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Word File Embedded In Excel

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Hi there,

I have a big Word file which is embedded in an Excel file. The Excel file consists of tables that are linked to the Word file. The Word file is about 100 pages and consists of text as well as linked tables.
The problem I have is that every time I update text or figures in my Word file and save the changes, the entire (Excel) file seems to double in size. What started as a file of 3 MB has grown to be a file of 20 MB now and is getting too slow to work in.
What I do after updating my Word file is saving the Word document by replacing the old one. After that I save the entire Excel file (with the newly saved Word file embedded) under a new name, so that a new 'version' is created.
As far as I can see track changes is not active.

Does anybody know what could be the problem?

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Similar Topics

I am not sure this is the right forum but I fiqured "What the heck". Does code exist to convert a linked Excel file within a Word document to an embedded Excel file within the same Word document. This would help me with version control of my Word document. Multiple people would be working on this document in a chain. There is some back and forth between my client and various personnel in my firm. If there is code that could identify a linked Excel file(s) within the Word document and convert it to an embedded Excel file(s) that would be great.



I'm having problems with editing a Word document that I embedded in the excel file using the insert object tool.
Basically, what I have already done now using VBA is to automatically open a separate existing word document that has an image and a title in the header and to copy from excel to that word document, some text, a range as a picture and some charts as pictures then save it automatically as a new file.
Everything works fine.
But the problem is I have to send this file to other people so they can use it, and for now I have been able to make it work on other computers by sending both excel and word files and telling them to put it in the same folder.
What I would like to do now, is be able to only send the excel file with the word document embedded inside. I have tried googling this but couldn't find a way to open that embedded file and edit it. I thought it would be just be opening the embedded file instead of opening the seperate word file and it would work but it doesn't seem that way or I just don't know how to.
I found these lines which are supposed to open the embedded file but couldn't get it to work.


WDApp.Visible = True

I'm pretty new at VBA so I'm not sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Below is the current VBA code that is working when I use a separate word and excel file.


Sub OpenCopyToWord()

Dim WDApp As Word.Application
Dim WDDoc As Word.Document
Dim nIndex As Integer

    file_path = ActiveCell.Value


I have an excel xlsm file which I am copying tables of data into a word doc file using paste special link excel object. The tables appear in the word file ok and update as expected. However, when I print the word doc some of the embedded excel tables print with the column/row headings from excel around the outside (even though the headings do not appear when just viewing the file in word). I have noticed that the tables with the error are all from the same tab in the excel file and tables from the other 5 tabs are fine.

I have looked at the headings setting in excel and the headings are visible on all the worksheets. I changed this to false and recopied the data into word but still getting the same issue.

Has anybody got any ideas because this has me stumped?




I have a problem with an annual report Word file that I have used paste links from an Excel file. After a while the Word file gives a message saying that Word has insufficient memory and you have to save the file immediately or it starts looping or sometimes just freezes.

Seems to happen in Word 2003 and Word 2007. The excel file is an excel 2007 file saved as 2003 compatible.

Would love to solve this message problem, someone mentioned it could be to do with Bookmarks but I haven't deliberately used them unless they are hidden within the file. Would welcome any suggestions or solutions as it is very frustrating and slow to work in the Word file.

A few times I would use Excel and something annoying
would happen; I would embed an Excel object into a
Word file (creating the Excel file in Word directly),
then occasionally I would get an error message saying
it had turned into a picture, which I obviously could
no longer edit. While for other reasons (concerns
about formatting and margins) I had started taking the
precaution of inputing data into a separate Excel file
and then copying and pasting into Word from Excel, one
co-worker did not show such prescience, and had a
large embedded Excel object in a Word file turn into a
picture. What can we do regarding this?

Here is the situation.
I have an excel sheet with data. THe user unters the data via userform. Once the userform is complete, the user clicks Email. Once that is clicked, the embedded word document on the active sheet opens and updates with the information provided in the given cell. The content of the word document placed in the body of an email and then sent.

Here is the problem.
There are 8 different sheets that contain different data with a different embedded word document. This file is placed on a share drive that is available to all users.

I have tested the file and there are no problems. Then out of nowhere, the last 5 sheets in the book lose their links. The word document opens and does not update any of the links. The links do not display the Update Link, or Links options. The only option available is Object. When clicked an error pops up. I have gone through and reset each link by copying the cell, pasting special (link, unformatted text) and tested the file. After closing it down and trying again, it work for a bit but then closes out again.
If the name of the file is changed, or moved it fails again. But only the last few sheets. The first 2 work like a charm every time.

How do i assure that the links in the word document will not change, and will always refer to the excel file that contains the embedded doc?

It is really messing up my program always having to reset the links.
The first few sheets always work no matter what the file name or location. All the links are being created the same exact way.


