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How Do I Setup Password To Protect Spreadsheet In Office 98?

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I want to setup a password to protect a spreadsheet in Office 98 Excel from
someone to access it.
Can anyone help?

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I need to password protect a VBA project. This is being done internally and the people with the password will be within the office. How do I do the protect. The worksheets will be password protected, but in order to perform sum of the operations the worksheets will be unprotected and then reprotected. We are trying to protect the password that will be in the documentation in the macro.


How can I password protect a spreadsheet and prevent it to open without putting a password. Same as MS Word.


Hi Folks.

I thought this would be a commonly-asked question, but it appears not...!

I'm looking to protect the worksheets of an Excel spreadsheet, and I'd normally just 'Protect Sheet' - but I know that other users of the spreadsheet may forget to re-protect it when closing; or, worse still, protect it with a different password, or wrongly-spelt from the original.

I'd like to protect the worksheets automatically upon saving / closing, without the need to re-type the password each time (using a pre-determined password). But each time the workbook is re-opened I'd like to have the sheet read-only, unless then unprotected using the password.

Does that make sense?!?

Thanks in advance,


I would like to put files on network drive and then password protect it or to make read only, so that users accidentally would not delete it. I then have an Excel front end for users which they use to find the right document they need and click on hyperlink to open. So if it is possible to password protect folder, I hope I could hard code that password into VBA and access those files.

Any ideas if that is possible ?

Anyone knows how to password protect a form/report in Access. I have a form setup so that when a user click on the button it will open an access report. However I'd like to prompt a password so that not everyone can run the report. Help??

I've played with the password feature and it doesn't look like it is doing what I want it to do. Can a password be created for administrators to have access to edit the spreadsheet and employees only read the spreadsheet?

Is it possible to password protect certain sheets of a spreadsheet?

I have two spreadsheets. One is a parent and the other is a child. The child has a column that is populated from the parent spreadsheet. The parent spreadsheet contains on one of the sheets sensitive information that the user of the child spreadsheet does not need to see. I password protected the entire parent spreadsheet only to discover that the macros that populate the child spreadsheet will not work unless the password is given....which defeats the whole purpose. Is there a way to only password protect the sensitive sheet in the parent that will allow the child spreadsheet to work normally?

Hi All,
Is there some way to password protect an Excel spreadsheet so it can't be broken with a macro. Everytime I password protect a spreadsheet, some Excel guru in our compay manages to break the password with a macro and then changes formulas.
Thanks Trevor2002

In Excel 2003, is there a way that you are able to password protect it right
from when you try to open the document? As of right now, I know how to
protect it, but you are able to get into it, so is there a way that you can
password protect it right from opening it?


Jared Jenner

Hi all
May be a simple answer but...

I have a spreadsheet in which I need to protect 2 columns, B & D.
D needs to be protected so that it is uneditable.

B needs to be protected by a password so that it can be edited but only by password, this is to keep control of information.

I know how to password protect a column of cells but the problem is once you have typed in the password the entire column is unprotected.

Is there a way to protect each individual cell with a password or make it so the password protection locks the column again after the cell has been edited?

Any help greatly appreciated once again..

Our company has recently changed over to Vista and Office 2007 from XP and Office XP, and I have an access database that runs a query to populate a spreadsheet which is password protected so the template doesn't get over written, as the user just clicks the read only option.

Using XP everything was fine, Password box at the front, no problems.

But now when the query is run in Access 2007 the Password/Read only prompt box for the spreadsheet does not appear at the front, you have to ALT TAB to choose it!!

Is this an excel issue?
Access coding issue?
Vista Issue?
Or general office issue?

If anyone knows a solution that would be great?


how to set password for VBAProject?

i know to protect the spreadsheet
i want to password protect my coding in the VBA Project module

Can we protect our Access project, "hide" : table,query,form,report and macro on display database window ( protect by password..) so to open/show it must be fill password


I am looking for more possibilities for protection on my Excel spreadsheets. I need to disperse alot of private information (HR & Payroll info) and need better options.

