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Hi there,

I need to have hover text in my spreadsheet as the whole spreadsheet is very huge.

For example, If the user moves the mouse to a range of cells for example, cell A2 which contains a code (NOVO1), a hover text will appear with the description (apple), if code (NOVO2), the hover text is (Orange).

Any one can help me on this?

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Similar Topics

Is it possible to have an 'alt-text' flyout type box that appears when I hover over a cell, in Excel 2007? Ideally I want to be able to hover over a series of cells and have the "text" behind each cell show in the text box.

Example: Hover over the value 20 in cell A1 and see the names of the 20 people appear in a box. Ideally the names of the 20 people would be in another sheet that I could link the alt-text box to.

Any thoughts?

I'm working in Excel 2007 and I have created a drop down list box.
In my attached example I have a list of 10,20,30,40,50
My question: is there a way to create a mouse over in this drop down box to display
text when hovering over each number in the list box.
for example when I hover over the number (10) I would like a text to pop up like a comment box and display the text "Accounting" and if I hover over the number (20) I would like it to display the text "Receiving" and so forth....

I appreciate the help


I want to find a way to get a detail hover over in a summary pie.

In the attached xls I created a pie from a summary. When I hover over I get the series, point, etc. For example:
Series fruit, point apples, value 40 (8%)

But what I really want is the detail broken apart by type. For example, if I hover over apples, I want to see:

delicious, 10
macintosh, 15
gravenstein, 2
braeburn, 8
ida red, 5

Am I using the right approach with a pivot table? Is there a better way without using vb?

I appreciate your help.

Hi guys,

Not sure if this is possible but...

I have a sheet full of Acronyms with explanations and detail behind each one. On another sheet i have commentary that includes each of these acronyms. What i'd like to do, is hover the mouse over various aspects of the commentary (Either text box or in cell detail) and it pull the information, like it does on some internet sites.

Is this possible?

Here's my question/problem: our chart is graphed on a calculated %, but we would like to display one of the values from the calculation instead of the result when you hover over the datapoint. So, the Y axis contains the % values but we don't want that result to display when you move the mouse over the datapoint.

Can this be done?

Any help is appreciated.

Is it possible to have Sheet2 hover over Sheet1?

I also need the hover window to be able to use the sum commands as per a normal sheet.

I would like Sheet2 to be able to hover as a smaller sheet which can be moved around as required over the top of Sheet1.

So basically im looking at Sheet1.. But i want a smaller sheet also in view which is Sheet2.

Not sure how to explain this request any other way, but i hope you understand my request?


I have been trying to find an example of code that will, from a drop down box (Form Control or Active X Control) list a number of options (which I can do) but what I want to do is once you select the drop down box, as you move the mouse over each option (mouse hover), for it display a Picture. Once the option is selected it will then populate both the drop down option in the cell that the drop down box is positioned, and to also populate the picture in the cell opposite it.

I also tried using the Comment box option but I could not position the Comment Box where I wanted it and the ComboBox covered the cell and therefore did not display the Comment Box with the picture - this is not really what I am looking for........

I have attached the spreadsheet that I have been working on which may be useful (?) to other forum members but I am trying to develop further but at the moment the corresponding picture will only be displayed once the option has been selected - but I want it to first display the picture to the corresponding option with a mouse hover before the option is actually selected......?? Is this possible?

I don't know if this is possible or not but I am looking for a way to hover over a cell and have an image appear. If this is not possible is there a way to add something like a comment on the cell but have it be an image not text? Currently I have the cell hyper-linked to the image but it would be nice if I did not need a whole other window to pop up.

Hello, everyone -

I'm currently in the process of adding some finishing touches to a chart that I'm designing in Excel. I would really like to give the user the ability to have as much information on the graph itself, without necessarily having to scroll up and down to find the cell(s) that correspond to any given data point on the chart. I'm thinking, depending on what's actually technically possible, this could take one of two forms:

(A) The user could hover over the data point in the chart, and along with the x and y values as well as the observation number, the hover window could show a customized name for that point based on a previously-specified range or manually-entered string, OR
(B) If the user selects a data point in the chart, the corresponding cell(s) of only that observation will be highlighted in the table. Can a split pane be customized to automatically scroll to a chosen cell, on the fly?

