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Can I Change Multiple Hyperlinks At Once

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I have a large database of files that are hyperlinked in a File Register
created in excel. All of these files have now been moved to a different
drive, but the folder names etc are the same. Is there a quick way to change
the path of the hyperlink, as to do each one individually would take weeks.

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I have created a database of pressure measurements and was asked to include hyperlinks to pdf documents for each measurement. I at first used the hyperlink function via Insert hyperlink (not the formula =hyperlink).

These files are all located in the same folder as the Database excel file on a network hard drive.

However i keep running into troubles.
For example, hyperlinks keep changing on their own or in some cases, link themselves to random pdf files. Also, When i remove a hyperlink adjacent to another hyperlink, all the nearby hyperlinks are removed simultaneously.

I was thinking of converting all of my hyperlinks to =hyperlink format. Is there any short way to do that? Really i just want to get all the hyperlinks working; Any ideas?

Ok guys, I have never seen this before and it is frusting me like crazy.

I have a database in excel. Each row in my database is usable information that has a link to Word files on our server and the database is saved on the server.

Whenever I move the original file which is on the server anywhere it causes all the hyperlinks to change. I have saved it on my desktop then moved it, and it still changes my hyperlinks. I don't understand why my hyperlinks don't just stay they way I created them.

Is there a way to keep my hyperlinks from changing? If you notice the immediate folder of the filename doesn't change.

Original hyperlink:

Changed hyperlink:
C:/document and settings/user/microsoft/reports/filename

Hello All,

I found a few threads that give great examples of macros that create a list of hyperlinks to files in a folder.

Unfortunately for me I have a folder of about 2,000 files that will be on a USB stick The drive letter changes from PC to PC. So I need a macro that can create a list of hyperlink files that do not contain the drive letter, just the current path that the Excel file running the macro is in.

Here is the code for what works great but is not portable.

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Thank You All.

I have a spreadsheet in which i hyperlink product item numbers to photos of the product. I want to change the location where I currrently store the photo files. This would render the hyperlinks useless. I have thousands of hyperlinked photo files and I don't really want to go through each hyperlink and edit the hyperlink to reflect the new location of the photo files.

The photo files are stored in folders based on vendor. Vendor A folder may have 200 photo files. Vendor B folder may have 600 photo files, etc.

Is there a way to edit the hyperlinks by group?


I have a database saved as an excel spreadsheet that includes hyperlinks to AutoCAD drawings on my hard drive.

My database worked fine until I recently decided to reorganize my files into more specific folders. Now, when I update my hyoerlinks to the newer and longer file paths, they don't work.

An example of an old file path is:
C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT 2000\Drawing Files\Avalon Hse\BLSouth\BLSAva51FBA001FTG.dwg

The same file at its new address is as follows:
C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT 2000\Drawing Files\Avalon Hse\BLSouth\FBA\Version #5\BLSAva51FBA001FTG.dwg

When I use the hyperlink function, it works fine using my old path, and it gives me an error with the new path that reads "cannot find specified file." I am positive that the file path is spelled accurately as I copied and pasted it from the path in Windows Exploer that points to the given file.

Is there something in Excel that limits the length of a file path in hyperlinks? I sure hope there's a way for me to get this database working without having to go badk to my old filing system.


I save excel, word and pdf files in a folder. I have a "master" excel workbook that includes hyperlinks to these files. The oldest file in the folder will be hyperlinked to cell A1 in the "master". The second oldest file will be hyperlinked to cell A2 in the "master"... and repeat all the way down column A. So the most recent file put into the folder will be hyperlinked at the very bottom of column A.

I want to run a macro that automatically includes all additional files added since the last time the macro was run, and hyperlinks them down column A. I don't want it to affect any of the hyperlinks previously

See attachment
I have hyperlinks in A1 to A15. I have a bunch of text in the columns beside the hyperlinks in B1 to G15 (this text relates to the hyperlinks on the same row... so it is important not move the hyperlinks to a different row). When I add new files to the folder I want new hyperlinks in A16 and downwards. I do not want to alter ANYTHING from row 15 above.


Here's the thing:

I have an excel sheet that has about 100 different hyperlinks, and somewhere along the line the source changed. Example:

This is what they now link to:

The above is incorrect, since the files are not located in that drive

The links should be:

So basically, how can I with a few simple steps change the source on all of them still keeping the same folder and file names without having to do each one individually?

Tell me there's a way somebody....


