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Excel - Arrow Keys Move Whole Sheet Instead Of From Cell To Cell

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I have Excel 2000, and for some reason when I try to move around the
spreadsheet using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the cursor stays on the
cell and the entire worksheet moves up, down, left or right. The same thing
is true when I try to scoll down the spread sheet using the scoll tool on my

Any suggestions?



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Hi all. I some how changed the way my curser box moves
around the spreadsheet. I usto be able to move the curser
box around in the spread sheet by using the arrow keys on
my key board. Now in all spread sheets, when I use the
arrow keys on my keyboard, the spread sheet moves and the
curser box stays put in the cell it was left in. Does
anyone know what I inadvertently changed to cause how my
worksheets move around? I would like to get back to using
the arrow keys on my keyboard to move the curser box from
cell to cell.

For some reason I can no longer move from cell to cell using the "arrow" keys. The entire worksheet moves in the direction of the arrow key that I press. I have to use the mouse to move to adjacent cells. The "Enter" key does accept my entry, and then moves me down one cell. I have looked through the help file and cannot find anything on this.

Is this possibly a characteristic of my keyboard? I use a Logitech cordless keyboard. I've tried toggling some of the board's keys, such as "Pause Break" but get no results. This keyboard has been in service for some time. The problem is recent.


When working on an Excel worksheet the arrow keys used to move the cursor to adjacent cells (up, down, left, right) but now the arrow keys move the entire sheet and leave the cursor in the same spot. How do I get it back to where the arrow keys move the cursor?

hi there,
I don't how this happened. I can't move the "little square" in excel using the arrow keys. when I hit enter, it moves to the right as I specified in the options but when I use the arrow keys the whole spreadsheet moves but the square does not move to the next cell..

Anybody knows what is causing this problem??

thanks a lot for your help

I have Excell 2007, and when I try to move from one cell to another using the arrow keys on the keyboard, it moves the sliders on the side and bottom of the worksheet and move the entire thing, much like a web page moves.

How do I change that? It's frustrating having to use the mouse to navigate throughout the workbook when the keyboard is much faster.

I've always been able to do this before (moving to a different cell in a spreadsheet by using the arrow keys), but for some reason, now when I use the arrow keys, it stays in the cell I'm on, but it's using the scrolling bar at the bottom/side.

Is there any way to get this back to what it was?


I am using Excel 2000 and I am having a problem. When I press one of the arrow keys, instead of moving the selection to the cell I want, it moves the whole sheet one column or one row, depending which direction key I have pressed. The selection remains locked in that cell and the whole worksheet moves. I am currently having to navigate around the worksheets with the mouse and really miss the use of the cursor keys.

The scroll lock is not enabled, nor the numlock. I have tried another keyboard in case the control key might have had some bizarre problem. I do not have the Lotus 1-2-3 box ticked or any other of the options which might affect it. I conclude that I have somehow hit a selection of keys which has modfied the basic worksheet template in some way - or have I found a new bug?

It affects all the worksheets I have, including all the ones created before this problem appeared about 10 days ago. I have re-installed Office with no effect.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

One of the guys I work with has an interesting Excel navigation problem. When he uses the arrow keys to move up or over to a new cell, the entire worksheet moves, rather the cursor moving into the next cell. Does anyone have any ideas why this came to be? (even better, how to fix it? I recommended the Detect and Repair...)


I have a client that enters a lot of data into various spreadsheets, we recently upgraded her computer and along with it upgraded Office to 2013. Since that has happened she has experienced some issues with navigating cells in Excel. What will happen is she will be typing than tabbing or using the arrow keys and all of a sudden the active cell will get stuck on one of them. Arrow keys do not move the cursor to the next cell and the only way for her to fix it is to alt tab to another spreadsheet and then back to the one she was working on. Once that is done it is working fine.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when this happens to her. I have re-installed (used the big one that re-downloads from the web), it has no add-ins on either that are conflicting and I know it is not the keyboard since when I log in through TeamViewer while it is happening I am also unable to move with the arrow keys.

Anyone see this issue before?

I've got a worksheet with 10 unlocked cells in a column, all other cells on the sheet are locked and the sheet is protected. Only the unlocked cells can be selected.

Clicking in the top most cell (row 1) allows me to select that cell.
Pressing TAB or ENTER will move the cursor down one row at a time and from row 10 put me back in row one. That works fine.

