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I have an excel sheet which has 10 Group Boxes (Form Control). Each Group Box contains 4 option Buttons (Totally 40). When an option button is clicked (in any group Box), I need to deactivate/hide the other three option buttons within the group Box. Example, if Group Box 1 has Option buttons A, B, C and D, when A is clicked, I want B, C and D to be disabled/hidden. If B is clicked, the other three need to be hidden and so on. The same needs to be done for the other 9 group boxes too. Assigning an macro for each option button would increase the size of the excel file. Is there any other way this can be achieved?

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Disable Option button.jpgDear All,

I am creating a survey in Excel 2010, where I need to disable the second group of option buttons based on response given/clicked in first group of option buttons.

What I want: If the user selects 'NA' radio/option button, assign its value as '0', and disable all corresponding options in the second group (option buttons 2).

My worksheet looks like this ... (attached workbook)

If only 'NA' is checked in Option buttons 1 then all corresponding options group 2 should get disabled, else user should be able to check/choose option in both groups of option buttons.

I have already created the option groups but unable to disable based on selection in the first group)

Unable to upload my workbook as file attachment in this forum.

Thanks for reading and look for your help (VBA code) to above problem.


I can't seem to find the cause of this problem in my searches - hopefully someone has encountered this issue and knows a solution.

I have several Option Buttons from the Forms tool bar. I have these in Groups - two options buttons "Yes" and "No", placed in a Group Box. Before I place the option buttons in a group box, I have assigned a Cell Link. After assigning the cell link, I group the two option buttons and the Group Box together so they move a one group. I have assigned a macro to the group. All the macro does regarding the group is make it visible or hidden, if the respective row is hidden (I hide and unhide the rows in code and then hide the corresponding group box). After I hide the group box, I do use the code to set the cell link reference to zero to reset/clear the option buttons to nothing.

After I click the buttons and it is hiding and unhiding the rows and group boxes, it seems to be working fine, but a some point (I can't identify the trigger), when some of the groups are unhidden, they are not cleared out, and I find that the cause is that the cell link for the option button in question is blank, that is has lost the cell link reference.

I hope all that makes sense. Any ideas why the option boxes may lose the cell link?

Thanks for any help.

Hi guys & gals,

I have a form that contains a group box with option buttons, and for clarity's sake, next to it another group box, also with option buttons. So, I can choose 1 option in one box and another option in the other box at the same time.

I'm sure you heard me coming a mile away, but here it goes anyway:
how can I link the two group boxes (and option buttons) so I would only be able to choose 1 option out of both boxes?

Thanks for any feedback!

I created one option group with 2 option buttons using wizard on access form. The two option button's value are assigned to 1 and 2. If I set up the default value for option group as 1, I can see from the form view that option 1 button is selected, but the user can't choose option 2. If I don't setup default value for option group, then it seems that two buttons are disabled. I am pulling my hair out and couldn't figure out after googling. Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance!!!!!

Hi everyone,

I have 2 group boxes, each with 2 option buttons. Say option button 1 and 2 are in group A, and option button 3 and 4 are in group B.

I want to insert an "if" statement into the subroutine for option buttons 3 and 4 which checks to see whether option button 1 or 2 has been selected. Thereafter, I will obviously run different code depending on whether option button 1 or 2 is currently selected.

Is this possible? Any suggestion?


edit: sorry folks, false alarm.... 1min of searching on google and I found my answer. Very simple indeed.

if optionbutton1 = true then

as you were

I think this should be easy, but I just can't figure it out...

I already have an option group set up, which I created by using the wizard. The option group has two option buttons. I have since decided that I need to add a third, such that the user can now choose one of three options.

How do I tie the third option button to the option group? I suppose that I could recreate the whole group again using the wizard, but it seems like it should be easy to tie that third option to the group without doing so.


Morning All,

I want to group numerious option buttons in a single excel sheet.

(i am using version 2000)

I am unable to group the buttons so that i can select one of buttons 1,2 & 3 - and then one of 4,5 & 6.

Want I want is two groups of 3 buttons - but i can only seem to get one group of 6. within each group, I only every want to select 1 option.



I want to display several individual groups of check boxes on a worksheet. For example there may be a group of four and a group of three.
I want the groups to be independant of each other.
I want there to be one check box selection only for each group i.e. if checkbox 1 is checked and then checkbox 2 is selected, checkbox 1 should automatically be deselected. This is how the option buttons work.
I can create want I want with option buttons but I need them to look like ticks or even 'X's. Is it possible to change the appearance of an option button to a 'tick' whilst keeping it's properties. Or would it be easier to create a group of check boxes and make them operate like option buttons? If so, how do I do it?

Just read this from MS:

This property doesn't apply to check box, option button, or toggle button controls when they appear in an option group. It applies only to the option group itself.

So this really hinders my ability to just tab through my form, as I have an option group and it is quite pivotal to the form. Any other ways around this? I guess I could take the option button's out of the option group and put some code behind them to see if one is selected to deselect the other one, but is this really a good way of doing it?

Any other suggestions?