Hi everyone, new to the forum I have used excel for various things but my knowledge isn't that great so I'm looking for some help or advice.

I have created an Excel worksheet that I am going to use as an index page that will contain hyperlinks to various pdf documents that the user can click on to open the documents they require.

I can insert a hyperlink into a cell in the index document manually by using "ctrl k" and navigating to the file location. This works but is very time consuming as I have lots of links to enter. I have read up on using the hyperlink base feature as this is exactly what I need to help speed up the process but I simply can't get it to work.

Each of the pdf files that I want to link to are stored within a folder that is located on my company's shared drive in the following location (I have removed the actual folder names):

G:\Folder Name\Folder Name\Folder Name\Folder Name\Folder Name\PDF Files

If I put this in as the hyperlink base for the document and type a file name into the address field in the hyperlink editor nothing happens and I get the follwing alert:

"Cannot open the specific file"

If I hover over the cell with the hyperlink, the following path is specified:

file:///\\fafile100vm\shared$\Folder Name\Folder Name\Folder Name\Folder Name\Folder Name\PDF Files\File Name

Any ideas where I am going wrong here?

One thing I should point out is that some of these folder and file names have spaces in them but I'm not sure if this would cause an issue. From experience of using x copy I know that spaces cause problems and you need to use commas but I have tried putting commas around both the hyperlink base and the file name but this didn't work either.

Any help would be much appreciated and if there is anything else I need to add then please let me know.

Im using Excel 2003 on XP Pro SP3 if that helps.

Many Thanks,



I'm creating a spreadsheet that hyperlinks to about 50 different documents. Eventually, i want a ** to contain the excel file and all the hyperlinked documents. To get the hyperlinks to run from the **, i had to change all of the hyperlinks within my spreadsheet to the E:\ (this is the drive where my burner is). I then inserted the ** into a different computer (D:\) and none of my hyperlinks work anymore? Is there anyway to make sure that the excel hyperlinks open to the files stored on the **, regardless of which drive it is in?

thanks in advance,

Hello all,

I have excel file with lots of hyperlinks to .png files. I need macro to download the pictures with specified name and folder. Here is how the file would look like:

folder 1 image1 hyperlink 1 hyperlink 4 hyperlink 7 hyperlink 10
folder 2 image2 hyperlink 2 hyperlink 5 hyperlink 8 hyperlink 11
folder 3 image3 hyperlink 3 hyperlink 6 hyperlink 9 hyperlink 12

So I would like to copy all hyperlink drawings in a row (col C,D,E,F) to corresponding folder (col A) with name from (col B).
So far I have as below:

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This creates the folders and copy the files but outside the folders. Can somebody help me with this one ?
I can't deal with this by myself.


I am Pavan Kumar. I have a few thousands of files in a virtual Drive S:
Recently, we have migrated from S Drive to M Drive. I have a lot of files in S Drive which have macros and using these macros, I save these files in different sub folders.

Eg - When I use Ctrl + Shift + I, the file gets saved in a sub folder IR.
When I use Ctrl + Shift + C, the file gets saved in a sub folder Comp.

These macros are written so that they get saved as per the drive specified (S Drive). Now that we have moved to M Drive, I am clueless as to what should be done to move these files to the respective folders. I am manually moving them with Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V.

Is there any way that I can insert a macro in all the excel files which would enable me to operate with these files on the M Drive.

Thanks in advance.

Hello all,

I have excel file with lots of hyperlinks to .png files. I need macro to download the pictures with specified name and folder. Here is how the file would look like:

folder 1 image1 hyperlink 1 hyperlink 4 hyperlink 7 hyperlink 10
folder 2 image2 hyperlink 2 hyperlink 5 hyperlink 8 hyperlink 11
folder 3 image3 hyperlink 3 hyperlink 6 hyperlink 9 hyperlink 12

So I would like to copy all hyperlink drawings in a row (col C,D,E,F) to corresponding folder (col A) with name from (col B).
So far I have as below:

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This creates the folders and copy the files but outside the folders. Can somebody help me with this one ?
I can't deal with this by myself.


I have a "master file" which contains all of my recurring work activities. This file has many hyperlinks to other MS Office files that I use on a regular basis. This way, I open the master file in the morning, and as I need access to other files, I simply click on the hyperlink to open the other files as needed.

All files are stored on my network directory.

I used this file yesterday, and saved before shutting down.

