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Modify Xlsx Files With Excel 2003

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I have some files saved as xlsx with Office Beta 12. I need to be able to
read and modify these files with Excel 2003.

Is it possible? How?

Thank you in advance

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Hi all,

I've recently upgraded my Office from 2003 to 2010. I have a drive which contains many folders and many files. All files in the folders are in .xls format and does not contain macros.

Usually, I convert a Excel 2003 .xls file by going to File > Info > Convert, but that I've to do it one by one.

I've about 100+ .xls files in my drive. Does anyone know how to mass convert the .xls files to .xlsx files?

I think I can't just change to file extension from .xls to .xlsx as I couldn't open the .xlsx file anymore.

i was using the beta version of office 2007, My licence expired, how do i
convert .xlsx files to microsoft office worksheet in office 2003 (excel)


I have a macro that converts old .xls files to .xlsx files.
After that is run I want to delete all the .xls files

I have used the following code

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However that is deleting the newly created .xlsx files as well

Any suggestions?



I have a code (probably found it on this forum) that opens up an Open Dialog Box to open another Excel Workbook. When you select the Excel Workbook you want to open, it copies data from the first workbook to the new one and saves the file. It works great except it will only open .xls files. My work is starting to use .xlsx files now and I need to update the code. Can someone help modify this code to be able to open .xls and .xlsx files? Thanks for any help and here is the code.

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Hi, I have an odd problem I've been unable to find elsewhere on the internet. I recently upgraded to Office 2007 from 2003. Any .xls files I have still work just fine as do any .docx and .pptx files. But for .xlsx files, they do nothing when I double click them. There's no error message, just nothing happens. To open them I have to open excel manually and drag the file into the window, which is really frustrating when trying to open files in email attachments since I have to save them first.

Does anyone know why Excel won't just open them on a double click? I set the default program to open it with as EXCEL.exe. I deleted all the registry entries associated with .xlsx but it didn't change anything. Any ideas you have would be appreciated.


We've had an update apparently installed on our PC's today, (Our IT Guys are pointing the finger at Microsoft, )

And we are finding that in VBA we are having issues with

R1C1 referencing

Saving files as XLSX, it seems to be defaulting to xls

Keep getting an error message about cells having duplicate names - (but we didnt give them names!)

any one else having issues, had an upgrade cause issues lately?

Saving solution found:

The problem appears to be where the coding “ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=[file name.xlsx], FileFormat:=xlNormal” is used. This is a bit of a throwback to Excel 2003 as evidently “xlNormal” is not a recognised FileFormat in Excel 2007.

However, up until yesterday, files with an .xlsx postfix saved using this methodology were saved correctly as 2007 files. I’m not sure what has changed, but this morning files saved using this methodology were saved as 2003 files with a 2007 postfix (i.e. .xlsx)... Cue error messages about corrupted files!

The fix is easy enough... If you are saving a file in 2007 as an xlsx file, simply omitting the “, FileFormat:=xlNormal” phrase seems to fix the problem.

recently i've been receiving excel files with 'xlsx' extensions, (not xls) and when i try to open i get a message 'can't read', i'm running microsoft office excel 2003...any suggestions?

I have a lot of Excel 2003 files. Some quite large. I have Excel 2007 /Vista and they will not open. I have gone to another machine and re-saved them in .xlsx format, and .xlsm and they still will not open in excel 2007.

The error message says the format is not valid.

I've run MS Office diagnostics and all is ok.

I also tried viewing the files in Excel Viewer, same result though

Any ideas?


I am currently using Excel 2003, but am planning to buy a new computer and upgrade to Office 2007/2010. My clients are still using Excel 2003, so I must have my files compatible for their use. What's the best/simplest way to do this? Will the files retain their current 2003 extension, or will I need to modify them?


Seems we are behind the times here, but, I am being sent Excel Files in xlsx which is fine however I have Excel 2003 and it wont open is there an add in or patch that will help me open these files and then save as Excel 2003?

I have written an application in Java that used POI to import Excel files, in either Office 2003 format or Office 2007 xlsx (OOXML) format. The issue I have run into is that some files that have the 'xlsx' extension appear to be in 'xlsb' format, this despite the user having specified the file to be saved in 'xlsx' format. I would like to understand why this is happening.

Can anyone tell me whether there are any reasons that would cause Excel 2007 to save the file in the binary format, rather than the OOXML format? I don't if it is any indication, but when trying to open the file in Office 2008 (Mac) I get told that the workbook contains unsupported "OLE DB query tables" content. I am reaching the conclusion that this is the binary format, because the file data does not start with "PK" characters and saving another file in xlsb shows the same general pattern.

I have a problem with some VBA code. I have a routine that does a Save As. It does a Save As twice. That is, in the first Save As dialog box that comes up, the Save as Type is: Excel Files 1997-2003(*.xls). In the second Save As dialog box, the Save as Type is: Microoft Office Excel Workbook(*.xls). All fine and well. When I click 'Save' on both instance, it saves both files to my documents folder. However, when one of my collegues tries this, the first file doesn't get saved, but the second file is saved and shows up in his documents folder. Why does it work for me and not on his computer? We have the same version of MS Office 2003. Is there something else going on here? This is what the code looks like:


Sub SaveNewFile()
Dim FileName as String
With Application
   .ScreenUpdating = False
   .EnableEvents = False
End With
FileName = "TestFile" & ".xls"
FileExtension = "Excel Files 1997-2003 (*.xls), *.xls," *_
                        "Excel Files 2007 (*.xlsx), *.xlsx," & _
                        "All files (*.*), *.*"
NewFile = Application.Get:=SaveAsFilename( _
    InitialFileName:=FileName, _
If NewFile <> "" And NewFile <> "False" Then
   ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs FileName:=NewFile, FileFormat:=xlNormal
End If
End Sub

Hello all.

