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Shared Spreadsheet Wont Scroll

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I keep getting the following problem after working with a shared document for a couple of days:

One of the sheets won't scroll down (it can scroll from side to side) - the scroll bar moves, but the actual content stays the same. Even if I use my keyboard to go to lower rows, the content of those rows is displayed in the input bar, but the pane doesn't scroll.

Please could someone help me to get it scrolling again

Thank you!

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I have used split panes to show two copies of my screen side by side/left and right. There are already two horizontal scroll bars on the bottom - one on each pane. There is only one vertical scroll bar on the right side of the right pane. Two questions:

1. Can a VERTICAL scroll bar be added to the right side the left pane so that each pane can independently be scrolled up and down without the other pane scrolling simultaneously?

1. Is there a way to remove these HORIZONTAL scroll bars on the bottom?

Thanks! (My first post...)

I've created a document where I'd like to be able to scroll up and down the first 10 columns, but keep all columns after that stationary.

For example, I want to be able to scroll up and down in columns A-J, but I want to see the content in cells K1:O25 always on the right side.

Is there a way to do this?



Could someone please help me with the following issue with the vertical scroll bar in Excel 2007?

I have a sheet with 500 rows and I limit the scroll area to a defined range through VBA (50 rows somewhere in the middle of the sheet). When I do this, the scrolling is correctly limited and the vertical scroll slider gets accordingly big (it takes almost all the vertical scroll bar, as I can see almost all these 50 rows on my screen). However, when I click the scroll slider (with the intention to slide it), it gets smaller (as if there were no scrolling limits) and I can virtually scroll it up and down from Row 1 to Row 500 (as indicated by the row number box appearing next to the slider) even though the screen doesn't move beyond the scroll area limits. Any idea how to fix this and have the slider size constant according to the scroll area size and not changing to a smaller size when clicked?
(I don't want/can not hide other rows).

Would appreciate your help.

Hello all
I am trying to use a scroll bar to add rows to a area on my sheet and remove rows from another using a scroll bar. When I scroll up it moves rows to upper area. When I scroll down it moves rows to lower area. I know this would need a macro But I don't know how to do this. Can anyone help. I have attached a sample.


Using Excel 2003 - SP3

(1) I have a sheet that has frozen panes created as follows
First I split the window at row 400.
- We now have a top and bottom pane
Then I scroll the top pane down to row 200
I then freeze the window
- So now, rows 200-215 and 400 are visable

Now, I move the selection into the bottom pane, and scroll down to row 800.

Now, I would expect that when I scroll back up that it would scroll back to row 400, and this is what normally happens.
However, if I close and reopen the sheet (2), the scroll pane gets stuck at row 800.
The selected cell still changes (as I can see in the top left box), but the pane does not scroll.

Any help would be much appreciated,


(1) When I say "I", i'm am actually relating this story from another excel user. I am doing this as the user is not a techical user of excel.
(2) This does not happen all the time. It seems to only happen if the sheet is open for extended persiods of time - say 3-4 days at a time.

Hi everyone,

My company has just upgraded me to Excel 2007..... and the most annoying problem I have found (apart from re-learning the menus!), is related to my scroll wheel (Microsoft Intellimouse Optical USB).

I can scroll in spreadsheets fine, but when I try and construct a formula, Ie: press = or +, then I cannot use the scroll wheel to select cells, I must use the scrolling bar on the right hand side of the document.

This is infuriating me!

Just wondering if anyone had the same problem or anyone had a suggestion. I have made sure that my mouse drivers are updated etc.

Thanks very much.


Gents and ladies,

I was recently shown by "Gerald Higgins" (a helpful poster on this forum)how to look at 2 sheets within the same file, side by side. He showed me the feature in this post here....

Now i need to find a way to scroll both sheets in a synchronized fashion. In other words, I would like to tile them left and right of eachtoher. Then align them in some fashion (for this example, lets say line 32 on the left side is directly aligned to line 32 on the right side). Then when i scroll one of them, the other one scrolls identically, line for line.

as it stands now, i have to scroll all over the place to find something in the first sheet, and then go scroll the second shet until i find the samer section. in other words, both sheets are formatted exactly the same.

Any ideas would be apprecaited. Just looking for an efficiency trick here. scrolling them both is silly and time consuming.

In excel i have a sheet open with about 30 columns in it. I try to use the scroll bar to move to the right and nothing happens apart from the scroll bar moves along. If i use the right button on the keyboard the scroll bar moves but i cannot see the columns I want. I cannot see anything that would of caused this.

Can anyone help?

My vertical scroll bar only allows me to scroll to the last row that has data
in it. I want to be able to scroll down to any row I want, whether I have
data there or not.

I was able to do this until today. I copied an excel spreadsheet from a
word doc and pasted it into a new Excel workbook. Now the vertical scroll
bar only allows me to scroll to the last row with data. The mouse wheel will
let me scroll down further, but not the scroll bar.

How do I reset the scroll bar to become "small" so that I can scroll down

Hello. I have a perplexing problem with a worksheet I've just spent six hours working on.

I cannot scroll down unless I have a filter selected in one or more columns.

If the auto filter is unselected, I can see the first 42 rows of a 37000-row report. Excel acts as if it is scrolling when I grab the scroll bar or use the scroll wheel on the mouse but the screen doesn't move.

If I add an auto filter I can scroll through the filtered selection.

Because I can see the report through filtering, I know I haven't lost anything and I'm not panicking yet.

My report is due tomorrow. Please help!

