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Create Calendar From "date" Column

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Hey guys,

Hope you can help me. I need to create a calendar of sorts that will populate each date box with the information from other columns specific to a user and the date specified. Is there a way to do this?


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Good Evening again,

As part of my big project, I was hoping that it's possible to insert or create a pop-up calendar for selecting a date. Similar to those you might see on a hotel reservation website. By clicking on the calendar icon, a larger calendar would open and one could simply click on the desired date and that date would self populate in a cell. I hope this isn't a nutty request for information. As always, thank you in advance for any help.


I created a userform to allow users to enter data. One of the issues is that we are relying on them to enter the date correct. So I wanted to create a way for the date to be prepoluted and defaulted to today, or they can click on it and a calendar with will pop up. They then select the date on the calendar, and that causes the calendar to dissapear and the date is the populated into the user box.

I managed to create a form with a calendar on it. On my Entryform I put the following:

Private Sub dte_Change()


End Sub

On the Calendar form, the code I tried taking from another forum and it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Private Sub calendar_click()

Me.TextBox.Value = Me.Calendar.Value

End Sub

Thanks in advance for your help!


I have been able to successfully use the built-in calendar function to create a drop down calendar for the user to input a date, which then populates any given cell to which I link the calendar functionality.

My question is - is there a way to link the same calendar functionality to MULTIPLE cells in a column?

Ideally, my spreadsheet will contain one column into which only dates will be entered. I would like to allow the user to click on THE SPECIFIC CELL into which they would like the date to appear; this action will initiate the pop-up drop-down calendar REGARDLESS OF THE ROW in the date column; the user will then select the desired date from the calendar, and that date will then populate the chosen cell.

Thanks in advance.

Need help with creating a 2nd calendar in the same spreadsheet or use the 1st calendar but have date selected populate in a differnt cell, as I have 2 dates fields to populate.

I followed the proceedure to create a pop up calendar and it worked very nicely.

Resource: Name: "pop up calendar to choose dates? 3/23/2010"

Do I need to create a calendar in a differnt cell and when I try the 1st calendar Visual basic pops up or do I modify the current Visual basic

Start date
End date

Thank you


I have been looking around for ways to use a pop up calendar, but none of the ways I have found are specific to my needs.

I am using user forms that contain many fields that are filled out and then entered into different columns of a spreadsheet.

I currently have the user entering in the date manually with "mm/dd/yy" in the text box upon userform initialize to signal the desired format.

Is there a way to create a pop up calendar so the user can select a certain date, and then that date be entered into the text box?

I have attached my workbook
the password, when prompted, is "MillSteel"
I am using Excel 2010


I'm trying to auto-populate a calendar with certain information to track an installation schedule.

I have 4 columns that I want to format into a calendar. The first would be the install date & time, the second is the customer name and the third would be a sum of the revenue generated by the installation.

Does anyone know of a way to create this whether it be through outlook or Excel ?

Just a question. I have a 3 pg worksheet with pg #1 being the main info drop pg, pg #2is in a calendar format, and pg#3 is a yr in review. I will be dropping date specific data into pg #1. From this, pg 2 and 3 will be pulling its data.
The only problem I am having is the data from pg #1 will be changing daily, and i would need it to populate the correct date on page #2(calendar format), without changing any information from the previous dates.
Ex. I need info from 1/1/03 on pg #1 to populate calendar date 1/1/03 on pg #2 and the next day i need 1/2/03 to populate 1/2/03on pg #2. Is there a formula for this, or should macro be involved? Many thanks for any help given.


I am making a "Master" tab which is used to track projects and i want to be able to click a Cell G (Start Date) and a calendar pops up to choose a start and finish date for the project.

How do i create this calendar? I'm at work so there is no enterprise edition and i am not very experienced in VBA.

Is there any straight forward way to do it? i have attached my file. Looking to put a calendar in Column G and Column H.

Your help is much appreciated.
Benefit Tracker FY14 v2.xlsx


I'm using Excel 2010.

I have a calendar control where the user picks a start and end date. I pass those 2 date values to another tab where they are then part of an Advanced Filter. The Advanced Filter is activated by a command button.

