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How Do I Convert Email Addresses To Clickable Links?

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I have imported a column of valid email address. How can I make them
clickable links to email. No problem if I type them but there are far to

Help apprecited. Thanks.

Rick Wetzel

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Similar Topics

Hello, I have a column of email address that are showing up as text instead of clickable email addresses. I am trying to run a macro that will email all of them, but it is failing because excel does not recognize it as an email address. How can i convert them without retyping all 2600?

Clayton Grove

I have an .xls spreadsheet that has a column which contains email links that appears like this: Email
When you click the cell or hover it shows the email address. I would like to convert the entire column to actually display the email address. I need to export these email adddresses once I get them. The only way I have found that I can get the email address is to create a new column, then click the Email link and it opens up an outlook email. Then I have to copy and paste the email address into the new column. I have over 2000 cells in this column. Is there any way to convert this column to the actual email addresses that are embedded in it? Any help would be appreaciated!

I keep my class records on excel spreadsheets. Usually this is a major plus, but I do have a problem with one thing--I type in the students email addresses next to their names, and to the right of that, their scores--each student has their own row.

Most of the time, the email addresses are just plain text, occasionally they are seen by excel as links. Some times, when they are actual links (by that, I mean with a blue underline), the numbers in cells next to them are underlined as well. How can I stop this?

Is there a way to format any selected cell as plain text? I really don't care to delete the contents, just the underlining. I can even eliminate the link in the email column if I have to, as I don't ever email from excel.

Hello, I am having a very large issue with an important database that we use for my company. It's a comprehensive contact and information sheet, which includes phone numbers and email addresses. We have it set up currently so that we can make updates to it, and our various people are able to access it via their iphones. The phone numbers and email addresses currently work in excel as links: for example, when you click on the cell for the email address, it automatically pops open an email to that address in outlook, and when you click on a cell phone it automatically opens as a link to dial that number via skype.
The problem is, once you open this on your iphone these no longer function as links. Neither when it's opened as an excel spreadsheet, nor if it's saved and opened as a pdf. I've searched online for a solution since this is a very important feature of this extensive workbook that we have.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks!

I am using Excel 2007 on Windows Vista Business.

I can't find this solutions anywhere. I know how to send emails from Excel using VBA. When I get to the Body section, I want to insert a clickable link to a website, and also a clickable link to send an email (not as important as the website). Can this be done? I have found code to insert links to files, but none for website links.

I am having a problem with email hyperlinks in my worksheets. I have several files that have one column with email addresses. These are set as hyperlinks. I eneterd them manually (not cut and pasted) and they worked the first time I used them.
However now when I click on a link in one file, it links to an email in a completely different file.
Can someone help me get these back to the right links please.

I currently have an Excel 2003 doc with a column of email address.

The problem is that the email addresses are just plain text. I would like to be able to just click on an email address and have it open a blank email with the address I just clicked on as the recipient.

Is there a way I can select this column of email addresses that are plain text and change them into hyperlinks?

Thanks :-)

Im trying to email directly from my worksheet by scrolling through a drop down list of emails that is in a validation List I set up.
I would like to choose the correct email and then click on the cell again whereon it opens a new Outlook email window to the selected email address.
I dont want to let the email stick, want the hyperlink to reset to general so that I can select another email next time and repeat the same.
I can paste vba code if needed.
Please Help.
Thanks Nesman10

In several worksheets I store email addresses but XL insists on making
them links. So, if I ever select the cell, it tries to open Outlook
(which I won't let on my machine), etc. It takes me 30 seconds to get
control back. I've looked everywhere in Options but I haven't found
anything to stop this. My workaround is to type the email address in an
unused cell, then copy it and Paste Special into the target cell with
"values only". What a pain.

Can you gurus please help? By the way, I did look hard and long for
this in earlier posts -- I can't be the only one hassled by this.

Thanks much.


I would like the email below to be populated with the information in specific columns and be sent to a defined email addresses (column N). I know this is possible to do in mail merge, but would ideally like to run this as a VBA macro.
The email should also include the ability to add a clickable hyperlink where specified. Please note, I have added some commentary (e.g PA: A) throughout the email which specifies which column the data is being fed from on the excel spreadsheet.

Parameter Column Included? PA No A Y PA Type B Y PA Request Date C Y Working days with Current Approver D Y Working Days since PA raised E N Vendor Name F Y Originator Name G Y Authoriser Name H N Procurement Category I Y Currency J Y PO Total K Y Current Approver Name L Y Description M Y Email N Y First Name O Y Surname P Y


Header of email

PA XXXXXXXX (PA No; A) requires your attention

Body of email

Dear XXXXXXX (First name; O)

PA XXXXXXXX (PA No; A) For: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Description; M) which was raised on the XXXXX (PA request date; C) and has been has been awaiting your approval for XX (working days with approver; D) and requires your immediate review.


Vendor Name: (F)
Procurement Category: (I)
PA Type: (B)
Currency Type: (J)
PO Total: (K)
Originator: (G)

Please note, if you have already approved this PA, please disregard this email.

Please see below for the link to:

Clickable URL e.g

Thanks or your assistance.



Hi there.

I am using Ron de Bruin's excellent guide to creating email macros in Excel (, but I have encountered an issue. I am using the script for copying a range of cells into an email ( but it will not copy over clickable links. I need to create a macro that copies over a range of cells (eg, A1:G20) into an email, with the last column containing a link that the user can click. I have tried entering in the URL in each cell of the last column as an HTML tag (eg, ) and as a straight URL (eg, http://website) and it only appears in the email as text.

Any suggestions?

