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Hello Excel Guru's

I know how to convert a single worksheet into a PDF (Menu>Adobe PDF>Convert to Adobe PDF) but what I am trying to do is convert a file with multiple worksheets into 1 PDF file but it only converts the sheet that I am in.

For example:
I am in sheet 1 and I do the convert PDF command it will only convert sheet 1

If I select and group sheets 1,2 and 3 and do the command on sheet 1, it still only converts sheet 1 into PDF.

If I right click on the file thru Internet Explorer and select convert to Adobe PDF command, it still only converts the first worksheet into a PDF.

Im sure there is a way where you can convert all worksheets and append them into 1 PDF file.

Long way is, convert each sheet and then insert each sheet thru Adobe to create 1 file.

NY Newbie

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I am using excel 2007. I want to convert each sheet into a separate pdf file. If i select multiple sheets and convert, it converts all of them into one file. I have 20 sheets in a file. Right now I am converiting them manually one at a time. I dont have adobe and am a VBA novice. Any suggestions? Appreciate your help.


I would like to create a macro or code which will convert an xls file to a pdf. I am currently able to perform this function manually in Excel 2003 by going to Adobe PDF> Convert to Adobe PDF. I have installed Acrobat Pro which allows this process.

Thank you all for your time.


In the past, I have been able to convert an Excel spreadsheet directly to an
Adobe .pdf file. I now have Excel 2003 and I cannot find the function to
convert to .pdf anywhere. Am I missing something or is it no longer part of

Hi all,

I've been happily using the code on the webpage below to automatically convert an XLS file into a PDF through VBA for a while now (almost 2 years). Our machines here at the office had been running Adobe 6.0 Standard, but were recently upgraded to Adobe 8.0 Standard. Now the VBA code gets as far as creating a postscript (.ps) file but fails to convert that into a PDF. All machines are still running Windows XP Pro SP2 with Excel 2002 SP3.

Has anyone run into this situation? If so have you found a solution?
The automation saves me literally hours each month and I need to find a solution.

Original code he

Thanks in advance,

I have Excel and Adobe Acrobat Professional installed on my computer. Is there a way to create a macro that when activated will convert each worksheet in my excel file to a separate pdf file?

To the experts,

I have recently convert a PDF file to Excel (using a adobe professional converter), and the result were for each page on the PDF file I received one spreadsheet on the same workbook. And I have many of these PDF file to be converted.

Question: How do i'm going about combining all the sheets into one sheet. Given that the data on each sheet is in the same format.

P.S. If anyone know a better way to to convert a PDF whill keeping the format on Excel and even on Notepad, i appreciate all you help!


Excel - Xp Version - Aobde 6 Prof.
Creat a worksheet with a picture - run Adobe convert - Does NOT convert
Works 100% in Word.

Any suggestions


I am working with excel 2003 version (work), but my file could have been created in 2007 (home).

I am trying to convert my file (60 sheets) into a pdf with Adobe Acrobat. Conversion stops on the 43rd sheet and gives me the following error message - the number must be between 10 and 400. try again by entering a number in this range - I cannot convert the whole document, only 43 pages.

After a little research on the net, I don't believe this is an Adobe issue. I believe it is a printing-related issue in excel. There are hotfixes but I am wondering if there is something I can do in excel to elimnate the error?

Thank you for your help,


Dear VBA Forum,
Can anybody help me to solve my problem with some code macro.

1.I want to copy to sheet 1, and sheet 2, until how many in column B fill in
sheet 2.
If in sheet 2, if only just 6 row just fill,
So In sheet 1,and sheet 2, I want automatically copy 6 times, in Row
(20:23) to Row (24:27) and (28:31) and ..
(continue until same row fill in Column B sheet 2.

2.How to make some macro, If I want to convert from two txt file, to excel
Maybe need some inputbox with and ask "Please input your txt file" and
maybe need "browse" click button, (to search file to be convert) to sheet
1 and the other file to be convert to sheet 2.
So I need 2 txt file format to convert, firstly to sheet 1, and another to
sheet 2.

Thanks before.

I'm re-vamping a form that I made last year. Currently the function I'm evalutating works in the following way. Upon confirmation that all the entered information is complete, copies are e-mailed to the relivant project leaders.

Problem: The problem with this is the average size of these copies is roughly 130kb. If I convert the summary page (which is all that needs to be sent out) into a PDF, the file size goes down to about 8kb.

