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Formula To Convert A Numeric Value Into English Word

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is there any specific formula is available in excel 2007 to convert a numeric value into English word .


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Similar Topics

I want convert numeric value to English word,

100 CONVERT TO hundred
151 convert to ONE FIFTY ONE


"=SpellNumber" Function not available in my excel


Is there any formula / macro in excel by which number in English word can be converted into numeric digit ? Eg One Hundred Thirty Five to be converted as 135 . I have not find any solutions of it till date. Pls reply . Dipyaman

Is there a function that will convert a dollar amount to a word string (in English)


1,401.00 = One Thousand Four Hundred One


I've found plenty of resources explaining how to convert numeric values into English words ( for example) but nothing for the other way around.

Ideally I'd like to convert Bill into 1, Ben into 2, Weed into 3 etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



I am looking for a programme to automatically populate excel fields from a word doc.
I have an excel file in english and wish to achieve the same in Italian, (in a separate column) keeping all the html tags in place.
I have a word doc in English and a translated word doc in Italian.
The end result I am looking for is in the right side Italian.

S1 Option_1 UK UK
S1 Option_2 Germany Germania
S1 Option_3 France Francia

Sorry, i am sure this has been posted may times before but on searching for "convert formula to value" i am told that my search terms are under 3 letters long?

I just want to convert all the formulae in a column, into their numeric (or alpha numeric) products.


Hi there,

I am having trouble importing multiple large (so large that I run out of columns) into excel from word.

1) is there a way that I can set up a code that will convert all my forms in word files from an entire folder at once into .txt files and import them into excel. I am currently having to convert individually by Tools>Options>Save>SaveDataOnlyForForms.

2) Is there a way of only saving forms in word that have a numeric value? I have multiple forms with all sorts of information, however, for the purpose of this exercise it would be helpful only to pull out those with a numeric value.

I have tried lots of different codes but cant quite get what I am after.

If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.



i want to convert the figure 123456 into (english) word
I also want to group the digit like 12,25,458
Both the answer should be in excel

I have installed the English (language) version of Excel.
When I use Excel I type in English, also I type the numbers in English, but the numbers are displayed in Arabic!! in spite of my keyboard is adjusted to English letters.

How to convert numbers to English.

I have a source cell value with a combination of Alpha and Numeric characters. Nothing else. Simple format, 1 Alpha and 1 numeric, e.g. A1 or E4.

The result I am after in a target cell is to convert the Alpha to it's numeric position in the Alphabet, e.g. A returns 1 and Z returns 26 and add the numeric to it. From the example: A1 returns 2 and E4 returns 9.

I can do it fine using VB but I am after an in cell formula to do it.

I have a spreadsheet into which a numeric table has been imported from a PDF file. All the numeric values in this table are showing as text entries now it's in EXCEL.
I could use the VALUE() function to convert all cells to Numeric Values, but just wondering if it's possible to run a small VBA routine to convert numeric numbers shown as text to values?

Say, the table is in cells A1:Z60.

Hello I've created an method in excel to learn new words in foreigh language

Word in English Torturer Translation мъчител Check TRUE

Formula in B1 is =VLOOKUP(RANDBETWEEN(1;3);Source!A:D;2
takes words from second sheet and change it randomly
In B2 I have to put meaning in my language
In B3 formula to check it =SUMPRODUCT(--(Source!B2:B60000='English-New'!B1);--(Source!D2:D60000='English-New'!B2))>0
My problem is that whenever I put word in B2 excel automatically change the word in B1 and formula in B3 can't check it if it's correct.
Does anybody knows how to stop excel change my word.I want to do this manualy with F9 key

If I had a file that contain english and arabic language text. How can I convert it into English format, I mean how can we remove Arabic fomat at once?

Can we apply the same on word docuemnt?


I am trying to convert a date string to numeric..i.e. I have 11/30/2007 but need to convert to a numeric value of 20071130. Is there a way to accomplish this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best, JD

I want to convert 125 into one hundred twenty five. pl. help me.