However, clicking in the top most cell and pressing the down arrow on the keyboard will move the cursor down one row only 3 times. At row 4 pressing the down arrow will move the cursor to row 3 (up).

Clicking in row 5 and pressing the down arrow will move the cursor to row 6, 7, 8, etc, however pressing the down arrow from row 10 will not move the cursor to row 1 as TAB does, but to row 3.

um.......what have I done here?

While in a Excel document,the arrow keys move wintin the page but not from
cell to cell.

How do I get the cursor to move from cell to cell instead of up and down the
spreadsheet by using the arrow keys?

Thanks for your assistance.


I have a userform containing various commandbuttons, which when clicked insert formatted text into the active cell. What i am trying to achieve is to be able to click a commandbutton and then use the keyboard arrow keys t move to a different cell without using the mouse. The problem is the userform has the focus or remains the active window, using the arrow keys simply moves around different commandbuttons. If anyone can help please.

Somehow the settings on my copy of excel (2000) changed. When I use the arrow keys the active cell does not move. Instead the whole window moves up-down-left-right. I went through the options under tools and can't find anywhere I can change this.

Any help will be appreciated.

I protected my worksheet so only 5 rows can be edited by the end user, however, after I protect the sheet I can only move the cursor to the right and left with the arrow keys. It will not move up or down, with the arrow keys or hitting enter. I have to be missing something simple because it works like normal when I unprotect the worksheet. Help please!

This will seem ridiculously simple to most Excel users here, but I always forget what to do when this happens and how to stop it from happening in the first place. Anyway, for some reason I can only use the mouse to move from one cell to the other, when I try the arrow keys it just scrolls in the direction of the arrow. Could someone tell me how to fix this?


Images and shapes etc I can move around using the keyboard keys (left, up, down, right arrow keys etc).

However when trying to do the same with charts it just selects the different parts within the chart. I've tried to hold in CTRL + arrow key etc. But nothing seem to work.

Can anyone help? Please don't tell me it isn't possible...

I seem to be stuck on a funny setting where I can not move to select a new cell (up, down, left or right) with the arrow keys. When I press an arrow key on my keyboard it has the same effect as clicking the scroll arrows on the scroll bars. It's driving me crazy! Can someone please help?!


Hello. I am having some problems with my arrow keys. When I came into work this morning on my excel spreadsheet the arrow keys move the entire spreadsheet up and down, instead of just moving from cell to cell. How do I change this setting? Please help! Thanks!

I am running Excel 2007, I'm sure that usually when I press the arrow keys on my keyboard, the resulting action is that the cell focus moves on square in the direction that I have pressed.

But now when I try and use the arrow keys to move between cells, the action is to scroll the screen in the direction pressed.

Either I'm going mad or this did not happen before (its been a while since I used excel)

any ideas?



For no apparent reason, the arrow keys on my keyboard have stopped moving
from cell to cell when I press them. Instead, pressing an arrow key causes
the whole worksheet to scroll in the direction of the arrow

Hi, I'm used to using an earlier version of Excel and the 2003 version
doesn't allow me to use the arrow keys to move around the cells in the
worksheet, is there a setting that I can change that does allow me to move
from cell to cell with the arrow keys rather than use just the mouse?


My arrows keys move the workbook page in Excel 2000 instead of moving from
cell to cell. How can I change the settings so that the arrow keys move cell
to cell?

Hi, (using Excel 2003)

if you are in the "refers to" field of named ranges (ctrl+f3), you cannot cycle through the formula using the arrow keys

if you try, you keep changing the cells which are being refered to (because the arrow keys act outside the window, in the active sheet)

Is there a way to move around in the refers to field using the arrow keys (instead of the mouse which because annoying once the formular is sufficiently long)?

(this behaviour can be observed in a number of similar input fields, too)

hope someone can comprehend my problem


Can anybody tell me how do I unlock the mouse and arrow keys from a specific cell. I cannot seem to move the active cell to another cell at all. When I try to move the mouse to another cell it highlights the whole area. It seems like the active cell has been anchored and I cannot unlock it. None of the arrow keys work and I have tried switching scroll lock on and off. Has anybody encountered this before?

I don't know what I have done but all of a sudden when I use my arrow keys to move down a cell it now moves down an entire page! It is so frustrating and I can't figure out how to fix it. Any help would be very much appreciated.