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Repeating The Row Headers On Each Page

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I have a spreadsheet with several pages on it. I want to repeat the rows
headers that came on the first page on each page. How to do that?
Please help!!

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Similar Topics

I know that in Page setup I can "repeat rows at top", but is there a way to repeat different headers for different pages?

Page 1-2 is text,
Page 3-7 is data where I want the row header to repeat on each page.
Page 8-9 more text
Page 10-12 a different set of data with different row header information I want to repeat.

Can I have pages 3-7 with one repeating row header and 10-12 a different repeating row?

I like the repeating feature because the data is fluid and needs to adjust to different amounts of data. Today it might be pages 3-7, but tomorrow it might be pages 3-10 and everything reflows downward.

I have excel 2000.

Thanks in advance.

Working with 2000 Excel is bringing some new chalanges. I see things are done different.

I am trying now to keep my header to repeat from page to page.

For example I have a header that may say something like:
People, numbers, date, ect.

And there are so many new rows they go on for pages long.
How can I keep my header on the top of each page when it prints out on paper.


I am creating an annual report which includes the income statement, balance sheets, etc, and the notes to the accounts.

Basically, I need the first 2-3 pages with no headers or footers, I need the next page to have a certain header (lets say it is page 4). Page 5-7, will also have a unique header each page. And the rest of the pages will have the same header except for the last page.
Is there a way to assign headers and footers to different pages?

The data in the worksheet will change alot, and the amount of rows can increase or decrease in large numbers, so I need the headers to adjust by themselves. Any help would be gladly appreciated.

Thanks for any help.
I have a workbook, with a header for some columns, but the last page of the
workbook (the lowest rows of worksheet), don't need the headers, but I don't
see any functions for stopping headers on a certain page. Is this possible?
Not a big deal, it's just a row of labels with no info underneath them, but I
would like to get rid of this header for this one last page if possible. Of
course, I could change from headers to putting it into the worksheet itself,
but I was wondering if I could do it this way.
Thanks again.

Hi all,

I know how use the print titles settings to replicate headers on every page. Is it possible to specify where to make this stop?

For example in a 10 page document...

I have the headers at the top of page 2, so i would want them to repeat on pages 3,4,5,6 & 7 but then to stop for pages 8,9 & 10.

Not sure if it is possible but thought I'd ask the question in hope

Many thanks,


Hi all,

On my worksheet range A1:K4 are used as my sheet 'headers'
rows 4:70 are then used to place data

I want to change the simple code I have that prints all the data.

I want the headers in range A1:K4 to be shown at the top of each page printed.

for example

Page 1 will print the headers on range A1:K4 then all the data on rows 5:19
Page 2 will print the headers on range A1:K4 then all the data on rows 20:35
Page 3 will print the headers on range A1:K4 then all the data on rows 36:51
etc etc

Obviously I only want the above 'pages' to be printed if there is data on them

is this possible??

thanks in advance

File > Page Setup, click on the Sheet tab, then in the "Rows to Repeat at
Top' indicate which rows comprise your header (ex: $1:$1).

"Dave" wrote:

> How do I print a large spreadsheet where the column headers show up on every
> printed page?
> --
> Dave


Please do not tell me to use headers. I MUST use a function within a cell.

Why? ..because my customer has a complex header using the "repeat rows at top of page". These so-called header rows have formulas and functions and can not be re-created in the "Page Setup > Custom Header" field. They do not want the page number above their header, or at the bottom of the page. The want me to display the (page) and (pages) within the repeated rows.

Note: The same rows repeat at the top of every page, so the same cell that displays the page number info needs to keep track of how many times it has been displayed. I thought that maybe a global variable (counter) could be used.

Or, how about a custom Print function that continuously updates a global page number variable as it iterates through the pages using set print range - effectively printing one page at a time.

I know VBA, so solutions involving VBA are fine.

Thanks in advance,

I have a problem formatting my report in the way I would like to.

I want to repeat the top 10 rows and the first 4 columns of my report on
each page when I print it (therefore the text I want repeated makes an upside
down L shape)

I know that I need to do the following:

Rows to repeat: $1:$10
Columns to repeat: $A:$D

However, the report 'headings' in the first 10 rows include merged cells
(e.g I merge 6A - 6T). This causes a problem in the printed version of the
report, as any header text which is not 'alligned' with columns A-D will not
appear on any page other than the first page.

