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Formula To Convert Lbs Into Lbs And Oz

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I have a weight in D8 in pounds, 2.5, how can I convert this into lb. and oz., 2 lb 8oz
Using excel 2003

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Similar Topics

Hello, could someone please give me a little help. What I want to do is convert a weight from kilograms to stones & pounds. So say in cell C5 I will have a weight in kilograms, say 72, then in cell C6 I want it to display that weight in stones & pounds, which should convert as 11 stone 5 pounds. I just need the formula that will do the conversion.

Thank you.

Hello I have a request and it might seems a little different but if somebody could help me
Out by making a excel sheet with this formula if it can be done I sure would appreciate
It ok here goes I am copying this out of a book

Recoil energry in ft.lbs.= (Bw Mv + 4700 Pw)2
64.348 Gw

Where Gw = the weight of the gun in pounds
Bw = weight of the ejecta (shot and wads) in pounds
Pw = powder weight in pounds
Mv = muzzle velocity in feet per second

Example Our Shooter has a 8lb Target gun with a load using 18.0 grs. Of Clays, a Wad
Weighing 33.0 gr. Shot charge of 1 1/8 oz and giving 1200 f/s muzzle velocity.
First we must convert the ejecta weight to lbs. (1 1/8 oz = 492.0 gr.) Dividing grains by 7000 converts to pounds.

Gw = 8lb
Bw = 492.0 + 33.0 = 525 = .075 lb
_________ ___
7000 7000
Pw = 18 = .003 lb
Mv = 1200 Ft/sec

Substituting the numbers in the formula we find the
Recoil energry of the shooters load = [ (.075 x 1200)+(4700 x .003)]2 =21.05 ft/lbs.
64.348 x 8
I hope this makes since I think what I need is some input cells intering the data in like the
Weight of the gun, shot weight and wad, powder weight in pounds, veloctity in feet per second

And then do the math and it shoot give me a total

Thanks in advance to anybody willing to help me out


How can I convert a given weight in Gramms into pounds and ounces using an
Excel formula

Is there a simple was to get access to convert a weight entered in pounds and ounces into grams?

I "inherited" a database which was set up so that weight was entered into the input mask

00" lb "00" oz"

Thanks for your thoughts...

I am trying to find out how i can set up if statements based on parameter values. For example;

My function will be "Shippingfees" based on the parameter weight

Shipping fee is calculated based on weight.
If it is 1 pound, shipping fee is $2
If it is 2 pounds, shipping fee is $4
After two pounds, fee is increasing by $1 for every pound. But if the weight is 2.3 pounds this will still be based on 3 pounds. So it actually means if weight>2 and weight<=3 fee will add up one more dollar.
If it is , let 's say 5.3 pounds, then the fee will be 8 dollars ($4 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1) [because it will be recognized as 6 pounds]

My question is how can i set up this in vba?
I'd very much appreciate if anyone could help.

Hello all,

This is a query relating to the Weight chart I have been trying to do - I'm not sure if anyone has any answers, but people stopped replying to my last topic on this, I think because it was too long to read -

I have a Weight Chart which allows me to input a person's weight each day in Stones, pounds and ounces. With the help from the experts on this site, I have managed to get the spreadsheet to tell me how much weight has been lost to date from the starting weight.

However, what I would like to do now is to calculate how much weight is left to lose based on a target weight. I have been trying to work this out for days and it isn't quite working and I can't for the life of me work out why - below is what I have done:

E3 = Target weight (stones)
F3 = Target weight (pounds)
G3 = Target weight (ounces)
E4:E4: is current weight (stones)
F4:F4: is current weight (pounds)
G4:G4: is current weight (ounces)




O3==IF(INT((ABS(M7)+N3/224-M6)/16)=14, 0, INT((ABS(M7)+N3/224-M6)/16))

P3=IF(INT((ABS(M7)+(N3*14-O3)-M6)/16)=16, 0,INT((ABS(M7)+(N3*14-O3)-M6)/16))

This seems to work for the stones and pounds, but the ounces aren't working - but this could be because I haven't got the formulas correct for stones and pounds. Can anyone help?

That said- I would welcome any help that would give me the answer I want, even if it is nothing like what I have above.

I am working with this range of data-no matter how I construct the formula, I get an error msg.
I think my problem is with these four formula ranges, but I don't know how to solve the problem.
Formula A: birth weight 60-75 pounds Formula B: birth weight 76-90 pounds Formula C: birth weight 91-105 pounds Formula D: 106 pounds or more

I created a weight loss worksheet. The columns are as follows:

Current Weight
Weekly Pounds Lost
Total Pounds Lost
Pounds to Goal

I have no problems with the formulas for the Total Pounds Lost and the
Pounds to Goal...however, the column with the Weekly Pounds Lost doesn't
change automatically each week I enter in the current weight.

I did copy the formula down...but, I don't want the values to show up until
I enter the weekly current weight numbers/column.

