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"change Order Form"

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Does anyone have a change order template that I can review?

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Similar Topics

I want to create a template in Excel for a change order system. Every time I have a new change order I want it to be numbered. I want Excel to automatically keep a log of all the changes orders to date with change order number, date, title, etc.

Please help.


I have a form that feeds a table. This form has a text box which feeds a certain field of the table. The field is the number of a change order.

So I open up the form and begin populating all the info for the change order. The very first thing I manually plug is the number of the change order.....and its I do this in numerical order of course.

I'm up to change order 4003 as I write this. How do I make the text box automatically populate with the next number in line so i do not have to manually plug it.

Granted not a big issue but do this multiple times a day and it gets annoying. I'm trying to automate as much as I can.

I have an order form template at work in which I have =TODAY() to give me the date an order was created.
Opening the form subsequently gives that days date of course and the original order date is lost which is a bit of a nuisance.
Is there a formula to give a "one time only creation date" that does not change when re-opened?
Any help on this would be appreciated,
Many thanks,

I have a form that has multiple input boxes for counting inventory. I need some code to change the tab order if a text box already has a value in it.
I want to have the tab order change to the next empty box.
Count box 1 has value 18 and text box 2 has value 3, I want the tab key to skip text box 1 and 2 and go to text box 3.
Any suggestions?

Hi, I'm about to finalize my monthly billing report but am left with 1 more challenge...

On my report, column A conatins an order number.
I am am allowed to charge a fee for services provided, but this is 1x fee of (let's say 100 USD) per order. This fee is included on column B.

The problem is that some order numbers are showing up more than once on that report,
and I am currently manually skimming through the report to add the '100' USD fee to each new order.

The file is already sorted by order number, so I am hoping someone knows the code to 'detect' a change in order number, and then for each 1st line of the order number that is detected to change a 100 USD fee.
Any additional lines should be marked with a value of 0 USD.


I made a thread about this last week but I don't think I was very clear about what wanted so now I'm going to describe it more in detail.
I work at a place that takes care of boats and also offers to store them during the winter. Now I have created a template which consists of one work order and one invoice so when a new customer arrives I open up my template and fill out the work order. But then when the customer comes back next year and wants something else done with his boat I need a new work order but in the same document. So I need to add another work order as a new sheet. The only way I can think of now is to copy an old work order and then paste it but that would take too long time to do every time and I would also have to change the width of all columns. So my question is: Is there some easier way to do this? Basically what I want is a quick way to add either a work order or an invoice as a new sheet.
Link to my old thread:



This seems simple but i'm stumped.
I have a change order document with a summary page on the first sheet and subsequent change order sheets.
I've linked the sheets so that data entered in the summary sheets appears in the change order sheets and vice versa.
On the summary sheet, I want the date from each active change order sheet to appear in a specific cell.
The easy way to do it is to link the date cell on a change order sheet with the cell in which I want the date to appear on the summary sheet. This works fine when there is a date in the change order sheet. However, if I have only activated some of the change order sheets, the summary sheet returns a date of "January 1, 1904" in all the cells that correspond to inactive (blank) change order sheets.
Question, how do I get the summary sheet to display a blank cell when there is no date in the target cell?
Thank you,

I have set up a spreadsheet in 2007 with several conditional formatting rules. However when I either copy and paste the entire page or copy and paste the tab itself the rules order will change. This of course changes the formatting I orginally set up. How do I lock the order of the rules? Or does anyone know the rules surrounding the order, maybe if I knew those I would be able to write the rules accordingly? The sheet is set up as a template for my company so I need to make this as simple as possible. Asking them to change conditional formatting order of operation would not be an option.
Thanks much.

How do I setup a Purchase Order Template to have a numbering system?

I would like to setup a purchase order template with a numbering system that
when each time we open new file the Purchase Order will change number. i.e.,
start at: W400001, next number W400002 etc.

Excel 2003 SP2

Hi all,

New to the forum so bear with me here.

I have a Purchase Order template that I have created in Excel.

