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Multiply Total Hours By Hourly Pay

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I'm trying to figure out what the formula is to multiply the total hours worked per week by their hourly pay for each individual. kind of like the
=Sum(I25:I32) Formula but I want to multiply the outcome of that formula by the hourly rate of 11.00, 15.00 and 16.00. Does anybody know how this can be done? If so I would greatly appreciate it.

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This is what I want to do:

Want to input the amount of hours I work every day.
Add all the hours up for each week and multiply it by my hourly wage to figure out what my gross total is.
Then, for every $100, I want it to deduct a certain amount (to roughly estimate for taxes).

I know how to do the first two, but I don't know how to do the last part. Is that possible?


doing a project spread sheet using custom format hh:mm to record volunteer
Problem 1 - volunteers who have contributed > 24 hours return the wrong
answer when hours totalled )i.e. seems to go back to zero when 24 hours
problem 2 how do I multiply the totla individual hours by the individual
hourly rates to obtain a total value?

Entering time values in custom format [h]:mm:ss
Cells accept hours over 23,
Adding cells in column returns correct total time.
Have not found a way to multiply these cells by a $ hourly rate.
So use HOUR(cell ref) and MINUTE(cell ref) to capture values in referenced
cell - then use these values to calculate total payment for $rate per hour.
However, the HOUR(cell ref) formula returns the hours in excess of 24 when
the cell contains an hour value in excess of 23 (ie 27 hours returns 3).

Hi everyone,

I'm using Excel to keep track of my hours at work, which is great. What I'd love to do is have the total hours multiplied by my hourly wage in another column, so I can know what to expect on my paycheck. I thought it was as simple as clicking another cell and choosing the Total Hours cell and multiplying it by the hourly wage but that doesn't seem to work.

My Total Hours cell (E4) is formatted using [h]:mm:ss. If I try and simply multiply, like =E4*wage, I get an odd number, that I think is formatted as time. If I try to change it to currency, I get a really small number like $10.78, and it's the same result if I switch the formatting to General or just Number.

What am I doing wrong? What formula am I supposed to use, or am I using the wrong formatting?

Any help or insight would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!
- K

Hiya. I haven't used Excel in awhile, and have forgotten what I assume has to be an easy formula for figuring out gross income in my table. I do have it calculating the hours worked minus lunch, and totalling that for one number (e.g. 31:50) and now need to multiply that by rate of pay ($15/hr). I'd even like to make it more complicated and have the total hours per week calcuated, then have a column for whatever overtime (over 40:00) and multiply the up-to-40 hours times $15, and anything over that times $22.50, then add all that together........

If anyone can give me a hand, that'd be great. Thanks in advance!

(I'll edit this in a minute after I review the "how to copy/paste your excel grid into posts without it looking ridiculous" for a sample... thanks!)

Hello All,

I am new to the site and have a question for you experts. I havent used EXCEL in a long time & recently decided to take a class to refresh my skills.

I have a problem that I must do and i know this is a really simple IF/THEN statement, but I just cant get it to work. I have cut/pasted the prob below...

A. Your spreadsheet must allow you to change figures that are given and still get the correct answer. Examples are tax rates, and hourly pay.
B. Employees are paid as either salaried or hourly, as indicated by the pay code. If the employee is salaried, the gross pay equals the pay rate. If the employee is hourly, gross pay is calculated by multiplying their hourly pay rate by the number of hours. However, if an hourly employee goes over 40 hours he gets 1.5 times his pay rate for the hours over 40. For this section use an IF statement.

Pay Code 1 - Hourly
Pay Code 2 - Salaried

This is where I get hagged up...I have the whole sheet set-up but CANNOT get the IF statement to work. I need to have one IF statement (maybe one imbedded in another) to calculate overtime if the employee has gone over 40 hours, i.e 41 in my problem.

How can I set up 1 formula to calculate the salraried employees pay as well calculate the hourly employees pay including overtime and ONLY have to change the hours and no other info in the sheet>

Can some one please guide me!?!?!?

Thanks in advance...

I have created a simple times sheet. When I multiply the total number of hours worked by the pay rate it for some reason treats the pay rate as a rate for 24 hours, ie. if its 36 hours multiplied by $10 it gives me $15 as the answer, when of course it should be $360.

Now, I can solve it by multiplying the result by 24, but can someone please explain why this is happening and what mistake I might be making?

Using MS Excel 97.

Need help with writing a formula.

I have the following three (3) columns in a worksheet used to calculate labor-cost estimates for construction.

Emp Type



There are twenty (20) employee types (Emp Type). Each has a different hourly pay rate. Three (3) examples are shown. The employee types are designated using a coded combination of letters and numbers. This "code" is necessary for employee privacy purposes.

GF = General Forman @ 41.06 per hourly rate.
FM = Forman @ 39.51 per hourly rate.
LAB = Laborer @ 17.11 per hourly rate.