Currently, I use two different methods.

I use the normal Excel Password protect method. The major draw back is assigning and maintianing passwords. Also, I don't trust the password protection due to all the password breaker macros out there. I personal have a huge list of passwords and I hate it.

The second method is having IT set up securtiy on folders off a public drive. This works great because there are no passwords involved and it limits access to the spreadsheets. This setup takes my IT dept a long time to setup. I had them set up 21 folders, a couple of months ago, and it took them 2 weeks. Now I need them to set up 56 folders (all of my timesheet approvers) and I sure this will take a month (or they might deny the request).

Does anybody have an alternative way to restrict opening a spreadsheet with out having to assign a password or have my IT dept overwhelmed?

I have a workbook that has several tabs (38 sheets). Is there a way to password protect all the sheets so I can lock them down without having to click "Tools-Protect-Protect Sheet" or the shortcut icon for each sheet? I tried protect workbook, but it shows all the formulas and allows the users to input data. I have all the sheets setup properly to be locked and hidden.

I was looking for a simple way to protect all the sheets at once instead of clicking protect for each of the 38 sheets.



Does anyone know if I can password protect a few cells in
a worksheet. I am going to send out my spreadsheet to
people and don't want them to see the contents of certain
cells. I could change the colour of the text to white but
what if someone accidently pick it up! So can I password
protect those cells?

Thanks in advance

Good afternoon,

I know I can password protect a file. I am curoius if there is a way to
password protect a directory so that if somebody tries to access a directory,
a box will popup and ask for a password. If so, how do I do this? Thanks.


Good afternoon,

I know I can password protect a file. I am curoius if there is a way to
password protect a directory so that if somebody tries to access a directory,
a box will popup and ask for a password. If so, how do I do this? Thanks.


Hi everybody,

I have a doubt regarding macros. Is it possible to create a macro able to protect one worksheet with a specific password?
When I record a macro to protect the sheet it does protect it, but without any password.

I have to unprotect sheets, do some changes and after that protect it again with the same password...

Thanks a lot for the help!


I have created a workbook which one of the sheets is password protected.The main password allows everything to be edited and the other just 2 columns of the range. The file will be stored in a shared drive.


I opened the spreadsheet, entered the master password to allow full editing and made certain changes. Then I save the spreadsheet. I reopened the spreadsheet from a different computer ( testing purposes) and I noticed that I could edit everything. I don't like these one to happen.


If one of my members of the team (8 users) enter the main password for the workbook to do any changes or update and is saved then

a) As soon as the workbook is reopened by any users password protect it with the existing password at all times so a password will be required again for editing.


Many Thanks


Have created button that takes a series of worksheets for one month and converts the information into a new month (w/blank cells). I am trying to include in macro for sheet to protect with the password, "controL" -- I can get it to unprotect the original w/the password, and to re-protect the worksheet (w/the entry below) -- however can't get it to re-protect w/password. HELP!!??

ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True, AllowFormattingRows:=True

how to set password for VBAProject?
i know to protect the spreadsheet
i want to password protect my coding in the VBA Project module


I'm using Excel 97 and get a bit annoyed having to Protect each worksheet

Is there a way where I can password protect all sheets in a workbook?

Please advise
Windows 98 + Office Pro 97

I have a spreadsheet that I created a while ago, and have just gone back into it. I have password protected the spreadsheet before I last left it, and now can't remember the password.

Is there anyway of unlocking the spreadsheet without the password, becuase it took a long time to setup and don't want to have to do it all again!

I have a spreadsheet with a number of different tabs. I need to be able to set a password for these tabs so nobody can access the other ones except with a password. It needs to be an easy way to do it as senior managers are going to be using the spreedsheet and they wil only want to enter a password to have the sheet appear in front of them!!

I have seen a thread posted before about a macro that can be used to set password for each tab. The trouble is I have no idea how to get it to work !! Can any body help me as my VB knowledge is extremely limited!!

Thanks L xx