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Export Graphics From Excel 2003

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I have a spreadsheet with two columns. The first column is the URL of a graphic file (both gif and jpg). The second column is the name I want to give each of the graphic files (which may or may not be the same as the name in the URL).

I would like to create a macro that will convert each of the URLs in the first column to an actual graphic file and save them to a directory, using the filename specified in the second column.

Thank you for your help!


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Hi all,

I would like to present a Chart that has y-values from 0-10.
These values should be presented with graphic elements.
See attached jpg-file.

The Y-values should be fixed, start at 0 and end at 10 always.

The D-graphic should be placed between 0-1
The C1-C2 graphic should be placed between 1 - 4
The B1 - B3 graphic sholud be placed between 4 - 7
The A1 - A3 graphic should be placed between 7 - 10

All has to be done with a Macro in VBA.

Thanks for any help in advance.


I have a HTML file that I open and see the PNG graphic in Excel 2003.
If I save it as an Excel file I can open it and see the graphic. Once
I delete the PNG file and then open the Excel file, I cannot see the
PNG file. It seems Excel isn't saving the PNG file in the Excel file.
Is this by design or some setting?

If I open the HTML file with the PNG file still being available, delete
the graphic from the Excel file, then import the PNG file and then save
it as an XLS file, I can still see the graphic even if I delete the PNG

Any ideas why its not saving the PNG in the file after opening it from
HTML to Excel and then saving it as an XLS file. I do have the Web
Option checked to allow PNG files for graphics.



I am copying a graphic from a sheet1 to sheet2, then in the 1 I insert new data a new graphic is created.
As soon as the new graphic is created the sheet 2 graphic become the graphic of the sheet 1 (like a auto update)

How to prevent graphic on sheet 3 to stay the same?

i would need some help to create a specific graphic: i know how it should look but cannot figure it out how to create it: it's a mixed between the clustered column graphic and the stack column graphic.
using the data that i have the columns: "Opening balance", "IMF","Common email" should be represented as a stack column; columns " posted","rejected".WIP","closing balance" should be also as a separate stack column.
so for example for 25th of August i should have 2 stacked column one next to the other. in this print screen you will see that i managed to have this but in separate graphics.

any ideeas?

I have a spreadsheet that contains graphics that are hyperlinks. However, I am unable to select the graphics - if i try and right click on it, it just highlights the cell behind the graphic, and left clicking just follows the hyperlink!

How do I select the graphic so I can delete, copy, etc it??


I have several workbooks that (because of the way I captured the data from websites) contain hyperlinks and a graphic representing an e-mail address.

All of these pesky Graphics and underlying e-mail addresses are in Column "F"

I don't need the e-mail addresses OR the graphic but can't 'figger how to get rid of both en masse. As the total number of records exceed 40,000 it would be tough to do one at a time.

PS: I do need hyperlinks that are in another column, so, a simple conversion of the entire workbook to TEXT doesn't work.

Could someone suggest an automated process (?a macro?)
TIA, Jim

Just started using Excel 2007 and in many documents I create I need to paste screen capture graphics into the excel file. I use the !Quick Screen Capture software.

I noticed that when I am in print preview with margins showing, if I adjust the column widths in order to adjust areas with text the graphics I have pasted change size - they get really small. I have to exit print preview, right click on the graphic, select format picture and then click the reset picture button to get the graphic back to original size. This resizing does not happen if I adjust the column widths in normal view mode.

This never happened in Excel 2003 so I'm confused on how to fix it. Is this just normal and I'll have to adjust to it or is there a setting that will prevent the graphics from autosizing if I adjust columns while in print preview mode?

Many thanks for your help.


Hi all.

I have a problem that seemed to be easy to solve, but it isn't. So i post my
problem here.

The problem:
I run every day some kilometers. Some day 5, some day 6 or more. I want to
keep al this date in an excelsheet and have a beautiful graphic of this. The
problem is that everytime I insert a new run, I have to select my graphic
and change the cells where the graphic has to take his data. When I select
the whole row, I have a lot of blank space in my graphic. Is it possible to
make an graphic that shows data inserted in a row, and only shows the cells
that are filled.