I wish to simply enter in the first column the >>Emp Type<<. Into the second column the >>Hours<<. The >>Amt<< colunm will calculate and display the result.

It seems to me that giving the >>Emp Type<< a "name" that refers to the hourly rate is the simplest result. How can I do this? I have tried the Insert, Name, Define menu options to no avail. I continue to get a #VALUE! error message.

Thank you,

Hi, I have created a Time sheet to work out hours worked but need to create a
column to show unpaid breaks, if they have worked more than 5 hours, in the
following format 00:30 ( = 30 minutes unpaid break) and then a Formula to
show total paid hours as per below. Can anyone help please;
A1 = 14:00 (Start Time)
A2 = 22:00 (End Time)
A3 = 08:00 (Total Hours worked)
A4 = 00:30 (unpaid break) FORMULA FOR A4 REQUIRED
A5 = 07:30 (Paid hours)
A6 = £8.00 (Hourly rate)
A7 = Total Pay (Paid Hours)

I hope there is an easier way to calculate the following in excel:

I am endeavoring to determine the weighted hourly rate of pay to determine the 75th percentile for a market wage rate study.

Example of data
3 hours at $45, 160 hours at $25, 900 hours at $65. (this is 3 examples of hour associated with rates that need to be included in the formula.) I need to count each rate individually times the hours that are available at that rate.

My hope is that there is a way to do this without having to manually list the $45 rate 3 x's in a column, $25 rate 160 x's in same column and $65 900 times in same column to then be able to formulate the statistic percentage in column count at 0.75.

Bottomeline issue is need hours in one column where each different rate is accounted for times the number of hours that need to be weighted for the rate.
Thanks for any insight for better way to do this!!!!

Evening All,

I'm after some help with time and pick rate calculations please.

I have a range of pickers that start at 06:00 and finish at 14:30 -- they have a total of a 1 hour break in between.

I have a total figure for each picker of what they have picked - but I need to work out what the hourly rate is -- maybe it's me going mad or that it is getting late, but the couple of formulas I have tried don't seem to work.

Amy and all help gratefully appreciated.



I've created a spreadsheet to track billable hours, but am having trouble
with the totals.

Example: I have a cell which calculates the total number of hours, but then
I need to multiply the hours by the dollar per hour to get a total dollar
amount. Please help! :-)


Basically I am working on a timesheet where the person has basic contracted hrs of work.{17:30-20:45) Now if he works outside of those hrs he receives overtime {M20}. If he starts work after 17:30 he will still get paid from 17:30.

I have put together a formula but I don't know if it is correct, in fact I think it's wrong {although it still works} it is not giving me exactly what I want.
I would like a formula lets use cell P20, that calculates hrs worked before 20:00hrs bearing in mind that if the start time is after 17:30 they will still be paid from 17:30, but must also include start times before 17:30. {I created a "hidden" column {G} with 20:00 in the cell as I could not figure out any other way to do it. But then 20:00 is automatically in cell P20 until hrs worked are inserted then the figure changes, where I would prefer it to be blank to begin with. Is there a simple way of doing it?

I would also like the figure to be in a number format instead of, so 2.5 instead of 2:30. In my formula I have had to multiply 2:30 by 24 to get to the correct total amount.

I have attached a sample of the sheet I am working on...

I have had no training in formulae so I am trying to use logic and work them out myself.. to my own detriment I reckon. But at least I am trying.


I have created a payroll which i need to create and i've got most set up.
i need to know how i can take D2 times it by 150% from E2 and give me the
result to G2.

Ok to say it simpler
Overtime hours is in D2. Normal hourly rate is in E2 and overtime earned is
in G2
overtime payment is at the rate of 150% of the normal hourly rate. How can i
create such a formula to give the results in G2?

Hi everybody.

I just joined and have a question about auto filling a formula that references cells from another worksheet. I started a new job and get paid different rates for different job classifications. I want to keep track of my hours with job classification and its rates.

I have set up a data entry sheet called "Bridge Hours and Tips" to enter my time in, time out, job classification, etc. I am using data validation to enter the job classification.

I have created a summary sheet where I use sumif to add up all the hours of certain job classifications and multiply that by that classification's hourly rate. I have the formula working well but can't auto fill the formula because it won't recognize the pattern. (There's no reason that it should since I'm only moving one row on the summary sheet but 7 rows on the data entry sheet.)

I am using Windows XP and Excel 2007. Here is the formula that I need to copy down the rows of my summary page:

=SUMIF('Bridge Hours and Tips'!D14:D20,$G$3,'Bridge Hours and Tips'!E14:E20) --this is in cell G7 of my summary sheet--

=SUMIF('Bridge Hours and Tips'!D21:D27,$G$3,'Bridge Hours and Tips'!E21:E27) --this is in cell G8 of my summary sheet--

=SUMIF('Bridge Hours and Tips'!D28:D34,$G$3,'Bridge Hours and Tips'!E28:E34) --this is in cell G9 of my summary sheet--

The first range is looking up the job classification, the $G$3 references the classification I'm calculating, and the last range is the hours worked at that classification. It returns the total hours worked at the specified job classification.

