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Printing Spreadsheet To A Plotter.

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How do I print a large spreadsheet to a graphic plotter as a single page?

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Similar Topics

Is this possible. I need to print 4 worksheets on one large page and print
from the plotter. If not possible, any suggestions? Help . . .

I have just recently switched from Excel 2003 to 2010 and have some printing issues with graphic characters not printing in the position displayed. I have narrowed the issue to when you re-size on page setup to fit to page the graphic characters stay at 100% while the rest of the data gets reduced. Everything will print just fine if you print without reducing or enlarging. I never had any of this with 2003 and when I switched to 2010 all the spreadsheet that had any graphic images are not printing correctly. I understand the Excel 2010 treats all graphics as layers or selection pane but how do you get the layers to re-size with the printed data?

Thanks in advance.

I use an Oce' TDS700 large format printer & am trying to print a very large spreadsheet with limited luck.
I would like to "fit to 1 page" the print area to a single sheet of paper 36"x72" and somewhat "fill" the paper, but the only way I can get the complete print range to print is by unchecking the "fit to 1 page" & checking the scaling button & selecting 83%. This prints all the data within the print range but prints with large paper "margins" top/bottom & left/right. It looks (print preview) as if I could scale at a higher factor but when I scale to any percentage higher I lose columns of print range data.
(I have tried different custom sizes of paper & tried most every printing option available.)
Perhaps I'm missing something? Suggestions?
Thank you.

In my spreadsheet, I have given background colours to a few cells. I also have a coloured graphic on every sheet of the workbook.

Since I don't want to print the cell backgrounds, I have chosen to print the sheet in Black&White from the Page Setup menu. But that also prints the graphic in B&W.

So, is there a workaround where I can avoid printing the cell backgrounds, but still print the graphic in colour?

Thanks in advance.

This is probably a function not capable of Excel, but thought I'd ask.

What I have is an Excel workbook with all our products listed, including codes, descriptions, costs, taxes, etc, and I want to print this information in a formatted way.

I have set up a single spreadsheet with the style I would like excel to print the data, and can auto import the appropriate data fields from the other spreadsheets to populate the areas I want.

However, our product database contains about 100 products, and this new printing spreadsheet i have created fits 5 products each. Now, my options are to just create page after page of tempaltes to print all of our products. Or, is it possible to have Excel continuously use the single page spreadsheet as a printing template and for every new page, just keep referencing to 5 different products every time?

Thanks, and if it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about, your right!


I'm attempting to plot a large excel table to a HP5500 through Colourgate.

The size is 5945mm x 841mm.

I can set the page size but for some reason only half the data is on the page.

Have i hit the limitations of the program or is there something i am doing wrong?

Have tried everything conceivable withibn excel to get round this problem.

Any suggestions, fixes or help would be awesome!

Even just telling me that i am wasting my time would be good so i can move on...

Cheers, Dan.

I have data that I want to plot to our Color Plotter. The size of the sheet is 22x34 and of course the data does not fit the entire sheet. How do I stretch/scale the data automatically to make it all fit on one page (scaled up accordingly)? I have tried the fit to page option and some other common sense solutions, but to no avail. Thanks.


( I realize that this is more of printing newsgroup issue, but having
gotten no results there (after a few days....))

---> problem with acrobat (when printing to PDF's) not printing the
value of the cell, but printing the graphic of the page (ex: lines, borders,
and fill)

case 1
the cell values have been formatted by VB code: none of the values print,
only the graphic of the page (ex: borders etc...); if I select a cell (any
cell) and reset the font (thru the usual excel / format / cells...) ; it
seems to consistently be OK, and everything prints

case 2
the cell values are simple cell entries: some lines of values print, then
several lines do not , then some following do... but, as with above the
format of the page does print; resetting the font does nothing

I cannot tell if these two conditions (above) are firm; it is what seems to
happen, but it may be only what happens MOST of the time, and then only by

the format is standard Ariel 8 or 10pt

thanks in advance

when i print my small (3 column) spreadsheet, I am unable to make it print
with larger fonts or fill up the page? I have eliminated all but the first
three colums, and yet the spreadsheet prints only to about 1/4 to 1/3 of a
page even with a size 16 font. I am using microsoft office standard, would
office professional have additional features to allow better spreadsheet

I have several versions of Excel files, tables that are from (4' H x 5' W) to (2.3' H x 8.3' W) in size when printed. These are for large format printing. It's best to convert these files to PDF first before submitting them for printing.

The problem is that I have a printer driver installed for my 8x11 laserprinter, and this causes insertion of page breaks in the Excel documents, which in turn causes the PDF file to be broken up in 8x11 pages. I want a single-page PDF that doesn't have page breaks so it'll print on as large format printer as a single sheet of paper. IOW: no page breaks.

What can I do here?

I recall being in a seminar/workshop and someone mentioned using a plotter
with Excel for very large paper sizes. However, I cannot find anyway to
customize the paper size.

Hi folks,
When I print from Excel, I nearly always use one of two methods:
1) Selecting a single page to print and then choosing the number of copies from the print menu, eg. 50.
2) Selecting single-page print areas to print using a macro (eg. 50 invoices).

In both instances, I end up with a print queue of 50 single page documents.
Using our expensive laser printer, I get about 1 copy every 10 seconds, which rather defeats the object of having an expensive laser printer. Is there any setting/macro/method which would enable me to incorporate such tasks into a single 50 page document, which would then print about ten times quicker?

Thank you.