However, this morning, I opened the master file and none of the hyperlinks are functioning to launch my other files. I have had this problem before, but it was typically limited to hyperlinks for files that I had been using prior to shut down. This time, none of my links are working. I also know that moving files will affect the hyperlinks and none of my file directories have moved.

Any ideas on what caused the hyperlinks to fail and how I can "globally" reactiviate them without having to edit each one individually? ...since I have dozens of files with hyperlinks, that would be a real time consuming task.

I have a spread sheet that has a colunm of hyperlinked files that I have filtered. I now want to save the hyperlink files I have filtered into a specific folder but It is taking very long because I need to select the hyperlink then the pdf opens, then I save the pdf to a folder and then go to the next hyperlink just below and continue.

Please note that I am copying hyperlinked files from an HTTPs webserver.

I there a faster way to do this. PLEASE HELP!!!

Opened a spreadsheet (Excel 2003) I use frequently with numerous hyperlinks in it - almost all pointing to files elsewhere on my C: drive - to find that every hyperlink has been "readdressed" (with the correct filename) to the Excel folder buried in Documents and Settings/Username/Application Data/Microsoft/. Of course, none of the files that the hyperlinks point to reside there! So, two questions please. 1. Is there any way to get all the hyperlinks pointing back to the correct (and, incidently) default file location (at specified under Tools/Options) without doing each one individually?, and 2. what could have caused this to happen in the 1st place - would love to dodge this bit of merriment in the future! Many thanks to any and all.....Dan

I have a three tier file Hyperlinking question.
I have a parent Excel 2007 workbook which has many Hyperlinks to what I will call a set of child workbook files. In the child workbook files there are also hyperlinks to another set of files.

In the parent workbook I have created the Hyperlinks to the child files using a Hyperlink Base which works great for linking from the parent to the first set of child files.

The problem I have is that the 1st set of child files needs to somehow inherit or set their hyperlink base to that of the parent file that opened them so that the links in the child files with use the same hyperlink base to open the next set of child files.

Anyone know how I can get an Excel 2007 workbook to inherit or set its hyperlink base to the the parent file that opened it? Very confusing.

The real problem here is that anyone can download these file sets to their local drive from a server to any location on their local drive. I only want them to have to go to the parent file and set the hyperlink base in that one file to be able to have working hyperlinks to all of the other files parent to child. Very confusing. Anyway to do this?

I'm having a small problem with the way hyperlinks work in Excel 2003 and it is causing my macro not to work.

I have a spreadsheet of information, and all of the rows of info are linked the left most column of file names. I want these file names to link to their respective files on my computer.

My first idea was to highlight all the files, and link them all to (T:\files\TEMP.pdf) and then use my macro to change the word TEMP in all the hyperlinks to the hyperlinks .TextToDisplay.

In theory this should work, but the problem is that because I highlighted all the hyperlinks, they are all considered one hyperlink, and not 6000 hyperlinks. Therefore if I remove the hyperlink from the top file, they are all removed, and when my macro runs, it links all 6000 hyperlinks to what hyperlink #1 should have linked to.

Is there any way to make all of these hyperlinks seperate from each other? Or is there a better approach I should be using to do this?

Hi everybody,

My name is Stefan and I have a question (sorry I haven't contributed to this forum yet - this is my first post)...

Let's say I have 100 text files on my hard drive in C:\folder1
Let's presume I have 100 text files on my hard drive in C:\folder2

Each file name from folder 1 is also present in folder 2, but the contents (txt) are different

So here's the question that puzzles me a long time now... when 2 file names residing in different folders are identical, is it possible to append both text files and export them to C:\folder3

I have the following set up in mind
- all file names from folder 1 + file path in column A ... e.g. C:\folder1\text1.txt ... etc
- all file names from folder 2 + file path in column B ... e.g. C:\folder2\text1.txt ... etc

Is there an easy solution to accomplish this with Excel 2003?

BTW, I have no VBA programming skills, so..., much obliged to anyone who can help me out here!

With kind regards,


I have a excel spreadsheet that queries an MS SQL db. It fills the DB accordingly but one column represents a list of links to files on my server. How do i set the column to be hyperlinks?


The problem is that the strings in the DB that represent the path to the file use a virtual share name.
excel does not link it unless i change it to:

Is there a way to force it to be a hyperlink based on the data in the column.

Mods: Please move this thread if I have posted in the wrong location. Thanks

I have an Excel file which is a database that is stored on my T:Drive which is a network drive. Only certain individuals have access to the folders and files on these drives. I have created a database excel file that I am trying to put on a website so that people, who do not have access to the T:Drive, can still access the Database file. We have created the remote path that allows for the file to be opened and it works but there are some tweaks that I still need to make.