Here you have the excel sheet that wil be used, it will probably give you a
better idea about what i need. (just put www. before the link)

I have a large data table. I have a number of different graphics that are made from data in this table. I want to build a macro that will ask me what graphic I want from a scroll down menu, what period I want the graphic from and select the data from the data base and build the graphic. Can anybody get me started on this

I have inserted a graphic into my spreadsheet. A macro is called when the graphic is clicked. Clicking the graphic does not activate the cell. Is there a way to determine which cell the graphic is in when the graphic is clicked?

I've inserted a graphic from a PowerPoint document into an Excel document. Right now, the graphic can be clicked and dragged anywhere. I'm trying to fix the graphic into a cell. Can anyone tell me how to do that? Is that called embedding within a cell? I can't find anything like this in the help files.

Hi there, can someone come to my rescue again?

I have a report that I produce, I need to have a different picture on the
report depending on the outcome of a criteria.

The criteria is a letter B, M, J, F and depending on which one is picked
depends on which graphic I need displaying.
All the graphics are stored on a sheet separate to the report.
I've so far named each graphic and tried to =name1 or =name2 but all I get
in the cell is Picture1 or picture2.

I have got some VBA in the spreadsheet to change stuff on the report before
printing so I can copy and paste the graphic in the VBA is that's the only
way but I'd rather a reference that changes the graphic automatically.

Thanks in advance


I have developed several macros which are run by clicking on a graphic which has a macro assigned to it.

I also have a macro which runs the other macros in a particular order and it is also run by clicking on a graphic. I developed this macro by using the menus (rather than clicking on the graphics linked to the other macros, I also tried it this way and it has the same error).

If I rename the sheet (either on the desktop, or by using "save as")....

.....all of the macros work (either by clicking the graphic, or via the macro menu), except the macro which runs the other macros (it doesn't work by graphic click or via the menu).

If I open the original file, the macro calling the other macros runs in the renamed sheet, but I'm only assuming that it is running correctly.

Any suggestetions to solve this problem?

Good morning,
I have an issue with a graphic inserted on a spreadsheet "disappearing" and leaving only the placeholder behind. I need to be able to view the graphic while I am working in the spreadsheet. Is there a way to stop this from happening or force the screen to refresh and show the graphic?

Thank you in advance,

I am having problems while printing my invoices that I created in Excel. For
some reason my logo graphic gets blown up 10 times the size and shifts to the
right on the printout.

It also will not show up on the Print Preview Page. It just shows a blank
area of the page where the graphic should be.

I tried to create a new spread sheet with another graphic and Excel did the
same thing. The new graphic shows up in the print preview but it changes the
location of the graphic from where I placed it in the new spread sheet

Any Ideas


I am using Windows XP with Office 2003.

My spreadsheet(FContacts.xls) is a Basic (2 tabs total) layout. - input / output
I paste data on the input, and then it is beautifully formatted on the output tab. I print this tab and then I would like to save the sheet. (Everything works, this is semi-cosmetic)

I have rows of data I am copying from an internal intranet/work website. (this is not accessible online)
JAVA is the only programming used in the page. After copying from this page -
When I paste it in to excel, I get one column of this small graphic(paper and pencil icon) that came with the text. Thus leaving me more work to do- delete manually each one of these tiny graphics. The output tab is fantastic. Puts everything where I need it. While the graphic is not desired and it doesnt carry over (to the output tab anyways, it IS however still an issue because over time it will slow the load of the sheet.

Is there a way to remove a pasted graphic in excel (Not one graphic, but many at one time?)

Right now my only solution is to right click on the graphic, then left click on cut, and repeat, and repeat..
Tedious, there must be some other way.

The list of rows range anywhere from 5 - 120. Rarely do I go over 20 though.
I've attached a simple example of the problem.
I Really appreciate the ExcelForum and everyone assisting here. By far the best Excel Community online.