I would HUGELY appreciate it if you could give me a few pointers on how either of these two options may be achieved (if possible).

Thank you all for taking the time to read my question and help me out, and I look forward to your responses!

Morning! I would really appreciate some help doing something fancy on excel for our holiday chart.

I have set up a Holiday Chart that has a Yearly Overview sheet showing total number of people off on each day and tabs for each month with seperate rows for each of my team. The monthly tabs feed into the Yearly Overview to show the figure for the amount of people off on that day.

What I want to do is then if I mouse over the say the number of people off on the 3rd Jan the hover text will automatically display the names of the people off (pulling this info from the monthly tabs where each row is named after a person).

Is this possible?

Many Thanks and hope thats clear

I am working on an interactive chart that responds to mouse movements. Whenever my mouse "hovers" over a certain bar in my chart, a tool tip will automatically appear that gives information pertaining to that particular bar in my chart. My problem is I have no way of controlling that tool tip. The tool tip centers perfectly while it hovers over the first three or four bars of the chart; however, as I go down the line, my mouse doesn't seem to have any control over the tool tip. It will not center over the other bars and towards the end of the chart, the tool tip disappears off the screen, making it impossible to know what the other bars in the chart stand for. The chart is operated by vba code, and I've tried everything to get the tool tip to center over each bar when I use my mouse, but to no use. Here is the attached code. Is there a way to control the tool tip to get it to properly "hover" and "center" over each bar? Please help!!!

Private Sub Chart_Mousemove(ByVal Button As Long, ByVal Shift As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long)
Dim ElementID As Long
Dim Arg1 As Long
Dim Arg2 As Long
Dim chart_data As Variant
Dim chart_label As Variant
Dim last_bar As Long
Dim chrt As Chart
Dim ser As Series
Me.GetChartElement x, y, ElementID, Arg1, Arg2
Set chrt = ActiveChart
Set ser = ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1)
chart_data = ser.Values
chart_label = ser.XValues
On Error Resume Next

Set txtbox = ActiveSheet.Shapes("hover")
If ElementID = xlSeries Then
If Err.Number Then
Set txtbox = ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddTextbox _
(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, x - 70, y - 70, 70, 70)
txtbox.Name = "hover"
txtbox.Fill.ForeColor.SchemeColor = 9
txtbox.Line.DashStyle = msoLineSolid
chrt.Shapes("hover").TextFrame.Characters.Text = "$" & Application.WorksheetFunction.Text(chart_data(Arg2), "???.??") & "bn" & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & chart_label(Arg2)
With chrt.Shapes("hover").TextFrame.Characters.Font
.Name = "Arial"
.Size = 8
.ColorIndex = 16
End With
With chrt.Shapes("hover").TextFrame.Characters(Start:=1, Length:=11).Font
.Name = "Haettenschweiler"
.Size = 12
.ColorIndex = 1
End With
last_bar = Arg2
End If
ser.Points(Arg2).Interior.ColorIndex = 44
txtbox.Left = x - 70
txtbox.Top = y - 70
ser.Interior.ColorIndex = 16
End If
End Sub

I'm not even sure that this is posible. I would like a text box, something akin to a tip box, popup when the cursor is hovering over/selecting/etc a certain cell or set of cells. Is this even possible? I'm not necessarily looking for code, and anything would be appreciated.

Hello All,

I am trying to mouseover on my Excel bars in barcharts and want the mouseover to show the datapoint info without needing to click the chart first and then hover over the bars. Any help appreciated?

Also, I would like to show the numbers that come up on the hover in a certain format, how do I change that?

