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Active Cell After Pressing The Enter Key

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Hello, everyone. I started learning Excel 2003 a week ago and I have a basic quesion. I will be very thankful for your reply.

Whenever I press the Enter Key after entering data in a cell, the cell below is selected. I want Excel selected the cell right to the cell that I just entered data after I pressed the Enter. How should I set it in Excel 2003?

Thank you for your reply.


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Similar Topics

I've created a calculator (Excel 2003) in which there are only four cells (D8:D11) unlocked for users to enter data. Once 'Enter' is pressed in D11 the calculation is made.

Hidden in a remote part of the sheet are four more unlocked cells that allow the calculator to be customised by entering personal information.

When I press 'Enter' in D11, one of the remote unlocked cells becomes the active cell. Is there a way to force D8 to become the active cell when 'Enter' is pressed in D11?


I played an online simulation game a few months back that was driven by Excel. In the simulation game interface were screens and on these screens, the players of the game could enter values into boxes on the screen. When the user pressed Enter, it would update the simulation game with your choice and if you wanted, could immediately type in a different value and press enter.

My point is, like in a normal Excel spreadsheet, when you press enter, it goes to the next cell below. In this game, the (whatever it's called... active cell?) would stay in one cell when Enter was pressed.

Is this a text field? I've looked all over on how to put a text field in a specific cell. I've went to Developer tab and on the Insert the Text Field (Form Control) is unable to be selected so I guess my question is, how do I add a Text field to a cell if it's possible?

Very similar to a Search box. When I enter alphanumeric characters in the text field (cell) and press enter, it activates a button which runs my macro.

Thanks for any help I can get with this. I've attached an example.

I would like a macro to run every time I press the enter key anywhere on a specific sheet. I will be entering data in several cell before pressing enter, so the macro only needs to run once enter is press and not when the cells are changed.

Probably another simpler solution.....

How do I offset to a cell when I press enter?
When the sheet is activated, cell B2 is selected.
When a value is entered into B2, which satisfies 'data validation' and enter is pressed, I want to move to cell B8

I am sure I knew how to do this, but going round in circles searching old threads.

Ta in advance

I have created a spreadsheet requiring data to be entered in a set
order. By that I mean the first entry will be in the first blank cell in
column "B".
On pressing "Enter" I want the focus to move to C, D, E, F then M, N and O.
Two questions:
How do I get Excel to open with the focus in the first blank cell in
column B?
How do I set the movement of the focus on pressing "Enter"?
The cells between column F and M are calculated cells and do not need to
be selected. The cell in column A has the date automatically calculated
when data is added to cell B, C or D.
Please make your reply simple for me to follow as I am rather ignorant
as far as VB is concerned.


Hi everyone,
Weird problem with excel 2003.
I try to edit a cell and put a different number in. Then I press the enter button. For some reason, for this particular file only, pressing the enter key will result in cancelation of the UNDO option and I cannot go back and undo the change I made.
Does it make sense?? I have some circular reference in the workbook. And it shows "calculating" after I am pressing enter. But there is nothing in that cell the requires calclulation...just a value (number) I am putting in.
Weird thing is that the enter key works just fine in excel 2007 and does not cancel the undo option. I need it though working in 2003 as well.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
Can it be that the enter key is code programmed in some sort of way?
Is there a way to bring back to default?

Thanks so much for helping me out!! This problem is driving me crazy!

Hope someone can help. I have twenty-three columns of data. I enter data into one cell and tab across entering data in all cells in that row. At the last cell I would hit enter and the first cell in the row below would become active. That suddenly stopped happening and now when I hit enter the active cell would move straight down. This makes me arrow to the left back across the row to the first cell. I understand that I could just hit the HOME key but my columns do not start at column A. i.e. Enter data in A4, Tab to B4, Tab to C4 then Enter. A5 should now be active but it is C5 instead. This has become a real pain. Thanks in advance.

I'm not quite sure how this problem arose, but it is quite annoying. In Excel 2007, pressing ENTER has become the equivalent of pasting. This means that if something has the dashed lines around it, because it was cut or copied, if I press ENTER it gets pasted into the selected cell.

This is annoying because I usually move around using the ENTER key which is set to move down a cell when pressed.

I couldn't find any reference to this problem, and changing hotkeys only gave macro keybinding, which I already know.

Any thoughts? Thanks

Dear All,

I need a macro that will do the following action:

When I enter a data on Cell A3 the active cursor should jump to B1.