Not sure how to explain this; is there a way to do a formula (IFstatement, perhaps) such that based on the formula result, a graphic appears anchored to that cell (or not)?

So if C1 were to equal 1, for example, a picture of an apple would appear in that cell?

Or perhaps a way to add a graphic like that to a bar chart such that the bar doesn't fill up with the graphic (neither stacked nor stretched), but appears a single time at the 'top' of the graphic (eg: like a horserace or boatrace, such that a horse or a boat is at the 'top' of the bar, like where the data label would be)?

Then as the underlying data changes, the graphic would 'move' to reflect it, but always at the same relative position (top of the bar)...

Any thoughts? Thanks!!


I have a largish work book originally created in Excel 2003 with about 15 worksheets. Each worksheet carries a single graphic - a logo - the same logo on every sheet.

Since I upgraded to 2007 I am having major issues with these graphics. They are randomnly resizing to a larger size and repositioning themselves to a new location on the worksheet. Sometimes after I have repositioned them to the correct postion and reszied them to the original size, they then do not print in the correct place (i.e. they do not print where they appear to be when you view the sheet). There seems to be no pattern to this problem. Sometimes it works fine and other times it goes completely haywire. I used the workbook for some years without any problem at all. It is only since upgrading to 2007 that I have had these issues.

I found some threads stating that it is helpful to ensure that the graphic is sized to the required size in a graphics program and not resized in Excel. Because of reading this, I sized my graphic in Photoshop to the required size, deleted the existing graphic from all worksheets, and inserted the newly sized graphic afresh into each worksheet. I did not even use copy to do this but inserted the graphic into each sheet separately.

BUT STILL this has not cured the problem.

Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone know what is going on or how I might solve this?

Graham James

i have a data like this, column temp: 4,6,5,3,6,5
and want to creating a graphic for that, and i want to give a special color for major gridline of value 2 and 7, how do it could be done ?


I have 2 graphics in excel with the same type.
I copied the 1st one and pasted it in word with paste special, to paste it as an Excel graphic, to create a connectiion between them.

The problem was when i did the same with the 2nd graphic to word, with the same procedure, it insists to copy not the 2nd graphic but the 1st one.
Anothe strange thing is that if i paste it in word simply with "paste" button and not with "paste special", it copies the right graphic (2nd one)

Can anyone tell me what might be going on??? What a strange problem...



I have a subform in a Database in which this subform has 2 columns that each column represents X and Y cordinates of a point.When I click over a button, it shots a event that represents in an Excel graphic that points.

What I want to do is create cliking over that button event an Excel graphic with that represents that X and Y values of the subform. But also, paint in that graphic an axis coordinate. The problem is that on the contrary of X and Y values, I haven`t got any value in the subform to represent an axis cordinate, with its values.

How can I read the 2 columns of the subfom to represent the graphic and paint the axis cordinate?

Thanks with anticipation.


Hi again... I have another problem, if you can help me i approciate...
Is like this... i want to move one graphic with a macro, but i don't know how...
I think you know where one graphic is create, in the centre of the sheet, but i want to put it in right side with a macro... i can't put here the pictures to show what i want, but i think i write this good for you understand what i want...

i hope someone help...
thanks in advanced...

We are trying to use an alert, animated graphic in our document when a
certain condition exists. For example, if a home is not ready to close, then
we want an animated graphic to appear (it is alert.gif graphic). Any ideas?

I want to have a formula in a cell in the middle of a graphic. In this
case I want a diagram with a dimension that will change depending on a
value entered in another cell. The diagram ideally will be a graphic
file (e.g. a "jpg"). Can I have a cell "show through" the graphic? Does
anyone have a way I can achieve this or something similar?
Thanks for any help.

Is this possible can you make a button at a graphic so you can turn graphics on and off example you have in 1 graphic 3 lines can you close one open another etc.?

2nd question i do that whit an example dont know how to ask

can i put in another number for example 40 but above line 1?

something like this

everytime i fill something in at A1 it automaticly goes to A2 is this possible?