I would like to generate a new purchase order number in cell A1 of the purchase order template every time I open up it up.

The purchase order numbers must run from 1 to 999.

If I have used a puchase order number before (i.e. when I have previously opened up the purchase order template and the number has been genrated) the same number cannot appear in cell A1 again.

Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to go about this?

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

Many Thanks

Hello all,
My small business needs some sort of automatic form-filling software and we figure it can be done with Excel.

What we're looking for is a way that a client can fill in the appropriate blanks on a provided order form and when we receive the completed file back, it automatically fills in the template with the given info.

Thanks in advance,

I have attached an example client order form:

So after searching many different threads I am still haveing issues.
I have a sheet call it order form, this form is dependent on another sheet -call it my price list. I want to be able to select items from my "price list", and have them automatically put on my order from.

Right now I have a series of IF statements on order form dependent on my price list, but unless I order everything on the price list, I could end up with as many as 195 empty rows....not good.

Do I insert a macro to change my order form? If so how?
or is there a simple way to do this?

Thanks for your help!

Tyler (a very novice Exceler)

Hi people,

I'm creating a Purchase Order template in excel and would like it to have a new order number appear everytime you start a new order. Any ideas how I may go about this? I will be storing it as a template on a shared area so that users can open it from anywhere and then save the order to a central folder with all the purchase orders in. Is there a way of having it so when you click save it will automatically take you to a folder depending on the order number? Could be tricky i guess.

Many thanks for your help.



I have the above formula for a form I've made and it works as long as the info in BP33 stays in order from 1 - 33. When I change the order I get a "REF" error. Any idea why?

I need excel to find the 3rd largest value in an array. The way its set up above, it works as long as the numbers are in order. What if they are out of order? Thanks


I have two order forms that use the same formulas to populate the information on the order form. For some reason, one of the order forms works perfectly, and the other one does not.

The order form that works perfect is called USA.
The order form that does not work is called CDN.

I have found that if I enter any product number from the DATA sheet between 0010 and 0905, the order form works. However, if I enter a product number from 0001 to 9965, the order form does not return the right answer.

Can anyone see why?

I someone tell me how these work and when the subform updates itslelf based on these fields?

If i link a subform with variable "X", then I'd expect that if I change "X" in the parent form, the subform would filter based on the new value of that variable.

Example: If my OrderDetail subform is linked to the Order form with the OrderID field, if I change the OrderID in the Order form, I'd expect the result of the subform to change. It does not

When does it change/update?


I have a macro enabled workbook that creates a new workbook and automatically copies selected sheets and information to the new workbook. (Automated Price Sheet that creates completed order forms)

The created order form contains a couple of drop-downs to select customer type / payment type etc. The drop down and associated list fill range copy fine, allowing the salesperson to change the order form after the fact without creating an entirely new order.

On the Automated sheet there is a small macro triggered by the dropdown change event that automatically selects some options. I would like to strip this macro from the copied dropdown, but still retain the basic functionality.

Currently, when the user attempts to change the dropdown on the newly created order form it gives a warning that the file can not be found (if it has been moved, or it opens the automated price sheet)

Any suggestions?


I have an Excel template that is set up for work orders. Each order has a
unique order number (one number higher than the last). I would like to
create a macro that will assign the order number based on the last saved
order number. I do not want an order number generated if the last order was
not saved. Any suggestions?

I've been working with excel for awhile now, and have a pretty good knowledge of how to use formulas.

I'm using Excel 2007, and I'm trying to move data from a list onto an order form.

for example, I have a list of data that is in a table. it's simply a list of numbers that reference different products that we order. It's linked to a few different places that give us different data on our stock of product.
We have an order form in Excel that we print out and fax into the company to order things.
I'm wondering if you can take the data from the table and list it in the order form.

The order form is very simple. It just has a column where I need to list the numbers of the products being ordered. the problem is that the list of things to order is a lot larger then the places allowed on the form.
For example, there are 20 spaces in the column on the form, but I need to order 50 Items. that means I need to fax in 3 separate forms.

