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Combined Split Bar And Line Chart

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I'm using Excel 2002 on Window XP. I have managed to create a combined line - column chart on 2 axis as featured in the Chart Wizard - Custom Types folder. However, I would like to change the bar chart aspect of the chart to display each bar in a split format.

Currently, it displays one colour showing the total value of the bar. However, I would like each bar to be split into 4 different colours representing 4 different rows of data that make up the total value.

Here are the data values:

Month (x axis) Dec-05 Jan-06 Feb-06 Mar-06 Apr-06

Line 50% 50% 46% 49% 53%

Bar - split 1 0 0 0 0 0
Bar - split 2 0 0 0 0 0
Bar - split 3 0 0 0 0 0
Bar - split 4 0 0 0 0 0

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Can anyone help me please?

I have a large data set (hourly data for a year).
I usually present this as a line chart which then looks cramped.

My idea is to create a radar chart but split into sections (imagine a pie chart with 12 equal slices). I then want the data (split into months) to be graphed around each section.

Does anyone know if this is possible or exists? It will effectively have 12 x-axis' albeit all identical.

Many thanks,


I am trying to create a comparative bar chart with year-on-year quarterly
sales figures for three different branches of a company. There are three
divisional figures and a subsequent total for each quarter of each of the
three years. The separate series need to be the years but each quarter total
needs to be visually split by the three divisions (sales quarters along the
x-axis, £ along the y-axis, 3 separate bars for each quarter each
representing a year and each split into 3 sections by division)

I can't work out how to do it or even if it is possible to split the series
in this way?



I am trying to split a single sheet into two, so I can have a chart in the "new sheet" below the first sheet containing data. So it is possible to quickly see the impact.

I have tried the normal "split" function, but it splits the same sheet into two views. That does not allow me to change the column width. Should I put summarizing data and chart into new sheet and show it below the other by split? and how?


I'm using a pivot table and then a pivot chart to display a large amount of data to do with certain incidents

In the pivot table I have dropped "username" in the row field and then in the joining line between row and data "date" and "severity" and then "severity" again in the data space.

I then use the table to plot a bar chart which works fine but for one thing.

I know have 3 sorts of label on the x axis.

username which is then split into month which is further split into severity.

All the labels become overlapped and squashed and I can make out anything. I have already tried to vertically align the labels however all this does is cause the 1st labels to do this (severity) the others remain horizontal. I can't find another way to make the label readable!

Using Excel 2002

Can provide example if needed.
Any help would be great!


I have a stacked bar chart that shows total time to sell, broken out in 3 categories (Time to make + time to ship + time to sell in store), split out into different segments (Toys, Tools, etc).

So, my stacked bar chart has 7 different bars (one for each segment), and each bar is split out into 3 colors, relating to the time to make, time to ship, and time to sell in store. The total length of the bar represents the total time to sell. This chart works perfectly.

Ideally, what I'd like to do is have a separate bar going from right to left on the chart that shows Total # of sales by segment.

Or, if I can't do that, I'd be happy with a second bar underneath the stacked bar showing Total # of sales by segment, which I can probably figure out how to do, but not without having two labels for the same category on the axis.

Preferably, I'd like to do this without using VB? Any thoughts?


Hi folks,

I've got three worksheets. Total, A and B. On the first sheet, I enter the total, then there's a table where I enter the split of that total for 'A' and 'B'. So say the total is 457, I would then enter a rough split of 227 and 229 for 'A' and 'B' respectively. On the second worksheet for 'A', I just want the total for 'A' on that date to be filled in automatically with what's on the split table. And the same for the 'B' worksheet.

And this needs to be on a new line following the date. I've attached a file with the barebones tables: one main sheet where I'd enter the total for the day, and the split, and then a second sheet (A), and a third sheet (B), which would need to be filled automatically. totalSplit.xlsx

So, as I enter the total number, and then split it manually, I need that split value to be entered on a new line for every day.

Does anyone know how to do this!

I'm trying what appears to be a complicated bar chart and I'm struggling to get any decent results... Can anyone help?

I have six variables (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6) which represent groups of people. Each of these groups have a male/female split, and so I am representing each variable's male/female split as a percentage.
V1: 52.9% Male; 47.1% Female
V2: 52.7% Male; 47.3% Female
V3: 46.2% Male; 53.8% Female etc...

