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Sorting From Low To High

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I have 3 columns with a number in each. I need these numbers to be sort from low to high.

SEE ATTACHMENT for example

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Similar Topics

I have a column comprised of numbers from 000-999. I also have one number in three separate columns as well for your convenience. What I want to accomplish is: sorting these numbers from low to high or high to low.

The numbers look like this...


The result I'm looking for:

(low to high)


OR (high to low)


Appreciate your help.

Hello All, this is my first post so please bare with me. I have a questions on if, then and vlookups.

I have three data columns with the HIGH (H) MEDIUM (M) and LOW (L) as text entries in each of the three columns.

The combination of the THREE columns should give the below results.

Combination Result HHH High HHM High HMH High

MHH High HLH High HHL High HLL High LHH High LLL Low LLM Low LML Low MLL Low HML Medium HMM Medium LHL Medium LHM Medium LLH Medium LMH Medium LMM Medium MHL Medium MLH Medium MLM Medium MMH Medium MML Medium MMM Medium
Combination Result HHH High HHM High HMH High

MHH High HLH High HHL High HLL High LHH High LLL Low LLM Low LML Low MLL Low HML Medium HMM Medium LHL Medium LHM Medium LLH Medium LMH Medium LMM Medium MHL Medium MLH Medium MLM Medium MMH Medium MML Medium MMM Medium

I tired using a formula (got it to work for two columns) but when trying to add the thrid I get errors. What is the best approach to handle this and thanks in advance this site is great!


I made a list(see attachment).

colum A is in order low to high number.
but when i sort colum B i want it to live a gap where im missing a number.
Now it just makes the list form low to high.
is it possible?
i want it like i sett it up in the ok.jpg

hope on quick respons.

I need to evaluate the contents of three cells and return one of 8
choices in a fourth cell. The contents of the cells to be evaluated are
numbers and are compared to a given number as either "<" or "=>".
The choices to return are 1a thru 1d or 2a thru 2d.

R HR % D
5 8 8 1a etc.

I have nested IF and AND functions, but can't figure out how to get past
the 7 nested functions limitation.
The formula works for 7 of the sets of conditions, but not the 8th.

The criteria a
1a - high R, high HR, high %
1b - high R, high HR, low %
1c - high R, low HR, high %
1d - high R, low HR, low %
2a - low R, high HR, high %
2b - low R, high HR, low %
2c - low R, low HR, high %
2d - low R, low HR, low %

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.



I need a formula that will identify a string of 3 numbers as High-Low-Mid if all are different, or Low-Low-High/High-High-Low/High-Low-High/Low/High/Low if the string of numbers happens to be double number. Ex:

7 5 2 H M L

5 7 2 M H L

2 2 5 L L H

5 5 2 H H L

5 2 5 H L H

Is it best to use if function with Max, Min, Median? Or is there an alternative that would work best?

Not even sure if this can be done using Excel because it would change the value of the cell. I have a column of 10 numbers that contain up to three digits such as 6,42,74,98,105,184,382,583,634,796. I have used the data sort key to put them lowest to high in the column, but here is the catch.
I would like the program to sort these numbers in the next column over or in same column if easier to read lowest to high with 0 being the lowest so that the above numbers would be 6,24,47,89,15,148,238,358,346,679. Hope you follow what I am after... Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Good day,

I have 15 columns (this will expand)
I have 78 Rows (this will expand)

I would like to sort the data (numbers) in each Row, either low-high OR high-low.
Besides the numbers in the rows, there are a number of cells, after the numbers, that have X in them, these cells must appear after the numbers.

The cells with numbers in are filled yellow, the X cells are not filled.

I hope that I have provided enough information.

How would I go about sorting this data?


Let's say I have 4 rows of numbers...I want to rank them high to low,without having to do a data sort..I would like to assign a number in each of these rows ( with a new column,next to the #),the highest # being assigned a 1 and the lowest # being assigned a there some kind of sum if /max/min formula that would allow me to do this ?


Hi Guys,

I was hoping someone could help me (it's Probably really easy but I've tried for a while and can't work it out).

