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Put Form Fields In Word Forms Into An Excel Spreadsheet?

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I have multiple Microsoft Word 2002 forms with the data in form fields. I
would like to convert the data into Excel 2002 so that the data from text1,
text3, etc., are placed in an Excel table with each document's form fields in
a line of Excel. I hope to be able to import the Excel Spreadsheet into
Quickbooks 2005 as invoice data.

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Similar Topics

I have two word form documents and a letter that I need populated with the same basic data. The forms are secured, with only the form fields (text, dates, checkboxes) fillable. The document is open.

I need to find a way to pull the info from a single source xls file and populate both forms' fields and the word document. I can probably do this via bookmarks; however, I have to admit that I'm not sure how.

I'm not even sure if I will have to use vba to do it. But any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi guys,

Someone has asked me to look at adding a bit of automation to a Word form and add some functionality to it to transfer some of the data on it to an Excel file. Basically I don't have a clue where to start so was hoping for a bit of advice.

The form currently is made up of text and fields from the Forms toolbar and comprises a few drop downs, some checkboxes and a bunch of text form fields.

As a minimum what I have been asked to do is when the form is opened by specific individuals a button is available that when clicked will transfer the data from 5 of the text form fields to the next available line on an existing Excel spreadsheet.

I guess my questions a How straightforward is this to achieve Can it be done using Form Fields or do I need to change to items from the Control Toolbox Are there any resources out there that can point me in the right direction as my knowledge of Word VBA is almost non-existent and having searched I can't really find anything that looks like it does the same as what I'm after Any suggestions appreciated.



I would like to import a number of (the same) Word documents in Excel using VBA.
Clients who place an order, fill in a Word document in which various form fields are defined.
After that they e-mail the Word document to me.

I would like to to collect these Word documents, and import the data filled in the form fields
in an Excel database using VBA.

Is there an easy way to do this ?
Who can help me solve this problem ?



I have re-created our employment application as a Word fill-in form which will be available on our website. After filling-in the form, users will 'submit' the form to my mailbox and, from there, the forms will be directed to a folder on my network drive.

I would like to export the data in the form fields on the applications to an excel spreadsheet based on which checkboxes are checked (indicating which position the applicant is applying for).

We get hundreds of applications for our seasonal positions. So, I would like to process multiple 'files' (applications) all at once. I'm thinking this could be a macro in the Excel spreadsheet.

The data fields on the application form are things like: name, address, SS#, etc. The applicants would choose a job: concessions, general labor, parking, etc. and DEPENDING ON WHICH JOB THEY SELECT, their info would be sent to that spreadsheet. Spreadsheets would be named for the different jobs: [IE: "concessions", "Parking"]

Any help would be REALLY appreciated. I am using Word/Excel 2003 and Windows XP.

Hi! First post for me. I need to be able to transfer a word based form containing fields into an excel based form. I have thought of doing a copy from the word form into excel which will capture the fieldnames but the fields are not in the same column, unfortunately. Then I am trying to copy the fields from the intermediate spreadsheet into a nicely formatted form but do not know where to start.

Alternatively, perhaps I could transfer the fields directly from word into the new form in excel without the intermediate step. Any ideas on either option.

Oh yes I am using word and excel 2003.

ok, so here is the deal.
I have a web based form with a variety of variable fields in it, The info for these fields is stored in an excel spread sheet.
What I need to do is make the fields on the form searchable for data on the spreadsheet.
Simple enough... no, not for me.

So if html form fields are named: a_vari, b_vari, c_vari
and they relate to the spreadsheet columns a_exc, b_exc, c_exc
and the spreadsheet has 25 rows of searchable data

how would I go about making a search function so that you can search for any of the fields and return the data into the form in the correct spaces.

The name of the html page is test.html
form name: pulldata

Make sense?

Thanks in advance.

First off let me say I apologize for not keeping my Microsoft Office skills
up to par. I just spent a few hours making a very nice-looking, printable
member registration form using Excel. Unfortunately, I now want to be able to
convert it to PDF, and make it so that the answer fields are editable in the
PDF. ...but don't see how. Is there a way to do that using Excel? (I suppose
my first problem is that I need help inserting editable form fields into
excel worksheets? It seems to me I used to be able to do that, but I have
completely forgotten to do that. I can in Word...but copying and pasting to
Word only ruins my otherwise lovely registration form. Should I be
'exporting' or something?).



I have a word doc (2010) which I have contractors fill in and email me. In the document (depending on the version), it can be up to 10 tables. None of the field are form fields
I want to extract all the data in the tables in to an excel spreadsheet (inclulding the table headers).

I have looked at old posts but haven't been able to find anything that seems to work with what I have, they either don't run or hang or only extract 1 table only.

Since realising my mistakes I have created a form with form fields and a macro in my spreadsheet that extracts the data just the way I want it, but I have about 150 documents that I need to get the data from.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, I'm a confident Excel VBA user but not when it comes to Word VBA, hopefully someone can help me out.

