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I Need A Template For A Payroll Check Stub

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self explanitory

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Similar Topics

I was wondering if someone had already created a payroll template that shows the deductions for Federal, state , medicare, and social security that updates the yearly total. If you would be willing to share I have searched extensively and the only template I have found was locked and the web site is no longer active. I am not skilled enough to create my own


I'm doing a simple payroll stub.
Let's say A2 is the YTD and currently is $300 (from last week's pay stub)
A1 is the weekly wage and this week is $100.

I need A2 to add this to the current total. It should now read $400

Appreciate your help on this.

We have a workbook for our payroll information. One sheet is a "Register" where I enter the check #, date....fica, state....everything you see on a check stub. Then another sheet is a template of a check. All I have to do is put the check number in and the formula pulls all the info from the Register and I can print a check from there...everything was working fine until now. When I put the check number in I get N/A error. I can not see that any formatting or the formula itself has changed and I am not a wizard at excel apparently....I need help... Thanks.

Is there anyone that can help me? I am wanting a template made just like my jobs check stub so I can use for my business. I can scan it in and send it to who ever would like to help make this template for me. It would be much appreciated or how I can go about getting it made. Thanks

Does anyone know where I can find a Template for Excel that I can figure my pay check on a Biweekly or Semimonthly payroll.
Thanks to all for any and all help.
Eugene Cummings

On the Payroll Calculator template under tax status, what do the numbers
represent? Any suggestions on the template?

I have inherited a very large, complex excel workbook used for payroll. 125 sheets, 20 departments and 20 earnings codes.

Unfortunately, it does not contain any Year to Date amounts for hours or dollars. That itself is not a big deal, but this workbook is cleared out after each payroll and returns to a template.

I believe I should be exporting the info to Access but again I need to create year to date totals from each payroll.


Hi All,

I will use this topic to first introduce myself, my name is Vince an I am from the island of Malta. I have worked for a few years in finance and accounting, and am progressing for an ACCA as well. Tomorrow I will start a new job, which will involve payroll for about 20 people, a few of them with O/T duties, and others with fixed salaries.

I have never used excel for payroll, so I would likem to ask if anyone has a template and then i Can add/subtract data as necessary to accomodate my criteria.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


PS Happy new year to all!!!

I have a macro in a workbook (template) that needs to copy the data on a worksheet from a payroll file and pull it into template. I want the user to just click the macro button from template and have it go get the data.
This is simple, except that the source data file name changes with each payroll week. I don't want the user to have to rename the file or to enter a file name.
Is this possible?
How do I code the switch over to the other open workbook?


I just got done with my first payroll using Excel. I am very happy with the template except for one problem. I have twenty employees and only four pay stubs showed up. The only option I see is printing out those four and then erasing the info and manually retyping the other sixteen, four at a time and reprinting. Is there any way the paystub tab can work together like the information and calculator tabs?


I have a 2 sheets, first one called "Payroll", second one called "Detail"

On the Detail worksheet, I want to fill in cell E10 with a value from the Payroll worksheet in column B.

Column B on the Payroll worksheet looks like this:

B3=string value (same value as Detail!B7)
B4=numeric value I want to put in Detail!E10
B5=numeric value

starting from row 10, the format repeats the same as B3:B9

I want to find Detail!B7 in Payroll!B and have it return the next value. Example:
Detail!E10=formula to match Detail!B7 with Payroll!B3 and return Payroll!B4
Note: Payroll has about 180 rows of data

using the same sample data, if Detail!B7=Sample, then Detail!E10 should equal 200 (the value the formula found in Payroll!B11

If I've missed anything or something isn't clear, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help!


I am seaching for a template in excel or access to track payroll, calculate
leave and bonus for 750 employees. I need to complete this asap. Can anyone
point me in thr right direction?

I am a small business and would like to get my employees payroll entered in
excel .
I need a template or formula that includes hours worked X hourly wage= gross
pay minus SS, Med care

I have the following code which displays a version number on my VBA Panel.

FN = ThisWorkbook.NameVersionTxt = Mid(FN, Len(Stub), Len(FN) - (Len(Stub) + 3))lblVersion = "Release" & VersionTxt

I actually want to change this so that it pulls the version number off sheet ("VersionControl") row D. However, this row will contain an ascending version number so I would like it to pull the lowest version number in the list. The version type will also have changed to V1.00.0000 β format.

