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Plotting A Graph With 2 Y-axis And Different Data Sets

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My X-axis is year 2000-2010 and I need to plot house prices up one Y-axis and Volume of sales up the other Y-axis so the two can be compared on the same graph. I am having trouble doing this, can anybody help me?

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I am TRYING to plot a graph for Economics with 'Output' on the X Axis (1,2,3...10) and $ (0,50,100...300) on the Y Axis. There are 3 Lines on the graph using this data (eg. Total fixed cost, Total variable cost, Average variable cost) but then I need to put a 4th line on the graph for Marginal Cost - using the same Y Axis values, but plotting on the X axis at 1.5,2.5,3.5...9.5. I don't have these values for the other 3 lines that I am plotting though so end up with a graph that is completely wrong. Is there anyway I can plot this 4th line without messing up the rest of the data?

Any help is much appreciated!!

I feel like a total noob

I'm trying to plot a graph with 3 series on y-axis, and a value x-axis (i mean, not category). One of the series is very different in scale, so it needs a second y-axis to the right of the graph. However, i can't seem to get both a second y-axis and value-type x-axis.

I can get the series right when i select multiple axis graph, but then the x-axis assumes the category view, which doesn't line with the plot points at all..

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

when i choose to use the logarithmic graph/chart, it changes the y-axis but leaves the x-axis to remain for use with my own data. what i want to do is have both the x and y axis' present themselves in the logarithmic form but then be able to plot points on the graph that fall between both the x and y axis values. it has been a couple years for me and this is a lot of refresher course for me lol. any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it does prove not to be possible to do as i wish.


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to do what seems to be a simple graph but i can't get it right!

I have the following data:

Col A Col B Col C
1.3 0.01 -0.01

1.27 0.01 0.01

1.25 0.01 0.03

1.23 0.01 0.05

1.2 0.01 0.07

I need to get Col A as the y-axis and plot ColB and Col C on the x-axis using line graphs

The closest i got to is as the chart below, but i need the axis to be inverted, like turning the whole graph 90degrees clockwise.

any help pls?


I hope you are having a good day. I need some help plotting a graph which i am not sure how to go about doing so.
I am looking to plot a graph with 3 axis i.e. xyz AXIS.


I also want to plot the mean, standard deviation +/- of the Ergo_Index on the same graph.

I have attached the data and would be most greatful if someone could either point me in the right direction or help me plot this and explain how it is done to me.

Thank you

Hello again,

I just joined this forum and everyone has been extremely helpful! I am back with another question. I am trying to create a 3-axis graph, combining a stacked column graph with a line graph above. As for the column graph, the X-Axis is labeled "Year" with 2010-2013. The stacked bar graph represents the number of transactions that took place in each county for a given year (Counties stacked on top of one another, each represented by a different color.) The Y-Axis label is currently "number of transactions". I would like to plot total sales volume above the stacked column graph as a line. There will be one line for each county, each data point representing the total sales volume for that county in a given year. I would like to make the other Y-Axis label "sales volume". Does this make sense? I am having trouble uploading examples.

Below is the table I have used to create the stacked column graph, which works perfectly. I just can't figure out where to add the sales volume figures for each county to get it to plot above in a line.

County 2013 2012 2011 2010
Los Angeles 4 14 15 11
Orange 0 3 0 6
Riverside 1 0 0 0
San Bernardino 0 3 0 0
San Diego 0 3 1 0
Ventura 0 0 2 1
Totals 5 23 18 18

Below is the table I am using to create the line graph, this also works perfect. Any help would be much appreciated!

County 2013 2012 2011 2010
Los Angeles $314,550,000 $787,005,909 $932,985,440 $653,238,960
Orange $0 $139,900,000 $0 $375,600,000
San Bernardino $0 $213,475,000 $0 $0
San Diego $0 $253,850,000 $80,400,000 $0
Riverside $58,000,000 $0 $0 $0
Ventura $0 $0 $130,100,000 $81,500,000


I am undertaking my final year report at university, where i am required to plot Young's Modulus, Ultimate Tensile Strength and Elongation at Break on the same graph (all as the y-axis) with material type as the x-axis.

These three groups of data need to be displayed on the same graph, one set of data is 1,000,000,000's (GPa) another in 1,000,000's (MPa) the other in % (elongation).

the three variable's are plotted on three y-axis (all on the left).

I know how to plot a graph with a secondary y axis (one y on the left one on the right) but not when it comes to a third axis.

any help anyone can give me would be much appreciated...and you will get a mention as a thank you / contributor on my work if you wish!!

Many thanks in advance,

Phil H. Loughborough University

Hello all!