I have a large spreadsheet that I want to print onto ONE page (onto legal size or tabloid size paper). Columns A-K. I can do this from a PC without a problem but when I try to do it from my MAC it shrinks it to 10%. All margins are fine, landscape orientation is fine, and all other print options look normal why does the MAC have a problem with this and the PC works fine?

Okay guys,

Please help put myself out of this misery that has plagueing me for years. Whenever I design a spreadsheet when I print it out it does not fit to the edge of page. Even if I set the margins the spreadsheet will still have massive margins! I have set the spreadsheet to be one page. I ahve gone into view then page break preview. Everything fits fine. But when I print the margins are different on all sides and it is only like half the size of the paper....what am I missing here. Also I am using Office 2007. Thanks.

Hi all,
I've got an imported graphic that is's a color .jpg and it looks just fine onscreen after I've inserted it. But when I go to print it, it isn't scaled quite right. It looks like it's expanding just the width of the pic so it looks stretched on the print out. I've looked at the graphic and it's not been scaled at all, it's 100% both height and width. All I did was insert it into a few cells merged together. The weird thing is, it looks totally fine on the screen. It's just after I print it. I also checked my print settings and I'm not enlarging it in any way. I just can't figure out what's goin on here. Anyone have any ideas? I'm using Excel 2000.


When printing a large spreadsheet in A3 format, I get the print in full with, but the height is about 50% of the paper height.

I have marked the print area, I have checked the One page height and One page with. Is there a way to get the print to fill out the entire paper size in both directions, or is it impossible due to scaling?

Please help.

Best regards

Sten Olsen, Oslo Norway

Hi all

Assuming I have a spreadsheet that is only 10 rows of data but 100 colums.

Now when I print, I can put page breaks in and select what prints on the top, but what I really would like to do is (instead of printing only on the first 1/8'th of each page) is to wrap my print so that I can fit a couple of blocks of the 10 rows on each page, thus making it more readable and use a lot less paper.

Is there a simple way to do this in Excel 2007 or an add in that one can access?

Thanks up front for your responses

I selected six sheets from a spreadsheet to print (holding down the CTRL
button to select them).

When they print, they print fine, however the footer prints the same (page
2, page 2, page 2). I need them to print sequentially (page 2, page 3, page
4...). I've changed the Page Setup to say "start with page 2" because I need
it to start with page 2. It numbers sequentially when I use "Auto" - so....


I have a spreadsheet that fits fine 1 page wide when I go to page setup and adjust the scalingto 63%. Normally I like to use the "Fit to Print 1 page wide" option but when I select that option the scaling adjusts to 39%.

I have gone out and deleted all columns to the right and all rows below the area that I want printed to make sure tehre isn't something out there that it is trying to print but it still reduces the size too much.

I have attached the file that I am tryingto format the printing.





I have a one page spreadsheet, essentially a template. I would like to
be able to print as many copies as needed, but each copy has to print a
unique sequence value, which increments by one every time it is

This variable may require some formatting, but it's somewhat like a
page number. Printing multiple copies is just reprinting page one to
Excel; each page is labeled 1. I'd rather not copy my print range x
number of times into the workbook, but that's what I did, just to get
started. I don't have any VB experience; I was just trying to use
Excel's existing functionality.

Thank you,

Laura Sallwasser


Do you know how you can set an eight-page Excel worksheet to print the eighth page first, then the first seven pages in order?
I have inherited a spreadsheet that used to print in that order, but it has since reverted to printing 1 to 8 in standard order, and I cannot get it back to the more sophisticated print order. Excel Help, my personal online service, work colleagues and also internetting for it haven't helped at all.
Thanks very much

Something very strange is happening with a spreadsheet I have. In page break preview, every single cell is set to print to its own the print job is 40,000+ pages. When I try to do literally anything to change any aspect related to printing (page type, margins, print area, etc. etc.) I get a "margins do not fit" error. My margins are all 1". In page setup, if I try to navigate to a tab besides margins I get the same error and I am returned to the margin tab, so I can't even switch between portrait/landscape. If I try to clear the print area I get the same error. If I go to print preview I get the error, and I get a preview of a small white square. Everything works fine on other Excel files (and all other files for that matter). What in the heck is going on?

I'm sure there is an easy solution to this, but I haven't figured it out yet.

I'm trying to print a spreadsheet landscape. It is too wide and too long to print on one page. It runs from Column A to column AB and from row 1 to row 66.

I would like to Print from A1 to P66 on 1 page and then Q1 to AB66 on the next page.

Is there a way to do this, other than "set print area A1 to P66" and print, and then "set print area Q1 to AB66" and print?

Thank you in advance.

I have made a form on a spreadsheet that is fit to only one page. But when it goes to print, it prints 50 pages of stuff that isn't needed. Since this is going to be used by other people is there a way to either:

1. No matter what, everytime they try print, it will only print the first page of sheet 1?

2. Disable printing all together and force them to use a button that will print the first page only.

I've tried playing around with

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
    Sheets("Sheet1").PrintOut From:=1, To:=1
End Sub

this but haven't had any luck getting it to work. I even tried an If print activesheet = sheet1 cancel print, but that didn't work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I am using office 2003 and win XP professional,
When I print a graphic object from excel it gets stretched horizontally
(or compressed vertically whatever you like).
I don't use any fitting to page.
If I use copy picture "As shown on screen" a circular object remains
circular when pasted into Word, when I use copy picture "As shown when
printed" the circular object gets deformed (like an oval).
The same deformation is visual when actually printing and also in print

Please help