E.g. I will be entering data in A1 and press Tab then in A2 and press Tab then in A3 and press Tab. Once I have done in A3 and press Tab the active cursor should jump to B1. Again I will enter in B1 then in B2 then in B3 and pres Tab.

Please note that I will not press the Enter key anywhere. I will use only the Tab key to go from A1 to A2 and then to A3.

Please help.


I have posted this as a new user but hought I may get a better reponse here.I am using ms excel to enter data, 1 for Yes and 2 for No, for 300 items/questions listed successively in column A. The data is then tallied on another excel page. However, I would like to have the entry of 1 or 2 provide the jump to the next cell down ( each time1 or 2 is entered) rather than have to always press enter key to go to the next cell. Any ideas how to proceed?

Usually when you have entered text or a number in a cell, you press enter and are moved one row down. This is fine when you are inserting data column by column, however right now I am entering some data row by row, and am finding it rather tedious pressing enter and two arrow keys to get to the next cell.

Anyone know if I can move directly to the right?

In excel when you press enter it moves to the cell below. It there a formula or a way to change which direction it shifts to? I would like to enter. I would like to enter data in cell 1 then 2 then back to 3 then 4 then back to 5 then 6 and so on. Without using the arrows or keys on the keyboard.


Hi there,

I exported a report from MYOB into Excel. When using any function e,g "istext", it shows True even if a cell is blank. I have checked that automatic calculation is working, general format is selected. Even I copied a cell from another sheet and did a paste special but it did not work. Although when I selected a cell, pressed F2 edit mode and then enter, it updated the formula. However if I select all cells and press F2 and then enter all the cells either become blank or have one text (depending what the active cell is).
Can anyone please advise on how to update formulas of all cells at once. I have tried F9, shift+F9, Shift+Alt+F9. Nothing works. Or is there a better way to approach this. Even I have tried Clear Cell-Format. Nothing works.

Thank you for your time.



I have a sheet which has only 3 input cells, but only one input cell is
required for a user in a given state. I've disabled the "move selection after
enter" function in tools/option/edit and when they enter a value and press
enter the active cell stays the same - which is what I want.

When I protect the sheet, the active cell jumps to the next unprotected
cell. How can I stop it doing that?

I have a master spreadsheet that I enter data into and save as the date each day. I have formulas in one column that reference cells in the neighboring row, except for one cell in the column that I have purposely left blank (It does not have a formula referencing the neighboring row). When entering data into the referenced cells excel automatically enters a formula into this cell. It will only doe this if I enter data in the cell above the referenced cell and the referenced cell. How can I get excel to stop doing this. It was never a problem when I was using excel 2003, I am now using 2007. Thanks in advance for any help.

If the above is unclear here is a simplified version of what is happening: enter =A1 into cell B1 and copy down to B5. Delete the formula in B3. Now enter numbers into A1 through A5 and you will notice excel will auto enter the formula into cell B3.
(Correction: copy to B10 and delete from B5, enter into A1:A10).

Hi All:

I seek the knowledge of the experts once again...

Can you tell me if it is possible to have the active cell change after a certain number of characters are entered?

I have a spreadhseet that people enter a 36 digit code into. The different fields have a different amount of characters in them. The string is as follows:

J17 can enter 3 characters
K17 can enter 6 characters
L17 can enter 4 characters
M17 can enter 6 characters
N17 can enter 6 characters
O17 can enter 4 characters
P17 can enter 4 characters
Q17 can enter 4 characters

SO what I would like to happen is the user enters the 3 digits in J17 and then the active cell becomes K17 where they enter 6 digits and then the active cell becomes L17... Does this make sense? Currently the user has to Tab to the next cell but if they could enter the number contu=inous that would be great.

Any ideas?



Not sure if anyone can help but I am intrigued to know how the following is done.

On a spreadsheet (excel 2003) which has no macros / vb code that I have acquired, there is a cell that if I were to enter any data and then press enter then a tailored message box appears (yes, no, cancel option). If I were to copy this cell and enter it into a different spreadsheet of my choosing, then enter data and press enter again, the exact same message box appears.

Does anyone know how this is done, I honestly thought code was required for such a thing but seems not!

Many Thanks for your help

Hi folks.. Now, I'm not new to Excel. But, something like this I have never seen. Furthermore, in order for someone to help me, that someone needs to recreate this, and I really don't know how can anyone do that...

