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Time Scale Charts

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Hi is there a way to create a time scale chart measured in hours and minutes.
Help says only months and days but thought there might be a way around it


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A few months back I created a set of charts to track defects over time. When I created the charts the date scale was set to match the frequency with which the data was pulled.

Soon after, however, I began noticing that even though the Autoformat option was turned off on both the Major and Minot unit, when I'd open the file to load in new data the date scale had been set to 79 days.

I've tried to just reset the scale, save and forget it, but the problem has continued and I'm at the point where I have to figure it out. Any ideas?

I am trying to create different charts using pivot chart option. For different catagories, the scale of the chart automatically changing. I want to fix the scale, so that I would be able to compare one category chart with other. Let me know how to fix the scale for pivot charts

So I have two sets of data- one from a pre-trial (measured over months) and one from a trial (measured over days). I would like to plot both on the same line chart. Both sets of data have the same y-axis scale. However, I would like to have the scale for the x-axis (time) split into two. I would like the pre-trial data to be in months, and then the trial data follow after in days. Is there anyway to split the x-axis into two different scales?

Can I get a charts scale to adjust to the numbers that I put in a cell with code?

The numbers can vary widely and I want the scale to be at least somewhat close to the numbers.

One time they can be 100 to 500 and the next time 2000 to 5000

If I use the scale of 100 to 500 the higher numbers will not even show and vise versa so I have to use many different charts with many differents scales.



I have 2 charts and I need Chart 2 to use the same Y scale as chart 1, it (Chart 1) will always be larger. The chart data will be changing depending on some user input.
So I need a way to find the maximum Y scale value of chart 1 and apply it to chart 2.
Anyone have any ideas?

So I have two sets of data- one from a pre-trial (measured over months) and one from a trial (measured over days). I would like to plot both on the same line chart. Both sets of data have the same y-axis scale. However, I would like to have the scale for the x-axis (time) split into two. I would like the pre-trial data to be in months, and then the trial data follow after in days. Is there anyway to split the x-axis into two different scales?


Need some help to make a excelchart.
The point is that the chart shoult retrieve the x- and y plots from a table. x= time, Y= measured value, scale logarithmic. The problem is to make the time (x-axe) without fixed plot times. i.e data from time =10, time = 30, time = 40 and more should be written in the tabell be plotted with the y-koordinate. Must not be dependent on a plot each 30 minutes for instance.

- A table where I can plot the X and Y values. X = time in minutes staring from zero, Y = measured value.
- The chart should be logaritmic.
- When plotting the data in table the diagram should be drawn with a line between each plot.
- The timelength between each plot should not matter.

Appreciate any help, I'm a newbie at this so a good explaination had been nice

I create an excel bar chart for 27 locations showing one weeks worth of stats. Only 25 locations show on the chart no matter what I do. I can add more days of stats and the chart will scale, but no matter what I try (reselecting the locations), it only shows the first 25. I have looked through google, read articles, tried numerous settings. Nothing makes the data scale to the chart, nor does it extend to a second page. Why will more days make it scale, but it won't scale the locations. I've attached a sample of my chart..

I'm working with two excel charts that have dates along the x-axis. The first chart worked fine, as it allows me to change the max/min values in the scale tab, but if I pull up the Format Axis for the x-axis on the second chart (which has similar data), the only values I can input begin with "Value (Y) axis crosses at category number:" and continue...I don't have the option to adjust my max/min/scale values. Any ideas???

As usual...I solved the problem after posting...I changed the Chart options for Time-scale and it works...

I've been googling this to death with no results so I gave in and signed up here. It's so basic I am embarrassed but I can't get a jot of useful information from MS help or elsewhere. I would have thought this question would have come up before.

Anyway I'm using Windows Vista (still) and Excel 2007. All I want to do is plot some line charts of % mortality of insects for each treatment vs time. I have two treatments and a control so there should be three lines. That all works. However I have measured insect mortality % at 0 hours, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 24 hours. When I draw the chart the x axis is scaled so that each time interval is the same. That is, one hour is the same as two hours and 20 hours. I also need the x and y axes to intersect at zero.

This is a sample of the data.