This is something I have been working on for days...It seems simple enough. I would like to add a scroll bar that will scroll a range, independantly of the main horizontal scroll bar.

The range is a table from f10:ce25.

Thanks in advance...

I have Excel 2010 and I can't scroll up in my spreadsheet. I can scroll down, or use the scroll bar to go up. I am using a touchpad. Nothing is hidden or locked; I can view everything using the scroll bar. This happens with other spreadsheets too, but not a new, blank one.

I need to compare two lists by eye, one short and one long and it would be
really helpful if I could get the columns to move independantly (so I can
drag and drop one value from row 225 to row 30 and have them "on the same
page") so I don't have to scroll between rows.

It is like freezing panes, but where they are disconnected in term of
scrolling, so I can scroll down one side of the spreadsheet while the other
side stays put.

Any idea if/how I can do this?

My document all fits within my screen, but somehow excel keeps a vertical scroll-bar enabling me to scroll down to see 3 rows of unused cells.

My data ends at cell 63 but the scroll-bar goes down to 66.

How can I make excel understand that I don't need to go further down than row 63?
(and thus no need of scroll-bar)

I am created a forecasting tool. I would like to use scroll bars to calculate a projected amount based on a prior years actuals. Each month will have a scroll bar for each line item. Scroll up to increase a projection, scroll down to decrease not really rocket science. But, when I create an initial scroll bar then copy and paste it to where I would like it to be positioned, the Link Cell is stays the same. Is there a more efficient way to move the Link Cell besides going into each scroll bar's format control? I could easily have 120 scroll bars.

Hi, I have a problem and cant seem to figure out how to change do the excel in scroll bar to percentage yet leaving the scroll bar dynamic so when the user manual enter in a % the scroll bar go to the appropriate position. This is what I got so far

Scroll.LinkedCell = Range("D12")
Range("D12").Value = Me.Scroll.Value / 100

I want to be able to manually enter let say 10% in D12 and the scroll bar auto update to the correct position.

Thank you

What I would like to see on my sheet is a relatively simple idea, but I am not sure exactly how to go about it.

I want to freeze row 1 of the sheet such that I can scroll downwards while still being able to view the contents of that row, even as the others shift.

Simple enough...

Now, I when I scroll down to row 100, I now want to unfreeze row 1 and now freeze row 100. Now when I scroll down, row 100 will be frozen. If I scroll to the top of the moveable pane and keep on scrolling, I want to freeze pane to revert back to row 1.

Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks.


I am working on a macro which consists of so many sheets in one workbook. I want to lock the scroll bars in one of the sheets so that the content wont move off the screen. The other sheets should have the scroll bars..

Please help me out

Thanks in Advance

I built a chart with the Scroll bars that use dynamic named ranges to permit the user to zoom & scroll data on a chart (as described here among other sites:


When I single click on the scroll bar, it begins to rapidly scroll, instead of only scrolling one increment. If I move my mouse pointer off the object, it stops.



The scroll bar in the bottom right of my worksheet is very small. Because the scroll bar is so small when I try to scroll within my sheet it is I end up scrolling out to columns ga-xa with ease rather than a-aa. Is there a way I can quickly fix the scroll bar so it is larger and only scrolling between where I have data?

Excel automaticaly ajusts the scroll bar as your file grows in width and hight, but it does not do this automaticaly when it shrinks. Is there a way to reset the scroll bars?

I have a document that we use that varies alot in length from week to week (sometimes 100 lines, sometimes 1000 lines). When the document has 1000 lines it's fine as the buttom of the scroll bar is pretty much close to the end of the file, but when it's only 100 the end of the scroll bar is way to far away from the actual end of file.

I know that you can just recreate a new file and copy paste the content and the scroll bar will adjust, but there must be away to do it directly in a file.



I have a problem with scrolling in Excel i was hoping someone could help me with.

This issue is consistant with 2003 or 2007 and any worksheet

I have 1 PC where when I use the vertical scrollbar. I click on the square and drag it down the page. When I do this I can see the rows scroll by as I scroll.

On a second PC when I do the same thing the I get a littel ROW:# counter next to the scroll bar and it tells me what row I have scrolled too. Then when I let go it drops me off and updates the location of the document.

For the life of me I cannot find where this setting is set. I have looked at my Scroll Lock, Local Policies, Domain Policies, RDP Settings server and client side (I am Terminal Servicing to these machines), Excel settings, OS settings (Both Windows 2003 Server and Excel 2003 SP3), Registry, searched the web, and a number of other things all with no luck.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Hello guys,

I have a very big userform that needs a vertical scroll in order to be able to see all the info on it. The height is 1500px.

So I changed the "ScrollBars" property to 2 in order to activate the vertical scroll and the "KeepScrollBarsVisible" also to 2, referring to the vertical scroll.

I hoped that would do It, but the thing is that when I run the app, I can see the scrolling bar but It does not scroll. I click the up and down arrows and nothing happens.

Any suggestion? Do I need to add any other property to the form?


Hi all, I have just added a second chart to a workbook and then proceeded to add a second scroll bar for that chart. The problem is, the second scroll bar will also scroll the first chart, even though I do not have it linked to it. Is this normal?


Is there a way of adding a scroll bar to a specific cell rather than an entrie spreadsheet?

I have been able to insert something that looks like a scroll bar from the developer tab, but it doesn't work like a typical scroll bar.

Basically i want to be able to type text into a cell and when it fills the cell to be able to scroll down to see more of the text that is there.