The major problem I have faced that I would like to get some assistance on is:

The Database has buttons on it that opens up other Excel files that will act as Request forms. Within these forms, there are drop down Validation Lists that populate from information in the Database. The problem is that when the user opens the Database through the Website, the database assumes the remote path of the website that locates the file in the T:Drive which means that the linkage is broken because the links are looking for the Database through the T:Drive path. I tried changing the linkage to look for the database throught the remote path but then the admin has trouble with linkages because he needs to use the database through the T:Drive to make changes.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this error?


Good morning folk

I have the code below to create a list of files in a folder on a sheet,,,,, is there a way to automatically have the file names hyperlinked to the files

Many thanks


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I'm running Excel 2003 on Windows XP Pro SP2. I'm accessing files on a network drive. I recently changed some security settings in Windows for this particular folder so that only certain people had full control. But everyone can open and save changes to the Excel files within this folder. Since that change, I have seen an enormous amount of temp files, with no extension. The file type says "File" and they are all the same number of characters, like "0EF21000". They open up in Excel just fine. But it seems everytime one of the 43 excel files in this folder is open, it creates a new "File". So in a 12 hour period, access to these 43 Excel files have created 375 "File" files. Prior to this security change, I had seen these files as well. Not everytime a file was opened, but there were still quite a few. But NOTHING like it is now.

What is causing these files to be created??? Can I stop it? I know I could write VBA to clean out all non-XLS files daily, but I'm just trying to figure this out first. Is there a setting in Excel that could be causing this?

Hi. Noob here. I have a doc with a very long A Column filled with titles of songs that are stored as audio files on my system, and I'm wanting to change all these mere titles into hyperlinks which would call up RealPlayer (or whatever) and play each audio clip when a title is clicked. I can do that, but each time I right-click/hyperlink, the 'Look In' dialog defaults to My Documents, and I have to browse to the correct folder, which is very tedious. We're talking over 2,500 titles.

Excel Help's entry for the Hyperlink Function didn't seem to address this. I did find a forum discussion about changing the Hyperlink Base by going to File>Info>Show All Properties and entering a path into the Hyperlink Base field, but after doing this, right-click/hyperlink still defaults to My Documents. (I'm thinking maybe this solution was intended for docs with already existing hyperlinks?, which isn't my situation...)

So, how do you get the Insert Hyperlink dialog to open to a different specified folder automatically?

Also, as a bonus, assuming there is a way to change the default folder, would there then be a way to simply select the entire column and convert all the titles to hyperlinks in one operation? Does it help that each title in the column happens to be identical with its corresponding audio file on the drive (well, minus the file extension)? Just trying to keep from doing 2,500 repetitions of anything.

Thanks for any insights. Excel 2010, Vista 64-bit.

- Bob K.

Hey, I hope this is the right place to post this...

Basically I'm putting hyperlinks into an Excel spreadsheet (using Excel 2002). They link to a different file in a shared network drive. However, when the file is sent as an e-mail, and opened by someone else, the file path has changed to the user's local C: drive. I've tried to set the hyperlink base to the folder path, and zipping the file before sending, but it still isn't working properly. I'm using Lotus Notes to send the files.

Any ideas on locking the file path so that it will still retain the proper file path when it is e-mailed?


****sorry about this, just got the problem fixed, changing the base worked. This thread can be deleted*****

I have 3 database. Database1 (C is my personal database. Database2 (D is a worldwide shared database which is very slow. and lastly Database3 (J which is a mirror of "D:" for viewing purposes only (cannot copy nor paste in this database). To copy a file from D: to C: what I normally do is go to J: first ,as this drive is 100x faster than D:, to search the files I want to copy. Once I find my target files, I copy the path from J then open that path in D: Drive (e.g., Copy J:\Gelatine\Sugar\Baby.xls and paste in D: Drive as D:\Gelatine\Sugar\Baby.xls) which takes several minutes to load. Once D: Drive is open, I can now copy the file from D to C. (take note J drive is for viewing purposes only.).

What I want to achieve is to make a UI/Userform with 2 textbox and 1 button. Textbox1 is where the user will put the path from J: and textbox2 is the path where the user wants to save the target files from J. Once the button is pressed, this will automatically save the files from J/D to C.

Is this possible?

I am not really sure what vba codes to use.

Please help. Thanks.