T0 T1 T2 T4 T24 Product A
0% 30% 85% 95% 100% Product B
0% 25% 73% 88% 100% CONTROL 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
So it should show rapid changes in the first four hours then a nice line onto 24 hours some interval to the right. But instead it shows it all as though it is at one, two, three and four hours; i.e. equal time interval.

It seems very simple and I'm sure I've done it before with older versions of Excel but I'm sure you've heard enough ranting about Excel 2007 changes.

Looking forward to your advice. If this has been answered I apologise but please post a link. Thanks. I will return.


tried to be concise in the the title not sure if it makes sense!

anyway i'll try again.

i have attached a pic to show more clearly, i am outputting charts from vba and they are giving me a problem with the x-axis scale. all the months are fine except when i get to august - 08 it calls it july - 08.

when i hold the cursor over the data point it correctly says aug - 08 point, but on the axis and display it show july - 08, so 2 july - 08's next to each other. i have messed around with the code for hours to try to get it to change and its driving me mad as i have done so many charts and so much code i cant afford the time to go and start again (even though i know this would probably fix it, damn computers!). anyone seen it before or have any ideas on how to fix this?

any help much appreciated.



I have a workbook with about 60 tabs - 1 data tab, and the 59 others are graphs. Is there a way to set the y-axis scale on each one without setting the scale on each one individually? (i.e. set a workbook scale for charts of 50-200)


I'd like to use a logarithmic scale for one of my chart axes, but I want the axis to go from 1 to 1.1, rather than from 1 to 10, or 1 to 100, etc. Is there a way to do this? When I try entering "Minimum = 1, Maximum = 1.1" under the scale tab, the chart still displays a range from 1 to 10. Any help would be much appreciated!

If I have an excel chart that has x and y point sets and the dimensions of these are in inches, how can I plot this onto paper where 1" on paper = 1" in the data - basically I just want to print to scale.

My only thought is to import it into AutoCAD and scale it there, any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.


how do i set up my charts so that the scale is automatically updated, as inputs change? for example, first inputs on the graph might require a scale up to $100,000.
as inputs change, the scale might be needed at say $500,000. i have to manually adjust the scale on each graph.

is there a way that i can set it up so that the scale will adjust dynamically on its own?

i remember finding a method here at mr excel, but can't find the thread that explains it...

any help is much appreciated, it is so tedious to have to adjust the scale on each graph every time we have a change in data....


Hi. I need some help on getting the time to show correctly on the X axis of my charts.

I want to create a chart for each 15 minute increment in the day for 22 days.

Example -

Chart 1 (x axis):
Mon 5 2 12:00 AM , Tue 5 3 12:00 AM , ... Tue 5 24 12:00 AM

Chart 2 (x axis):
Mon 5 2 12:15 AM , Tue 5 3 12:15 AM , ... Tue 5 24 12:15 AM

The problem is that on the second chart, the dates show up correctly, but the increment is supposed to be 12:15, and it still shows 12:00.

I thought the chart was trying to round down, but I experimented on higher intervals, and it still did the same thing. I'm thinking it might be a scale issue? I'm not too sure, so if you got any ideas on what I'm doing wrong, please let me know!

I have 2 charts and both are set to autoscale the y-axis. I want to make sure that the scale of chart 2 is the same as the scale of chart 1. Does anyone know how to set the Minimum, Maximum, Major, Minor and Floor items for the y-axis with vba code?

Thanks for any help.....AJ

I have a set of charts that I refresh daily. Each chart is a line chart comparing two variables, where number change quite a lot.

I would like to make every chart on the page have the same scale, so that they are immediately visually comparable, but the problem is that the maximum and minimums of each chart could be quite diffferent and change daily (e.g one day the max of all the charts may be 100%, other times 10%).

I would prefer not to have to manually look at the max/min each day and set the ranges on each chart manually, but rather to have the scale look at two cells, which have the min/max required for that day. As far as I can make out it is not possible to link the scale ranges to a cell (in teh same way that it is possible for chart title for example) I wrong or is there a way around this??


