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Diagonally Dividing Individual Cell

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how could divide one single cell in diagonal direction ?? without using line from drawing tool.

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Similar Topics

How do I paste text from a column into a diagonal line of cells (i.e. A1, B2,
C3, etc.)? Additionally (and this may be related), how do I get the cursor
to move to a diagonal cell after an entry? (as opposed to down or to the side)

I am creating a report that has to show the number of new customers and the dollar value those customers brought in. We would like to have the cell appear with a diagonal split so the # of new customers is in the top left and the $ is at the bottom right with a diagonal line between the two. Is this possible? if so, how can I do this?

Steps to duplicate:

(1) Draw a new forms button in Cell A8
(2) Format Cell A10 with 45 degree diagonal orientation
(3) Enter any text into cell A10
(4) Hide cell A10

The button from Cell A8 disappears. You can still click it. You can check the properties programatically and it is still set to visible. But you can't see it.

This appears to happen with all of the rows above the hidden diagonally formatted row, but I have not tested extensively. Unfortunately, the workbook I am using has several hidden diagonally formatted lines and it cannot be made to function in 2007 for that reason. Possible solutions would be replacing the diagonal formatting with images, or using vba to change the format before hiding the row, and restore before unhiding. Not pretty.

Any suggestions?

I need a formula to add diagonally. I know I could add the sum of each cell (A1, B2, C3, etc.), but is there a way to write a formula that would achieve this and can be copied over to the next column? I've tried to think of a way to do it, but have been unsuccessful.


Is there a way to split a cell diagonally to have text on both sides of the diagonal, for example, the top left hand corner of a table. The bottom of the diagonal denotes the first column of the table and the top denotes the first row. Any ideas?

Within a single cell, is it possible to format a diagonal line with the area below the diagonal a different color than the area above the diagonal?

Hi all,
I have a spreadsheet onto which I have pasted several pictures as illustrations. I need to use the "lines" tool in order to draw arrows between text and images, but can't find the line drawing tool, nor the toolbar. F1 help just says to click on an existing line or drawing object in order to activate the drawing tab on the ribbon. Er...if I had one already I wouldn't need to make one myself..!
Am I being really dim? Where do I find the "line" tool?



I have a line chart with 2 axis. I want to show how much a number of the vertical axis is worth on the horizontal axis, by drawing a line that goes from the first point, then passes thru the line, and then falls on the second point.

It was fairly simple to approximate this by drawing the lines manually with the drawing tool. However, this is inaccurate, slow, and resizing the chart messes it all.

So my question is, is there a tool that provides this feature somewhere in any versions of Excel or in Office?

I believe the only way this could be achieved is using a drawing
object(s) i.e. triangle. You could colour the cell and then superimpose a
triangle over the cell (or use two triangles).

For a single cell this might be an option but for multiple cells it's not
(obviously) very practical.

"Andyfishing" wrote:

> I need to colour a cell that is split diagonally with 2 seperate colours?
> Excell 2003.

Anyone out there know a way to split a single excel cell diagonally in order
to have it contain 2 pieces of information?

The default behavior for drawing, for example, a connector line is that once you've drawn the first line, the "tool mode" returns to the regular cursor. This is not ideal for drawing diagrams with many connectors, as it necessitates moving the mouse out of the field of play and clicking a few times before drawing the next connector.

PowerPoint for Windows has "lock drawing mode," which changes the behavior to normal editor behavior, where your selected tool stays selected.

The internet is mum as to an equivalent in Mac 2011. Anyone know how to deal with this?


In Excel , how do I create a border line that is 45 degree or diagonal? I am trying to make a 3-d table effect where the heading look like it is going out of the computer (not related to chart function).

I attached an example file of what I am trying to do. I wasn't able to figure how it was done in filename sample.xls. In the sample.xls, when I selected Format Cells --> Border; I saw that the author did NOT make use of diagonal line but just vertical line but the border of the cell look diagonal in the spreadsheet.

Link to sample.xls

Thanks for your time & help!

WinXP with SP2
Office 2003

hi guys,

after excel formula to work out diagonal measure of rectangle. Eg, 100mm high by 160mm long = 188.88mm from one corner to other corner diagonally.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks Mal

Hi everyone,
I am trying to get my formula to reference directly to the right of the look up value but it keeps returning the diagonal value that is located to the right and up one cell. Can someone steer me in the right direction for a fix?
I am pretty new to excel so I may be approaching this wrong.

excel 1.jpg
excel 2.jpg


I know how to put a diagonal line into a cell, how do I put a value in the one side of the diagonal and another value into the other side of the diagonal? Is this even possible? Thank you!

im not too experienced in drawing graphs in excel. here is what im trying to do.

