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Why Wont My Text Fully Display With Word-wrap And Merged Cells?

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I am using Excel 2000. I have a merged cell (6 cells wide and 1 deep) with a
paragraph of text with word wrap enabled. After about 7 or 8 lines of text
the text does not word wrap anymore. It would be about 2 more lines.

Any ideas?

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Similar Topics

I have a spreadsheet that displays a great amount of text in a large area that I have merged. I have the cell property "word wrap" checked. For about the first 16 lines, the word wrap works fine, but then it stops working for the remainer of the text.

Any ideas why this would be?

(Note: I am using Excel 2002)

Here is another simple one that I just can not whip or find the answer to in the help files.

I have merged 5 cells together. They are formatted for text, center allign, word wrap. Some times one line of text will do and another 2 or 3 lines will be necessary. I want the merged cells to expand down the page as lines are added through word wrap. They currently expand upwards and behind the frozen pane at top of page.

When expanding I want the whole row and it's other cells to expand to match the cell with text. Make sense?

I have a large group of merged cells that I have to type a lot of text in. When my paragraph of text gets too big, the merged cells only display a portion of my entire paragraph.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix this?

I have word wrap on also.



Hi All,

The problem: I have merged some cells and formatted the merged cell to wrap text. I have copied some text from a word document and pasted it into the formula bar to populate the merged cell. The text has gone in fine except the last line, it hasn't wrapped it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not sure what i am doing wrong.

Any assistance would be gratefully received.


I merged 20 cells to one cell. I set up the cell to wrap text. However, when I typed 4 paragraphs only the first 2 paragraph texts were wrap while the rest of them don't. I wonder how this can happend if the text box is set to wrap. How come it only wraps half of the content in the cell. Can someone let me know a solution to this problem? Thanks a lot appreciate your help

Hey, so I accidentally adjusted a row in one of my workbooks and now the cell that used to word wrap and expand nicely does not.

I've searched like crazy for an answer with this, and am working with both 2007 at work and 2010 at home.

Is there anything short of vba that can get word wrap back? I have autofit on, word wrap selected under cell formatting
It is not a merged cell; it used autoexpand to word wrap and some of the other cells in the same column.

Any advice or swift kick to what I need to do would be greatly appreciated.


Good morning,
Is there a way to auto wrap text to go to the next row? Kinda like the way tables work in Word. I can format the cells to wrap but I want it to automatically go to the next row. instead of wraping in the cell.

I have an excel sheet that I recreated from a word document (they wanted to lock certain cells...that's why I did in excel). Row 13 B-K are merged, Row 14 B-K are merged and so forth for rows 15, 16 and 29-39.

Attached is a copy of the sheet.


I have a query that brings in a bunch of fields; some of which are CLOB fields from an Oracle Database.
These clob fields are actually Text Boxes in the users' database.
My question is that when I return it to Excel, even with Word Wrap on (no merged cells), the word wrap stops after so many characters. I understand that to be an Excel thing. It only allows so many characters.
I was wondering if there is a way (macro possibly) that could automatically fix this.
My work around is to go into each cell I find that is not word wrapping properly and do some hard returns (Alt, Enter) where I see the word wrap stop. The workaround works; just when I have over 10,000 of these to have to go through, that's a little ridiculous. Any fixes out there?
Please help!!

I have a worksheet that has wrap text enabled on a column of cells and whenever I enter more text than will fit in a cell, it will word wrap to the next line, but it won't change the height of the cell (you have to click on the cell to see the entire contents).

Now I have another sheet I would like to do this on but I have been unable to replicate it. Whenever I enable word wrap, it automatically adjusts row height to fit the text in, which is not what I want.

Anyone know what to do?

I'm using Excel 2007, and am running into a formatting issue.

Lets say I have merged cells A2, A3, A4 & A5. I have also set the text to wrap, and set the row to Autoheight.

My problem is the merged cell does not automatically adjust in height. The text does wrap properly, and I can manually adjust the row height to display the text properly. If I unmerge the cells, the information in A2 does Wrap and AutoHeight correctly.

This has something to do with the merging of the cells.

I can take contents of the merged cell and place the value in another cell. Lets say in cell A10, I use a formula "=A2", if the cell width is set to the same as the merged cells it will format correctly. By that I mean cell A10 will wordwrap and Autoheight correctly, and with the height of the row changing, Now cell A2 display correctly. This is my current work around.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

Hi all,

Sometimes when I enter text into a cell it will appear as


even when there aren't that many characters (~150).

The wrap word is on, it's formatted as text, and I've resized the cell but nothing seems to work. The crazy thing is that on the same sheet, with the same formatting, I have cells with quite a bit more text and it shows up fine. I've searched around but all I can find are instances of a similar thing happening to merged cells but these aren't merged.

Has anyone experienced this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Easy one I hope! On my worksheet, I've merged two cells together, and clicked on wrap text. Yet when I type text into the cell, although the text does wrap, the cell doesn't automatically resize. How do I get it to do that?


Is there any way to wrap text in merged cells?

the wrap text property works fine if i have only a cell, but when i merge cells it doesn't work, i tried even with alt+enter, and still no wrapping ocurs.

Is there any way to do this?


I am having some problems with a text box not wrapping the text to fit it in a text box that shows 252 in width.

Is there another command that I can use in vba to make sure the text will wrap and fit in the text box?

Again thanks for any and all help.