I have a series of charts displayed on a UserForm, however they are too small. If I scale the charts in the worksheet by selecting the chart, going to the format ribbon and selecting 'Scale' from the 'Size and Properties' dialogue, even though my charts will scale on the worksheet, when viewed on the UserForm, they appear at the size they were before I scaled them and when I close the UserForm, the charts themselves also revert back to their pre-scaled size?

Is there anyway to actually permanently scale charts in 2007/2010.

I also am trying to figure out the correlation between the size units VBA uses and Excel uses. I had read that VBA uses TWIPS but when converting TWIPS to CM this doesn't seem to tally. I want to scale my charts to fit the ImageControl size I have set up on my UserForm - is there an easy, obvious way to do this?

In Excel 2007 I want to create a second X axis with a different scale like this

I'm working with ACD interaction routing and trying to show the relationship of Interaction Scores (Y axis) in relation to Time in Queue. For calls, the scale (X) is about 0-200 seconds. For emails, the scale (X) is about 0 to 60 hours (216,000 seconds).


I googled around and used the excel help-function, but I must be using the wrong terms for I found nothing on this subject

I would like to put different data in one and the same graph. For example, I'm graphing costs against mont AND working hours. The costs are way, way more (in millions) than the working hours (in thousands).
With only one y-scale bar (left) such a graph might give you insight in the costs, but makes the differences in working hours unreadable as they're so low on the chart and seem to be at the same height all the time.

Is it possible in excel to have an y-scale (left) for series 1, and an y-scale (right) for series 2?

Or should I just make 2 transparent graphs and place them on top of one another?

Thanks in advance

I have a large workbook with many charts. These charts all have the same scale but I need to have the capability to change the scale on these charts across the entire workbook. Coding this was not difficult and works correctly on charts that do not have data labels.

On charts with data labels the chart scales but the data labels are no longer displayed (see screenshots). The level that the bar chart portion of the chart was initially at is shifted lower when the scale is modified as well, this can also be seen in the screenshots.

I think there must be a property that I am missing. Something that will allow me to force the data labels back to their initial settings or maybe it is a property of the chart itself, I just cannot find what I need. Perhaps the scaling could be done differently as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This is the code used to scale the charts:

With chtobj.Chart.Axes(xlValue)
.MinimumScale = minScale
.MaximumScale = maxScale
.MajorUnitIsAuto = False
.MajorUnit = majUnit
End With
With chtobj.Chart.Axes(xlValue, xlSecondary)
.MinimumScale = minScaleSecondary
.MaximumScale = maxScaleSecondary
.MajorUnitIsAuto = False
.MajorUnit = majUnitSecondary
End With

I have some pivot tables from which I have to create chart. now the x axe of the chart has the date value. and I want to chage the scale as well as the format of the scalse. and also when the pivot table updates the minimum scale has to be the same as it is. Only the maximum scale will update.

I have attached here one snapshot. Please help in finding the solution for this as I am working on hundreds of like this and because of this I have to copy the pivot table and paste as value and then have to create regular chart. I want to remove these steps. Will appreciate your help.

Thank You

I have a spreadsheet that contain peoples hours on a daily basis under separate headings and I want to create a separate std column chart for each person that contains dates as the x axis with hours as the y axis. I am using hh:mm format to add the hours because I need a total number of hours for each day, with a total number of hours for each month further down the spreadsheet. However, the time slot is not quite I'm looking for. What I would like to do is see the time scale axis with major unit displayed as a whole hour, eg 01:00 to 15:00 depending on how many hours are completed each day. Currenty it jumps from 00:00 to 01:12 and so forth.

I have attached a copy of what I currently have as the chart.

Any help on how to change the scaling axis would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!

Hi there. I've tried and searched the whole afternoon. Perhaps somebody can help:
I'm trying to create a chart out of the following data:
User - Database

there are more than 10k users and 20K databases. users accessing 0 to n databases.
using the pivot function i can create charts showing how many databases a users accesses and how many users are accessing a specific database.

what i wanna do, is to group those countings and create charts like:
n users (y-scale=chart) are accessing 1 to 5 databases|6 to 10|11-20|>20 (x-scale)
n databases (y-scale=chart) are being accesses by 1 to 10 users|11 to 50|51 to 100|101 to 1000|>1000 (x-scale)

Is that possible and how?

thanks in advance