I have 2 columns next to each other where the answer in the cell can be either high, low or medium. I'm trying to come up with a formula for the 3rd column where it can bascally say if column 1 is high and colum 2 is low the answer for column 3 must be medium etc.


Low + Low = Low
Low + Medium = Low
Low + High = Medium
Medium + Low = Low
Medium + Medium = Medium
Medium + High = High
High + Low = Medium
High + Medium = High
High + high = High

Can someone at least put me on the right track by letting me know if it is an IF formula or AND or both please.



Anyone know how to move results along so they show in a different column?
Datacentre Volumes Apr-10 May-10 Jun-10 Jul-10 Aug-10 Sep-10 aaa High 23 1 2 2 3 3 4 Med 45 2 2 3 3 4 Low 66 2 2 3 3 4 bbb High 23 1 2 2 3 3 4 Med 33 2 2 3 3 4 Low 56 1 2 2 3 3 4 ccc High 43 1 2 2 3 3 4 Med 200 2 2 3 3 4 Low 400 2 2 3 3 4 ddd High 12 1 2 2 3 3 4 Med 37 1 2 2 3 3 4 Low 67 2 2 3 3 4 mths weeks low 3.5 14 med 4.5 18 high 5 20

Ok, so I want to take the 1 shown under April (top row), look at the volume (high, meduim or low) associated with it, look this up in the table underneath - where you can see that "high" takes 5 months to migrate and then show the 1 five months on...... (4 months if it had been medium, 3 for low).
I'm struggling with which order it needs to be written in, can do the lookup but not sure how I convert the number to an instruction to show how many columns along to display the original result.....
Any ideas??
Many thanks......

Hi All

I have a worksheet with numbers in rows 3-34 and from columns D -T, I need a macro to sort the rows 3 - 34 numbers only from low to high numbers.

So to sum up it will sort row 3 from lowest number to highist number then move on to row 4 do the same then row 5 etc



I curently use sendmail in my vba macro to send that particular excel file as an attachment.

However I now need to send some of these under high importance.
Sendmail does not appear to be able to handle this so I beileve I have to use or is it create some sort of outlook instance to do so.

I've seen a few what appears to be quite complicated coding for this.
Anyone have something simple I could use.

All I want do do is set one recipiant, a subject, have the excel this runs in as an attachment, and set it as high importance.

It must also appear in the senders Sent folder afterwards.

any help would be appreciated.

My thanks in advance


Used the search engine but couldn't find an answer to my question.

I'm trying to sort numbers, but instead of getting my numbers sorted from high to low or vice versa, it looks kinda random.
When I try to sort the following numbers from High to Low:

I get this:

Are the decimal points a problem perhaps?
Also the Max and Min formulas are giving me troubles as well with this data.

Hello you smarties,

Again, I'm sure it's very easy for you guys, but I'm finding myself running in circles again and would appreciate your help.

My data looks like this:

ID _Date _Moran's
1 3/27 High/high
1 3/28 High/high
1 3/29 High/low
2 3/27 Not sign
2 3/28 Low/low


The gist is, I have a bunch of locations that have been measured daily for thirty days and then I ran a local Moran's analysis of my data. I want to be able to look at how many times a certain location came up with a high/high classification based on Moran's.

So I want Excel to look in ID and if ID=1, to count how many times Moran's = high/high.

I looked at countif, but I only see how to ask count if to consider one column, not two. Is there an AND statement?


Hi I want to select 2 inputs from 2 drop down lists (done) on a risk matrix ie "possbility" against "severity" and have another cell automaticaly input the HIGH MEDIUM or LOW from my existing excel 4 x 5 matrix in the same colours.

Column4 Column5 Column6
Very Serious Rare

Rare Unlikely Possible Likely Almost Certain

Appreciate any help for a novice user

Best regards


I want to sort in a table the high runners and the low runners. All items that are being produced more than 500 pcs per week should go in the high runners table and all that don't, in the low runners table? How can i make that in Excel?