I have an email that someone forwarded to me and in that forwarded email, there are over 100 email email addresses. (still in the "To:" line of the first email)

I want to get those email addresses plus first and last names into an Excel spreadsheet with 3 columns: email address, first name and last name.

Is there a quick way to do this? The only thing I can think of is to click on each and every email address, add them to my contact list and type in the first and last name and then when that's all done, import my contact list into Excel. However, this is going to be time consuming.

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!
Thank you.
Mary Ann

I have a spreadsheet ful of text URLs which are not clickable. How does one convert a link to a clickable link which will open a browser and go to the associated URL?

I figured that this would be easy to figure out!

Thanks for any and all feedback.



I have a list of email addresses which I analyze by provider. column a for example has the full address "" while column b only shows the provider "".
I need to double check if the address is valid or if it is incorrect / non-existent. Since I will never know that for sure unless i send an email, I was wondering if there is a way from excel to at least double check if the provider / address is valid?

Any ideas on how to tackle this problem? Advices are welcome


Hey everyone,

I've been trying to get my head around this since long but cannot quite figure it how to do it.

I have an Excel sheet with a single column that lists about a 1500 email addresses. There are a lot of duplicates, and I want to count them.

The output I need to get should look like this:

EmailAddress -------------- # of Occurences
Email Add 1 ---------------------------- 4
Email Add 2 ---------------------------- 4
Email Add 3 ---------------------------- 4
Email Add 4 ---------------------------- 3
Email Add 5 ---------------------------- 3
Email Add 6 ---------------------------- 3
Email Add 7 ---------------------------- 2
Email Add 8 ---------------------------- 2
Email Add 9 ---------------------------- 2
Email Add 10 -------------------------- 2
Email Add 11 ------------------------- 1
Email Add 12 -------------------------- 1

So basically, counting the number of times an email address is in the column and arranging them in descending order.

I was able to highlight the duplicates using Conditional Formatting and CountIf, but I cannot figure out how to get the above output.

Any ideas on how to do this are appreciated

I have just done a mail merge for my company to 1300 existing clients (not spam honestly!). As most had been neglected for some time, many email addresses are out of date so the emails bounced back. I now have 106 email addresses in an Excel column. In another worksheet, I have all the email addresses for all client contacts and a reference number for each company. Each row contains the reference number in column A and the email addresses in either column V or AB.
I need to find the reference number and enter it against each email address.
I have tried a vlookup but just get errors as I am not that confident it is what I should be using!
What I have:
sheet: email
Column A email addresses
Sheet: data
Column A reference number, Column V: contact1 email, Column AB: Contact2 email
I need to put the reference number in the email sheet in column B against the email address

It's Friday and my brain hurts so any help would be gratefully received.


Hi All,

I have a list of email address in excel sheet. In that I want to find which email address is valid and not valid emails. Is there any vb code or macro to do so? I am sending an individual email to all by gmail account, to check whether the email is really exist.

Sathish Kumar

Hey folks,

I have a list in column Q - how do I automatically turn the complete list - each cell into a hyperlink. The cell value (linked cell) is an email address. I want enable each one to be clickable to send an email with the subject of the email to be the value in column A of each specific row.

Make sense?




I have to send product information to a list of people who order the products. We are trying to go "electronic" on this and the only way at this time I can figure is to export the order data to Excel, and then with some LOOKUP formulas, match the customer and product with the correct product info, and the email address that we have.

At that point, how do I "send" these files? They would be attachments, so what I would have in an excel list, is:

1. a list of email addresses, say these are in column A
2. links to the files to be attached to the email. one attachment per email.

Any ideas? By the way, we use Outlook as email program


I have a large number of clickable links in an excel column, eg: "Dave" links to ""

I'd like to do one of the following:

Go to these webpages without using the mouse.

OR (preferred)

See these links (http://...) so I can copy them directly.

Could you help me with this?


I have a large database of subscribers to 9 different newsletters. I have sorted the list to show duplications of email addresses. Now I want to count the number of times each original email address appears in the list. Normally I would just use =COUNTIF(C1:C1000, ""), however, I have 7,500 email addresses I don't want to write each email address into the formula. I was hoping to use the cell reference instead of writing the email address, that way I could just cut and paste the formula for the 7,500 email addresses, however, (and this is where my excel skills are limited) it says that I cannot do that. Can anyone help, I don't think COUNTIF is perhpas the rightway to do this.

Many thanks

I have an excel 2007 spreadsheet with various data in it. One column of the spreadsheet conatains hundreds of email addresses. Some of the email addresses are hyperlinks (if you click on the address, it will open outlook and create a new email), but many of the addresses are not hyperlinks. Is there a way to make all of the email addresses in that column hyperlinks?

I am creating a list of contacts which includes their email address. When I input the address and hit enter it creates an active link. I click on the cell and my email box pops up with this email ready to compose. I don't want any active links I don't want it to recognize these emails and I want to stop this.

I have tried exporting all the data converted it to .csv brought it back in an that got rid of all the links but now that I am adding new ones the problem continues. I have looked in the preferences and autoformat and can't find anything that stops this autofunction or whatever you call it.

I'm pulling customer information from our sales tool (which can't filter on its own) that pulls everything into an excel sheet. I want to pull all the email addresses and put them into a new column.

I've downloaded the digidb add-in to help extract email addresses but I cannot get it to work when there is more than 1 email address in the same row. Any tricks to make it work?

I have merged about 20 spreadsheets into one large sheet for mail-merging purposes. Some of the sheets I have merged have addresses and e-mails whereas others only have addresses. If column D contains all the addresses and column J contains the email addresses, is there away to run a macro duplicate formula that will delete the address without the email address and keep the address with the email address?

Does this make any sense?

Thank you!