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How Can I Convert Degrees/minutes/seconds To Decimal Degrees?

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i have a column of info in degrees/min/sec
example: 254802N 0503311E

How or can vert this column to decimal degrees?

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Hello Members,

Does anyone know the formula in excel to convert decimal degrees to degrees, minutes and seconds.

3.0407 decimal degrees would = 3 degrees 24 minutes 18 seconds

Regards Tom

I recieved a spreadsheet that has about 200 longitude and lattitude positions in degrees minutes seconds. I need to convert them into decimal degrees. Anyone know of a formula that will do a batch :o conversion and not requre me to enter each long/lat by hand? Any input would greatly be appreciated!! Thanks.

Hi everyone. I desperately need some help to a batch convert of a list of coordinates in the form of degrees minutes and seconds to decimal degrees. I have been doing it by hand and it is proving daunting

Learn me !

they are in the form:
-125 48 09.17 52 58 54.03 -125 29 56.35 52 59 18.41 -125 22 06.97 52 59 28.02 -124 50 52.37 53 00 01.27
each coordinate in its own cell. the values are line ends for a flight line. They are not numeric

how would you implement such a batch conversion as well?

Thanks for you help!!

I'm creating a user form where the user can enter latitude and longitude in either Deg/Min/Sec format or Decimal Degrees.

To go from decimal degrees into Deg/Min/Sec I need to do the following
A=Decimal Degrees (Single)
X=Degrees (Integer)
Y=Minutes (Integer)
Z=Seconds (Single)

X = Integer(A) <-- I need to cast A as an integer or truncate it. Not sure how to do this in VBA.
Y = Integer[( A - X ) * 60] <-- Again, needs to be cast as an integer
Z = {[( A - X ) * 60] - Y} * 60

I didn't see a native truncate function in Excel and in the past I've always used Left() or Right()

How would y'all do this?

How do I could enter degrees and minutes with decimal data in cos sin formulas?
For example 60 degrees and 10,5 minutes?

So, I've got passed the previous stumbling block.

Now, is there a way of making a pie chart that will do the following.

If I have the sets of data below:

10 90 150 170 280 360

Can you (Well I know it's possible just dunno how to) make it so the pie chart will have a block from 10 degrees to 90 degrees. A gap then a block from 150 degrees to 170 degrees then another gap and then another block from 280 degrees to 360 degrees then a gap back to 10 degrees again?

Need formulae to convert decimal degree (lattitude/longitude) into Degree,
Minutes, Seconds format.

I have the following:
Lattitude data of 0.1741463938 and to convert to decimal degrees, I muliply
by 180 which gives me decimal degrees of 31.3463508840. Now I need to
convert to a Degree, Minute, Seconds format (N34* 50' 56.04"). Note: the '*'
represents the 'degree' symbol - did not know how to display the symbol.
Need to also display whether 'N' (North) or 'S' (South) based on actual

For Longitude, I have data of -0.4758427618 *180 = -85.6516971240 (decimal
degrees) and need to also convert to Degree, Minute, Seconds format (W16* 40'
23.54"). Note: the '*' represents the 'degree' symbol - did not know how to
display the symbol. Need to also display whether 'W' (West) or 'E' (East)
based on actual coordinate.

The formulae needed will take the original lat/long data, multiplied by 180,
and then ???? applied to deliver the data in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds format.

Thank you very much for your assistance.


Hello I am having difficulties placing a excel formula which is


into another software program that works exactly like Excel only it is used for a 3D Design software that I use for wood-working. I am wondering if there is another type of function that will put out a degree from a decimal number other than the =DEGREES function. If any of you math wiz's or excel guys can help me with this I would be very appreciative. Thanks a lot for reading this and hopefully you'll be able to help.

So basically what Im looking for is another way to convert decimals into degrees.

Thanks again,

how can i make an angle in decimal show as an angle in degrees minuts and seconds?

Is anyone familiar with how to convert decimal degrees squared into hectares?

