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Put Form Fields In Word Forms Into An Excel Spreadsheet?

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I have multiple Microsoft Word 2002 forms with the data in form fields. I
would like to convert the data into Excel 2002 so that the data from text1,
text3, etc., are placed in an Excel table with each document's form fields in
a line of Excel. I hope to be able to import the Excel Spreadsheet into
Quickbooks 2005 as invoice data.

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Similar Topics

I have two word form documents and a letter that I need populated with the same basic data. The forms are secured, with only the form fields (text, dates, checkboxes) fillable. The document is open.

I need to find a way to pull the info from a single source xls file and populate both forms' fields and the word document. I can probably do this via bookmarks; however, I have to admit that I'm not sure how.

I'm not even sure if I will have to use vba to do it. But any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi guys,

Someone has asked me to look at adding a bit of automation to a Word form and add some functionality to it to transfer some of the data on it to an Excel file. Basically I don't have a clue where to start so was hoping for a bit of advice.

The form currently is made up of text and fields from the Forms toolbar and comprises a few drop downs, some checkboxes and a bunch of text form fields.

As a minimum what I have been asked to do is when the form is opened by specific individuals a button is available that when clicked will transfer the data from 5 of the text form fields to the next available line on an existing Excel spreadsheet.

I guess my questions a How straightforward is this to achieve Can it be done using Form Fields or do I need to change to items from the Control Toolbox Are there any resources out there that can point me in the right direction as my knowledge of Word VBA is almost non-existent and having searched I can't really find anything that looks like it does the same as what I'm after Any suggestions appreciated.



I would like to import a number of (the same) Word documents in Excel using VBA.
Clients who place an order, fill in a Word document in which various form fields are defined.
After that they e-mail the Word document to me.

I would like to to collect these Word documents, and import the data filled in the form fields
in an Excel database using VBA.

Is there an easy way to do this ?
Who can help me solve this problem ?



First off let me say I apologize for not keeping my Microsoft Office skills
up to par. I just spent a few hours making a very nice-looking, printable
member registration form using Excel. Unfortunately, I now want to be able to
convert it to PDF, and make it so that the answer fields are editable in the
PDF. ...but don't see how. Is there a way to do that using Excel? (I suppose
my first problem is that I need help inserting editable form fields into
excel worksheets? It seems to me I used to be able to do that, but I have
completely forgotten to do that. I can in Word...but copying and pasting to
Word only ruins my otherwise lovely registration form. Should I be
'exporting' or something?).



I need help with this unique problem.

I have 2 excel spreadhseets.

Spreadsheet 1: This has a form where people enter data, hit a create button and a word document is created using some of the data they put in. This workbook has 3 worksheets. Sheet 1 is the form, sheet 2 is the data which is used to populate parts of the form (using Vlookup) and sheet 3 has the final letter, which is converted to a word document using a VBA Macro.

Spreadsheet 2: This is a spreadsheet that has only headings right now. I want to make it so that when I hit the "Create" button from spreadsheet 1, it not only creates the word document, but that some fields from the form as well as sheet 3 are copied here. So basically create a new row, and copy that data over here.

Is that possible? I've been searching online all day for VBA codes to help me with this but can't find any. Thanks.

I had clients fill out forms I created using form fields. Each client turned
in a different form. I had word convert these to plain text files (saving
only the form field data) and want all this information in Excel. It seems
a)I can only import one txt file at a time and b) it won't let me import more
than one txt file's info into one worksheet. I've seen some posts similar to
this problem but may not be advanced as some of the responses require. Any
ideas? For future use should I learn how to do xml documents?

So I keep a spreadsheet data that needs to be submitted at various times during the year. When we submit the data it needs to be place into a basic form that was built in excel. The forms have about 15 different fields that need to be filled in the form for each submission and we probably submit about 200+ forms a year.

Instead of typing in the information for each form for each submission can I make excel automatically fill in the information from the data sheet already in excel?

Ideally I would love to be able to pick a row of data, hit print and out prints the form completely filled out.

Any ideas?

I currently have two user forms to populate one master data sheet. We process refunds for patients and insurance companies. One form is for patient data to be entered the other is for the Insurance refunds however both go to one master data sheet. I would like to include to the patient form two seperate form letters to be populated with selected criteria when entered in the user form, a button to print each of those forms, then clear the forms when print is complete. Same with the insurance form.

Example: User form for Patients has 14 fields. 10 of those fields must go to the master spreadsheet, 6 of the 14 go to the patient letter & 5 fields to the Patient Form. All done with one time entry into the user form. When data is complete a button currently on the form is selected and populates the master. I would like a button to use to "Print Patient Letter" and one to "Print Patient Form" When the User form is cleared after the last of the three buttons is selected I would also like that to clear the Pring Patient Form and Print Patient Letter for the next Patient to be entered.

I currently have the function to populate the master and using it just fine however would like to eliminate multiple times of data entry into three different forms. Using the user forms also eliminates "user error" on non-experienced users in excel for us.

