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Can I Put A Calendar In A Drop Down List To Select A Date?

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I would like to put a calendar in an excel cell as a drop down list so an
operator can select a date to enter into the cell. Is this possible?

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Similar Topics

Hello Everybody,

Greetings from UAE. I need your support.
I have created a drop-down list to select the according month.
Now I would like to link this drop-down cell to the calendar, e.g. when I select January, automatically 1.1.2015 should be displayed.

Training Calendar.jpg

Thank you already in advance.

Hey Guys -

Wondering -I want to create a spreadsheet and have a Row of cells each with its own Drop down calendar so that the user may select the date of choice without manually keying the data.--- A calendar that shows the entire month and the user can select the date and once the date is selected it will read automatically in the cell.

similar to the Data Validation option that allows the user to ONLY select whatever is placed in the cell drop down.

Is this even possible?

Any tips would be great! Thanks!

Is there a way to do that?
Kind of like what they do in airline booking web sites, where you have the option "show calendar" and you select the date from there, to avoid any possible typing mistakes.
When you select the cell, a calendar or a date drop-down list should pop-up.

I have been able to successfully use the built-in calendar function to create a drop down calendar for the user to input a date, which then populates any given cell to which I link the calendar functionality.

My question is - is there a way to link the same calendar functionality to MULTIPLE cells in a column?

Ideally, my spreadsheet will contain one column into which only dates will be entered. I would like to allow the user to click on THE SPECIFIC CELL into which they would like the date to appear; this action will initiate the pop-up drop-down calendar REGARDLESS OF THE ROW in the date column; the user will then select the desired date from the calendar, and that date will then populate the chosen cell.

Thanks in advance.

I am trying to make an interoffice work order for maintenance issues and need
to create a drop down calendar with a box with a button (icon) that when
clicked on shows the calendar to pick the date and enter it into the box. I
know how to insert a calendar that stays on the page but does not drop down.
I am using Microsoft Excel 2003. Help!!!!

I found out how to place a drop down calendar in a cell.

However, in properties section of that dropdown I reference another cell that changes to whatever date I select in the calendar. That cell can't be used in any formulas. I tried formatting it to its serial number but it won't cooperate. It seems to be text not date.

Is there a way to get it into a date format without another formula?? thanks to all.......


i have a calendar control with two calendars. I want to be able to select a date on calendar 1 and calendar 2 and place the dates in cell E20 & H20. Calendar 2 has control when I select a date. Calendar 1 = E20, Calendar 2 = H20. Calendar 1 does not need to have a date selected, but Calendar 2 should have a date.

Many Thanks.

Hi. I am using Excel 2003. I want to be able to manage a calendar in a drop down format when I select a cell. The user will then choose a date from the calendar and it will auto-fill the date in the cell. How do I manage this please?

I have been looking for a good working drop down calendar with a good layout.
I suffer the web from all over including the topics and links from this forum.
I could not found one that works 100%.

When I click a cell B2, a drop down or pop-up calendar will drop and below the
cell at the same position every time. I also like to see week number on the left
side (nice to have). Once the date is picked, the date will copy to cell B2.
calendar position can be changed is nice ti have.


Okay, in need of more help.

I would like to create a drop down menu within a cell that brings up a calendar, from which the user can click a date and that date is populated into the cell w/the drop down.

So far, I've not been successful, other than using the calendar control, which is a full-time displayed calendar that is bound to a single cell. I have a column of cells that each will potentially have a different date. I would like each cell to have independent drop downs, from which dates can be selected and populated accordingly.

All I've been able to find that is remotely close is this: Unfortunately, his recommended files that I downloaded did absolutely nothing. Any other ideas?

Thanks for looking.

Hello all,

I want to implement the Date dropdown list and time dropdown list.

I can create a combobox with my own custom drop down list, but there has to
be built in drop down lists available... i.e. date.

How do I turn a blank combobox into a combobox that will allow the user to select a date from the dropdown list? Or even the little calendar that allows you to select a date from the calendar (like in an Outlook appointment)?? I looked into fields,but haven't been able to find how they can be applied to this. (I can get a control to display a field, but don't know how to get the dropdown list, or how to change the field using the control.) I also need a dropdown list with time.

Is there anyway to set up a drop down tab that will display a calendar to select a date and when you select the date it will appear in the cell?

I have a Calendar.frm in my module and I reference it to a specific cell.
Sub RequiredDate()
Call ShowMECalendar
End Sub
This works fine for one cell. But I have many date fields that I need to refer this to and capture the date from the calendar. Is there a way for me to double click a cell and have the calendar pop-up and then capture the selected date in that cell without writing a Sub for each date?


Is it possible to add a calendar to certain cells to select the date from. You know like when you are booking a flight online, instead of manually entering the date you can click the date from a little pop-up calendar.

I have a date list for the year 2009 where I will enter a patient's name (basically, an appointment book). I have a pop-up calendar that I would like the date chosen to go directly to the date on the "appointment date".

Currently, the code for the calendar is to just unload the date I choose to wherever I have my cursor on the worksheet. Unfortunately, the posts I've browsed for an answer are fairly complex and I think I could learn Vulcan in less time.

Here's my code and the attached workbook. The second tab I've just included the month of August for simplicity. I'd like to be able to select a day from the Calendar and I would drop into this second sheet on the exact date. Thanks.