I know this isn't really an excel related question but I am unable to find a calculator to do this.

Any help much appreciated.


I have created a form that converts latitude / longitude from Decimal Degrees to Degrees Minutes Seconds decimal seconds. I want my coworkers to be able to use the form, but I don't want them to see the excel window/worksheet when they open it up.... I thought I had received an email once that appeared to be an excel file but when you opened it, it was just a form. I have tried all I can think of to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How would I write this? G= degrees.
If 0-90 degrees = G
If 90-180 degrees =180-G
If 180-270 degrees = 180+G
IF 270-360 degrees = 360-G
Lois Ann

I need a formula that will convert degrees Lat/Long to hours minutes seconds.


32.53042 -92.0901

Need to convert to:

32 31 49.5114 92 5 24.36 (With spaces in between)

I'm struggling to get the trigonometry functions to work in degrees.

For example, it is well known that tan45 = 1.

How do I input this into Excel?

I have tried =DEGREES(TAN(45)) and =TAN(DEGREES(45))

Nothing seems to come up with 1 as the answer.

Following on from a previous post , I have a set of data which is graphed using a radar chart.
The data is a signal value measured at 1 degree intervals, 1 to 360 degrees (actually 0 to 359 degrees) and the graph shows this at one degree intervals.
The problem is the graph is too 'busy' if the axes and labels are drawn every degree, every ten degrees would do fine . Can I specify the axes to display every ten degrees, if so how?
Alternatively, how can I write a formula that will look at the column of data 0-360 degrees and copy every 10th cell of data to a new column, so that the data is every ten degrees - this would be quite adequate for the graph

I need a function that converts bearings into degrees....Are there any such functions?

Example how would i go about converting

S 9 degrees 13' 0" E into an angle

I need this to so I can compute the sine and cosine (the distance is 299.54)

SO in my spreadsheet I need to come up with formulas to spit out this data...

bearing S 9 degrees 13' 0" E
= Decimal form = 9.21666667 (bearing in decimal form)
distance= 299.54

Cos = 299.54 x Cos(9.2166667) = .511792
Sin = 299.54 x Sin(9.2166667) = .85910


Does anybody know how to work in degrees, minutes & seconds in excel?

How do I let it know that I want to work in those units?

Do I need to convert to radians and then back again?

Would be greatful of any help.

Thanks in advance.


I'm in the survey world and I need to convert from HMS to decimal and vice versa..

HMS is Hours Minutes Seconds
expressed in Degrees.... HH.MMSS
and I need to convert it to decimal expressed as xx.yyyy
an example is 206* 26' 48
which on a polar calculator is expressed as 206.2648
it converts to a decimal of 206.4411

I need to know ho to do this in excel both directions

Thanks ahead of time

I'd like to show a decimal value as degrees, minutes and seconds. I have not found a way to do that and I'm looking for help.

I'm doing a project for work that requires lat and long. It isn't a big deal if I were to enter the number as 351724.11548, but I just thought it would look better and be easier to read if it had the degrees, minutes, and seconds symbols after the numbers. Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi All,

I'm currently working on a project with data that includes columns for both latitude and longitude which I will need to convert from its current form into decimal degrees. The problem is that the coordinates are in the format DDDMMSS followed by a single letter indicating the direction, which means I have to first extract proper degree minute second format before I can do anything. Further complicating the problem is that each of the entries does not necessarily have all of the components I just described (eg some of the latitudes only have degrees and minutes but not seconds) and also if a longitude is less than 100 degrees, the third digit is not used in the data. There are over 2000 records so doing the conversion by hand just won't work and I've only got a few days to present this part of my project anyway.

So, to sum up, I'm looking for a formula or series of formulas that will reliably convert something like 1083000W into -108.5000 when the last two zeros may or may not be there and the first digit may also be missing.

Thank you in advance,

Is there a way to format cell for angular data? Is is a "Custom" number format? if so, what is the format?

in a followup...if data dan be (and is) entered in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds can that data be converted to a decimal format?