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Not Equal To Symbol In Excel

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What is the symbol for not equal to in excel

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Similar Topics

this is probably really simple when you know how but... what symbol means not equal to in excel as i have never known and often find myself having to make a long winded formula to get around a simple symbol!!!

How do you create the 'up to but not including' symbol? The symbol I'm on about can be found here -

It is the symbol in the third formula down. I don't mind if another symbol has a similar effect built looks nothing like it. Can you insert such a symbol into Excel?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am looking for some help

I'd like to write a formula stating

=IF(B3 'does not equal' 0,1,0)

How do I put in a symbol function for does not equal?



Hello. I have end of day data downloaded and copied into Excel like
this :

Column A Column B Column C Column D
(symbol) (Price) (symbol) (symbol)
(day 1) (day 1) (day 2) (day 2)
Abb 20.25 Aay 45.20
Acc 25.20 Abb 22.25
Adm 10.20 Acc 26.20

What I want done ?

1. You see that there are four unique symbols from both Column A and
Column C.
2. Column A does not contain data for the symbol 'Aay'. Yet, it should
introduce it by comparing its own data with data in Column C.
3. Column B has no data for the symbol Aay. Yet, when the symbol Aay is
reinserted into Column A, Column B has to speak for the price and let
it be 'NA'.
4. Column C and D do not contain the data for the symbol Adm. Column C
should compare itself with Column A. The symbol Adm is unique for
Column A. This has to be introduced in Column C.
5. Column D has no data for the symbol Aay. Yet, when the symbol Adm is
reinserted into Column C, Column D has to speak for the price and let
it be 'NA'.

When complete, the data will look like this :

Column A Column B Column C Column D
(symbol) (Price) (symbol) (symbol)
(day 1) (day 1) (day 2) (day 2)
Aay NA Aay 45.20
Abb 20.25 Abb 22.25
Acc 25.20 Acc 26.20
Adm 10.20 Adm NA

All help greatly appreciated.


I have formulas typed in a single row as shown below

a1-bk1 b1-bl1 c1-bm1 ...

These are typed in columns a1 upto bj1.
The formulas typed in are more complex but all i need is a way to insert an equal to sign in front of each of these formulas from a1 to bj1.I think this can be done with a macro but dont know how.

So I need a macro which inserts an equal to(=) symbol before each of these formulas so that the formulas become valid.



Hi All,
I'm using a formula in conditional formatting to highlight cells values compared to a standard i.e. greater than or equal to or less than.
Most values will be straight numbers but others will be entered with a < symbol leading the number. The formatting I'm using is simple red green (red bad green good). The problem is when I enter a value with a < symbol the cell turns red.
All help greatfully accepted. Example attached.
Thank you.

Dear friends,,

india annouced currency symbol of india, how to use this symbol in excel or word, like $ symbol in excell for currency.

In A1 I have "IBM"
In B1 I have the following formula: "BLP|M!'IBM Equity,[LAST_TRADE]'"

In C1 I'd like to be able to have a true result if A1 is equal to the corresponding stock symbol in the B1 formula...The formula is always the same until the unique symbol is entered

Thanks for any help

OK guys and gals, really need your help.

Basically what I am trying to do is produce a formula whe

If N4 = 1 or N4 = 2, P4 will be equal to 10
If N4 = 3 or N4 = 4, P4 will be equal to 9
If N4 = 5 or N4 = 6, P4 will be equal to 8
If N4 = 7 or N4 = 8, P4 will be equal to 7
If N4 = 9 or N4 = 10, P4 will be equal to 6
If N4 = 11 or N4 = 12, P4 will be equal to 5
If N4 = 13 or N4 = 14, P4 will be equal to 4
If N4 = 15 or N4 = 16, P4 will be equal to 3
If N4 = 17 or N4 = 18, P4 will be equal to 2
If N4 > 18, P4 will be equal to 1

I have tried loads of different If and, if or statements, and I can't seem to get any of them to work.

Going bald through pulling my hair out at this stage, so your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Friends,

Is it possible to highlight tick symbol and a cross symbol in individual columns and rows ?
Just like validation in cells. (Without using the checkbox tool).

Please help !!


Does anyone know how I can make a cell in Excel 2003 or 2007 recognize automatically that I want a calculation done without having to start with a formula symbol or the '=' sign?
For example, if I start typing 24+12, excel should automatically calculate and return 36. Note I didnt start with the '=" or "+" symbol.
I have this working in one of the files I got from somewhere and it is not Excel version dependent as it seems to work from 2003 & 2007, however I cant do it on a new excel workbook, in either 2003 or 2007. Is there a switch to flick or something?
Appreciate any help possible

ยง - Alt+0167

if thats not it, try this.

go to start -> run, type "charmap" without "" and browse for your symbol and
use the keystroke

--Chip Smith--

"achapman" wrote:

> It is curvy with a hook on top and a hook on the bottom. I need to insert
> this in Excel and cannot find the symbol for it. It is a reference symbol.

I would like to embedd a symbol into a cell. I dont want it to be done by using Fonts. By symbol I mean Harvey Balls (Plan, Do, Check, Act) symbol embedded the same as the "and" (&) symbol. I have seen it done once on a spreadsheet but did not get a copy and I would like to recreate it as a way of visually showing the status of an action item.


Is there a quicker way to add symbols than clicking on Insert, then finding the symbol, then adding it? I'd like a row of buttons or something similiar that inserts the symbol I desire in just one click, if that's possible.

I have a the delta symbol....and i am trying to use vba to make this the header of one of my columns. any idea on how to do this?

Friends, (using Excel 2007, Win7)

I have a .csv file containing stock and option data. The file is HUGE. I need to create a much smaller file to work with. So here is the issue. The data has 4 columns:

1. Stock Symbol
2. Stock Price
3. Option Symbol
4. Option Price

The file has every ticker symbol in the stock market, AND every available option currently offered for that symbol.
For every symbol, I ONLY want the next current option with a strike price ABOVE the current stock price.

Example (after importing into excel)

Stock Stock Option Option
Symbol Price Symbol Price

A 31.74 ADY.x 27.5
A 31.74 ADF.x 30
A 31.74 ADZ.x 32.5
A 31.74 ADG.x 35
A 31.74 ADU.x 37.5

So in this case, seeing as the stock is currently at 31.74, I only want the 32.50 Option (3rd line) exported out to a new file.

How would I open a file for output, and only export those option rows that meet that criteria, and then close that file.

Thanks in advance. (did I explain this clearly... if not I apologize)

When i web query the hole page of a stock in yahoo finance( historical prices ) with the ticker symbol box , i can not find the symbol box on my excel spreed sheet 2003 , i would like to change the ticker symbol for the stock data by adding a new stock symbol in my excel spreed sheet and then refresh it to get new stock data . Can it be done ?

Thank for any help


I have Installed New India Currency Symbol, in Fonts Folder HTML Code:

(Rupee Foradian


Now i want to Format a List of Numbers in this Format

Means Put this Currency Symbol in front of Numbers Same as Dollar or Euro


Sheet1 D 5 $ 500.00 Excel 2007

But instead of Dollar Symbol i want New Indian Currency Symbol

I know how to Put in One Cell, But Have No idea how to Put in Multiple Cells

Any Idea how can do it Rather than Manually

I in each seperate cell there is a symbol i want to be removed.
is there some way I could remove that symbol from the whole sheat at once?

J1 is a number, k1 is either the % symbol or $ symbol

if K1 is the % symbol, then I need J1 to be formatted as a %, If K1 is the $ symbol, I need j1 to be formatted with the $ symbol

this is in excel 2007.

I have tried over and over with this formula in excel conditional format formula k1="%" then format j1 as %

it doesn't seem to work


I'm using Excel 2007. I have data from 3 experiments and each yields 3 sets of data. I would like to plot (on the same plot) the data from each experiment with the same symbol and color, but I can't figure out how to do it because when I add in the new series, Excel doesn't offer me the option of using the same symbol when I go into Format Data Series -> Marker Options --> Built-in. Is there some way to use the same symbol for multiple different series in one plot?



Hi. I have imported a range of addresses from a database into Excel, but they display a square box symbol where line breaks would be, so I think the symbol indicates a soft return or possibly just return.

Is it possible to replace the symbol with a space please?

With thanks

Clive T

How to make this symbol √ in Excel? I went into symbol but unable to locate this check mark at all. I got this from character map but is not dark enough. And I can't have it more than font size 7. Any idea would be great.
I'd tried bold but it doesn't work.

It is curvy with a hook on top and a hook on the bottom. I need to insert
this in Excel and cannot find the symbol for it. It is a reference symbol.

I have a query on an Access DB that returns records to cell A1 of a spreadsheet in an xla file. It reads as follows:

SELECT Trim(SecMast.Symbol) as 'Symbol'

The problem is, I can't get rid of the single quotes in cell A1. I want to see just the word "Symbol", instead I get "'Symbol'" (with single quotes). How do I get rid of them?