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Display A Message While A Macro Is Running

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Is there a way to display a message during the entire time that a macro is running? I have a macro that takes a little while to run. I have worked with enough users that I know they will get impatient if they don't see a message stating that it is still processing. I don't want the user to interact with the message (like a msgbox), I just want to be able to display a message. If possible, I may want to change the message that is displayed during the process to show progress.

Thanks for any help.

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Similar Topics


Is there a way to Display a message to the user while an application is running?

For example, while a macro is doing it's thing, at it takes some time for the macro to run, instead of showing everything that's going on, could a message be displayed that says "Your Query is Running" ? (just as an example)

Thanks very much for any help!

I have a Macro which takes about 2 mins to run, can anyone provide me with the VBA code which will produce a message on the screen to show up "something like "macro running" during the macro run time.

A more ambitous request though not as crucial - is there a way of showing a progress bar or % coplete, indicating how far through. the Macro has run?



I've created a macro that runs a process that I need to do on a daily basis. This process does a bunch of tedious tasks and then calculates a total number at the top of the page, as well as a few other metrics. When the process is complete, my worksheet displays a these totals at the top. I want to add a message box to the end of the macro that will pop up when the macro is finished running. I only know how to make the message box display a constant string of text - saying something like "Process complete."

What I would like to do is make the macro display a variable value, for example, one of the "total" macros that's displayed on my worksheet. Ideally, when the macro has run its course, the message box would pop up and say, "Process complete. The total is X", where "X" is whatever the macro has calculated as the total for that day, which is displayed in cell E5.

How can I make my message box incorporate a variable piece of information that's located in the same cell every time?

I'm a VBA beginner, and I want to express my gratitude in advance for any advice/suggestions. Thank you!


one of my macros takes a couple of secs to execute and the hourglass appears, during that time I would like a "working.." message to display on the screen to alert the user that everything is proceeding normally, is there an easy way to do this?


- display "working " message
- my macro gets executed
- close "working..." message

thx. for any help!

Hello, all. I have a spreadsheet with several macros that are activated by form buttons, and change things behind the scenes, and it occurs to me that the users may not know that a macro has successfully completed.

Is there a way I can display a dialogue box to the user when the macro finishes running with a custom message like "Macro Change is now finished, you may enter your data"?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello, all. I have a spreadsheet with several macros that are activated by form buttons, and change things behind the scenes, and it occurs to me that the users may not know that a macro has successfully completed.

Is there a way I can display a dialogue box to the user when the macro finishes running with a custom message like "Macro Change is now finished, you may enter your data"?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi everyone,

When I run one of my macros, I display a message box at the start to warn the user to close some files before running. When the user clicks OK, the macro continues, but the message box remains. #1 Is there a way of removing this so it doesn't display throughout the run?

Also, #2 if anyone could point me to a good and light procedure to display a macro run time status bar, I would be grateful. I have created a basic one in the past, but it required quite a lot of additional code to be inserted into the original macro. It was also quite non-linear, which made it difficult to reasonably gauge time to completion.

Many thanks,


Dear Friends,

I am trying to create a form in VBA . My concern is

1) A message box should be displayed after every 15 minutes ( any message, say hi)

2) After the message , the timer should start again and re-display the same message again after 15 minutes ... the message loop should continue until i close the form.

Thanks in advance.

I would like to know if there is a way to have a formula that could do the following.. I was thinking using nested if statements, but am at a loss for how to do it.

If the value of $O$3 is between the value of $M$3 and 50 display "Message 1", If between 50 and 10 display "Message 2", if less than 10 but greater than 0, display "Message 3", if 0 or less display "Message 4" and if non of the above leave the cell blank.

Thanks for your assistance.

I'm running a macro that can take a while so I want to let the user know that the macro is running OK. I've put the following line in my code

MsgBox "Searching BOM's", vbInformation

The problem is that it requires the user to press OK before it runs the macro, then the box goes off and the macro runs. What I really want to do is display a box that doesn't require user input, and stays on the screen while the macro is running and goes off automatically when the macro is finished. When the macro is finished it will either show a page of search results, or another message box saying Not Found, which requires an OK response from the user.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks for looking at my question, any help greatly appreciated.

I am trying to get Excel to display a message box when a certian spreadsheet is saved. I know how to write a macro to Save and display a message box, but not sure how to get it to happen automatically (i.e. without actually 'running' the macro), whenever the file is saved.

Any help would be appreciated.



as you probably already know, when you insert function Code:


in VBA then VBA takes a pause while that message box is shown. After you press OK, Yes or some other button the message box disappears and VBA continues to run macro further.
But my question would be: is it possible to use some kind of function, that VBA ignores the message box and continues running macro further without pressing anu button on message box?

Thanks in advance.


Is it possible to display a message without using the MsgBox command.