I have been trying to set up a formula but i cannot do it. I wnat the formula to read a cell. From the cell if it is positive response then add a series of numbers. I tried this first:


then i tried this but nothing


Can you help? A newbie

******** ******************** ************************************************************************> Microsoft Excel - Unemployment Reconciliation.xls ___Running: xl2002 XP : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)bout H6 I6 H7 I7 H8 I8 H9 I9 H10 I10 H11 I11 =
A B C D E F G H I 1 Account * 2 * * * * * * * * * 3 * * * * * * * * * 4 DATE DESCRIPTION * DEBIT * CREDIT * BALANCE Payroll*Balance 5 39083 Balance*Forward * * * * * 102971.42 10 6 39091 Interest*posted*12/11/2006 * * * 389.34 * =H5+F6-D6 =IF(B6="payroll",I5+F6,I5) 7 39126 Interest*posted*1/31/2007 * * * 394.47 * =H6+F7-D7 =IF(B7="payroll",I6+F7,I6) 8 39127 Deposit*1/31/2007 * * * 109.87 * =H7+F8-D8 =IF(B8="payroll",I7+F8,I7) 9 39127 January*07*Payroll * * * 2800 * =H8+F9-D9 =IF(B9="payroll",I8+F9,I8) 10 39135 February*07*Payroll * * * 2888 * =H9+F10-D10 =IF(B10="payroll",I9+F10,I9) 11 39150 Interest*posted*1/31/2007 * * * 389.46 * =H10+F11-D11 =IF(B11="payroll",I10+F11,I10) 12 * * * * * * * * * 13 * * * * * * * * * Sheet1 *
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

Hello Everybody,
I have Excel 2003 on WinXP SP2.

I have copied a worksheet, "Invoice", into my Excel file called "Databased".
Although, I have broken all links in the worksheet but still it tries to
open the original file from where I copied the it. If the file is not found
I get following error when "Databased" is opened:

Cannot find 'C:\[ILYASBILLING Template (uw).xls]AutoOpen Stub Data'!, which
has been assigned to run each time [Databased.xls]Invoice is opened.
Continuing could cause errors. Cancel opening [Databased.xls]Invoice?

Now I have no idea how to search and destroy this "AutoOpen Stub Data"
because I already have deleted all previous formulas and links to other
files that I knew. Can anybody help in this case?

Thank you,
Syed Zeeshan Haider

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Need a excel template with formulas for calculating direct and indirect job
costs. Specificall for labor and insurance. Like calculating payroll tax,
and workers comp to be added on to hourly rate or based on total payroll for
the job. Also formulas for calculating indirect costs like take monthly
totals for fuel and divide by 30, vehicle insurance daily rate. Or anything
like this that would help.

I am trying to attempt to create a payroll spreadsheet with certain aspects and with multiple worksheets. so what im trying to accomplish is this

1/ on my main worksheet would have the payroll template there would be 2 columns (1) would be "routes" (2) would be the dollar value of that route.

2/ i want to be able to pick from a drop down list in colume (1) which will have various routes such as A,
B, C, D, E etc

3/ once i have selected a route in colum (1) i want to have the dollar value that is associated to that route to show up in column (2)

ex/ route A worth $1
route B worth $2
route C worth $3

so in column (1) i pick route "A" then in colum (2) it will show up as "$1" (dollar sign not needed)

- as for multiple worksheets, i will have my 1st worksheet as my payroll template and the 2nd worksheet will have my drivers names and routes and values of the routes which will be a master list of all my data

is there any way to do this, i have managed to create a dropdown list but thats about it, i have not been able to link any values together.

I have the below table and formula in column E that works just fine except if there is duplicates in column G.

What I am after is, possibly, another formula to use to add the duplicates that are highlighted in column G together and put that total in column E.

IWS - TUC (2)

* C D E F G H I J K 11 60100.1 * $ * * * * * * * * *2,936.25 * 21740.0 2008 Workers comp Accrual #### Payroll 1729.99 12 50400.1 * $ * * * * * * * * * 5,851.00 * 21800.0 Garnishments Payable #### Payroll 337.98 13 50300.1 * $ * * * * * * * * *2,826.25 * 50300.1 Scaffold Labor - AZ #### Payroll 2826.25 14 60200.1 * $ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *- * * 50400.1 Lath labor - AZ #### Payroll 5851.00 15 60400.1 * $ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *- * * 50500.1 Stucco Labor - AZ #### Payroll 787.50 16 50500.1 * $ * * * * * * * * * * *787.50 * 50500.1 Stucco Labor - AZ #### Payroll 6751.50 17 60500.1 * $ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *- * * 52000.1 Payroll Tax Expense - AZ #### Payroll 1240.54 18 60550.1 * $ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *- * * 52000.1 Payroll Tax Expense - AZ #### Payroll 129.73 19 60551.1 * $ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *- * * 52000.1 Payroll Tax Expense - AZ #### Payroll 59.23 20 70100.1 * $ * * * * * * * * * 3,461.54 * 52100.1 Work Comp - Job - AZ #### Payroll 695.45 21 70200.1 * $ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *- * * 60100.1 Supervisor Lath Labor - AZ #### Payroll 2936.25
Spreadsheet Formulas Cell Formula E11 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C11),VLOOKUP(C11,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0) E12 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C12),VLOOKUP(C12,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0) E13 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C13),VLOOKUP(C13,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0) E14 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C14),VLOOKUP(C14,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0) E15 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C15),VLOOKUP(C15,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0) E16 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C16),VLOOKUP(C16,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0) E17 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C17),VLOOKUP(C17,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0) E18 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C18),VLOOKUP(C18,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0) E19 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C19),VLOOKUP(C19,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0) E20 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C20),VLOOKUP(C20,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0) E21 =IF(COUNTIF($G$4:$G$51,C21),VLOOKUP(C21,$G$4:$K$51,5,0),0)