That has produced a very straightforward bar chart where each bar adds-up to 100%. Simples.

However, I also want to add, below each of the variable's (V1, V2, etc...) bars, another bar that splits each male/female group into three further sub-categories (X1, X2, & X3). So, of the 52.9% who are males within V1, X1=61.84%, X2=3.52%, and X3=34.64%; and of the 47.1% who are females witin V1, X1=19.28%, X2=26.65%, and X3=54.06%.
V1: 52.9% Male 47.1% Female
V1': 61.84 X1, 3.52% X2, 34.64 X3; 19.28% X1, 26.65% X2, 54.06% X3

The problem is that Excel doesn't seem to like the fact that the bars representing variables V1-6 are split into two groups (male/female) whereas the bars representing the three further sub-categories are split into six (X1,X2,X3,X1,X2,X3) groups.

Have I made any sense there? These things are always quite tricky to explain...

Any help would be very appreciated!


Hello, I have seen many threads about the stop watch but have problem to figure out which one will be best for me. I would like to create the stopwatch in excel where I can time single athlete (unlimited number) and check their splits/laps as well to get their total time. I would like to be able to take as many splits I want it. I need this to work in seconds.

Athlete Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4 Split 7 Split 8 Split 9 Total Michal Greg

Appreciate your help.


Hi, I have 2 lots of data that I'm trying to show simultaniously in a pie chart. Firstly I have the work done by my team split in to various different job codes. I then also need to show (on the same chart) the percentage of these individual jobs that have been outsourced. Please have a look at the example data below and let me know if this is possible:

Job Code, % of workload, % of this job that is outsourced

1, 30, 10
2, 25, 15
3, 45, 0

So the pie chart should be initially split in to 3 to show the jobs as a percentage of our total workload. I then need to separate these 3 slices in to 2, showing the percentage of them completed in house and those outsourced. Hope this makes some sense.


If I split a string using

split(split(Cells(3, 6), "-")(0), "-")

I can manually look at which part of the split to pull out. I know the 0 can be changed to pull out the split sections, but can it be reversed. The split string I need is the second to last string all the time, but the string before that can always vary in number.
I tried using -2, thinking that using the "-" might think count backwards in the split sections but alas an error.

I have a line chart that, because of the values, is difficult to read. While several series values are under 75 consistently (anywhere from 0 to 75), one value is consistently between 200 to 300. This creates several series values at the bottom of the chart compressed together and one series value at the top of the chart.

Is there a way to split the value axis, so that the lower series values are more readable? The other problem is that I need to have three separate charts on one page, each it's own separate category.

Split an Excel Worksheet. Question:
Lets say you put your split on line 75 and entered some data on that line. If your using the scroll bar in the upper portion of the worksheet the data you entered on line 75 will appear on the upper portion if you reach line 75 and appear on line 75 on the lower. I don't know if I'm wording this well. My supervisor feels that the data from where the split starts would never appear on the upper display. I've tried everything to do this nothing works. Is she correct or am I.

I'm looking to create a pie chart which has a segment of the chart much bigger than the rest, and separated from the chart.

Example, the total value of something is 100,000; split between a cell value of 75,000 and another of 25,000.

I want the pie chart to go 75% of the way around like a regular pie chart, and then have the 25% separated, but much larger in scale than the rest of the pie chart. You should still see that it is part of the same story, but that it is sticks out to the viewer.

Is this possible in Excel?

Many thanks.

When a worksheet window is split and a comment shape overlaps the split bar (with or without Freeze Panes), the comment appears behind the split bar instead of in front of it. Is there a way to have comments always in front of window split bars?


So I have a typical line chart with 4 series going across it. The X axis shows the value in milions and the y axis is showing the months of the year.

In each month obviously each point is the value spent in each month. Is there anyway to get the chart to show the total amount spent in the year and display in millions.

January = 10M
February = 30M
March = 13M

Total spent is 53M, can this be displayed as a value on each line or even in the chart legend in some way.

Figures display in M but are in normal format ie 13,000,051.00

Ok, my data looks like this:

01/01/2013 00:00 12345.78
01/01/2013 01:00 98765.43

... and so on, for about 20.000 lines (is 3 years and a half of logging every hour, but I will can split it into years).

I want to plot this data in a chart with double X axis, one for the month and one of the week number.
I achieved something quite close with a line chart and the x-axis formatted for date, with units of one month, but then it plots a line for every day, while I want one for every hour.