Here are my formulas (the current weight column I enter in the number, the
rest of the columns should update automaticaly):

Column 2 (Weekly Pounds Lost)

=SUM(D9-D10) etc...etc.

Column 3 (Total Pounds Lost)

Column 4 (Pounds to Goal)

So, what formula can I enter into the 2nd column so the values don't show up
until I enter the current weightin column 1? Right now it shows after the
first four weekly current weight values entered as:


I hope I explained this well!

....also, if you can be patient with me...I'm not an Excel expert...just know
BASIC formulas!

Thank you for ANY help!!


I am looking or a formula that will take decimal pounds and display pounds-ounces, not even sure that excel can display pounds-ounces. I am fairly good with formulas but beyond add, subtract, multiply and divide I am clueless.

A very simple example of what I am looking to do:

cell A1 is entered as 1.5
I want a formula in cell A2 that will display 1lb-6ozs


Hello everyone -

I am trying to create a weight chart, which works in stones, pounds and ounces. My first query is that each time I enter the weight in for each day, I need it to deduct 1ib 4oz from the weight I enter. At present I have seperate columns for stones, pounds and ounces. However, if I try to do a simple lbs minus 4 it doesn't work, because sometimes the pounds are less than four - so instead of taking the stone column down by one and then deducting the remaining pounds, it just puts the pounds columns to -3 or similar. The same applies to the oz columns - good old imperial eh!

Also, I would like my table to work out weight lost over a period of time - so, I have my starting weight at the top and then I want my most recent weight to be taken from the starting weight, leaving weight lost - I can't get this to work either. Is there a way to make it so that the calculation uses the most recent weight entry and does so automatically?

If anyone has any solutions to these queries, I would be very I have to caculate this for a number of people and it would be much quicker if it did it all automatically upon entering the most recent weight.

Hello all,

I am not sure if I am posting in the correct place... I teach weightlifting in a school system and would like to chart and grade students based on performance. Ultimately I have created a range of grades applied over a range of pounds lifted. The issue that I am stumbling over I believe is the addition of another IF function. I would like to add points to grades for students that fall withing a certain body weight range. For example if a student is under 115 pounds body weight, I would like to add 15 points to his grade (kind of a curve). Once I figure out the rule I can then go in and complete the total function. The current working formula that I have (example bench press) is:


Formula says that if he lifts over 194 pounds he receives a 100 for a grade down to a 69 if he lifts less than 104 pounds. E96 represents his raw lifting score. While not listed in the formula, I do have a box designated for body weight. For this student the box for body weight is K94.

With that being said, this particular student weighs only 112 (K94) pounds and he lifted 115 pounds (E96). Based on my grading scale he received only a 76 for a grade.

So, how can I add points to a grade: 15 points if body weight is under 115 pounds, 10 points if under 130 pounds, and 5 points if under 145 pounds. No bonus points if body weight is over 145. These are examples.... Again, I am just learning how to use EXCEL and would like some clarification.


i have a spreadsheet with months on and i have added the expenses for each month, and i have cell a1 with the year total (euros) in it, i want to make cell a2 convert in gb pounds, how can i do that please

I have a table of conversions.

for example:

3.60 pounds in cell a1. cell a2 is to take the .60 pounds remaining in cell a1 and convert that to ounces, 9.6.

When this happens I want the pounds to only display the whole number rounded down.

so: 3 pounds in cell a1 and 9.6 ounces in cell a2.

The problem is when I used the rounddown function in a1 to make it display the whole number, cell a2 reads it as 0 becuase theres nothing left to convert. When I used the format cells function to display 0 decimals it rounds it up sometimes. I always need it rounded down. What should I do?

Hello again,

Would someone take a look at this code and tell me where I'm going wrong. It's more of a copy and paste code. I started by doing a macros for coding an equation to convert pounds to stones + pounds. Once I got the equation into a VBA code, I tried to use a previous code and have the equation continue to convert the pounds cell to the stones + pounds cell after conversion, unfortunately this is where I've erred as I'm getting error code: 450.

Here's the code, highlighted is the copy and paste code I tried to use from an earlier code which works like a charm:

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I'm trying to populate all cells that I have assigned for the sterling + pounds equation. When there are no more conversions to do, the code should stop.


New user to excel 97, I am trying to convert hours to pounds sterling.
I have formatted one column to total all hours and would like to convert the total hours to pounds and pence.


Hi guys, I'm totally new to Excel and have searched for a solution to my problem without any luck. What I want is to have my weight in stones in one cell, with pounds in another, followed by some sort of BMI function in the next cell. I'm not sure if this is possible but I would certainly appreciate any help - even just a proper way to write weight would be a start! I'm not sure how halves and quarters would come into play with pounds, again any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Thommo

I am trying to convert a fractional measurement of lbs into pounds and a fractional ounces. For example I want to convert 69 1/8 to a cell that says "4 lbs 5 1/8 oz" The conversion itself isn't a problem, I have a cell that finds the pounds and a cell that finds the oz's, but I can't figure out how to join them. Using either CONCATENATE or & I get "4 lb 5.125 oz" Can someone please tell me how to do this. I've bee trying to play with custom formats but that hasn't worked either, but I honestly never use that so it may be lack of knowledge on my part trying to use custom formats.