In Excel 2007, I have a spreadsheett that has numeric data for calcualtions. However I need to be ba able to convert this to text once all calcualtions are complete. If a number ends in zero the trailing zero is not converted to text since it is dropped in the formula bar.

How can I get the trailing zero to show in the formula bar and be able to have it as a numeric for calculations?

I have here an english installation of MS Office 2003 on an english WinXP.

From a colleague I got an Excel sheet with german formulas function inside.
Such a function is e.g. "WENN(....)" which corresponds to the english

My english Excel installation understand not these function names from foreign languages.

How can I automatically convert these (all) german function names into english function names?

If this is not possible inside Excel: Is there a 3rd party tool which does the job?

Thank you

you know how sometimes when you paste a value into a cell it reads like a
number but Excel thinks its text and aligns it to the left and gives you a
little dropdown menu with options such as keep this value as text or to
convert it to numeric data. I have a whole column of mostly numbers (and
excel is storing them as numeric data) and want to convert them to text. I
don't have that menu option available since excel thinks they're numbers.
Is there a way to convert numeric data to text?



I'm asking this on behalf of a friend who is having trouble answering. Since we have different schedules, responses may be spread out.

I'm using Excel 2003 and I need to take data from cells and convert it to numeric value. For example, if "Alex" output "1", if "Bob" output "2", if "Carl" output "3" etc. I know the "IF" function can return the value I'm looking for if true, and if false for the first value pass it off to another nested IF function, for example, =IF(Alex,1,IF(Bob,2,IF(Carl,3,Unknown))). Unfortunately, I can only nest up to 7 IF functions, and I have 10 variables I need to convert to numeric designations. Any help on a better way of doing this would be much appreciated.

The specific data I need to convert is located in a table at . The data I'm having a problem with is under the Yield column, the numeric designations and the text I want them to result from is listed below if this is relevant.

0 - Ultimate Wad
1 - 3W
2 - 2W/1W+3N
3 - 1W/4N
4 - 3N
5 - 2N/1N+3P
6 - 1N/4P
7 - 3P
8 - 2P
9 - 1P
10 - Epic

Hi, I have followed the instruction to convert anumeric value to English
words. Typr =spellnumber(32.50) but it informed an error msg "name?". I do
not know what to do. I also downloaded the FUNCUSTOMIZE.DLL zipfile but do
not know how to install it. There is not clear instruction. How can I do now?
And can I change the currency name? Thank you.

In excel how can we convert number in to english text?

This facility is there for BAHTTEXT Thai text.

why not in english?


Need assistance with this... can't seem to understand the format cells portion. Can someone help.

Sample spreadsheet attached..

Thanks in advance.

French Macros would help too..

I have data that is imported in to a Excel spreadsheet. Most of the columns contain list of numbers that are formatted as text. I then convert these columns to numeric by entering a number 1 into a non-used cell copying the number 1 then use Special Paste, Multiply. This process works well and does not change the number format, some of the numbers my have anywhere from zero to 10 or more decimal places, the numbers could also be positive or negative.

What I would like to do is create a macro that I could attach to a toolbar button. I could then select a column or range of cells and hit the button to convert the text to numeric. The problem I am having is I do not want to have to enter a 1, copy the 1, and then delete the 1. Is there another way convert text to numeric without changing the format?


I have a problem in separating the numeric data.For example

Row Column A
1 Manakamana Flour Mills Pvt.Ltd.Siliguri
2 Kelimo Pvt.Ltd.ltm(300064698)

There has been a lot of data like this but of varying length.Hence I want a formula that separates numeric data from both cases just as mentioned in row 1 where there is no numeric data and in row 2 where there is numeric as well as non numeric.

Secondly,I want to separate further list of names (Non numeric Data) from above row 1 and row 2.

Can anyone suggest me the right formula for this.

With Best Rgds,

Hi experts,

I'm at the beginner level in excel and my question is how can I convert a figure in words to numeric value.

Ex: one hundred to be converted to 100.

Searched google but couldn't find the solution to this.