I have a folder containing 5000+ word files of latest version. I am interested to list the properties of these word files in the MS Excel sheet by writing a Macro in the MS Excel.
Properties like:
1. Name of the word file.
4.font style of the content of the word file
5.font size
6.Number of pages in the word file
7.count of paragraphs in the word file
8.First word of the content
9.last word of the content
10.path of the word file.

I am looking forward for the code in VBA. Hope to hear from you all soon.

Good Luck.
Thanks in advance.

A few times I would use Excel and something annoying
would happen; I would embed an Excel object into a
Word file (creating the Excel file in Word directly),
then occasionally I would get an error message saying
it had turned into a picture, which I obviously could
no longer edit. While for other reasons (concerns
about formatting and margins) I had started taking the
precaution of inputing data into a separate Excel file
and then copying and pasting into Word from Excel, one
co-worker did not show such prescience, and had a
large embedded Excel object in a Word file turn into a
picture. What can we do regarding this?

The title pretty much summed it up. I have some charts copied into a word file. The charts are linked to the original charts in an excel file. Ideally I would love these charts to auto update whenever there is new data in the excel sheet. I will have a few of these charts in the word file and then a whole bunch of summaries below them explaining the weekly data. So far the closest I have gotten to this is having to just copy and paste the charts in the same Word file. Since there would be a couple of these charts in the Word file it doesn't seem like the easiest way to go. I would like to not have to use VB code but if it's the only way then I would give it a try. Thanks!

Hi, I hope someone can help

I have created a very complex spreadsheet for designing some equipment and there are numerous outputs. I have then basically embedded a word document into the spreadsheet which is in effect a quote for the equipment that has been designed using the spreadsheet. I have then "linked" data from the spreadsheet into the embedded Word Document. As the spreadsheet design changes, so then does the quote. This seems to work quite well, however, there are possibly 150+ links into the word document, and having now completed half the links, I am getting insufficient memory errors and I suspect my "approach" is not the best way. Guidance on a more efficient approach would be most welcome.

My goal is to only have one document if I can help it, as I remain concerned that a seperate word and excel file, may lead to one getting lost [or the links broken]. The intention is that this excel file would be sent to thrid parties to design our equipment, and the idea was that they would never see the word file, but just have the option of "printing a quote" using a simple macro in Excel.

Many thanks in advance



Is there a way of updating an excel/Word file (which all link to the same Excel/Word file) within PowerPoint?

Btw, Im using update link when the slides transition it update the excel/word in my powerpoint.
my excel/word is generated through SSRS. it generates the report every 5 minutes and save to common folder and access by my powerpoint dashboard. I’m using one excel/word file as my source of my four power point dashboard distributed in 4 different work station. The problem I got an error. “ cannot edit locked file. Any idea guys on how to solve this issue. thanks.

I am trying to export data from Excel to MS Word. What I have set up right now is a link from MS Word to Excel. This works well in that when I change the information the word files automatically update. The problem is this;

I need to save the information for each of the raw data. When I perform a "save as" word can no longer find that information and links to the master file. That is, I want Excel to push the information out of excel and into a file called {master word.doc} (for example). This will allow me to change the data after saving and still be able to print the documents without having to copy and paste all of the date back into my master document. Right now word imports the info from {master excel.xls} when I "save as" info is blank when I print my Word document.

My print macros work correctly...I save my excel file under a different name click the print button and the expected word document prints. Unfortunatly it contains the data from the ORIGINAL Excel file.

I am sorry if this is a bit confusing but can't think of another way to explain it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

First let me say thanks! I have recently begun to explore the wonders of Excel with great success (at least I think so) mostly due to advice found on this board.

That said I have run into a problem, which I'm sure has been addressed in other posts, but I have yet to develop enough savy to abstract an answer to my issue form other

I have linked tables created in Excel into a Word document. Everytime I update the Excel file the tables update beautifully in the Word document. However, I have been attempting to use bookmarks in the Word tables, to disperse the info to appropriate refs throughout the text of the document. Unfortunately, each time I update the Word document (tables) the bookmarks disappear.

Is there a way to correct this or another method for reachingthe same end?

Thanks in advance...

I'm working with an Excel file prepared by another person, who has left the company. It has Word tables imbedded in the Excel file below normal spreadsheet tables. I'm having difficulty changing the right margins in the Word box and eliminating blank lines at the bottom of the Word box. I found that I can right click on the Word table, Document Object and either do Edit (Excel format) or Open (Word format), but neither one seems to let me eliminate blank lines or re-set the right margin.

Any ideas?

I have a VBA procedure in an Excel file that briefly does some manipulation in Word. The idea is to create a memo using some of the key outputs of a spreadsheet model and permanently retain a copy of that memo.