100 - 0, at increments of 10

0.000 000.0
0.092 004.3 003 008
0.126 005.0
0.172 008.0
0.216 016.0
0.287 021.0
0.392 030.0 029 049
0.536 041.0
0.643 065.0
0.732 084.0 000 089
0.879 099.0 090 100
1.000 100.0 100
1.200 100.0
1.366 100.0

PROBLEM 1: i want to have a gridline at every x-value (column 1), not at some scaled amount.

PROBLEM 2: i want to draw a line from 100 to 0, making a perfect diagonal line.

PROBLEM 3: i want to draw points, not lines, that correspond with the x-axis (column 3)

i dont have trouble graphing 1 line, but i dont know how to solve these more advanced problems.

I have been using 2007 for about a year now and I'm not really sure it's an improvement (yet). Some stuff is nice, but:

I really really really miss the drawing toolbar.

Now i'm in the middle of a project and I want to start doing some cool shadow boxes and lines and other stuff.

I'M STARTING WITH A BLANK SPREAD SHEET so PLEASE don't tell me to start by clicking on some drawing image to get to the tool bar! I got no images to click on! (Also, I find it really annoying that I must click on a drawing image to make the drawing image tools appear! How do you START making a drawing image!!?? HOW LAME!).

I really wish Bill Gates would have talked to me before he pulled the trigger on this one.

Is there any way to get the drawing tools to show on the ribbon?

Or is there a shortcut to it I can create??


I'm trying to label cell A1 in an Excel spreadsheet so that the row name is
identified as well as the column name in this same cell A1, separated by a
diagonal. I can draw the diagonal, but how do you get the row name to appear
in the upper right of the cell and the column name to appear in the lower

I want to place 2 numbers in the same cell w/ a diagonal line from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner. The line is intended to make the printed spreadsheet easier to read.

Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?

If not, what other options do I have besides the obvious merge of the row header? I feel the horizontal lines will not separate the large amount of $-data on the sheet...

Looking forward to your responses. Thank you in advance.

Nicholas N.

I've placed a diagonal line in a blank cell, it appears in the print preview but won't print out, what am I doing wrong? How do I get it to print out?

This probably has a simple solution, but I can't seem to find it. I keep the drawing tool opened at the bottom of the spreadsheets. I have a spreadsheet that was sent to me by another coworker, and the drawing objects are light gray (not usable). If I switch to another spreadsheet, they are once again usable. This spreadsheet isn't protected.

Can anyone tell me why this would happen and how to fix it?

A year ago I made a spread sheet drawing of our neighborhood with lines, rectangles, circles, text boxes etc. I tried to update some text boxes today, but I cannot access the names in the boxes. When I drag the cursor onto a text box (or line/figure) I get a small circle with a diagonal line in it. I cannot delete or draw new lines/text boxes. I checked "protection" and it is off. Help!!!

Hi, I'm looking to apply more than one colour format to the same cell, split
diagonally from right to left (one colour being orange, the other being
white/uncoloured). I don't want stripes, just two blocks of colour making up
the cell background.

Slightly bizarre question, I know, but it's for a work diary for a
department with colour representing 'busy' and white/uncoloured representing
'available'. As I'm busy for the first half of the day, I want to split the
cell in half. At the moment I just have a diagonal line and the whole cell in
orange, but wanted to make the 'pm' half of the cell to be clear. If that
makes sense!

Thanks for your help!



Is it possible to arrange for the cursor to move diagonally in response to the arrow keys? (It is, because I have come across a spreadsheet where this happens. There are no macros. )

I want to do this because I want to look at the interactions between 8 factors, but cannot set up an 8 x 8 matrix because I am using the space for something else.

I have a macro that will add the drawing tool bar on the screen and add the scribble button for drawing.
Application.CommandBars("Drawing").Visible = True
Application.CommandBars("Drawing").Controls.Add Type:=msoControlButton, ID _:=409, Befo =7
Works good.

If the scribble command button is already there, it will add another one.

Is there a way to sense if the scribble button is already there and if so,
not add another one?