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Keyboard Shortcut To Move Between Non-consecutive Tabs

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Not sure if this exists, but is there a keyboard shortcut to move from say the 1st tab to the 6th tab in a workbook and back to the 1st tab (much like alt+tab does when switching between programs)? Ctrl+pgup/pgdn takes a long time in large workbooks...


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Similar Topics


I need keyboard shortcut for switching through worksheets.

For now, I have this VBA macro and shortcut Ctrl+R:

Sub next_sheet()
' next_sheet Macro
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+r

End Sub

But, there is a problem: when i am on the last sheet, and want to go to the first, there is Error.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


We know the keyboard shortcut for selecting the total column (CTRL+spacebar).
once when i was using this, some how it got removed. Can any one of you
helpme how to get the shortcut back. Also share some information about
assigning or removing keyboard shortcuts in excel.

I'm looking for a keyboard shortcut (or something) that is like CTRL+right_arrow but will take me to the very last cell in the row that has data. I need the same thing for a column. I've looked all through the keyboard shortcut info that I can find and haven't been able to find this function. I just need to 'go to' that cell. Nothing else.

Any ideas? Or have I overlooked something obvious for a shortcut?

Ctrl, Shift, Down Arrow to select populated cells in a column/s. Is there a keyboard shortcut to then be able to move the selected range of cells, up, down, left or right? Have Googled but not found anything, so am assuming the answer is likely no, but thought I'd ask anyway...

Many thanks

Is there a keyboard shortcut that allows me to edit a particular cell (once the cell is highlighted) without using the mouse to move to the formula bar?

I guess I'm just too lazy to move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse.
Thanks in advance...

After I have traced a formula using Ctrl+[, what is the keyboard shortcut to return to the same cell from where I traced the formula?

I can only get Ctrl+] to work if all the referenced cells are within one worksheet. If I am writing formulas using cells in 1 or more worksheets and I try Ctrl+], I receive the error "No cells were found".

I used to know a shortcut to do this. I thought it was Tab+Tab+F2+Enter, but that is not working.

I really appreciate help. This keyboard shortcut used to save me so much time and I need it again!

When I make a large selection, e.g. ^*, I often want to move the selected cell from 1 corner to anoter in order to add rows or columns. In previous versions of Excel there was a keyboard shortcut for moving the cursor position to different corners of the selection. Is there a keyboard shortcut for that in Excel 2007?


I've involuntarily upgraded to Excel 2002/XP. It has lots of lovely
security settings when protecting worksheets. When I _UN_check 'Select
locked cells' when protecting worksheets, the [Ctrl]+[PgDn] and
[Ctrl]+[PgUp] key combinations then function no differently than
[Alt]+[PgDn] and [Alt]+[PgUp] (so the same as they did back in Excel 4
and prior), paging right and left within the protected worksheet rather
than moving between worksheets.

If this isn't a bug, I don't know the meaning of the term. Has anyone
else come across it? There's no mention of it when searching *excel*
newsgroups in Google Groups for Ctrl and PgDn or Page Down or searching
in Microsoft's KB under Excel 2002 for these terms.

I'm trying to assign a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+C) to comment a block of code in the Visual Basic Editor. How do i go about doing this? I know there is a toolbar with a button for it, but damn the mouse... I want a keyboard shortcut!

Thanks in advance...

I created a macro in Excel 2003 to update old workbooks to a new color palette, but I'm having an odd issue. It works perfectly when selected through the Macro menu, works fine with the keyboard shortcut CTRL+B, but breaks when using CTRL+SHIFT+B.

The VBA code:

Sub colorchange()
wbname = ActiveWorkbook.Name()
MsgBox (wbname)
Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
"Q:\Presentation Materials\New Color Palette.xls"
MsgBox ("Step 2")
Workbooks(wbname).Colors = Workbooks("New Color Palette.xls").Colors
MsgBox ("Step 3")
Workbooks("New Color Palette.xls").Close
MsgBox ("Step 4")
End Sub

When activating it from the macro menu or with CTRL+B, it executes fine all the way through step 4. When using any CTRL+SHIFT keyboard shortcut, however, the macro opens the new color palette and then ends without displaying "Step 2."

I'd prefer to use a CTRL+SHIFT shortcut in order to match all of my other excel shortcuts, but mostly I'm just curious as to why that keyboard shortcut would break this macro but none of the other macros I use.


Hello, everyone. Can anyone tell me if there's a keyboard shortcut to
increase or decrease the number of decimal places displayed? If not, can I
create a keyboard shortcut? I've done that in Word, but I can't find a
similar feature in Excel.

I know that you can use Ctrl+[ to link to a cell automatically where a formula might be in use. What is the keystroke combination to go back to the original cell?