Ok, take a look at this:

1 1 =A1 + B1
2 2 (Select cell C1, CTRL+C, Select cell C2, CTRL+V)


1 1 2
2 2 2

Now Select cell C2 again, Press F2 taster, Press Enter and Cell C2 updates to: 4

When pressed F2. The content of the cell clearly shows: =A2+B2, although it gives result 2. Only after pressing ENTER and recalculating it gives right result.

This I have to do with *every* formula copy-paste action in my current installation of Excel.

Has anybody ever encountered something like this?

I have a spreadsheet where the user is supposed to enter text into a specific cell. That text may be a single sentence, or it may be several paragraphs. I want Excel to convert the enter key to a carriage return and cause the cursor to stay in the same cell.

I have something kind of working like I want, but there are still some issues:

Please Login or Register  to view this content.

This will add the enter like I want, but exiting out of it is cumbersome; you have to press enter one last time, then escape to jump out of the worksheet_change sub (if you just press escape, you loose the last line).

I'd like to have the Tab key jump out, or have the escape key work without having to press the proceeding enter.

Anyone got a better method?

I am using a normal vlookup on data that is coming from a database (Business Warehouse - SAP... FYI).

When I run a vlookup from an excel spreadsheet to that data dump some of the values come up #N/A even though there is a match.

I know it is because of a format issue but am not sure how to fix it. The only way that works is by going to the data dump excel sheet and pressing F2 to get into the cell and then hitting enter to somehow change the format...

so when there are like 100 lines I am just pressing "F2, Enter, F2, Enter, F2, Enter, F2, Enter, F2, Enter, F2, Enter, F2, Enter,.. etc." the WHOLE way down and right after I exit the cell the Vlookup returns the correct value.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can be of help.

hi all,

i have a weird problem in Excel 2003.

i try to enter an hour "24:30" in cell k55, and Excel shows a blue line around row 3 and 24. when i press enter, i get #VALUE! and the content of the cell is now "=3:24"

how do i convince excel to treat 24:30 as twentyfour hours and thirty minutes?

i tried setting the format of the cell to [hh]:mm but that didnt work.

i should add that that spreadsheet was originally converted from lotus123. when i make a new spreadsheet i have no problem entering hours.

Dear all,

I got two problems in using the excel,

First is when I type in a number like 1350, excel will change
it to 13.5
ehat happened and any setting that I need to make it back to normal.

Second is that when I finish entering data in cell and Press
Enter button, it should go down to another cell, but now when I press
Enter, it just stay in the same cell and do not move to any cell.

Please help. Thanks.

I'm quite new to VBA, but I'm developing a spreadsheet with a macro. On a worksheet, I have one cell used for entry of a text string. It's a merged cell. The macro returns a result based off of what is entered into that merged cell. The easiest and most common method of entering data into that cell is copying the string onto the clipboard from an outside app. and pasting it into the merged cell. However, upon doing so, the user always gets the message, "Data on the Clipboard is not the same size and shape as the selected area. Do you want to paste the data anyway?" Upon clicking the OK button, the user gets another message, "Cannot change part of a merged cell," and the data is not entered. (First of all is there a way to address this?)
To work around this, I figured I'd just use an activeX textbox control inserted onto the worksheet (a userform is too much for the purposes of this macro and the users who will use it). I can size the textbox to the length it needs to be, and theres not "merged-ness" to overcome. However, when the user strikes the enter key, nothing happens. The cursor just stays there. Isn't the enter key supposed to "enter" the data? (Second, is there a way to fix this?)
I'm guessing i'll have to program some code in the keypress event for the enter key. Well, what do I tell it to do? Losefocus? just execute the macro? copy the textstring to the cells beneath the textbox? Move focus to the worksheet? I'm not sure what to tell excel to do when the enter key is pressed.

Thank you for your help!

Hi, I'm back! It's been a couple of years since I was here last but when I needed help, I could hardly believe how wonderful everyone on the forum was and the problem I was having was quickly resolved.

Anyway, I am wondering if it is possible to create a formula in a cell that will divide whatever number is entered into that cell by a set or fixed number.

ie. I enter the number 9 in the cell and when I press enter, the 9 is instantly divided by 15 and the answer is displayed in the cell where I just typed the 9.

Is this possible and if so, what might the formula look like?

Thanks in advance to any and all who reply!


Dear forum,

I am trying to do the following:
1. Enter a single character into an Excel cell without pressing <Enter> or <ESC>
2. Press <Ctrl d> which activates my macro.
3. My macro executes.

My problem is that I must press <Enter> or <ESC> to exit the cell enter / insert mode. I want to be able to use my macro straight from the enter / insert mode as this will save me considerable key strokes.