I need to build a spreadsheet that subtracts from a cumulative weight recorded in pounds and ounces. For example, in a fishing tournament, a person has 5 fish to weigh. They place their fish one at a time in a bag hanging from a digital scale that reads in pounds and ounces, and record the cumulative weight as the fish are added. We want to know what the total weight is of all 5 fish, but also what the individual weight is of each of the 5 fish.

The easy way to do it is to place the first fish in the bag and record the weight, then place the second fish in the bag with the first fish and record the cumulative weight of the 2 fish together. Continue this until all 5 fish are in the bag, and record the final total weight.

Then, to get the weights of each individual fish, the first weight is as it is, the second fish weight would be Cumulative Weight recorded for Fish 2 minus the weight of Fish 1. To get the weight of Fish 3, you would subtract the Cumulative Weight for the first 3 fish from the Cumulative Weight of the first 2 fish, and so on.

For example:

Weight of the Bag with:
1 Fish: 1-lb 2-oz
2 Fish: 2-lb 14-oz
3 Fish: 5-lb 6-oz
4 Fish: 9-lb 7-oz
5 Fish: 11-lb 9-oz.

We can subtract the cumulative weights to determine the individual weights of each fish added to the bag and know that:

Fish 1 is 1-lb 2-oz
Fish 2 is 1-lb 12-oz
Fish 3 is 2-lb 8-oz
Fish 4 is 4-lb 1-oz
Fish 5 is 2-lb 2-oz

Easy to do in my head, or on paper, but not so easy to do in Excel because it's pounds and ounces, which is how the digital scale reads out. But, when you're doing this for 20-30 fishermen, it's not that easy to do it on paper.

Anyone with any suggestions for forumlas to make this happen?

The attachment is part of a workbook I did for my sister in law, a Boston chef. She wanted a workbook that would standardize the format of 100-odd recipes and capture ingredient cost. She agreed that all recipes would measure weighed ingredients in grams and volume ingredients in ml.

The Ingredients tab has a formula in col K to convert purchase measures by weight (volume) to the cost of recipe measures by weight (volume). It basically tries a weight conversion, and if that fails, a volume conversion, and if that fails, just uses unity.

Things were going fine until she decided that some items she measures by weight but buys by volume, and vice versa.

Columns C:F were initially created as a convenience to convert measures in existing recipes. Col C contains ingredient density (g/ml), and D:F convert that to g/cup, g/Tbs, and g/Tsp. So all of the information is there to convert volume measures to weight measures and vice versa. But I cannot get my brain around how to do it, and it now recoils just looking at the d*** formula.

So, given the data in cols D:F, I need a formula in col K to convert purchase measure (in any units) and recipe measure (in any units) to recipe measure costs.

Thanks in advance.

I have a suite of reports on 50 excel sheets, calculating data from one main source. The results are in pounds, but I want to convert it to £'000s without the need to use a formula. I am sure there is a custom data format that I could use. Can anybody help?

I'm trying to use the convert formula to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.

I'm trying =Convert(A2,"C","F")

but it gives me a name error... wots wrong with my excel?
Using 2003 if it helps...



I need formula to convert amount like
2000000 >convert> 2.0 cr
300000 >convert> 3.0 lack
30000 >convert> 3.0 thousand
300 >convert> 3.0 hundred

any help much appriciate.


I have been trying since yesterday to add a simple column or bar type chart to a worksheet that I will be using to record weight loss. I just need the first series to display the target weight and each week to add a new column in series 2 for current weight to show progress.

The problem I cannot resolve is how to get the chart to display stones and pounds correctly. Is there anyway I can get it to show that there are 14 pounds in a stone?

Sorry if this question has already been asked, I have spent hours searching but having little knowledge of Excel, cannot find anything that I can understand.

Many Thanks,


I am working on a sheet that logs sales enquiries and quotations. The quotations may be made in either Dollars, Euros or Pounds. However, I want the 'reporting' column to be Pounds. I would appreciate any advice on the simplest way of achieving this.

Imagine column A is dollars, column B is Euros and column C is pounds. Most of the time the quotations are done in pounds and the other two columns will be blank. Also, there will only ever be one figure quoted per row. Would it be easier to create a fourth column (D) to consolidate the three separate figures together? We are using fixed exchange rates for the year, so to convert to pounds we will multiply any dollar quotations by 0.5 and any euro quotations will be multiplied by 0.69.

Many thanks,

G'day guys,

Pretty much a novice when it comes to Excel, but I'm hoping you can help me out here.

What I want is to enter my weight in stones and pounds into one cell, then in another cell have that converted to kgs so I can display a chart.

I've tried a few things, but nothing working thus far. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!