I have to create a graph with two variables on the left Y axis and one on the right Y axis while showing the year on the X axis. However, whenever I try to create a graph it shows the year as a line on the graph and it just has 1 2 3 4 5 6 7... etc, on the X axis.

I've done this a few years ago, I just can't remember how to insert the year on the X axis so it won't show up on the line graph.

Here's how I am selecting my data before I select the graph:
YEAR - 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998
CBR - 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
CDR - 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
POP - 213 231 232 232 231 213 287


Is that the right way of putting my data on the excel grid before I hightlight it and selecting my graph?

Thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated!! icon_biggrin.gif

Hi, I need help creating a specific line graph. What I'm trying to do is graph results from an experiment (measuring the volume vs mass of an object in different amounts). So how I'm trying to graph it is this: Put the volume on the y-axis and the mass on the x-axis, then put in the results accordingly. So for one point say the object had a mass of 20 and a volume of 40, it would be on 20 on the x-axis and 40 on the x-axis. The problem is, when I try to graph this I cannot change the x-axis to a dependent variable (it always comes up as values like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Can anyone help me?

I have two data series, one for 'this month' and one for 'year to date'. I am plotting these in a clustered column type graph. I am try to plot the 'year to date' series on a secondary axis but whenever I select the series and use 'format data deries' 'axis' 'plot series on - secondary axis' the graph converts to a stacked column. I am using Excel 2003 via a thin client to Windows server 2003.

Hello. I am fairly handy in using Excel but I am stuck on a graph problem.
I am essentially trying to graph a US yield curve that has the following x axis year points: 0, .08, .25, .50, 1.0, 2.0, 5, 10.0, and 30.0. When I create the graph using values for the y axis, the x axis is uniformally scaled such that my 5 year point looks like it is 2/3rd the way down the curve instead of where it would be... .16 down the path on the x axis. How do I control (or scale) the x-axis so the points plot where I want them instead of uniformly being distributed as is the default case. I do not want to create "dummy" interpolated points to trick the x-axis based on all the different ways I will be shaping the curves I need to graph.

Thanks in advance for the help.


I need to make a bar graph as background, with a line graph to indicate another value.

basically I've got these three tables:


Y-axis, in bar graph form

Y-axis (would prefer axis on right hand side of graph), line or singular points marked on the above bars
(The scale will be different ofcourse - 30 thousand to 5 makes a big difference, however how the scales are compared (like 6000:1) doesn't really matter)

I want these values combined in one graph if this is possible.
Could someone help me out here?

I can do the bar graph, however how do I add the last 5 values in the graph?

Thanks in advance!

hey, im not too good on excell hence the post, btw im on 98 version

basically i have 2 sets of data

HeartRate ..... Oxygen Uptake
101 .................... 1
102 .................... 2
103 .................... 3

I want to plot these points on a set of axis,
the x-axis being HR and the y-axis being O2.
I want the x-axis to range from 0 - 220 (with 202 being a point) in 10 increments.
and the y-axis to range from 0-3 in 0.1 increments.

i then want to (after setting the points from the table above on the axis) plot a linear regression line, which extends to the 202 and have dotted lines pointing to the Oxygen value.

is this possible because i have been trying it for ageeeeees

Hi - Can someone tell me how to plot non metric measurments on a graph. e.g. a graph that has stones, pounds and ounzes on the y axis opposed to the metric 1-10 etc for kilograms. Alternatively how to plot miles and yards on the y axis apposed to kilometers and meters. I am trying to plot a graph for weight that shows stones, pounds and ounzes on the y axis with weeks on the x axis.

Thank you

hi ,

I am trying to plot different lorenz curves ( with different percentage bases ) in a single graph...the x-axis represents the percentage cumuilative number of firms and the y axis represents the percentage cumulative output.

if i have 20 firms, then the x-axis will be 1/20 , 2/20....20/20 ->( 0,5%,10%...100%)

if i have 19 firms, then the x-axis will be 1/19, 2/19...19/19 ...evidently this is differnet from the one can i plot both in one graph?...or can't i?

thx for any help!

I am trying to plot the data below on a graph, but as you see the X axis is not to scale. Every time I plot the graph it always starts at 0 instead of 2.2. I have tried to fix this by inputting X axis values to a fixed scale and putting the Y axis values next to the relevant values but when i do that the line for the graph does not show. How can this be done?

X axis____Y axis____Y axis
pH_____ Immob___ Free
3_______ 0.454_____ 1.39
4_______ 0.796_____ 1.74
6_______ 0.738_____ 1.43
7_______ 0.45______ 1.034
8_______0.292_____ 0.602
9.2______ 0.18______0.418
10 ______ 0.066_____0.138

Hi Community!

