 2003. I have 6 charts in one tab that are linked to a series of table in another tab. Trouble is when i change the selection from the drop down menu that i set up (so you can select product a, product b, product z) but when i do this only 3 of the 6 charts update? I checked the tables (that the charts source from) and the values in these do update, so why dont all the charts update as well??

Also, when i save and re-open all the charts have updated, but obviously i cant do this each and every time i choose a different product to look at as it reduces the usability.

Any ideas?

Hello, I am running into a problem when I create a PDF file out of many Excel Charts. The resulting PDF file is massive and I know that I can greatly reduce the PDF file size if I change all of the charts into pictures before printing.

I am wondering if it is possible to have a macro loop through all of the charts on a worksheet, copy them, and then paste them back in the exactly same place as a picture. I think it should be possible but I'm not sure how I would handle the names of the charts or paste them back down right where they are. Can someone tell me if this is possible and how it can be done, or if there's an alternative to converting all charts to pictures (external program). Thank you for the help!

I have an Excel file with pie charts in many worksheets. Many times when I open the file, the position of these charts is changed. They charts just seem to drift.

Is there a way I can lock the location of these charts to a certain cell?

Hi All,

I have written a little application that prints charts in a different workbook.
These charts get there source data from another workbook that is updated using the previous mentioned application.

What I would like to be able to do is to save the charts, once the file processing has been done i.e with filename as date for example. The trouble is that when I update the source data obviously all the charts change. What I want to do is after the file is saved, the source data becomes fixed and the charts do not update. So it would build up a sort of an archive.

Not sure if this is possible.

(Office 2003)
I know this is an Excel board, but I am hoping that the principles will transfer. I figured out how to do this in Excel VBA (updateLinks:=3) but Word doesn't seem to like that.

Basically, I've got a pile of about 100 .htm files in the same folder that need to be opened in Word to update the linked Excel Chart, then saved and closed. When I have the VBA just open the file, it always pops up a user prompt asking whether to update or not. I want this code to just do it.

I have found that I need to have the linked Excel files already open and charts activated in order for the updated chart not to be smushed. This may be because the .htm files are on a Sharepoint site and the .xls files are on a network drive.

Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.


on a weekly basis I update a suite of charts in one workbook that are created from several other linked workbooks. Once compiled I send this via email to a colleague who incorporates it into another report by printing the charts as a pdf. For some reason he often ends up with erroneous data (zero's where there shouldn't be on the charts), or often his system doesn't display certain elements like titles and axes etc

We think his system is spending resource looking for the original data and getting itself knotted up, but surely there should be a way of delinking the charts but maintianing their integrity as they are saved?

I have got an excel file with lots of data in and 3 of the tabs have 8 charts on each one. Without the charts the file size is 12meg and with the charts the file size is 27meg.

Is there any reason why charts can bump up the file size so much?


Hundreds of threads regarding powerpoint-excel linking out here, but nowhere have I seen the answer to my question.

I am creating presentations in Powerpoint with charts from a standardized excel file. The charts are linked. Each excel file contains data from one company.

But when I receive a NEW excel file/company, I would like to simply copy my powerpoint presentation template and update the links to this new excel file. Since there are maybe 50 charts linked I do not want to update each link separately.

Does anyone have a clue?

Oh, and I use simple copy-paste to create the presentation today - no vba programs.

Hello to all, I am new to the forum... but not new to excel.. however I was confronted with a situation I really don't know how to solve.

I did a few charts, and they were looking ok, except when I typed some commands trying to remember how to skip from one tab to the next inside excel...

Suddenly my charts turned grey, and the only way to see its information is when they are clicked... I copied one and tried to paste it into Word, only to find out that the charts came out grey also...

I somehow locked the charts..

Can you please help me sort out this? Attached is a screen shot of what I see.



I am trying to build a scorecard for my company.
Unfortunately I have a legacy of Word for reporting and am using linked images at this stage to replace the previous manually updated word charts etc.
My evil plan is to use Excel as a data source for all the various dots, charts, pie charts and columns representing stock tank levels etc.
I do have some code for changing colours of chart items based on values but it hard codes the values and steps through all teh charts in one shot.
Does anyone have code for manipulating charts based on individual limits set in a spreadsheet? (ie chart 1 has lower and upper limits of 25 and 75%, chart 2 has limits of 45 and 65% etc.
I am a little stumped as to how to grab data from the spreadsheet to manipulate charts in this way in bulk without running individual code snippets for each chart

I have a proposal document in Word that I am attempting to populate with various items from Excel sources. I already know how to create a new word document from Excel and then paste charts in it, but I'm trying to paste charts (and other items) into the middle of an existing word document. The code I'm using for creating a new document and pasting charts in works well, but each chart that's pasted in is added to the bottom of the document.
I thought that I could have a placeholder in the existing word document that I could search for using Excel VBA and then when I found it have Excel insert text, charts or tables at that point.
I have been able to insert text into a an existing document at the beginning or the end, just not in the middle.
Thank you in advance for any help!