I stumbled upon an issue with one of my end users computers. They are running Office 2003 with the Compatibility pack. I'm trying to get them to have the ability to open and edit .xlsx files. Originally, the file was not viewable until I installed the compatibility pack, along with the excel viewer. Now they can view the .xlsx file with the Excel viewer. I then tried to open the file with Excel and I'm still getting the following error message:

If I click on ok or cancel, the information in the file turns to a bunch of code. There is nothing wrong with the file because it opens fine on my pc. I ran a complete uninstall and then reinstalled Office. Still getting the same error. I would appreciate any suggestions.


Hello all.

I stumbled upon an issue with one of my end users computers. They are running Office 2003 with the Compatibility pack. I'm trying to get them to have the ability to open and edit .xlsx files. Originally, the file was not viewable until I installed the compatibility pack, along with the excel viewer. Now they can view the .xlsx file with the Excel viewer. I then tried to open the file with Excel and I'm still getting the following error message:

If I click on ok or cancel, the information in the file turns to a bunch of code. There is nothing wrong with the file because it opens fine on my pc. I ran a complete uninstall and then reinstalled Office. Still getting the same error. I would appreciate any suggestions.


After spending an hour trying to figure this out I need some help from the experts. I have office 2003 installed on my computer. About 3 months ago I bought Office 2007 and put that on the PC as well. Whenever I clicked on any of the old xls files I had saved they always opened in office 2007 compatibility mode which was nice. Well last night windows installed some update and now every time I open one of these files they are opening in 2003. Is there a way to change that back to opening the files in compatibility mode by default?

Thanks in advance.


My firm has finally started to upgrade to Excel 07. We have a lot of excel files that are .xls and I was wondering if there are any problems if you just start saving the old files as .xlsx instead. I know that in 07 you go out to 3 letter columns (AAA) so you can't have names in .xls that are ABC or something, but are there any other issues I should be aware of? Is it still ok if the new .xlsx still links to old .xls files and has match(index) formulas that look up old .xls files?

Has anyone encountered unexpected problems converting .xls to .xlsx?


i have many files created with the 2003 edition when i can modify all the graphics.

I migrated in 2007 version and now i can't modified nothing in any sheet where i put the graph.

If i create a new sheet containing a graph, in 2007 versione , i can modify all without problem...

Someone can help me ??

WMDC imports all my Word and Excel files (I have over 1200 on my pda) in ppc format (pws and pxl). I thought it was the fault of Office XP vs Vista (I could read those files fine on Office XP)and that when I bought Office 2007 I'd be able to read the ppc files on my PC. No such luck. It will import rtf files, so I've translated literally hundreds of doc files into rtf format; however I don't see any workaround for the spreadsheet files. I even tried open office on my Vista machine. It won't read those files either.

I'm running ppc 2003 on an iPAQ 2755. Have been using them FINE for over a year on XP and using various versions of ActiveSync.

I'm close to paying the computer shop that built my machine for me to put XP on my brand new machine unless I can get some answers.

Is there any way to get Microsoft to talk about these problems for brand new software? Or does anybody have any suggestions how to read my excel files that I sync from my pda to my pc?



Is there any method or software which will convert all old XLS files (excel 2003) to XLSX (Excel 2007) without any hassel at one go or one by one manually.

I have some files in old version which needs to be converted since it is going beyond column IV.

Thanks n rgds



I have Excel 2003 and 2007 installed on my pc -I need both. I can open files in either by opening from within the application. But when I open files through Windows Explorer by double-clicking - it always opens the files in Excel 2007.

Is there a way to get xls files to open in 2003 and xlsx files to open in 2007 from within Windows Explorer?

I have set the default file types correctly but they still always open in 2007.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi Guys,
I have case where there are excel files arranged like this within a folder. For example:-


All these files are located in one folder. I want to write a macro to open the latest excel files based on lastmodified date and time for each file name like XA11, XB11, YA11, YB11. I only want to do this for excel files (".xlsx") within a folder as there are other pdf files also in the folder. I want macro to open the latest file for first file name run my code on it , then open latest file for second file name and run my code on it so on.

Any help will be highly apprecited.


I work in the I.T department of my buisness. We just resently upgraded our Office 2003 to Office 2007. People are complaining that when they open the files they had saved in Office 2003, They do not look the same as they did when we had 2003. I have tried to research this problem all day today and the only thing I can come up with is that there is a "Bug" in the MS design. As of right now I have no idea what the problem is so any input would be helpful.


Hi, I have to transfer some files from the old server to the new server. So I copied some files over to the new server for testing. However, I've noticed that the excel files turn into read-only files. They can neither be edited, saved and no changes can be done at all.

I checked the attributes of the files and they have no read-only checked in their properties. However, the folder in which they reside has the read-only checked but is grayed out. I tried to uncheck it. But later go back to properties to see and it's the same thing - read-only checked and grayed out.

I am copying the files from windows Small business server 2000 to windows server 2003 std. Is there a policy in server 2003 causing the read-only to be turn on for excel files?


I have my inlaws computer an I'm trying to get it back in working order. They don't use a firewall, virus protection, spyware remover or anything of the sort and then they wonder why they have computer problems.

Anyway they have office 2000 on a disk but when I looked on their computer I saw office 2003 icons and and a 60 day free trial of office 2003 on the desktop.

When I got their computer none of the Excel files would open. I removed the 2003 trial and I reinstalled office 2000 but I still can't get the old files to open. When I try to open any of the Excel documents I get the following error " Cannot access read-only document "

Is there a way to get these files to open?

Thanks for your help,