Only the text alligned with columns A-D is repeted on each page - the other
text that I want to see from the first 10 rows is not vissible

Is it possible to get round this without using the actual 'Headers' facility?

Thanks in advance

Hey guys,

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring this out. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Basically, I want the top few rows on every page after the first page to be the same and not move, especially when I insert new rows above it.

This is for a purchase order type of form, so the first page will have customer and shipping information that I won't have to repeat on the other pages. However, what I do want to repeat at the top of each page after page 1 is the column headings for the order (i.e. quantity, product number, description, total cost, etc).

For each order I make (they are getting really, really long....20 pages or so) I add new items by inserting new rows, which moves the column heading on the next page down. I then have to go back and manually re-organize all the pages so each page has the column headings at the top of the page instead of having been pushed to the middle when I add new rows.

I hope this makes sense.....but I just want the column headings to freeze and stay put regardless of how many new rows I insert above it.

Freeze panes doesn't work because I don't want to just be able to scroll, I want each column heading physically present on each page. Headers WOULD work....except they only show up when printed (we are emphasizing a paperless environment).

Anyone have any ideas? I don't really know how to use excel well and it takes so much time to reorganize each order....Just wondering if anyone has a better way of doing this!

Thanks! Greatly appreciate it!

Most everything I found when Searching was people confused about Freezing their panes and Repeating Rows while printing.

I have a document that I want the same rows to repeat on each page that is printed. These rows are 1:5. In Page Setup, Rows to Repeat At Top, I have entered: $1:$5.

I also have columns that I want to repeat at the left of each page. These are columns A:B. In Page Setup, Columns to Repeat At Left, I have entered: $A:$B

I notice that these specifications work fine for the first page (obviously) and the second page. But, when viewing the 3rd page in Print Preview, it does not appear correctly.

On page 3, Columns A and B correctly appear to the left. Rows 1 to 5 appear at the top, but rows 1 and 4 are cut off where they would overflow into Column C and beyond.

Row 1 has text that is entered only in Cell A1 but overflows into B1. There is nothing in B1, so this is fine (the text all shows). Row 4 has text in Cell A4 but A4 is merged all the way to G4. The other rows appear as normal on Page three.

What I'm not understanding is why Page 2 displays rows 1-4 properly but Pages 3 and beyond do not. I thought it might have something to do with the fact that text overflows from column A, but then it shouldn't work on Page 2, right? I then thought that perhaps it has something to do with specifying both rows and columns to repeat at the top, but would that make sense?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. If it appears I've missed something simple, please point it out--I'll look like a dolt, but that's not bad from time to time.


I have a spreadsheet which has numerous "header rows" and corresponding data for each header. I should clarify that I'm not talking about "view - header and footer". There are various rows in the spreadsheet which I'm referring to as the "header".
When the file prints I would like to ensure a header is at the top of each page and there are 30+ pages so manually adjusting the page breaks isn't feasible. I'm familiar with using "Rows to repeat at top" under page setup, but that won't do the trick because there are different headers throughout the sheet.

Any ideas?

First off, this is not "How do I print headers on each page".

I have 4 rows of data in a table. I need that to repeat over and over on a page. I know I can just go to e1 and put in =a1 but that's not really what I want. It doesn't allow for changes. ie Its currently 4 rows but 2 weeks ago it was only 3. It could be 5 or even more.

I know I can just copy and paste but I'd rather an automatic option.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I need some assistance.

I wanted to if it is possible to have the page headers and reports in all of the pages when previewing or printing?

Thanks All help needed.

I have a macro that formats the printout for a report. It basically sets the page size, headers, footers, pagebreaks and ROWs to repeat.

However, last page of the report is summary page and doesn't need the Title block repeated on top.

Is there a VBA code that would allow me to select "Not to repeat the ROWs on last sheet"?

Thanks for any help I can get.



I'll try to explain as best as I can (sorry for my english). Im working with one worksheet, which has many many rows (287) and columns (7). It gaves me approx. 35 pages. I need to print them all with their headers.