The Advanced Filter sorts a column on the tab called P2 called "Close Time". The "Close Time" column contains the date and time.
Example: 7/31/2013 5:57:00 PM. (This data is imported monthly from another source).

My problem is the calendar controls only contain the dates (not the times). Example: Start: 7/1/2013; End: 7/31/2013. Therefore, it is excluding the value 7/31/2013 5:57:00 PM.

I see a few solutions:
1). When selecting the End Date in the calendar control, tell the user to add one extra day, and then manually remove any records from that day. Example: choose Start Date 7/1/2013 and End Date 8/1/2013, then manually remove the values with 8/1/2013. At least then I know that 7/31/2013 5:57:00 PM will be included.
2). Strip the time from the "Close Time" column. It's not needed for my purposes.
3). Add 23:59:59 PM to the End Date calendar control. Example: Start: 7/1/2013; End: 7/31/2013 23:59:59 PM

What do you guys think? A stripped down example is attached.


I'm trying to track a constantly changing list of orders/shipment dates. I can import the basic information into Excel with Column A as the date and Column B the order number, then sorted by date.

What I would like to do is have a macro that will find the first and last dates, create a calendar for that time frame, and then populate the calendar with the order numbers on the appropriate date.

I'm using 2007 but am a VBA novice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Everyone,

I hope someone out there can solve my issue. It seems very complex and maybe impossible.

I export my Outlook calendar to a spreadsheet about once a week so the appointments change all the time. I export the whole year so the data can be up to 1,000 rows.

I then have a sheet that has a specific look for a monthly calendar.

I am trying to create a formula that states something like "look at Column A if the date is January then add the data in that row, if not then leave blank"

The formula I had written below works if my data remains on the same rows. If rows are added then the formula won't work because the code is row specific.

=IF(AND( Data!B2>=DATE(2011,1,1), Data!B2<=DATE(2011,1,31)),Data!B2,""

I don't want to create a helper column because I would have to re-create this column every time I export my Outlook calendar. Also, I do not have Visual Basic so I would need a formula.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Thank you very much.


Need help on inserting text. I am currently creating a Registration Page with activex textbox. One of the field that I am creating is the "DOB" and I am putting a Calendar button beside the text box. When clicked, the Calendar button will display a Calendar Userform that allows the user to click on the specific date he wants, after which I hope that the date will be reflected on the textbox. I tried this formula "Textbox1.Text = Calendar1.Value" and it doesn't work, any help here?


I'm looking for a way to create a Calendar in a group of cells. I have a
spreadsheet that has a "Date" column, and I would like for users to simply
click in a cell under that column and see a pop-up calendar to enter the date.
Any help would and is appreciated.

Have a Great Day!

I have a UserForm in which the User will be filling out a form. I need to understand how on the date TextBox I can have a calendar pop up and populate the TextBox when a date is selected.

I have seen there is an calendar in Additional Controls and have created a small form with the Calendar on it. On my main userform I have now told the the DateTextBox on Before Update to pop up the Calendar (this all works)

My problem is now.

What do I need to write as code on the Calendar form for it to populate my other UserForm once a date is selected. How can I do this?

Dear all,

i have a problem, firstly i have a form which requires 4 dates, i was hoping to have a calendar on the form which users could select dates from. Firstly, can i use one calendar to put a date in a field, then when i tab to the next field, fix the first date selected and choose a new date to populate the next field etc etc

if not, i assume i will need to use 4 calendars, if this is the case can i have the relevant calendar hidden until the user selects the revelant date field, and then the correct calendar pops up, this way it will all look like the same calendar, but will actually be 4 different ones.

Please Help me!!


Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to create an in cell pop-out calendar so the user can select
from a calendar the date to be inputed into a time sheet.

I create one using these steps found at this website:

For some reason I get an error when i run the macro:

Run-Time error 2147417848 (80010108)
Method "Value" of objec "ICalendar' failed

Anyone have any idea on how to solve this or another way i can go about
creating a pop-out calendar?