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4


I'm trying to make a check stub that will keep track of year to date totals, but can't seem to figure out the formula. Can any one help me out please.

i have designed a spreadsheet that allows me to calculate payroll information for my employees. the challenge was to design a sheet that would allow me enter the hours worked, and the 'job' that they were working on (along with other info like hourly rate, overtime rate, etc.) for each worker on each day. now i have a payroll spreadsheet where each employee has seven rows per week, and this way i can sort to figure out how much we spend each day, and each week, on each particular 'job'.

this is spreadsheet is working fine, even though it still requires me to do a lot of input since i have over 200 employees.

what i'm trying to do is tie my timecard template into this payroll sheet. i know how to create links between workbooks, but what i'd like to be able to do is link to one cell on the payroll spreadsheet and have all of my info on my timecard sheet be automatically updated. i know that i can create a relative reference (R1C1), but then i think if i use that i'd have to do a find/replace for each separate timecard to move the reference down 7 rows to grab the info for the next person (and even more within each time card for the daily hours).

is there a better way to do this? for example, the master cell on the timecard might reference A1 on the payroll, and then info for one cell on the timecard might be 3 colums to the right, and one row down from A1 --- another cell on the timecard might be 7 colums to the right of A1 on the payroll).

please let me know if you have any ideas. i'm sure there's a great macro for all of this, but i'm just a novice, so i thank you in advance for your time and assistance in this matter.

What are the tax status codes for the payroll calculator template, employee
information, or where can I find them?

can some one please help me to convert the excel US payroll calculator
numbers into canadian percentages for accurate canadian payroll with this
payroll feature?

I am new to VBA so if this seems basic I apologize. I am looking for code that can identify charges and credits that offset each other such as the amounts in cells G5 and G6 (and so on throughout the spreadsheet). When this happens, I would like for both rows to be deleted. This is a small section of a spreadsheet I pull weekly and there are many more entires such as this. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

******** ******************** ************************************************************************> Microsoft Excel - P-03 Expense Recap.xls ___Running: xl2002 XP : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)bout A2 =
A B C D E F G H 2
Group ID
User Name
Act/Dep Eff 
Date Invoice
Desciption 3 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70510 03/07/09 -5,096.00 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 4 24278 GL 014SPAY002 corp gl batch signon 70510 03/07/09 10,192.00 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 5 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70510 03/14/09 6,453.31 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 6 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70510 03/21/09 -6,453.31 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 7 24278 GL 014SPAY002 corp gl batch signon 70510 03/21/09 12,906.62 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 8 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70510 03/28/09 6,453.31 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 9 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70510 04/04/09 -6,453.31 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 10 24278 GL 014SPAY002 corp gl batch signon 70510 04/04/09 12,906.62 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 11 24278 GL 014SPAY002 corp gl batch signon 70520 03/07/09 -71.94 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 12 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70520 03/14/09 2,169.16 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 13 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70520 03/21/09 -2,169.16 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 14 24278 GL 014SPAY002 corp gl batch signon 70520 03/21/09 2,170.99 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 15 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70520 03/28/09 2,335.29 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 16 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70520 04/04/09 -2,335.29 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 17 24278 GL 014SPAY002 corp gl batch signon 70520 04/04/09 2,223.46 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 18 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70521 03/07/09 -2,865.68 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 19 24278 GL 014SPAY002 corp gl batch signon 70521 03/07/09 8,161.50 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 20 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70521 03/14/09 6,017.97 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 21 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70521 03/21/09 -6,017.97 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 22 24278 GL 014SPAY002 corp gl batch signon 70521 03/21/09 11,712.53 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 23 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70521 03/28/09 6,131.94 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 24 24278 GL 014SPAY012 corp gl batch signon 70521 04/04/09 -6,131.94 PAYROLL OFF/WHS 24278-P-03 Expenses  
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

Ok, I have 2 workbooks 1 called payroll and one called billing. The billing workbook pulls data from the payroll workbook using if statements such as: =IF([REV_PAYROLL.XLS]PAYROLL!B3>0,[REV_PAYROLL.XLS]PAYROLL!B3,""). This is to eliminate duplicate entry of data that is needed on both sheets. On the payroll workbook, it is necessary to insert lines quite often. This of course really screws up the if statements on the billing workbook, as it wont see the inserted line.

Is there a way that my billing workbook can see that somebody has inserted a line on the payroll workbook and automatically insert that same line as well as take on the formula from above?

Does this make any sense?