Why I think this should be possible. Both Adobe Acrobat and Nitro PDF (we use both) have "Convert to PDF & Email" buttons that are on the toolbar, however, since these are add-ons, they aren't in the VBA help file, and we all know how good the support is that Adobe offers.

If nothing else, is it possible for me to do a print macro using and then send the output as an attachment?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do what I'm trying to do?

Guys i was wondering if you could help me. I currently have a lot of people looking to convert files from Word to Adobe Acrobat. I am currently paying very big fees for licenses in Adobe Acrobat Standard. I was wondering is there a way i could code some VB to perform this or is there a free tool from Microsoft that will convert Word to PDF

Can anyone help me with this?
I have over 500 Grid ref locations that I wish to convert to Long & Lat

The following Grid ref NO305105 converts to -3.1249666,56.2816999 I have used various web sites which allow you to convert one at a time.

Can I paste my info to Excel and convert to Long & Lat? This will then allow me to convert to Ov2 file for my Tom tom.

Any help greatly appreciated.


I am using 2003 since it came with the computer. Adobe Reader version 6.0 also came with the computer. There was a link to convert my spread sheets to PDF.

I recently switched to Adobe 9 and now no longer have the link to convert to PDF.

Is there a way to fix that?


Bob Price

Please tell me what setting it is that will make my pictures come out clear
in an excel document when I print them to adobe.

I have successfully managed to convert an Excel sheet to PDF using some code found in a previous thread (many thanks), and I am using Adobe Professional v7. The problem is that it can only be used if the user has Adobe professional. I have then tried to do the same using Primo PDF writer(free version), but have encountered an issue in that you have to manually enter the save path into a print window, instead of picking up a save path from a reference in the worksheet.
Is anyone aware of the code that could be used to bypass this, or alternatively a method for an excel sheet to be converted to PDF without the expense of all users buying Adobe Professional.

Many thanks in advance.


I am having trouble converting file formats. I would like to convert a.xlsx file to a .xls file. It is password protected and everything I have tried to use to convert the file has failed. Can anyone help me out here? I cannot convert the file.


I have a code that borders all data of a csv file and converts the csv to xls in the same path mentioned in A18. this converts all the other csv's in tat folder, i want it to convert csv's with filename AT_Userprofile.csv

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Right now i have a report in access i've created that looks similiar to a spreadsheet. Every time I convert to a pdf some of the lines arbitrarily dissapear. Is there another program that can convert to pdf more accurately? Or has anyone encountered this problem and figured out a resolution?


Hi all,
This attached workbook containes 2 sheets that were once linked with cell values as "=MASTER!D6". I thought I removed any references. It seems I can convert to PDF in Adobe when I select the "MASTER" along with the "Traverse", but when I choose just the "Traverse" sheet it cuts off the bottom portion. I have tried all that I know. Does anyone know the cause?


hi all, i'd like to create a macro that will convert the active sheet to txt/csv file located in My Documents folder. I don't want the active sheet to close when I convert it, because I will have to save it multiple times with changing some datas. Would appreciate any help!

Hi friends,

I want to convert the pdf file into word file .

I just try to convert a PDF file to Word but i m not able to edit it. The PDF is an image file of some kind. It contains a grid with headings and contents that I would like to be able to edit or somehow convert to text. I was able to create a JPG of the section I would like to edit, but I cannot do much with that. It would be too difficult to edit as an image file in Paint or similiar software. I have already tried some online sites to convert the JPG to text. The only thing I get back is a comma and sometimes a parathesis. Are there any suggestions on how I can convert the image file into a format that can be edited in Word?

please give me your suggestions.


Hi all,
I am new to VBA and Excel stuff.
I am trying to convert .xls file to .html.
I am successeded in that, but when i am trying to convert another .xls
file to .csv the previously generated .csv file gets lost, i..e it is
not seen, may be it get replace with new file(though names are
Is any body getting same problem.

I want to save previous .csv file also.

Reply soon

Thank you



I have a lots of scan sheets in PDF format and I need to convert in excel. Is there any way to convert this from PDF to excel? Please find the attached sample sheet.

Thank you so much for any help


I need formula to convert amount like
2000000 >convert> 2.0 cr
300000 >convert> 3.0 lack
30000 >convert> 3.0 thousand
300 >convert> 3.0 hundred

any help much appriciate.

I need to convert hundreds of XLS files to TXT. I am aware of File/Save-as
and I also tried written a macro. Neither solution is workable even the
number of files I have to convert. Does Excel have a mass convert utility?