I'm trying to do this by having the procedure open a Word doc with linked fields. On opening, Word should update its links. Then if I break the links and save the Word file as something else, the original word file is untouched. Then I should also be able to save the .xls as something else and not worry about Word changing the source files for its links.

That's the theory anyway, but I'm not sure that I can break the links in Word from Excel. Here's the code:


Set WordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
Set WordDoc = WordApp.Documents.Open(MemoFile)

 *** I would like to break the links in the Word file here *** 

On Error GoTo SaveErrorFix
WordDoc.SaveAs DocFullPath & ProposalDocName

Set WordApp = Nothing




    ChDrive ThisWorkbook.Path
    ChDir ThisWorkbook.Path
        ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
        ".\*.xls" _


    ChDrive ActiveDocument.Path
    ChangeFileOpenDirectory _
    ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName:=".\*.doc", FileFormat:= _
        wdFormatDocument, LockComments:=False, Password:="", AddToRecentFiles:= _
        True, WritePassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, EmbedTrueTypeFonts:= _
        False, SaveNativePictureFormat:=False, SaveFormsData:=False, _



Hey my office is having a really big problem with Word and Excel. We issue reports (done in MS Word) that are accompanied by schedules (done in MS Excel).

For years, we've had a template file that was automatically linked so that anything we typed in Excel would automatically flow into Word. One of the people in our office opened up this template on their home computer that has Vista. Now it appears it became corrupted in someway.

When we open excel then word, we still get the message "this document contains links that may refer to other files. Do you want to update this document with the data from the linked files?"

When we click yes, it acts like its updating the links; however nothing changes. We can manually change the links by highlighting the entire word file and then right click update links. Does anyone know what we can do to fix this problem so that it goes back to auto update links?

I have a Windows 2003 domain with all win 2003 servers. My workstations are
windows 2000 with office xp installed. I have in the last week or so 3
different calls from users with the same problem. They created a spreadsheet
in excel with formulas and saved the file. When the went to open the file
again later on, the file was a word document, with a .doc extension. Word
opened the file fine of course without the formulas but if I try to open the
file in excel, excel tells me the file format is invalid. I then tried to
rename the extension to .xls, same error. Also tried opening the file in
word and saving as "filename.xls" and that didn't work.
Anyone have any clue as to what is going on? And more importantly is there
anyway of recovering the excel sheet?

I have created a rather extensive Excel program and I have also written a
"Users' Manual" in Word to help people using the program. I have been
working on trying to put a link in the Excel document to open up the Users'
Manual when it is clicked. This works well, except the link must be
re-created every time I put the program on a new computer. Is there any way
to attached the word file to the Excel file in a way that this link will not
break down when I put it on a new computer. One final note, the Word
document is 50 some pages long so it is not possible to simply put the text
in a worksheet, it needs to remain a Word file (or a PDF, I could do that
too) and have the two files linked.

Hello all. I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this.

I have an Excel file that links to a Word document. I want to create an Excel macro that will automatically execute when I open the Excel file. This macro will launch Word and open a specific Word file (so that both the Excel file and its related Word file are opened, ie. user doesn't have to manually open Word, then manually open the Word file).

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Is there an easy way to change all of the links in a Word document?

Let's say, I have a linked word document and an excel workbook that I set up as templates to use. I'll be entering data into tables in excel, and those tables are linked to the word document. Each time I start a new project, I'll be using a new word doc and excel book and need to change the name of each to correspond to the new project. The table format/structure in excel will be the same, but the data and file names/locations will change.

Is there an easy way to change the links in word to reflect the new name of the excel file, without having to manually change each link? I'm a relatively advanced (so I think) excel user, but have very limited VB knowledge.

If anyone knows of a way to make this work without resorting to creating macros, I'd appreciate it!

When a multi-page MS Word document is embedded into an MS Excel file, only
the first page of the MS Word document is visible.


I have several users that access an excel file on the share drive. The admin needs to pull this .xls file into a .doc file and is successful by right clicking on the .xls file and going to open with Microsoft Word for Windows. She then saves the file in word on her desktop. When she right clicks on the newly saved .doc file and right clicks and goes to open with Microsoft Word for Windows, she gets the error that "file format is not valid". Is there a way to do this or is excel not able to read the .doc file even tho initially it was a .xls file? The .xls file has 1350 rows.



I have lots of word documents(.doc) and i need to put them all together on an excel file to make it easier to work with.

How do you import all different word documents into one excel file?

The word document has tabs/space in it so it must be on delimited too.

any assistance is greatly appreciated.

*Suggestion: the user will have to locate the folder which the document files are saved, then the program will process the import to excel and save the file as .xls

*Or is there a similar post to this problem, please post the link.

I have an embedded word document in an excel file. i want, but do not know how to reference cells in the embedded word doc so that when i change the cells the embedded document auto updates.

btw: i know how to link ole objects and link excel to word. I don't want to do that.

for a graphical representation