I would like to enhance the flow of my process and having to click on the "OK" box of a MsgBox is not practical

Info could be displayed for 3 seconds then disapear


Hello All,

I'm new to VBA and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. I came up with the macro below when I was experimenting. It displays a message box that tells the user how long it takes to count to 100 million.

Please Login or Register  to view this content.

I want to edit the macro so that it counts to 100m, but doesn't display a message box with the time it takes at the end. I want it to count to 100m, then stop. How can I edit the macro to do so? When I take off the MsgBox line, the macro doesn't give an error, but just keeps running. Any advice? Thanks!


Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this query:

I want to display a message box when a workbook opens (displaying copyright information, that sort of thing). I have tried using a macro run on Workbook_Open, however Excel 2007 helpfully blocks macro content until the user has specified that macro should be enabled (or not, as the case may be) - this means they may not see the copyright message.

I want to circumvent that, hence why I was wondering if there is a solution without resorting to a macro.

It does not necessarily have to be a message box, just something that is visible to the user when the workbook opens.

Thanks in advance


My macro is importing a large amount of data.
So while it's importing the data I want to display a message to the user i.e. 'Data importing...please wait'.
For this I created a user form & am using it like this

. data import code


Now the problem is this user message box opens but the text inside is not displayed. Instead a white blank window is displayed.

Would appreciate your comments.


Or possibly not a userform question, you decide.

What I'm trying to achieve is a status message appearing on screen while a macro runs (just something like "Processing, standby"). The problem is I have no space on the worksheet to display this message so I need it to appear in a box over the top of the data entry area.

I thought of having a hidden text box that I just un-hide in VBA and then issue a .visible = false command at the end of the macro but while that works fine in excel 2003 it doesn't seem to in excel 2007 (needs to work in both).

I then thought of having a userform with my message on it that I can display with show.userform but then the macro pauses until the userform is unloaded again so that's out.

Can't user a msgbox either cos the macro will pause until 'ok' is clicked.

Is there a simple solution and am I being stupid here?


I need a VB macro to display Message box which shows

1st line in message box to display Value which is in Cell C2
2nd line in message box to display Value which is in Cell D2
3rd line in message box to display Value which is in Cell E2
4th line blank
5th line Yes No Cancel ( Confirmation Screen)

Lets say Cell c2= John Doe
E2= 404-123-4567

So box message box should show:

John Doe

Please let me know if any questions.

Thank you



I have a macro that updates alot of data on different tabs and takes a minute or two at most.

This is used by other people as well and I wanted to find out if you can display a picture or user form in front of the macro with a message for example "please wait while processing", while it processes behind it.

Thanks Dave

Hi all,

I've a workbook with a few sheets where column A=old partnr, B=old name, C=old E-nr, D=comment, the columns E, F, G and H is the same but for the new part.

I want to add a search box where I can search for a string, could be the name, partnr, new or old, or what ever, and if it's found I want to display the entire row in a message box, if the search string is match more than once, I want the message box to display all matches.

I hope it make sence, I appreciate any help.


Hi folks...

Is there a way to display a message box such as "Report Building - Please Wait" without the user having the need to intervene? At the end of the process, clear the message box?

Much Thanks...

Hi, everyone...
I have a simple question: When you create an e-mailing macro, the resulting e-mail issues a warning message asking the user to agree in sending the message. No problem here.

My question: is there any way to force the display of that message smack in the center of the screen, over whatever is shown?

The reason I am asking is because many of my users have a zillion minimized apps and many a times the warning message ends up also in the minimized tray and they miss it.
I know, the indicator will flash in orange and be noticeable to sharp eyes, but you don't want to know the kind of users I deal with...


I am writing a macro that calls a COM utility that takes a couple of minutes to do a calculation. E.g., my macro has code like

dim a as MyComObject
set a = new MyComObject
' some code here to initialize a
a.property1 = 5
a.property2 = 6
'now tell a to do its calculation 'this takes a long time

When I execute the last command, Excel displays an hourglass for 2-3 minutes. I'd like to be able to display something (could be in a spreadsheet cell, or in a userform, or anywhere) that flashes a message like:

a is still calculating! it's been calculating for 10 seconds!


a is still calculating! it's been calculating for 20 seconds!


The purpose for this is to placate the user, so I am very flexible in terms of what I would display and how I would display it--if, for example, I can't accurately time 10 seconds, 20 seconds, etc, that is ok--it would be useful to have _something_ changing on the screen while the COM utiltity is running.

Thanks in advance!

I want to display a message ("Saving your spreadsheet"), but without prompting the user to respond with an "OK" click in a message box. Can this be done? Thank you.

is it possible to create a welcome message box to display a message for whomever the current logged on user is.

Eg. Welcome (user147). Please do xyz and abc

This would make the message box more personalised to the individual user rather than having something along the lines of "welcome friend. please do abc and xyz.