This keystroke combination doesn't normally show up on any shortcut list, so please don't suggest I go to Help and click on keyboard shortcuts. This seems to be one that is not documented or else is a customer generated shortcut. If that is the case and there is a way to create a custom shortcut to enable this process, please let me know how to do this. I am not as proficient in Excel as I would like to be, which is the reason I am asking for help.

I am using Excel 2003.


Is there any keyboard shortcut to move forward and backward between previous location within excel sheet?

If no such shortcut, is there an add-on to achieve this?


Hi all,

Just a quick query regarding a keyboard shortcut, wondered if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction if it's possible. I have looked high and low so i'm thinking maybe not, but thought i'd ask the experts anyway....

Is there a keyboard shortcut key for bringing up the tab menu? I.e. when you right click on a tab and get the various insert / delete / rename / move copy / etc options.

I am forever having to reach for my mouse for these options, just wondered if anyone knows of a shortcut key to bring up that menu without clicking?

BTW using excel 2007.

Many thanks in advance!


I open the Find and replace Dialogue Box using CTRL+F and then enter
the value I am looking for. Excel moves the cursor to the cell in
question with the found value.
Is there anyway to then use the keyboard to move from the dialogue box
into the actual worksheet, without having to mouse click back into the
open file? It seems there has to be some type of way to use the
keyboard to move from the Find Dialogue box without using the mouse.
I hope I am being clear on what I am trying to do, it seems very
simple yet I cannot figure out what keyboard command to use to
basically select the Excel Window while leaving the Find Dialogue box
open. I am basically trying to use only the keyboard to jump back and forth between the the Find box and then the found cell in the work sheet.
Thank you. - BWP

Hey all, I know that in Excel 2003, you can use CTRL+PgDown/PgUp to navigate through worksheets, however in one of my workbooks, it is not working. When I CTRL+PgDown/PgUp, it will scroll the page right/left a page at a time. I have absolutely 0 code that alters shortcut keys, but I do have protected sheets.

I've narrowed the issue down to specifically the protected sheets where you cannot select locked cells. Any idea how I can restore this time-saving shortcut?


I have a problem, I need to asign a keyboard shortcut that gives the degree sign.
The thing is that the person that needs it, doesn't have the degree sign in the keyboard, and he says that in word he presses CTRL or ALT +d and it inserts the sign, but it doesn't work with excel.
I tried recording a macro that inserts the degree sign, and then assigned a shortcut, but it works only if the cell will only have that symbol.
My boss needs to be typing any phrase and in any moment while typing press any keyboard shortcut and it should work.
Hopefully you guys understand me.
Thanks a lot

I use the keyboard shortcut "CTRL + ;" frequently to enter the current date. It now does nothing. "CTRL + :" still enters the time and all other shortcuts appear to be working.

I have run "detect and repair" and have not changed anything (intentionally) in the program. I have searched everywhere for a solution w/o success and am reduced to begging for help.

Any thoughts?

Gene Y.

I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not it was possible to assign a keyboard shortcut such as Ctrl+Shift+m to a particular sheet, so when the key command is pressed it activates a macro.

The purpose being I have several sheets in a workbook, and the first one acts as a home base. From every other sheet I wanted to assign a quick keyboard command to return to the first sheet. Perhaps there is another way to do this without using macros. Anyone have any suggestions?


How can I define a custom keyboard shortcut using non-letter letter keys. For example, I'd like to create a negative indent keyboard shortcut assigning the strokes as CTRL + SHIFT + <

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to write VBA code that effectively works as if I pressed "CTRL+Q" on my keyboard? The keyboard-shortcut refers to another program I have running in the background.

Or perhaps create some sort of Windows shortcut i can run via macro that does it?

Excel 2010 on Win 7


There are , as Smitty once famously posted on this site , hundreds
no n thousands of Excel keyboard shortcuts ( Hi Smitty) ,

I am looking for a keyboard shortcut that will just enter a month ,
not necessarily the current one but one of the users choice.

Where ctrl + ; will give you 27/07/2010 , i am after something similar
but with just the month , say ctrl + ; + 1 would enter January .......

Thankfully the above isn't the answer !!!

Any ideas , as always appreciated ,



Is there one? i use Excel daily and most of the workbooks have more than a few worksheets, some with long names... im getting tired of searching for the sheets, i have found the right click on arrows cheat and am just wondering if there is a keyboard shortcut... anyone know one?



Is there a keyboard shortcut in Excel 2007 that will return me to the previous cell I was just at? After doing a ctrl [ to see the source of a cell, I want to be able to go back to where I was at originally; however, the ctrl [ doesn't work since the new cell likely has other dependents. Thanks.

Hi all,

Been using the excel keyboard for a while, and I am getting use to many of the keyboard short cuts.

Anyone have a shortcut for the choice of color? I'm trying to get away from taking hands off keyboard, lol.

Tried looking up in search, found many shortcut links but nothing for color.

thanks for the help