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How To Lock Header Footer Excel 2007

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Hi Guys

Please help me if you know how to lock header footer in excel 2007. And if you also know how to lock some certain ribbon control options so that form users cannot use them. For example, Insert - Text etc. And also locking . Quick Access Toolbar locking?

Many thanks

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Quick Excel Header/Footer question. When I print worksheets the header and footer size is not consistent. When creating the header and footer, I have them all set to the same font size....when I print, the more data that's on a worksheet the smaller the printed text becomes on the header/footer. How do I lock it in at a consistent printed font size no matter what's on my worksheet?



I have this Excel file that I get periodically and I need to print it in my own printhead letter. Thus, I need to add a fixed header&footer.
Of course, I don't have to do this with every excel file I get, therefore I am thinking about a button in the quicktoolbar that I click when I want to add that specific Header&Footer.

I have 2 issues so far:
1) Although there's no image in my footer & header, The footer is longer than 255 chars, and apparently Excel doesn't allow more than those. I have different fonts & size in the header and footer themselves.
2) I managed to save the header & footer I want as images (from Word) in an Excel file, but then I don't know the VBA code to tell Excel "open this file and copy its footer and header".

I tried to search on the forum and over the internet but no luck so far. Any help?
Thanks guys!

How do I lock excel header footer for no change


I am trying to find a way to insert a custom header and footer that I have to use for all company documents into excel. The current options under the header and footer tools in excel do not achieve this. The header and footer I am using has 3 and 8 fields consecutively, contains a logo, borders, filepath etc, dates, revisions, pages, etc. Does anyone know of anyway to create a truly custom header and footer in excel? I apprciate any help, thanks!!


I have a question about locking in cells or rows in a spreadsheet.

I am working on a Telephone Number Listing, which spans dozens of excel pages. I want to lock in the row that I have the heading descriptions in, so that if a row is added (such as a new employee) or one is deleted (someone leaves) the headings stay where they are, and the rest of the info moves down a row, or onto the next page, if appropriate. Is this even possible?

I know excel has a header and footer option like Word, but the way the sheet is set up, it is not appropriate (see below example)

hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me on how to release a record lock while it is being modify (in edit mode)?

i have an Excel macro that will connect to MS Access database by using DAO, at the beginning of my codes i have also implemented row-locking by using ADO (because DAO by default is page locking)

each time when user retrieve a record from the database, the macro will lock that particular row so that other users can't modify it. i have used "recordset.edit" to lock a record, it works fine

however, right now my concern is that what if a user retrieved a record and locked it for a long time (or somehow the user's pc got hang or something), there is no way for me and other users to modify or to release the lock

i have tried using "dbengine.idle dbfreelocks" but it doesn't seems to work, is there any way using VBA (in Excel or Access) to unlock a record while a user is modifying (in edit mode)??

or maybe is there a way that i can open up the MS Access database and do something to release the lock?

thank you.

Dear All

I want to customise my header Footer by providing Names

as say center header : company name below that Annexure I

Left Footer: Place: aaaa below that Date: 30/05/2007
right footer: Name: abcd below that Designation: aaaaa

I want to provide these names in say a1 to a6 (center header a1 & a2, left footer a3 & a4, right footer a5 & a6)

how can I go about this?



As one of my project requirement, I need to add my own custom header/footer into the predifined list of header/footers in the pagesetup dialogue window.

I know, I could do that by adding custom header/footer manually but that added header/footer get lost once I select any other header/footer.
I want to keep that added header/footer as persistent field as other are populating in that dropdown list.

Please let me know the solution, if anybody knows.

Thanks in advance

Amit Jain

Hey guys, I'm running excel 2007 at work and need to lock over a hundred pages that are on this one .xlsx file, yet I don't have access to the IRM tools because my company won't allow me to install anything on the computer.

Is there any sort of macro or other technique short of locking each individual page?

Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.


I accidentally clicked "insert" >> "header and footer" in my excel 2007 file. Now I'm not able to delete or remove that header and footer box. It says "click to add header"..

Can this be done? I have tried a couple of things and it just does not seem to wortk...
Column A1 has a Date in it.
What I would like to do is Link A1 to the Header or footer, can this be done??
Also I would like to Format how the Header reads.
So if A1 had a date lets say 10-01-2007.
I would like the Headre or footer of the sheet to read October 2007...
Can this be done????

I'm trying to use the following code I got from he

to be able to insert a header/footer into the new document from excel. Is it possible to be able to insert a custom header/footer ie:Company logo with text into a new word document? ie could the header and footer be in excel to be added each time a new document is opened?

posted here but not exactly what I needed:

I am trying to lock out a worksheet with option buttons (radio buttons).

I have password "Protected" the worksheet to prevent editing, but the radio buttons can still be changed.

I have been into the "Format Control" for each button and the "Group box" and ticked the "Lock" and "Lock text" in the protection panel, but the buttons can still be changed.