I have a sheet in Excel, each row in the sheet contains record of data.
In Word I have a page with 'text form fields' (the greyish boxes like the ones at the top of this page). Each has a bookmark like Text1, Text2 etc.

What I'm looking for is some code in Excel which will open the Word doc then copy cell A1 to Text1, A2 to Text2 and so on.

It won't always be A1 to Text1, A2 to Text2 etc. so this can't be looped as I need to decide which cell links to which text field.

Code for deciding which row to copy & linking this to a macro button I can do myself, it's just the copy to text form fields I can't figure out.

Any ideas?


I need help with this unique problem.

I have 2 excel spreadhseets.

Spreadsheet 1: This has a form where people enter data, hit a create button and a word document is created using some of the data they put in. This workbook has 3 worksheets. Sheet 1 is the form, sheet 2 is the data which is used to populate parts of the form (using Vlookup) and sheet 3 has the final letter, which is converted to a word document using a VBA Macro.

Spreadsheet 2: This is a spreadsheet that has only headings right now. I want to make it so that when I hit the "Create" button from spreadsheet 1, it not only creates the word document, but that some fields from the form as well as sheet 3 are copied here. So basically create a new row, and copy that data over here.

Is that possible? I've been searching online all day for VBA codes to help me with this but can't find any. Thanks.

I have a datatable in 2003. From the main menu, I selected Data and then Forms... and, sure enough, Excel created a form based on the fields in my table. My question is this: I would like to take the form that Excel created, and make some changes, such as excluding some fields, and moving entry areas around. I would also like the form to be located in another worksheet.

Is there a way to do this? At least to move the form to another worksheet? If not then I guess I will have to create the form from scratch. Am I right to assume that I would do this by using the controls on the Control toolbar? Can this all be done without macros?

I would appreciate any one who can point me in the right direction.



I had clients fill out forms I created using form fields. Each client turned
in a different form. I had word convert these to plain text files (saving
only the form field data) and want all this information in Excel. It seems
a)I can only import one txt file at a time and b) it won't let me import more
than one txt file's info into one worksheet. I've seen some posts similar to
this problem but may not be advanced as some of the responses require. Any
ideas? For future use should I learn how to do xml documents?

So I keep a spreadsheet data that needs to be submitted at various times during the year. When we submit the data it needs to be place into a basic form that was built in excel. The forms have about 15 different fields that need to be filled in the form for each submission and we probably submit about 200+ forms a year.

Instead of typing in the information for each form for each submission can I make excel automatically fill in the information from the data sheet already in excel?

Ideally I would love to be able to pick a row of data, hit print and out prints the form completely filled out.

Any ideas?

Could anyone recommend a means of importing data from an excel spreadsheet into a word form, and have the data populate particular fields?
for example: cell b3 needs to fill in the "first name" field in the word file, etc.
Thx for the help

Hey all,

I'm in the middle of creating a database and one of my tables has too many fields for a form. I split the fields into 6 forms and so far I have been able to make buttons that will go to the next form and keep all the data as needed (fills out on one line on the table). This was all going very well until I decided I might want a back button. I realized that the only logical way to do this was to go forwards until the end then restart from the beginning, and this is where my problem is.

If I use a query for the first form then when I go into that form from the switch board (without the last form open) to edit a record it brings up the "Enter Parameter Value" box. If the user leaves it blank and presses ok then it brings up all the records so they can select one. Is there any way of skipping this box so that it just brings up the records without the box popping up?

Or can anybody think of a better way to do this?



Using Excel 2010 today.

I have 150+ columns and 300 rows of loan data. I need to pull certain fields (columns have unique data field names) from the Excel sheet to populate a Word form for each loan.

Do I use a Macro? A formula? How do I get those defined fields and data for each loan to the form?

I built a Word form using the Developer feature and the Rich Text box option. Is there a better option for this process?

I recently got a new computer at work that includes Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Word 2003. I'm having formatting issues with a mail merge document that worked correctly on my older computer with the previous version of Word (2000 I believe). The data in the Excel spreadsheet that is the source for the mail merge includes several fields with percentages and decimals. These figures are not merging into Word in the correct format, and even with using the switches suggested in Word are not working. I know there should be a way to have the fields on the Word document format correctly so I don't have to go through the whole Excel spreadsheet and convert numbers to import properly. For example, one Excel column is a percentage, say 100%, and in the merged Word document it comes out as 1. I've tried the recommended switches \# #.##%, \# 0.00%, and even \# "#.##%" in the merge field, but the result keeps coming out as 1.00%. This is the case with any of the merge fields pulling a percentage in, the result in Word is coming out as the decimal version of the percentage (ie 15.76% in the Excel worksheet imports as .16%, 37.65% imports a .38%). If there is a way to do this without changing the values in the Excel spreadsheet I would love to know how to do it, as I'm concerned about data integrity issues if I have to go through and convert the numbers on the Excel sheet.