Also, I don't know how to plot the week number on an extra axis.
I don't know anything about Visual Basic, so I would like if someone could explain me how to achieve that through the menus.

Thank you

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to take a string, and split it into an array using two delimeters. As you see below I already have the correct functionality to split using one delimiter and this works. But I also need to be able to split on carriage returns/new lines using vbCrLf I believe? Does anyone know how to do this?


Dim currentBit As Integer
Dim lineBits As Variant
Line Input #filePathNumber, lineString
lineBits = Split(lineString, ",")
currentBit = CInt(lineBits(bitCount))

Every time I create a line chart the line starts at 1 on the x axis, and on the y axis it starts at zero. For example in the source data table, column A (representing the x axis) has a unit series that starts at zero, and column B representing the Sales Dollar amount also starts at $0.00. For example 0, 1, 2, 3, etc units for X and increments of $0.00, $500, $1,000, $1,500, etc for Y.
QUESTION: How can I format the line chart such that the line begins at zero on the X axis, and zero on the Y axis?
I'm using MS Office Excel 2003
See my example he
Thanks for your help.

Hi Guys,

I have a pitvot chart (showing as an unstacked line chart) with 5 data series on it. The Y axis is units and the X axis is Weeks. Some of the data is actual and some is forecasted. I would like to indicate on the chart the current week number. Ideally I would like to draw a black line vertically down the chart or change the background colour.

Does anyone know if this can be achieved. One possibility would be to add another data series which displays as a column chart and only populates for the given week, but as the size of the Y axis will change depending on what filters are applied, I am not sure how I would achieve this.

I would settle for making the current week number RED on the axis points.



When I split the Window in a worksheet, my cursor moves the contents of both windows at the same time. I am trying to split the window so that I can position one side to show one thing and then move around the other side. Can this be done? Or do I need to do a Window/New thing. Just wondering if I can split it with a pane. Thank you.

Hi all,

I have 3 dates of sales data for 10 countries.

I would like the countries along the x-axis and the amount in millions up the y axis but... and here is the funky bit....

I would like to split the bar itself into a stacked bar split into two parts... one part being sales made by Peter and the other half sales made by Paul (ok, simplified!)

Can anyone help with this 3D type chart?


So I have two sets of data- one from a pre-trial (measured over months) and one from a trial (measured over days). I would like to plot both on the same line chart. Both sets of data have the same y-axis scale. However, I would like to have the scale for the x-axis (time) split into two. I would like the pre-trial data to be in months, and then the trial data follow after in days. Is there anyway to split the x-axis into two different scales?


I have come stuck when trying to get excel to split A:A into equal amounts into different cells. Basically eg. A:A will have different racing drivers. I would like the split into different heats. If there is 20 or less then there will be 2 heats with all drivers in each, if there is from 21 to 27 then there should be 3 heats with each driver only in 2 of the heats and 28 or more drivers will be split in the middle, names would need to be taken every other line as the drivers are graded.

I hope this makes some sort of sense.

Thanks in advance

ps. I have included a copy of the sheet that I have done manually so it is possible to see what I mean.

My Mac 2004 does not support the Split function, so I'm writting my own.
I've found out that Split is 0 based and that " " is the default delimiter.
My question is about multi-character delimiters. Does Split accept them?

Is Split("abcXXXdefXXXghI","XXX")(1) = "def" or is that an error?

also, are delimiters case sensitive?

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and I am seeing a lot of helpful information.

I have a question and considering I'm only basic with Excel, please bear with me.

I'm currently trying to create an excel chart that shows the productivity of a team by showing "Time spent on high-value(HV) tasks vs low-value(LV) tasks"

On y-axis: Total time spent (in hours)
On x-axis: Months (in month)

for example: say in January, time spent on HV tasks is 100hrs, and LV task is 180hrs. HV tasks completed is 60, and 80 for LV tasks.

I'm trying to create a stacked bar chart having the bar showing total time spent (in this example it is 100+180=280hrs). But for that bar, I want 57.45% of the bar showing time spent on LV tasks and the remaining 42.55% showing the time spent on HV tasks.

At the moment, I can only create a stacked bar chart showing 280hrs, and it is split between 100hrs and 180hrs.

Your suggestions is appreciate.