Thank you,


Hi sorry I am a complete novice . I would like to create an automatically updating calendar using information in two sepreate columns ; one being the date and the other being the activity to be held on such date. Is this possible without having to manually input all the data into a manually made calendar? I appreciate your help and thank you in advance !


Hi, I'm extremely new to VBA and would love some advice. I'll try to explain as best I can. (Sorry for any improper wording...)

I have a little form on an Excel worksheet. It includes a field for an Organization Name, and a combo box drop-down to select a Date. On another worksheet, I have a calendar. Each date box on the calendar (ranges of three cells) has been named "May 1", etc., exactly like the options on the Date drop-down list.

I want the user to fill out the form, click a button and have the data from Organization Name to appear in the appropriate calendar box, depending on what Date the user has entered on the form.

Essentially, I want to modify this:

    Sheets("Calendar View").Activate

so that "name" refers to the value of "drop_date" (which is the name of the combo box that contains the date).

Hope I explained that correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have created a user form that contains the calendar object. I have also
got it to show when i double click on a specific cell. It unhides(show) and
I am able to choose a date and the calendar hides and the date appears
in that cell. Question: I am trying to create a bid log where i could have
as many as 1000 cells in a column named bid start date that i need to be able to double click and place a date. What is the easiest way to copy
the macro down into the other 1000 cells, where i can double click
and the calendar will show, and I can choose a date.

Hi, I'm totally new to Excel programming. I'm sorry if this question is already post before. I tried to search but couldn't find one.

I'd like to make a userform contain a custom calendar. Its not like normal calendar that started from 1st date of the month, but want it to starting from 21th from the previous month until 20th of the current month. Is there any control that I can call this kind of calendar?

From this calendar, I'd like to select a few dates and selected date will be remark "X" in a worksheets. The dates which had not been selected will be remark as "O". I tried to create all the dates with checkboxes but can not go anywhere. In fact, I don't know how to make the checkboxes caption as a date in the calendar. And I also don't know how to send checked data to the certain column in the worksheets.

Please help. Thank you in advance.


Hey guys,

Im trying to create a calendar/schedule in a VBA form in excel. Basically what I want is to show a simple calendar , like the one you get with month view, and when the user double clicks a date a new form will appear just asking tha tasks/comments that must be done on this date. After filling this calendar with info the user must click on save and all dates and related tasks/comments will be saved onto an excel sheet.

Cant do it on MS projact as this calendar is part of a multipage form.

thanks in advance

I have a calendar control... I made it on 4/6/7 and it is used to save a file and populate a date to the title of the new file name (e.g., 040607.xls). That all works fine...

The problem is that the calendar always opens and defaults to the 4/6/7 date. How do I change the date so my user does not need to change the month to say 6 and then click on the correct day?

Okay, I don't know how hard this is at all, but I'm hoping for some guidance.

I have 5 sheets that show a particular date that I'm supposed to receive information. This sheet is constructed with a cell that shows the date, but then we also need to have the name of what that deliverable is populate as well.

I need to create a calendar that shows the dates we are supposed to receive that information. I'm easily able to filter, I know. However, this report is for a client that apparently doesn't know how to filter. So, I need to have a calendar that pulls the dates from each of the five sheets and puts the name of the deliver into one value, such as "Friday, December 25th" (in whatever format the date wants to be in.


Going to try to state this simple? I created a user form with 2 fields, Name and Date,
I want it to display the information in 2 seperate places. First, a Log. Second, I want their name to be displayed on the calendar.

Basically it is for vacation, when someone request "Paid Time Off", I would like to click Submit Entry on the PTO Log, and have it show the User Form, Input Data, there, and then record it to the Calendar, below the Correct Date...

Can this be done, the way it is currently formatted?

In the Future, I would like the submit Entry tab to be located on every Sheet, connecting to the User Form, but created this for illustrative purposes. Note: Calendar is already built in and active...


I created a calendar using the calendar maker. I also have data in an excel spreadsheet consisting of a column titled "van number" under which is a list of vans starting with "1". In the next column I have the title"date" with dates listed under. The final column is titled "customer name" with a list of customer names. I would like to create a calendar for van number 1 and list by date on the calendar all the customers that van should visit. Any help is greatly appreciated.