Private Sub Calendar1_Click() 
    ActiveCell.Value = Calendar1.Value 
    Unload Me 
End Sub 

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Hey Guys,
Is it possible to create a drop down calendar in 2003?

Basically i have a cell that displays the date. I would like to be able to click on the date and it open a calendar to choose a date from. Is that possible?

Hi, I'm extremely new to VBA and would love some advice. I'll try to explain as best I can. (Sorry for any improper wording...)

I have a little form on an Excel worksheet. It includes a field for an Organization Name, and a combo box drop-down to select a Date. On another worksheet, I have a calendar. Each date box on the calendar (ranges of three cells) has been named "May 1", etc., exactly like the options on the Date drop-down list.

I want the user to fill out the form, click a button and have the data from Organization Name to appear in the appropriate calendar box, depending on what Date the user has entered on the form.

Essentially, I want to modify this:

    Sheets("Calendar View").Activate

so that "name" refers to the value of "drop_date" (which is the name of the combo box that contains the date).

Hope I explained that correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi All,
Not only am I new to this forum, but to Excel itself, learning quickly as I go though... but please bear with me. On a spreadsheet that I am creating, a few of the cells require a date entry. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to click on a little calendar attached to the cell to select the date; kind of like you do on the travel websites to select your date of travel. I would also like to be able to move forward and backward through different months. But when the calendar comes up, you would select the day on the calendar and then it would automatically fill the cell with the date (however the cell is formatted). Is this possible or am I wasting my time. Thanks for any input.

I really hope someone can help me. I compiled a list of my customers and brought a calendar in from word. Now my problem is that i need a drop down list in each day of the calendar so that i can choose between customers.

Is there anyway to also create a drop down list so that i can choose which drop down list i want to use with the different variables.

I am more then likely not wording this correctly but this has pretty much but this invoice has pretty much been my main focus over the last three days.

Hi all ,

Among all topics i didnt find what i need, what i need exactly is in a certain cell i need to insert a combo box form and when i click the arrow to drop down a small calendar from which i can click the needed date .

It is not a show calendar form button i need so when i click it it pop ups a calendar .
This didn't work

I appreciate very much your help .


I created a userform to allow users to enter data. One of the issues is that we are relying on them to enter the date correct. So I wanted to create a way for the date to be prepoluted and defaulted to today, or they can click on it and a calendar with will pop up. They then select the date on the calendar, and that causes the calendar to dissapear and the date is the populated into the user box.

I managed to create a form with a calendar on it. On my Entryform I put the following:

Private Sub dte_Change()


End Sub

On the Calendar form, the code I tried taking from another forum and it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Private Sub calendar_click()

Me.TextBox.Value = Me.Calendar.Value

End Sub

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi all, I have a calendar popup built into my spreadsheet so that when the user presses Ctrl Q it pops up a selection calendar. The problem is that I want to restrict the dates that they can enter. In other words I tried to simply add validation to the active cell so that if they chose a date outside of my specified validation range it will not accept it. Everything works fine so that the calendar pops up and they are able to select any date on it and it will populate the active cell but the validation doesnt work when you use the calendar just when you type the date in the cell.

The code for my Calendar is:

Private Sub Calendar1_Click()
ActiveCell.Value = Calendar1.Value
Unload Me
End Sub

Is there anything I can add to this code or somewhere else that will validate whether the selected calendar date is within my range. (say April 1 2010 to June 30 2010) Again, validation on the cell doesnt seem to work when I select a date with the calendar only when typed in the active cell.

Thanks so much!

Hi, I have a text box in a userform where the person can enter a date and I would like to know if I can link this text box to a Calendar that I have already (Userform1 is my calendar). My objective is that when they select the text box the calendar appears and they can choose a date on the calendar and it will fill the text box!

My biggest problem is to create the macro that transfer the date choosen in the calendar to the text box: here what I have tried but it does not work:

Private Sub TextBox4_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)

Calendar1.Value = UserForm26!TextBox4.Value

End Sub
Thank you


I've a straight forward shift pattern rota in a vertical table - I'm trying to have it display automatically in a visual calendar to make it easier for people to see and understand.

Online Example.xls

In the attached, "2014 Calendar" is just a calendar template I found online and I've a drop down in G1 which links to the table in "Rolling Rota".

If I select "Bob" then I am trying for all of his shifts to populate, matching the date in the calendar sheet against the data in the rota sheet.

That's the main part and I'm stumped. Have searched through the forum here and tried lots of previous examples but can't find one that works. I'm not at all precious over the calendar layout - if there is a better one for this function then I'll take it.

I'd like to future proof this if possible, so if it's at all possible to make the calendar itself incorporate a drop-down (i.e. in B2) where you can select years and the calendar then relabels itself (i.e. the correct date by day column; I guess the formatting of the borders by month would be manual.... but that'd be easy to do)

Thanks for any help, advice or pointing at a resolution elsewhere!

Does anyone know if a cell has a validation list that is a calendar month (ie: any date from Oct. 1 - Oct 31 is an acceptable choice) can excel dispaly a "mini-calendar" like you'd expect see on web sites?

Instead of having a drop down box to choose the date, can excel display a "Calendar" month (7 boxes across represent Sun - Sat, 5 boxes down to represent the dates 1-31)?