So far everything is ok, I put the titles and they repeat on each page BUT they move around the page. I want to stick the header to the same place on EVERY page so the report looks consistent and profesional. Sometimes it gets to the middle of the page and much white space on top of the title. Im supposing it has to deal with the Page Breaks, but when I go to that view, I cant really do anything, all I do is mess it up even more.

One thing I see, is that in Normal View (excel 2007), it shows two kind of lines at the end of the pages: one with very little bites of lines and the other one with bigger lines.

How do I do to make the header/titles stick to the very top on each page???

I have a very long data page. The first page has a specific header, but I need pages 2+ to be a different header.

I know you can manually set up a different header starting on page 2 and then repeat it or use Page Setup>>Headers (different first page in 2007, etc...), but this template will be used by people who aren't exactly strong Excel users. When the 1st page shifts down it'll naturally change the layout for the remaining pages. I need to make sure the data is as accurate as can be, so giving the users instructions on how to monitor their page breaks and inserting copied cells really isn't going to work. I want them to only have to worry about inserting their data and all the Page attributes are taken care of for them.

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to set up a header on a separate worksheet or in a separate area of the worksheet, and have the document repeat that section for every page 2+? I can see that the issues would be that the columns, etc...attributes need to be the same, etc... Anyways, just curious if a better mouse trap could be created, and how.


How can I print headers in a workbook on every page except the first when the
first worksheet is more than one page?

I'm using a macro to format information on a sheet which has variable number of columns and rows. I've also set the left 3 columns to repeat on each page as well as the top 6 rows which produces the output I need but my client also needs a logo on the top right corner of each page. I can place the logo on the first print area page but when printing multiple pages from one sheet (as many as 6 A4 pages) the logo only appears on the first page and none of the subsequent pages.

Any ideas how the logo can be incorporated in the repeating header area?

Many thanks for any responses.


Is there any way of repeating multiple sets of rows at the top of subsequent pages?

It's difficult to put into words so as an example, I want to repeat rows 1 & 2 on each subsequent page, so I go to page setup>rows to repeat at top and enter them there - no problem.

But, can I somehow also get Excel to repeat rows 10 & 11 as well as rows 1 & 2, but not with rows 3 - 9?

Any help greatly appreciated!


I want to have two headers for a report. First for the main page and other
for rest of the pages.

I have an idea to do it but not sure how to do it.: I can set the header for
rest of the pages by settings the row to print at the top, but can i stop
printing the same at the first page? Then i will desing the header for the
first page and done.

Hi there,

I have produced a spreadsheet that is spread on several pages (In One worksheet).

I have used repeat rows in page titles to reproduce the title block at the top of each page.

I have used this method to inkeep with company standards.

My problem is that the page number is within this (in a cell) and when printing follow on pages i can't change the page number.

This has bugged me for days and I cannot find a solution, does anyone know if this can be done.

Would really appreciate anyones help.


Hi, as I am sure you know, in Microsoft word you can make a page numbers on each page in the headers and footers, and you can leave out this count for the first page.

I need something similar... I want it to start counting from the third page, and insert page number in specific cells if possible. If not, I can use the footer, but I don't want it to count the first 2 pages.

Also, is there a way to insert the page number or number of pages in a cell... Kind of like the function available in the header and footer, but to use in a cell?


I am preparing a spreadsheet which when printed will have about 10 pages of data, then a single summary page.

I would like all of the data sheets to have the same text row at the top of the page, then the summary page to have different text.

Using "Rows to repeat row at top" in Page Setup will force the same text to appear on every page including the summary page. Is there something like MS Word Section Break?

I could use a different sheet for the summary so that the top row could be specified separately, but it would be much easier for the person using the spreadsheet to have it all on a single sheet.

(It is not practical to put in forced page breaks with individual page headings)

I have a very long spreadsheet and each page needs a different header. The headers are done, however, not all will show.
I understand this is complicated to understand... Many headers will be hidden so more or less there will not be any pages with few or no lines of data, and other sheets without a header. (not important if you didnt understand this bit)

So... I need a page break to be applied above/below a specific cell if a condition is met. Currenty, if a cell in a specific column is equal to 1, I need a page break above it.
However, if needed, I can make it below, and change the value to anything else.

Any ideas?