Its well known that Format | Cells | Alignment allows one to force the text within a cell to wrap. Unfortunately, wrapping will wrap a word onto the next line without any hyphenation. Has anyone discovered a means of preventing a word from being split when it is wrapped?

I have a sheet with a cell (say A1) with multiple text lines, and this cell has
Wrap text set to ON (in Format Cells, Alligment). No problem here, the
text nicely wraps around as I enter more text.

However, I have another sheet that has to show the SAME text, and the
SAME format
as entered in A1 in the previouw sheet. When I enter a reference
to A1 in the other sheet, the text is shown, but it does NOT wrap around, although the Wrap text is set to ON here as well!!

Only when I set Wrap text manually OFF and ON again, the text
wraps around as expected. But I cannot expect the users of my sheet
to do this!! Closing and opening the file has the same effect, but this is
also not what one wants...

What must I do to get the Wrap text immediately executed in the cell that
has the reference to the other cell. To be very clear on this: both cells have
Wrap text set to ON!

Cheers, MIMU

Hi, In my spreadsheet I must have 7 columns in the first 20 rows. For the remaining rows below that I need only 4 columns.

So for rows 21 onwards, Columns 2 and 3 have to be merged to give me sufficient width for the text input. I can not have this text word wrap.

Columns 4 to 7 have to be merged to give me one cell for "lengthy comments". The comments can extend to as much as two or three lines so word wrap is essential here.

I copied this code below from a contributor whose name I can not remember so apologies for not acknowledging the source by name. It works fine except that: I enter short text in say row 25, merged column 2&3. I then enter longer text in row 25, merged column 4to7 and it wraps correctly.
Now I go back to merged column 2&3 and replace the contents, again with short text. The entire row height is now reduced to that of single line height which causes the text in row 25, merged column 4to7 to lose its wrap text feature.

Can the code be modified so that the row height always stays high enough to show the longest word wrapped text entry of the row?
Many thanks for any help.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim NewRwHt As Single
Dim cWdth As Single, MrgeWdth As Single
Dim c As Range, cc As Range
Dim ma As Range

With Target
If .MergeCells And .WrapText Then
Set c = Target.Cells(1, 1)
cWdth = c.ColumnWidth
Set ma = c.MergeArea
For Each cc In ma.Cells
MrgeWdth = MrgeWdth + cc.ColumnWidth
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
ma.MergeCells = False
c.ColumnWidth = MrgeWdth
NewRwHt = c.RowHeight
c.ColumnWidth = cWdth
ma.MergeCells = True
ma.RowHeight = NewRwHt
cWdth = 0: MrgeWdth = 0
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End If
End With
End Sub

I know this is normally a straight forward task but I am having difficulty because of the following:

When formatting a cell, it is straight forward to wrap your text and the cell increases in size to suit the wrap.

Problem - when I try to wrap text in multiple cells that have been merged together, I have to resize the cells to see the wrapped text.

Question - Is it possible to create a macro or similar that will solve my problem and automatically size my merged cells to view all wrapped text????


Many thanks


Hi there,

I have a paragraph of text I want to insert into the body of an email. No problem at all with the code and my macro works. Due to the length of the paragraph of text, however, I would like to word wrap it within the VBA editor for ease of reading/editing.

Based on a search, it would seem the solution to this has been posted many times to many forums. Looks like you just put a _ at the end of a line and start a new line, but I'm obviously missing something simple, as that doesn't work for me.

Would someone please take pity on this poor sod and show him how to word wrap a .Body "yadayadayada" line in VBA editor?

I would also like to create a line break within the body of text in the email - so I can write a second paragraph - as well as insert a couple of hyperlinks.

Thanks very much,

I have rows (B20:G20) to (B24:G24) merged. I want to type text in B20 and when it gets to the end of G20 to automatically flow into B21; and when it gets to G21 to automatically flow into row (B22:G22) and so on.

I can press enter at the end of lets say G20 and go to B21 but I have to be careful to limit the end of the text so it fits in B20:G20 so I want to automate this.

Basically I want a word wrap to the next row at the end of cell column G.

Merged cells formatted as 'wrap text' don't seem to automatically adjust the row height to display all the text entered in the same way that happens if the cells aren't merged.

Any way of getting it to do this?

Thanks for looking


Row AutoFit and Wrap Text formatting work with a single cell to show all the typed text by increasing the row height. However, they do not work with a merged cell.

Is there a way to get a row to AutoFit and Wrap Text on a merged cell?

I have pasted text from another source into an Excel worksheet and seen that where the text exceeds the column width, it is truncated so that it does not extend to the next (blank) cell to the right. This is actually a useful feature in those instances where I do not want wrap and its resulting extended row height (either through the wrap format or by pressing ALT+ENTER). But I have been able to replicate this "feature" only by formatting the text alignment as horizontal-->fill. This is perfect except for cells containing a single word, in which case the fill format will duplicate that word for the entire width of the cell. Thus entering the word "test" in a cell will appear as "testtesttesttest" if the column is wide enough.

So my question is: Is there a way to truncate the display of text that is longer than the cell width without wrapping it and increasing the row height - and without using the fill format?

when i copy a word wrapped set of text into a new textbox it unwraps it....

any ideas how i can set it so that it automatically copies the text box with the word wrap .......


Hi, I have a set of merged cells that is filled with text from other merged
cells using the Concatenate command with in IF statements.

Half way down the merge cells the text wrap stops working. Any ideas?