The formula needs to move 7 rows each time but when I copy it down it doesn't follow the pattern and I have to enter the new rows manually.

How can I adjust my formula so Excel moves the cell references 7 rows down for each new row? I've tried the offset and index functions to no avail.

Sorry this is so long. Thanks for the help.

How do I create a formula for the following situation?

I am basically converting a series of amounts some in £ some in Euros to USD. I have two cells that have the conversion rate in them ready>

I then have data like this>>

UK 22
UK 55
UK 66

What i want to do is the column after the numbers, multiply them by one of the conversion rate, but the UK ones only by the £ to USD, and the rest to EUR to USD.

so syntax is something like
=IF A1 contains UK then multiply B1 by conversion 1 else multiply by conversion 2.

any ideas?

Hi there.

I am working on a schedule to work with an hourly budget. I was wondering if there is a way to type in hours for an employee to work and have it totaled at the bottom of the column for what day is worked.

Schedule Date 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Employee 12-8 Employee 9-5 11-730 Employee Employee 8-4 2-1030 Employee 12-8 Total hours: 8 8 16 8.5 8.5

This is an example of what I mean. The problem I run into is I am unable to tally up all the hours or create a formula for excel to understand that 12-8 is 8 hours. I would really prefer to not have to type in the actual time either. (8:00AM-4:00PM, 12:00PM-8:00PM)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I'm trying to multiply the hours I work by the amount per hour
I make. My "hours worked" cells are formatted "7:03" hours.

When I multiply by the amount I make I get a weird decimal.

In addition when I format more than 4 cells with the above hour
format I get a decimal that is not an accurate account of my hours.

Can anyone detail a simple formula for mutilplying hours by dollars.

Joshua SF Bay Area

I am trying to create a worksheet where I can enter my start & end times and
then use that figure to calculate my hourly fee in dollars. I have separate
columns for the start & end times, another column that calculates what the
difference between those is (but it shows it in h:mm format), so I have
another column that converts that to a decimal (using the INT function), a
column that has the hourly fee & a column for the final rate. Is there a way
to eliminate the extra column with the h:mm format?

Hope this is the correct forum to use!

I have a sheet that already has the total hours worked out (A1=date; B1=Day; C1=Start time; D1=End Time; E1=Total Hours; F1=Lunch 1/2 hour; G1=Total hours worked in that day). I now need a IF formula that can work out, per day, any hours above the regular 8 hours and any hours below the regular 8 hours and then at the end of the column SUM all the row values to give a total of what the actual overtime would be.

Hi - I'm setting up a timesheet to keep track of start-stop times for a project by Day - Col C & D store start and stop time for activities.
ex: 8:00 10:30
Col E formula is =Dx-Cx which results in hh:mm ex: 1:15 or 1:30

I want to convert the 1:15 into decimal value i.e. 1.25 or 1.5 in order to multiply by hourly rate.

Haven't found anyhelp in search

I need help please in creating a formula for the following purpose:
I need to subtract a fixed time value of 10:00 from a given time value figure (NN:00) from a cell (A1) then multiply the result by 1.5 and then add the 10:00 hours and finally multiply the final result by 1234

I am new to the forum and sadly, not a great Excel user I am however trying to create a time sheet for a template and am having the hardest time. I can't find examples on the web or anything that would help, so I bring my troubles, humblely to you all!

What I am attempting to do is to allow the attorney's to enter a start time and an end time. In the total section, it would calculate the total time spent (to the tenth of the hour) and then multiply that time spent by the hourly rate, thus giving the attorney the amount to bill for. Seems simple, right? Ha!

Any suggestions would be wonderous at this point as I now have brain leaking from my ears!


Probably really easy (as usual with me!!!)

I am creating a timesheet, but I need to make it as quick and easy to enter as possible!!!

When people enter their hours I get them to do it in 24hr format, fine. BUT my problem is coming when I'm working out wages etc

I can get the user to enter 09:00 (start time) and 17:30 (end time) but then the cell works out the hours (cell 2-cell1) gives 8.30 in time format when I need it to show 8.5 (total hours worked)

This means when it goes to work out wages, it takes 8.5*hourly rate not 8.3!!

Hope that make sense! HELP

In our State hours need to tally up to 40 hours before an employee gets paid overtime. My Excel spreadsheet currently adds up overtime daily (I have an OT column). Here is a sample of my columns:

Date/Notes Start Lunch Out Lunch In End Total Hours Worked Hours Regular Hours OT Hours $/Hr Reg $ OT $ Total Pay Period Total
I need to break this sheet into weeks. But we are looking for a formula that will compute OT after 40 hrs that will work in one week.
Here are the formulas I am using; Total Hours =(F4-C4+(F4