See attachment for experimenting and exemplification of my problem.
Thank you in advance.

Hi all,

I have a large spreadsheet with two columns - one with a list of high schools (sorted alphabetically) and one with SAT scores.


HS SAT Score
Andy High School 1000
Andy High School 990
Bobby High School 1250
Bobby High School 900
Bobby High School 1300
Charlie High School 800
Danny High School 1100
Danny High School 1110

Basically I wanted to subtotal where at every change in HS it averages the SAT score in the SAT Score column. I don't know how to reference two columns using the subtotal function. Or maybe its not subtotal at all....

Please help!

I have a table of numbers: (the list is more extensive, however, this selection will be adequate for the trial.

Year Total Year High to Low Total High to Low
1984 754
1985 738
1986 680
1987 723
1988 723
1989 803
1990 806
1991 930
1992 1067
1993 1070
1994 592
1995 980
1996 1010

Without sorting, I want to List the Year with the highest in the column (High to Low) with its corresponding Total (High to Low).

I have tried several methods, but can't crack it. If anyone can help with a solution, I will be grateful

With thanks, Ron

I have a list of numbers. for example:


Notice the numbers go from low to high, then go back down to low, then back up to high. The first high is 6, the low that follows it is 0, and the final high is 5.

Now, I have gazillions of data string, I just want to pick out the pivot points (meaning the highs or the lows). In other words, given the above string of numbers, the answer I want to derive at is simply 6,0 and 5. Do you know if I can do that via formulas?

Thanks in advance!!!


let's say i have these numbers in COL A

3 ---- new high
12 --- new high
6 >>> min in valley 6 less than last peak
22 --- new high
8 >>> min in valley 14 less than last peak
23 --- new high


thus as each new high is reached, the numbers might back off. in the above example the greatest difference between peak (new high) and valley (lowest low between new highs) is 14

is there a formula i can place in a cell that says:

"take a look at all the numbers on col A, and show me the greatest difference from any new high made to the lowest low until the next new high is made"



I am trying to create a chart in Excel that would plot two data values in quadrants based on HIGH HIGH, HIGH LOW, LOW HIGH, and LOW LOW. Is this possible? Please let me know if you need a more detailed explanation.

Thank you!

Here is the criteria:

All sheets ( except Sheet1 and Worksheet Names )

I need to sort Column D ( A-Z ) ( low to high )
I need to sort Column C ( A-Z ) ( low to high )

The macro recorder didn't help much...

Trying to use the High water Mark method in order to establish a draw down, from new high to low.In the sheet attached looking at "Simple Example" Column V gives the Time series. So the highs occur at 36,48,56,61,70 and 75.What I am trying to calculate is the lowest values between 2 highs. For example between 1st High(36) and 2nd High(48) the minimum value was 12.Between the 2nd High (48) and 3rd High(56) the minimum value was 20 and so on. Thus the draw down between 1st and 2nd High was 1st High-Min value(1st high-2ndhigh)=36-12=24.

Thus in a whole time series I need to produce an automated calculation rather than manually looking at the values and by hand selecting the ranges.

I have made an attempt with the complex example side.

I am trying to select the a range of numbers withing a list of numbers. I want to find the max number in the range and then add that with the surrounding numbers (5) in total but I want the other numbers to be high as well, so I can't default to picking the high and two in front and two behind since there is a possibility that the three in front are higher and the one behind is high.

start with the max - 12
select the four highest surrounding numbers in order - 8,10,11,9

is there a way to write a formula that will sum these numbers?

Thanks in advance! Chrysti

I am using a Matrix on Sheet3 from A1:F6, with the following information:

1 2 3 4 5
A Low Low Low Med High
B Low Low Med Med High
C Low Low Med High High
D Low Med Med High High
E Med Med Med High High

I would like to show the information in Sheet2 as a result on what I am chosen, for example using the fields A1 and B1 in Sheet2 with the entry of ‘A’ and ‘3’ should then show as a result in field C1 the criteria of ‘Low’.

Can anyone please help me with the formula?

Thanks in advance.