Any ideas what is stopping me locking down the "option buttons" so they can not be changed?

I would very much appreciate and help or advice.

Kind regards,


How do I lock specific cells in MS Excel 2007? I've tried Format/lock cell and then format/protect sheet - but can only lock worksheet and not specific cells! Help?

Hi Guys

I want to set Left header,Center header,Left footer,Center footer and right Footer in the sheet that gets printed off when a button is clicked on the userform.
So I want the following header n footer:

Left Header: Recorded Delivery Consignment

* Now the date in above will come from the userform comboboxes as Format(DateSerial(ComboBox3, ComboBox2, ComboBox1), "dd/mm/yyyy")
Center Header: AXA Company ,London

Left Footer: Total number of records:

* In above footer on each sheet will store total number of records so count function will be used.
Center Footer: Accepting Officer Signatu ........
Right Footer: Date:

Many Thanks

How does one lock certain columns in a spreadsheet without locking the entire tab? I've gone through countless attempts and each result in the entire sheet being locked. I'm using '07. I've tried it both with and without checking the "Lock Cell" under the Cells>Format on the ribbon.

Also, does "un-checked" mean it IS NOT highlighted? Again I've tried it both highlighted and un-highlighted.


Hi All,
In my everyday work, I need to check the header and footer of every worksheet in an excel workbook and then edit them. In case of big workbooks having many worksheets, this becomes a tedious process. Does someone know of a macro that can do either of the following:
1. Print all the header and footer from all the worksheets in a workbook as a textfile (log file).
2. Detect the sheets that have the header and footer and ignore the rest so that I can run a macro on these selected sheets to delete the header and footer (I already know of one such macro).

Thanks in advance,

I apologize if this question has been asked, but I am having trouble trying to lock a formula. I have an excel sheet that is about 300 rows and 10 columns. I have a formula in columns O and P that I want to lock. Is there a way to lock this formula so if I insert a new row, for example, at row 75, that the formulas in column O and P will already be there? Usually when a row is inserted, it is blank, but I would like two cells at O and P already filled in. If this is not possible, can you suggest anything else?

This seems really easy but for some reason a column of cells in my excel sheet won't lock. My sheet is protected and the cells definitely have locked = true but for some reason I can still change the formula.

I'm actually locking and unlocking a group of cells on the same sheet depending on what mode the user wants to run in but those cells all operate perfectly. I went back into a copy from before I had put my code in and it had the same issue with the same cells is there anything that prevents a cell from locking even if it's property is set to lock and sheet protection is turned on?

Thank you for any help you can give.

Okay, so we have a document with some graphics in the header and footer (don't ask me why). When we try to insert a landscape page into a portrait document, it messes up the header/footer something awful. And even if you try to rebuild them from scratch by copy/pasting the various graphic images into them, they still won't line up right. I've set the landscape page as a new section by putting breaks before/after it, and disconnected the header/footer from the previous one. Still won't really work right. Any ideas?

I'm often locking a formula in a cell so that the cell reference number doesn't change upon copying and pasting.


or sometimes I choose

I need to do this for around 100 different cells, and then change the lock on them.

Is there a quick way I can lock multiple cells in the same way, rather than going through each one and pressing 'F4'?


I have three questions and I am hoping I haven't reached limitations of Excel.
1. I am setting up custom headers and footers on my worksheet. Is there anyway to adjust the space to the left of the left Header & footer and to the right of the right header and footer? Even with my margins set for .25 around the outside edge, if moves the left header in to about .7 or so and same from the right edge.
2. In my custom footer, is there any way to get around the 255 character limit in the center footer? I am trying to fit in a disclaimer and we all know how long disclaimers can be!
3. I would like to put a File Created date in my custom footer on the left. Not a modified or updated field, does anyone know the code I would need to do this?

If there are no answers to these I guess I could just not use the custom header and footer options and hardcode this stuff in the worksheet. But I thought I would ask the gurus first!

Thanks you for your help,
Excel Novice
Ryan Kohlbeck


I need to make an excel version of the .doc attached. The problem is that you cannot repeat the footer but only the header. While I would like to have both the header and the footer repeated in every page, plus when it comes to the footer you get 3 boxes while I'd just need one unique box.... is it possible to do that? Repeat the footer for multiple pages, as the header, and in one unique box?


Hey guys,

I am working on a template on excel 2010 and I just need to lock a few cells from being edited with the rest of the cells the user to have full access to.

I tried locking just the cells with formulas and protecting the sheet but when the template is opened it doesn't let the user do a lot of functions like Data > text to column

Anyone have any solutions?

Is there a way to protect/lock the header/footer on a sheet so that it cannot
be modified or removed. I protect the sheet and the worksheet, but the
headers and footers are still editible.

Is there a way to do this? I have some footers that I do not want to be
removed or changed.

Thank you!