I have an Access DB connected to tables using ODBC. For some reason none of the fields on my Staff form are visible. I can see them in Design View, but not in Form View.

I checked the Visible properties for the Detail section and the form fields. I even tried to set a field visible using VBA.

Everything was fine until I changed the forms Recordset Type to Dynaset (Inconsistent Updates). I tried changing it back to Dynaset, but the fields are still not visible.

I am using Access 2002.

Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance.

I currently have two user forms to populate one master data sheet. We process refunds for patients and insurance companies. One form is for patient data to be entered the other is for the Insurance refunds however both go to one master data sheet. I would like to include to the patient form two seperate form letters to be populated with selected criteria when entered in the user form, a button to print each of those forms, then clear the forms when print is complete. Same with the insurance form.

Example: User form for Patients has 14 fields. 10 of those fields must go to the master spreadsheet, 6 of the 14 go to the patient letter & 5 fields to the Patient Form. All done with one time entry into the user form. When data is complete a button currently on the form is selected and populates the master. I would like a button to use to "Print Patient Letter" and one to "Print Patient Form" When the User form is cleared after the last of the three buttons is selected I would also like that to clear the Pring Patient Form and Print Patient Letter for the next Patient to be entered.

I currently have the function to populate the master and using it just fine however would like to eliminate multiple times of data entry into three different forms. Using the user forms also eliminates "user error" on non-experienced users in excel for us.

Any help and or advice is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

I have a bunch of MS Word forms that have fields I want to pull and
populate an Excel file. Is there any way to do this?? The Word forms
are all the same, just the fields in it were filled out by different
companies with different information.

I have my main form which has no record source, but has 2 combo boxes [company] & [Date], then a subform(1) (Single line display - continuous forms) which refreshes data when I change [company] or [date]
This all works fine so far
But what I now want to do is have a 3rd form (Single form view) that will show the relevant data when I click on a line in subform (1)
Reason I want to do this is I can't have all the data visible on the 1st subform as there are 32 fields and I want the 1st form in continuous form view, as a quick scan of the 8 fields I can fit on screen normally suffice, but when I can't tell what I want from those 8 fields I want to click on that line of data and have all 32 show up in the separate subform(2)

How do I go about this please.


Looking for some advice on best way to do this. I used to do this via mail merge in word...... however I have a form in excel that i need to use.

I have a set of data, let say name and address for simplicity. Lets say 50 rows/sets.

I have an excel form.

The form has entry fields for the name and addresses. But I dont want to manually create 50 files, and lift from 1 excel into another then save so I have a seperate file per row/set.

Ideally I want to be able to connect my address info (in excel/csv) to the form suhc that I can autoamte the creation of 50 excel forms > files using the data from the excel/csv file.

Any suggesstions ? Word mail merge this is easy but dont have much experience if excel/handling data like this.

I would like to creat multiple text fields --- much like a memo field ---
across several columns and rows.....say from A50 to S80 so that
I can write free form notes for review when I print the spread sheet
in hard copy form.

I have formatted all fields from A50 to S80 as text fields, however,
when I type in information it is all visible only in A50.

Is there a way to make a memo field that will cover a wide area which
would allow for free forms notes much like the information I am typing
here in this message?


Hi - I wonder if anyone could help me?

Basically, I have an application form, which I email out for people to complete and return to me. The form is one I inherited - ie I did not build it and do not know how it works: all I know is that it is locked for editing except for form fields for people to fill in the relevant information.

When I get these application forms back, I then need to enter this information into an Excel spreadsheet, so that all of the information for all applicants is stored together.

This would be a fairly simple spreadsheet, with column headers such as Reference (the unique identifier), name, location etc etc - basically, all the information asked for in the application form.

Is there a way that I can build a spreadsheet to tell it to 'look' in the right place in each application form document to populate itself with this information - so that I don't have to manually copy and paste? Ie, I want to suck the information automatically from the application form into Excel.

I know that I could redo the form in Excel or something to negate this problem, but unfortunately this is not currently an immediate option as it is already in use for this particular round - whilst I can do this in the future, for now I must stick with the original form.

Any help that anyone might be able to offer will be much appreciated.


Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone knows of a way that I would be able to populate a simple Word document multiple times, using lines of data from an Excel spreadsheet? I've looked up similar threads and tried some possible solutions without much luck.

Here are the details:

I'm using Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 and have a Word template with 4 different info fields that I would like to auto populate using the data I have in an Excel spreadsheet.

The Excel spreadsheet contains four columns and each one is named to correspond to one of the 4 info fields I want populated in the Word document. There are 76 rows of data (4 columns for each row) in my spreadsheet and I want each row to automatically populate one Word template so that I have 76 filled out Word templates in all, each containing the data from its one respective row in the Excel spreadsheet. Is there a way to do this without coding in VBA? I've considered mail merge but I'm not sure it's possible to use it without using a preexisting mail merge template.

I've attached a sample excel data sheet along with a sample of the Word templates I'd be trying to populate using the rows from the Excel sheet.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help