I have created a form that includes option buttons that can be selected to generate
a specific dollar amount in a separate cell. I have utilized the group box, placed the
option buttons within the group box and linked to an individual cell where the amounts
will be populated, created the macro to populate the cell and everything works
wonderfully other than now when I select one of the three option buttons, it
generates the amount that I want, but the option button when clicked is blank (not filled in)
and does not show that it has been selected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

I have several option buttons on a sheet entered from the "Control Toolbox"
(ActiveX controls). They are arranged into three sections on a form. The
problem is, when I click an option button in one cluster, ALL other option
buttons in all clusters get blanked.

How can I group the option buttons so that they correspond to only other
buttons in their cluster?

Thanks much in advance.

On my spreadsheet I have used two Group Boxes in which there is a string of Option Buttons. Each Group Box is independant of the other.
My question is can I get rid of the lines that make up the sides of the Group Box, so that it is invisible. There does not seem to be any option to do this when I open Format Control on the Group Box.

Thanks for the help yesterday. This forum is awesome and full of good info.

I put my option boxes in group boxes and that worked. Now I can't seem to be able to change the font other than what it defaulted to. Is it possible to change font of the option button text?

Also, how would I go about setting it up to tab on the form to stop at each place I need input? i.e. from option box to option box and then to next check box, blank, etc.?

Oh, one more thing. I put the option boxes in group boxes. Can I take the border line off of the group box? I didn't see any option for that.

Thanks so much for your help.

I've got a pretty simple column with yes/no option buttons for each row. Each set of option buttons are in their own group box, so the options buttons will work independently of the other rows. However, the group boxes all have "names" Group Box 1, etc). That's pretty ugly. I'd like to maintain the ability to have all these option buttons work independently for each row/cell they are in... but just don't need to see the Group Box name. How?


Goood Morning,
I am new to this and need big time help. I have two groups of four option buttons which work fine. What I have been asked to do is if one of the option buttons in the first group has been clicked this will select one of the buttons in the second group!! How when How!! Please Help!

Hi everyone. I'm trying to put a yes/no type option group on my form, which is easy. However, for some reason the buttons aren't changing appearance when I click on yes or no. I tried radio buttons, boxes, and buttons. When I click on them there's no visual cue to let me know I clicked on it besides it being highlighted like I tabbed to it. When I go to another record and back, THEN it shows as being checked yes or no.

What'd I break?


Hi all,

I had 2 simle questions:
1) Can the size of the option buttons be modified? Specifically when using
the Control Tool Box option button.
2) Can the color of the frame of a group box be changed? I don't want to see
the Group Box fram around every grouping.


I have two group boxes with two option buttons in each(from the Forms
Tool bar) Is there any way to make the group boxes invisible. I would
like to have only the option buttons showing on the worksheet.

I have two groups of option buttons. One group has 15 option buttons the other has 2 option buttons.

When I click on one group it deselects the option button in the other group causing no buttons to be selected in the second group.

In other word only one of the 17 buttons is shown selected at a time.

By "selected" I mean the filled in circle is shown within the larger circle.

The two groups of buttons are linked to different cells in the spreadsheet.

How do I keep the two groups from interaction with each other?


I've searched the non-existent documentation in Excel, tried the internet and what books I had but cannot find the answer.

In Access, I can create an option group, and then that group will have an attached value based on which button is chosen, which I can then use in a case statement or in other creative ways.

In Excel, I've created an option group with a groupname, but I can't find anyway to access this value. If it doesn't exist then how do you make the decisions in code without checking every option button?

I have a spreadsheet with radio buttons from the forms menu. I have one group box with 4 radio buttons. Then i have 5 other group boxes contained in one great big group box so you can only select one radio option at a time from the 5 other group boxes. I want to restrict the options in the big 5 boxes based on the option selected in the first box. so if they select option 1 then they can only select options 1-7 in the set of 5 boxes. Thank you in advance.


I have 4 Group Boxes in a 2010 worksheet with option buttons in them. When I export to PDF, only the Top and Left of each Group Box is displayed. I've tried changing formatting and order settings as well as grouping the option buttons with the group boxes. How do I make all 4 sides of Group Box display after export from Excel 2010 to PDF? Thanks!

I am using Excel 2010. Whenever I try to insert multiple sets of option buttons, they are all placed in the same set (such that when I click an option button in one set, it undoes an option button in the other sets). I have tried changing the reference cell of the option buttons, but whenever I do the reference cells for the entire worksheet are changed along with it. I think this can be resolved using multiple Group Boxes but I need to do this without using group boxes due to space limitations on my worksheet.

Hi, I had put 2 option buttons in a group box. I made the visible group box borders invisible by putting the following command in excel VB: activesheet.groupboxes.visible = false
My question is how can I bring back the visible border of the group box?

Also, both my option buttons are getting checked/unchecked at the same time. How can I sort this out? Your help is very much appreciated

Please help!

I'm using MS Excel 97.

I have a group option box of a number of teams ie the first one is Team 1 all the way to Team 9. If Team 1 is clicked I would like another group option box to appear with the Team 1 members and if Team 2 is clicked I would like their members to appear.

As I am unfamiliar with VBA I am finding this quite difficult.

I'm sure there is a genius out there who know's the answer.

Many thanks