Any help and or advice is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

I have a bunch of MS Word forms that have fields I want to pull and
populate an Excel file. Is there any way to do this?? The Word forms
are all the same, just the fields in it were filled out by different
companies with different information.

I would like to creat multiple text fields --- much like a memo field ---
across several columns and rows.....say from A50 to S80 so that
I can write free form notes for review when I print the spread sheet
in hard copy form.

I have formatted all fields from A50 to S80 as text fields, however,
when I type in information it is all visible only in A50.

Is there a way to make a memo field that will cover a wide area which
would allow for free forms notes much like the information I am typing
here in this message?


Hi - I wonder if anyone could help me?

Basically, I have an application form, which I email out for people to complete and return to me. The form is one I inherited - ie I did not build it and do not know how it works: all I know is that it is locked for editing except for form fields for people to fill in the relevant information.

When I get these application forms back, I then need to enter this information into an Excel spreadsheet, so that all of the information for all applicants is stored together.

This would be a fairly simple spreadsheet, with column headers such as Reference (the unique identifier), name, location etc etc - basically, all the information asked for in the application form.

Is there a way that I can build a spreadsheet to tell it to 'look' in the right place in each application form document to populate itself with this information - so that I don't have to manually copy and paste? Ie, I want to suck the information automatically from the application form into Excel.

I know that I could redo the form in Excel or something to negate this problem, but unfortunately this is not currently an immediate option as it is already in use for this particular round - whilst I can do this in the future, for now I must stick with the original form.

Any help that anyone might be able to offer will be much appreciated.


Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone knows of a way that I would be able to populate a simple Word document multiple times, using lines of data from an Excel spreadsheet? I've looked up similar threads and tried some possible solutions without much luck.

Here are the details:

I'm using Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 and have a Word template with 4 different info fields that I would like to auto populate using the data I have in an Excel spreadsheet.

The Excel spreadsheet contains four columns and each one is named to correspond to one of the 4 info fields I want populated in the Word document. There are 76 rows of data (4 columns for each row) in my spreadsheet and I want each row to automatically populate one Word template so that I have 76 filled out Word templates in all, each containing the data from its one respective row in the Excel spreadsheet. Is there a way to do this without coding in VBA? I've considered mail merge but I'm not sure it's possible to use it without using a preexisting mail merge template.

I've attached a sample excel data sheet along with a sample of the Word templates I'd be trying to populate using the rows from the Excel sheet.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help

I have an excel sheet with 3 columns: First Name, Last Name and Company name. We have a Form in Word, that requires these 3 fields to be populated - what I am trying to do is create a macro in Excel to copy the info from the 3 cells into the 3 fields on the form, but I can't get Excel to recognize the Word document when I am using the Record Macro function. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What I have got is a word document and an excel document.

The excel document is used to enable a userform which a person can fill out.

The word document is used for the details of the user form in excel to be transferred to the word document.

I have created the forms and the word template and i am looking for a way the following can be done when the "SAVE" button is clicked on the user form in excel.

1) Have the details from the user form transferred into the word document at the top where the corresponding headers are.

2) The word document file name automatically created(using the issue title in the user form) and inserted into the excel sheet under issues for it to be reopen and viewed in Microsoft word.

I know it would be simpler to have all this in one form but the idea is to get someone to fill out the issue only then someone of higher authority can update the issue's progress but still allowing the issue creator( or any one else) the access to re-open it and see the updates in a read only format in word.

complicated i know but that's how its got to be.

attached are the word doc and the excel doc

(See attached file: Issues Log new.doc)(See attached file: new sample issues log.xls)


Hello all,

This question was at the end of another thread, but I felt it more appropriate to re-title it and put it under a new thread because the original question doesn't really apply anymore.

I have the interesting task of exporting each rows value in Excel to a particular field in Word. I have attached a workbook to show what I mean.

I have text totals on a single worksheet and need a way to do the following...

1. Somehow, with code say



"If column A3 says "Chunky Closed", column C3 should say "FIELD 01"
"If column A4 says "Chunky Dented", column C4 should say "FIELD 02"

etc, etc for all 18 columns, using columns E & F as a reference to the Word Document.

2. Somehow, through code from Excel or code from Word, both, or the next best way, (mail merge maybe?) put the totals from B into the Word document, using column C to index or match it.

Questions I pondered myself while thinking about this

>Can Excel/Excel VBA open up Word, if yes, a particular document?
>Can Excel or Word exchange desired areas of text/totals through code?
>If yes, can Excel tell Word to close and save the document under a new name?

Picture the Word Document like a letter that you "TAB" through. Basically, I have a letter and just inserted 18 text form fields and then locked these form fields with the lock button on the Form toolbar. I suppose I should've put "Text Form Field" in the workbook instead of "Field" but at least now you know.

If something other than text form fields should be there instead so that Excel and Word can speak correctly, no problem. I'd be happy to change them from Text Form Fields to anything...such as a FIELD for example. I'm not sure the best route for that.