I am trying to plot in a 2 y-axis graph 4 series of data (lets say a,b,c,d). The first 2 series (a,b) I want to have in bars according the primary y-axis and the other 2 (c,d) I want to have them as lines following the secondary y-axis.

I can do it, HOWEVER, the second line I plot (d) is shown as an accumalated value together with c (c+d). Why does that happen? Can anybody help me on plotting the second line (d) with original values?!

Thanks a lot community! :-)


Hi All,

I want to know about graph which has z axis.
Z axis Graph : What are the uses.
Examples. or links where I can learn to draw the graph with z axis.

I am not talking about graph with secondary axis.
I know how to draw a normal graph.( graph with X & Y axis.)


Please help,


I have a problem with Data on a graph.
3 lines of data
2 should plot on graph and the other is where the data exists, although this is being used as the x axis. I need the x axis to go from 0 - 3 and not

X Axis - Plot 1 - Plot 2
0 100 0
0.125 99.75 0.25
0.18 99.22 0.78
0.25 97.42 2.58
0.355 94.63 5.37
0.5 92.46 7.54
0.71 89.25 10.75
1 83.8 16.2
1.4 70 30
2.8 32.3 67.7

its not going up in scale like it should do. The points are appearing as the values I have typed in column A, which is right. But they don't go up in the right scale on the x axis.

I can send anyone the spreadsheet if you can give me an email address, please email me @




i have 2 sets of data like


x	   y1	                     y2
1	7.784961119	          514
2	0.658580208	          722
3	7.420948746          143
4	6.329237303	          716
5	1.819070998	          157
6	3.597455694	          917
7	0.151490199	          701

what i would like to do is plot both y1 and y2 on one graph, with 1 common x-axis, and 1 common y-axis (i dont want to activate secondary axis). however, i want to cut the y-axis into 2 unrelated halves, where 1 half will 'accommodate' y1 and the other for y2. the final overall plot will have, say, y2 floating on top of y1, with only 1 common x-axis (something like 2 separate plots stacked vertically, with only 1 x-axis visible). is that possible?


I have automated plotting of charts of date v/s speed recorded on a
particular day with date on the x-axis and speed on the y-axis for each car
that is being tested say Focus, Escort and Ikon. The graph gets displayed
properly for the first data selected
(say Focus) from a combo box. Now, for the other selection, the graph axis
are getting reversed i.e date is getting plotted on the y-axis and speed on
the x-axis !

Is there some why to control this ?
I’m using Excel with VBA.


I have created a graph with the x axis being years from 0.0 to 30.0 (an interest rate graph with year points 0.0, .1, .3, .5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 7.0, 10.0, 20.0, and 30.0). And the y axis being interest rates. When the data points and legend displays, the years on the x-axis are not displayed where they should be.... they are unifirmally spread out from 0.0 to 30.0 instead of mathematically where they should be. Example 4.0 is the 8th data point so it shows 2/3rds down the axis instead of 4/30 on the axis. I fixed this problem before but can't remeber again how to do so. Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi all,

Hopefully, someone can help me as I've spent a lot of time trying to figure this out and can't seem to get it right.

I have a XY Scatter graph of data with Time on my X Axis and Position on my Y Axis. The X and Y Axis have the appropriate values along the bottom and side of the graph as you would typically find, such as 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec etc). However, when I add a trendline to this graph, the values along the X and Y axis move into the graph and so it makes it very difficult to read. In other words, instead of having 1 sec, 2 sec etc at the bottom of the graph, underneath the x axis line, it is now on top of that x-axis line on the actual graph. I can't seem to figure out what is causing this and how to fix it. Any help would be most appreciated.


Edited to Update: The problem has been fixed. The minimum value on the Y axis was auto set to -.5 and was causing the other X axis to jump onto the graph when adding a trendline.

I have 3 columns of data that need to have a shared y-axis and 2 separate x-axis (one on the bottom and one on the top). I have tried graphing this in xy-scatter and the closest I have gotten to representing my data is that I can get both of the x-axis data on the right hand y-axis, and the y-axis data on the top horizontal axis. So I need to switch these axis and add a secondary horizontal axis. I hope this makes sense- any suggestions?

I need to create the following graph in Excel:

I need to plot two variables: A and B on the same graph. They both have the same X and Y axis. The X axis is months (April, May, June etc.) and the Y axis is count (1 to 100). For each of A and B, I need the bar to be stacked (both A and B have the same stacking: High, Medium,Low).

I do not see a graph that allows this. I see a graph that allows you to plot two variables on the same graph, however, it does not allow stacked bars.

Please help ASAP!