Thanks all

I was wandering if there is a way to have multiple charts on a spreadsheet and have them increase in size when you hover over them. I was thinking that it would have to be done in VB, but not sure.

I want to hover over a cell and rather than a comment appearing, I want the value from another cell appearing.


Cell F9 = $100 (cost of item this year)
Cell F9 (on another tab) = $98 (Cost of item last year)

I want to hover over each cell and see the value from the other sheet, without consistently toggling between sheets.

Thank you.

Hey guys,

I used to be able to see the value of a variable when I hover over it very quickly and with no problem.

Now something changed and I can not do it anymore. I checked that tools-->options-->auto data tips was on.

Sometimes but very in-frequently it lights up but not as good as it used to. ;(((

Any one has run into this before?

THanks for your help

Hi all,

I would like to hover over a chart in a protected sheet in Excel 2007. This is a feature in Excel 2003 but in Excel 2007, i don't know how to have this feature.

How to test this:

- create a simple chart and protect the sheet where the chart is. Then hover the mouse over the chart and see if it gives the number in the chart.

thanks in advance.

Whenever i hover the mouse over the cell which has hyperlink it shows me the complete location , i dont want this to appear . Please Advice.


I have huge data set with text like this and it asll varies

1) 4 50000 TY

The spaces in between text varies , so i cannot use text to column,

i tried trim , substitute and other but i cannot i need to split the data properly in seperate columns . Please advice . as spaces and gap are not a single patter it varies.


Sometimes I'll store fairly large chunks of text (text with multiple lines, paragraph breaks, etc) in a single cell. What I would like to do is hover my mouse over that cell and see a tooltip popup displaying all the contents. Instead, I have to settle on clicking the cell, clicking "Wrap Text," and then clicking "Wrap Text" again to collapse the cell after I am done viewing it.

Is there a way to view that text simply by rolling over?


I want to create a scatter plot, but I wanted to figrue out if it is possible to somehow set up excel to display a small "pop up" (so to speak) window whenever I "hover" the mouse over a specific data point with whatever info I want to give that data point.

Is this possible?

Hi All, I am using an image for an icon on my worksheet to which I have assisigned a Macro. Is it possible to have descriptive text displayed when the mouse id moved over the image?

I'm working with a basic combo column/line chart plotting date, number and currency (date, volume, closing price). Is there a way to hover over a plot on the chart and have a pop up of the data row appear? In other words can we get rid of the words volume, series, etc, or do the pop-ups default to the way it is now?

Is there a way to change the date format for the little data series pop up to be different from the way it is set up on the data series. I'm charting a year's worth of data but the data series is set to have only the month and year appear on the X axis (no room for every date) but when we hover over a point on the chart we want to have the month, day and year.

Is it possible to add "markers" at various points on the chart that, when clicked or rolled over, a pop up/text box comes up (we would specifically draft the text for the pop up). If this is possible, where would I write the text -- in another column of the spreadsheet?

Last time, first time. Thanks for any help.

So it's been a few months since I have written a macro and it seems some of the basic have slipped my mind and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

So I have this codes that starts with
Dim Frank as Range
Frank = Activecell.value

More code here that moves the curser around

and Ends with


I get an error on Frank = Activecell.Range, When I hover over Frank it says "Nothing" and when I hover over address it show the correct address. What in the world am I doing wrong.

I need to plot a chart as a scatter chart. The chart is busy, and I don't want to display either data values or labels on it, since they will clutter it up too much. However, if possible, I would like to be able to hover the pointer over any point, and show additional info. for the point. eg by default, if I hover over a point, the yellow box that appears might say "Series 2 point 8 (8,50)" I would like it to say say "Series 2 point 8 (8,50) - other text here"
Anyone have any suggestions on how this might be achieved??


Why is the chart data wrong when I hover over it in Excel 2007?
When I hover my cursor over data points in my line charts the pop up box displays the wrong data for example the date is wrong. I neve had this problem with excel 2003 so I am finding my self going back to the old excel to look at charts I have created in excel 2007.