Is it possible to split the list of data into blocks of 20 and have a formula reference them in the order form?

Thank you for your help.

The Recorder 3.3

I have a template with 2 different sheets. One of them is a work order and the other one is an invoice. But if I then want to add another work order and I open up another sheet then I'm not sure how to get that new work order. I could just copy the whole old one but that would take some time to do every time and the columns in the first work order are all in different widths and I don't wanna have to change that every time.

Is there some way to add an option so when I open up a new sheet a small window pops up that says like "Do you want a work order or an invoice?". That might be really complicated or just impossible so if anyone has any other suggestions I'm open to hear them.


I was asked to help out with a form to tabulate sales orders.
What I think I need is a four condition if statement. The structure of the promotion is that if you order x amount you get x discount. There are four ranges that follow:

Order * Product Discount****

$5,000-9,999 4% $10,000-14,999 5% $15,000-24,999 6% $25,000+ 8%
So you buy $5K you get 4% off your order total at full price, Order $10K get 5% off full price, etc

The columns in the form would be: Product, Full Price, Quantity Ordered, Price with applied Discount -

In effect the total on the bottom will have the if statement and apply the discount to another cells. The preceding cells will have the product numbers and the customer inputs the quantity, with the price being figured in the column next to it with the appropriate discount based on the total.

It would be great to lock the cells so the customer cannot change the formula.

$10,000 Order = 5% Off

$15,000 Order = 6% Off

$25,000 Order = 8% Off



If I am unclear about anything please let me know or if you need more details please advise.

Thanks in advance -
*edited by Admin to remove filepaths

Hello All
I was wondering if the following could be achieved with Excel.

I would like to create an order form / brochure I will try and give as much detail as possible.

I need six columns

A. Product Code
B. Short description
C. Small Product Picture (is it possible to do a hover feature so the picture expands when you run your mouse over it?)
D. Product Price
F. Total (Price to be calculated from QTY ordered.

I would need multi able tabs on one spreadsheet with the above lay out. I would need to be able to add new products to each tab. I think this part is the easy bit.

The more tricky part the order form!!!

The final tab would be the order form showing the same six columns as above. But bring the orders from each tab to the order form. I think the best way to decide if anything has been ordered from each tab is if the QTY has a Number in it. Also to display the grand total of column F

Of course I will want to be able to add more tabs and more products to each tab myself and this in turn should be able to work with the order form.

The order form should be able to be sent to me in email format as a excel attachment.

I would then hand out the order form to all my clients. In turn when they send back there order form I would like to be able to add all the order forms together automatically and create one large order form. Is such a thing possible???

I look forward to your comments.

I have a spreadsheet I use for inventory purposes. In it I have a pivot table so I can easily see what arrived for each of the offices we provide support to. I would like to compare to a standard order form what has not been ordered yet. (Because it has not arrived yet, it is not in the inventory sheet.) There are easily 25-30 items on the list and would like to see just the items that have not arrived yet. The standard order form will change from time to time because part numbers, quantities will change or additional items will be added. Ideally, I would like to select an office name from a list, and see what has not arrived yet based on the standard order form.

Say I have order sizes streaming in from another program. If the most recent order is less than the previous order, I want the order size to be colored red. If the most recent order is larger than the previous order, I want the order size to be colored blue. If the most recent order is the exact same size as the previous order, I want the order to be colored black.

How would I make code that would let me "remember" the previous order size and the most recent order size, and let me compare them to conditionally format the font?

Hello all,
My small business needs some sort of automatic form-filling software and we figure it can be done with Excel.

What we're looking for is a way that a client can fill in the appropriate blanks on a provided order form and when we receive the completed file back, it automatically fills in the template with the given info.

Ideally we would like to be able to send the client a spreadsheet template to fill out. Then they can send us back this file and we can automatically dump that info into a form that looks like the one provided below.

Thanks in advance,

I have attached an example client order form: