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How To Save Xls As Dbf. Dbf Is Not In save As Box.

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Need to save a worksheet as a .dbf instead of .xls. Have tried to locate dbf
in the 'save as' and 'files of type' boxes. also tried to find a converter
on this website.

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I am using the FollowHyperlink command in VB to access a large series of csv files from a website. Every time I download a file, Excel asks me to either Save, Open or Cancel the download. How can I automate the Save process so that my macro can uniquely save each downloaded csv and move on to the next?

Is their perhaps some code that will allow the download to save as default without the pop up window appearing at all?

Thanks in advance,


Hi All,

Can anyone help:- I want to be able to save an file created on my computer for use with a device using Windows mobile Ver 6. The files in Windows have the ext .xlsx but I can't find this in the drop down in the save as file type list.

I have files on my mobile device saved as xls, but whenever I change and save them I have to save a copy i.e. Save As.. Filename(1) whereas the xlsx files will just accept the changes and save as they are.

Very grateful for some help with this. Thanks


File/Save in the VBE doesn't save my .xla file. The Save button on the VBE toolbar doesn't save my .xla file. Ctrl-S doesn't save the file. Oddly, Workbooks("filename.xla").Save in the Immediate window DOES save the add-in. I've re-started Excel and it didn't fix the problem. Any other ideas what might have happened?

Is it possible to save a spreadsheet in .xlr format?
My technician has MS Works (version that comes on new PCs.)
I have Excel 2002.
I do not see in the "Save As" field an option for .xlr.
Is there a plug-in somewhere?
Is there a converter somewhere?

Hi there,
i tried all vba's here and on google to disable save / save as, but none of them work so i would like to know the other way , how to go with clearing the contents of cell, the moment someone clicks save / save as, with /without range by using beforesave event


hi All

Can you help, i am trying to disable Save As with the code below.
I seem to have disabled Save but not save as.
If a user enters data i want them to save and not save as.

Any help will be great.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
If SaveAsUI = False Then

Cancel = True

MsgBox "Sorry, you are not allowed to use Save As.", vbCritical, "No Save As"

End If

End Sub


Thank you in advance.

Scenario : There is a website that allows me to save reports to excel. The problem is it always save it as a webpage, the file name does contain the .xls extension, but the type says webpage. Is there a way to force save the document as Microsoft Office Excel Workbook(*.xls). I know that we can Manually change it using the save-as dialog, but i want all the reports to be saved as .xls as my staff is not tech savvy.


Dear all,

I have put a command button which do the save function as follows:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="abc.xls"
End Sub

And I have disabled the save and save as menu with following code:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean,
Cancel As Boolean)
Cancel = True
End Sub

Now, the problem is although I can disable the save and save as
menu, the save button is disabled too. How can I disable save and save
as menu but still allow my save button(CommandButton1) to save?


Hi Excelperts,
I want to open the 'save as' box, and have it fill in the filename based on the value in 'g1' but I DON'T want it to save (it can't save to the location where its opened from so it has to be saved elsewhere.)

Can this be done? I have been able to get it to save as the value of g1 ( but no save as box), and I've been able to get it to open the save as box (but not fill in the value of g1) but not this ideal combo between the two.


Till very recently, I was able to save Excel 2007 files as PDF. (When I clicked on the "Save As" button under "Office" button, I found a pdf option in the "Save As Type" drop-down box. Very recently, it has disappeared. Incidentally, Word still has the option. I did find a "Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS" download in the "Popular Downloads" section at but I doubt if that is necessary (This download is for the entire Office suite and Word as I mentioned still gives me the option to save as PDF. Adobe 8 works fine. Any suggestions?

Hi All,

I am running some VBA that saves a selected worksheet in a workbook to a text (*.txt) file. Some of the worksheets contain '+' which are unable to be used in the save name.

Is there any codes that can be used that look at the sheetname, ignore any characters that cannot be used in the save function then modify the save name to exclude these characters then save the file. The worksheet names must remain unchanged.

Sheet Name = Test+Testing
Resulting Save File Name = 'Test+Testing.txt' - Cannot be Saved due to '+'
Required Save File Name = 'TestTesting.txt'

Maybe if the code would allow a replacement character to be used i.e. change the Character unable to be used in the save file type to "" to indicate no space or " " to indicate space.

Thanks in Advance


I have several linked excel spreadsheets, basically in the format of a database (1) which is fed from several feeds (a, b, c, d) and which in turn creates output files (2, 3, 4, 5).

I have all these files open at the same time to allow links to update. However, when i then try and save & close them, sometimes it is fine and saves straight away, sometimes it can take up to 30 mins. Does anyone know the best order to save these in order to make it save quickly? I've tried trial and error but can't find a pattern!

For example, if they are all open and i try and save (2), will excel try and update all the links in (2) and take a long time to save? Likewise if I try and save (a) would excel try to update everything that is fed from (a) (i.e. (1) and in turn (2, 3, 4, 5)

Hope this makes sense!


Whenever I save a file with Excel 2007, the file type in the file open dialog is displayed as Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet even though Excel Options > Save > Save workbooks > Save files in this format is set to Excel Workbook.

Would greatly appreciate a solution to this problem.

I realize it is a long-shot, but is it possible to write a macro that will do the following?

1.) Look through the entire Outlook inbox and save any Excel attachments to a specified folder.

2.) Only save Excel files that have a specific word in their name, or, only save Excel files that have a sheet with a specific name. For example, only save files that have "Payroll" in the title, or only save files that have a tab named "Payroll."

* I am aware that anything which automatically opens emails or attachments is a security risk.

/I thought I was decent with excel until I saw this board. Now I know that I am truly an amateur.

I have the following code in a macro:

fileSaveName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename( _
     fileFilter:="Text Files (*.csv),*.csv,")
If fileSaveName <> False Then
     MsgBox "Save as " & fileSaveName
End If

When it runs, it appears to do everything I want it to do. It opens a "Save As" window, the "Save as type:" is prefilled with "Text Files (*.csv)", however, when I change the file name and click "Save," it doesn't actually save anything in the folder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I want to add a command Button to a worksheet that will, when pressed, save the worksheet into a predetermined location in a format like Mike06March2007. I can get the Save button to save itself with but I am stuck for the rest. Any code I have already used from the internet generates an error. Any ideas would be welcome.

I have created a macro that will take my excel information and paste into a CSV (comma separated values) file and save. The problem is the save pop up window that appears upon exiting the CSV file. As the macro is running, the macro will not complete until I click on "Yes" to save pop up window. I would like to run the macro without the save pop up window. Moreover, if I were to save the file as an excel file, the save pop up window does not appear.

Is there a way to turn off the save pop up window upon exiting a CSV file?
Is there VBA language that I may add that will disable the save pop up window upon exiting a CSV file?

Thank you, Mark Cicoff

What code do I need to have a Save As macro button that when clicked will
bring up a Save As Windows box so that you can choose where to save the file.
At the moment it just asks if I want to overwrite the existing file but does'nt
give me the choice as to where to save it?

Hi guys,

I havent really thought this through, but I have an excel sheet acting as a temporary Contact management system.....

Anyway, I want the user to save the spreadsheet before he/she logs off, and I think this needs to be a 'force save' rather than an option, just in case the user accidentally clicks on 'do not save'.

Also, it would be really usefull to either prompt to save, or automatically save at intervals of maybe 30 mins or so.....

Does anyone have anything similar to the above?


I have written a macro for a file that will feed information from one file to another at the click of a button. I need to end it with a Save As command that will pull up the Save As dialog box with a specific directory in it and will fill in the filename with the day's date (dd-mm-yy), but not automatically save it and let the user save it manually. Please help!!!

Hi Guys, I want a macro to run on save.

ie the user clicks File > Save or The X (Do you want to save - Yes)

Then i want the macro to also save the spreadsheet in the .htm format, but i want them to stay working in the .xls file.. ie so if they hit save again it does not just save the .html twice... so i guess in steps

1)User Saves .xls spread sheet
2) Macro Runs and Exports .htm
3)User is Reverted back to the saved .xls

Any help

Thanks Tom


Every day I work with txt file, that I import in excel.
Using text to column etc.
I have created several macro buttons, but I have problem to do this.

Finally I want to save this file f.x. ABC20130626.txt to ABC20130626.xls.

Same name, different format xls.

What I like to to is creating button to open save as window, and save it as xls file (same name). I want to save it in same directory where txt file is. The ultimate solution would save as, and close the file.

When I go to the File menu to save a worksheet there is no Save As option
available. The only save option I have is to Save Workspace. I have tried
to add the option through tools but it won't let me. I haven't always had
this problem, it just started doing it.

I know there are many websites that will store your files. That is not exactly what I want.

I want to use a spreadsheet file on a "virtual drive website". Update it with... lets say add a 3 rows of data on the spreadsheet. Then when I save the file, it would save it to the "virtual drive website". So someone else will have the latest version of the file. then they can add something to the same spreadsheet.

I know Microsoft has, and this may do what I want, but I have Office 2000. So I can't use it.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I have an .xlsm file that I saved last night at 4:30pm today any time i try to save the file it auto crashes.

I cant save it on the network or locally, I can't save it as a dif file type it all causes the crash.

Other files are fine its just this one.

I have tried moving all sheets to a dif file still crashes..

Any ideas?? I will lose days of work if I can't get this file to work!