Thanks much!

I am an excel novice and need some help with how to use excel to fill out word docs.
For work, I have two forms that I currently fill out by hand with some of the same information on each form. I am trying to figure out how I can use excel to "autopopulate" the fields of the two forms. ie, type in the address to a cell on excel and have it pop up on both word forms. This would save me a ton of time. Any thoughts?

I need to "copy" a Word Document to Excel and make what prints from Excel look exactly like the word document along with data from specific worksheets. What we do now where I work is we have an official form (the word doc) and many attachments (the Excel workbook) I enter data on the first sheet and depending on which attachment is needed I put the proper forms in the printer then go to the corresponding worksheet, hit the print button, then go to the word doc put it the same data and print that. It word be great if I could get everything to print from one application and make it look like the original forms.

Any Ideas???

Hello & Merry Christmas to everyone!

I have a bit of a problem whilst trying to populate information i enter onto a userform in excel onto a Word Document using form fields

The userform has 6 text boxes which when 'Save' is pressed it saves the information to the spreadsheet, it also populates onto a template word document.

All of my form fields work apart from one, if i type say 10 words it does transfer, any more and it doesnt.

Any idea how i can get this to work properly?


First off I am using excel 2000. My admin at work says there are limitations to the new versions so he wont upgrade us. For-instance there is file size limit in newer version of excel. I am also windows xp pro and using a duel core with 2 gigs of memory.
Anyway I have this excel spreadsheet I created that is protected and has a password. I only have about 15 fields that are unprotected. that I fill in.

Some times I forget to fill some of those fields in and leave the old data. Is there a way to clear all of the fields that are unprotected each time I open the spreadsheet?
I also want to have a drop down form field option. Where I can add an city state zip in over and over again. I know how to do this in word but cant figure it out in excel.

I am relatively new to Access. I am just getting started with using forms to allow users to update data.

I have a form that is based on a table in my database. I need to do a couple of things:

1: I need to run two queries to update the table before it gets loaded in the form. In Excel, I would link this event to a Workbook open function, is there something similar in Access. It is important because the update will find the new records from the SQL database and insert them in the table in Access.

2: Three fields will be calculated on the form based on three other fields. I am converting KG to LB and adjusting costs. I would like the calculations to be conditional. That is if the number is greater than 0, then do the calculation, if not leave it alone.

Finally, I am sure that there is a way to update the data that is on the form into the table. If someone can point me to that I would appreciate it.

I am going to use the package solution option in the developer tool kit to allow users that do not have Access, the ability to update the table.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Is there an easy way to setup a user form in excel 2007 ?
Ideally the column headers would serve as a table or data list,which would then become the fields in the form.
The primary purpose is to have the form used for data entry & also act as a basis for searching the records.
Once the data has been entered into a new form this would have to be saved into the data sheet on the next available vacant row.
Can this be acheived in excel or am I just wishful thinking ? any help would be appreciated.


I have a excel based 'Purchase Order' form. Until now, my staff has been entering details on an open excel sheet which has too many problems such as over writing previously entered date, empty cells, etc

I was hoping to get some help writing a macro to create a form (attached file) with the below conditions.

1) The moment all fields in the attached forms are entered and the submit button is clicked, the data is moved to the purchase_listing and this form becomes blank and ready for the next entry.
2) Its mandatory for the person to fill all fields otherwise the submit button should give an error.
3) Lastly (perhaps the most difficult), P.O # should be an automated serial #. Hence when one form is submitted and the # is 213, the next form should automatically have # 214. However (here is the twist), if on a given date, even though 2 forms are filled at differing times but for the SAME SUPPLIER, the P.O # should be the same. The purchase_list has some draft examples.
4) I am assuming the macro will have no conflict if i have filters for some of the fields so that its drop down to choose from.

Thanks, your help is much appreciated.


I have built a spreadsheet to record data for development of complex
accounting consulting project. There is a data entry spreadsheet, a few
sheets that fill out internal forms, and multiple sheets for complex
caluations. I have a 3 page text heavy engagement letter that I want to have
filled out automatically from the data entry and calculations. I tried to
build it in a worsheet but it tells me the formula is to large when I include
blocks of text and the references to data fields.

So I tried embeding a word object, but I can't figure out how to input the
fields into the letter. I have searched help but have not found anything yet.

Any Suggestions?

Please help!

Hi All
Does anybody know how to add form fields dynamically in a word document using excel macros.Using excel macros i can create a new word document and insert simple text into it ...but i want to insert form fields in that document.

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your help!

I am creating a form in Excel 2007 in which the user will enter data for around 20 individuals (in an interview setting). However, there are several demographic fields which I would like to have pre-populated for the user to be able to review before actually starting the interview/data entry process. (These data are already entered into a spreadsheet). Is there a way to allow the user to first choose which individual to enter data for, and to have the already-existing person-specific demographic data pre populate in a visually friendly way on the form before the user begins filling out the remaining fields on the form?