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Printing Hyperlinks

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I need to print a group of hyperlink. A single hyperlink is visible by clicking on the cell with the right key of the mouse. As I need to print about 200 hyperlinks contained in the same number of cells, that method is not feasible. Can someone help me?

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Is there any way to make a back hyperlink in excel?
By back hyperlink I mean something similar to the back button in a browser. Clicking on the back hyperlink would navigate to the last hyperlink that was clicked.

I've many sheets with hyperlinks to a single sheet. It would be useful if a user after clicking on one of hyperlinks could go back to the place where he was before clicking.

I have tried using macro recorder to see the difference of selecting a cell
with a mouse and selecting a cell with the Control button pressed and the
mouse. The only thing I see in VBA text is ".Select" or ".Activate". Yet
when used in VBA both work the same?

I have named cells with hyperlinks to other named cells, I have created a
Map (worksheet) of hyperlinks to all hyperlinks in the workbook. When I
click on a named cell hyperlink, "SS_1", I would like to only go to the cell
and not continue thru hyperlinks from the cell (SS_1).
Each hyperlink may have one or more associated hyperlinks, makes for quick
sheet and cell changes.

Is there a simpler method?
Can hyperlinks be "Double Clicks"?
Can I program the use of the "Control" button when selecting cells?

I am in the process of constructing a fairly large database. Here is the scenario. I have a 'homepage' worksheet called "Home". Then after that I have a worksheet for each letter of the alphabet. All my hyperlinks are on the homepage. For instance, when I do a hyperlink to cell A10 in worksheet "A", it works fine. However, the problem I have is that when I add more data above cell A10 (inserting more rows) on worksheet "A", then the hyperlink actually stays with cell A10, instead of moving downward with the actual text I want it to hyperlink to. Is there any way to make these hyperlinks move down with the cells like I want? It just isn't feasible to keep redoing these hyperlinks because there will just be too many to redo. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!


I have tried using macro recorder to see the difference of selecting a cell
with a mouse and selecting a cell with the Control button pressed and the
mouse. The only thing I see in VBA text is ".Select" or ".Activate". Yet
when used in VBA both work the same?

I have named cells with hyperlinks to other named cells, I have created a
Map (worksheet) of hyperlinks to all hyperlinks in the workbook. When I
click on a named cell hyperlink, "SS_1", I would like to only go to the cell
and not continue thru hyperlinks from the cell (SS_1).
Each hyperlink may have one or more associated hyperlinks, makes for quick
sheet and cell changes.

Is there a simpler method?
Can hyperlinks be "Double Clicks"?
Can I program the use of the "Control" button when selecting cells?

Hi There


I have a over 3000 hyperlinks that are stored in fields (A1 to A500,B1
to B500 and so on). I want to automate a hard copy print run and PDF
print run.

Manually repeating clicking on the link, followed Ctrl+P in IE and then
clicking print again 3000+ each times will take an age and give anyone
repetitive strain injury!

I have looked at - from this
I have managed to open a hyperlink within excel but I need this link to
be opened in the browser.

Can this be done...........

I guess something called an array / loop will be needed....????

Any help would be appreciated.



This has frustrated me for years now. Is there any way in Excel to *stop* the annoying 'click on a cell with a hyperlink and it automatically follows the hyperlink' behavior?

I know in Word the default is 'Control-click to follow hyperlink'. You can even choose whether or not to use the 'Control-click' method, or just enable direct clicking for following hyperlinks. This is exactly the control I would like to see in Excel for following hyperlinks.

Too many times my work is interrupted because I have to stop and shut down a stupid browser or file popup that I didn't intend to open, all because I didn't hold down the mouse button long enough when selecting a cell with a hyperlink (for editing, cutting and pasting, sorting, whatever). Every single time, it's one of those "argh, there's GOT to be a better way!" moments.

Is this option (enable 'Control-click' method) available in any newer versions of Excel? Or, (preferred) is there any way to get this behavior shoehorned into Excel 2003? I'm not afraid of some rudimentary VBA, if that's what's needed...but since I have no idea how to override the basic program's handling of hyperlinks, I'd definitely need some pointers in the right direction...perhaps a few nudges, or even a shove


I have created a database of pressure measurements and was asked to include hyperlinks to pdf documents for each measurement. I at first used the hyperlink function via Insert hyperlink (not the formula =hyperlink).

These files are all located in the same folder as the Database excel file on a network hard drive.

However i keep running into troubles.
For example, hyperlinks keep changing on their own or in some cases, link themselves to random pdf files. Also, When i remove a hyperlink adjacent to another hyperlink, all the nearby hyperlinks are removed simultaneously.

I was thinking of converting all of my hyperlinks to =hyperlink format. Is there any short way to do that? Really i just want to get all the hyperlinks working; Any ideas?

Can anyone help with a project that I’m working on at work? I've got an excel spreadsheet with about 250 hyperlinks and when I click one of the hyperlinks I need a macro that will copy the hyperlink, open an internet explorer window, paste the hyperlink and go to the website.

I know you ought to be able to do it by just clicking the hyperlink but ever since we switched over to office 2007 the hyperlinks don't work. Our IT department says it is a compatibility problem with the other program we are trying to hyperlink into.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I wonder how to print out several pdf documents from hyperlinks in an excel sheet?

I have a folder with 1500 pdf files. I have made an excel sheet with a hyperlink to each of the documents. I use the sheet so I can filter the documents on differents keywords and organize them for example in ascending order.

And now I want to print some of these documents out. How can I do this an easier way then open each hyperlink and press print?

In the example I can filter by keyword "1".
It will show 4 lines with links. Some links will be duplicate and in the print function I just need one sample of each document.

Thanks for the help!

Regards McQuinge

I have a list that I have filtered based on a persons name. Each row is a project, and the project name is a hyperlink to another excel workbook. I would like to print the excel workbooks that are hyperlinked. I wanted a way to do it all at once, rather than clicking each hyperlink to open the file, then printing it from there. Are there any solutions? Thank you for your help!

ok i was wondering if this is even possible.
i want a hyperlink to reference to the contents of another cell example


| A | B |
1 |Alexander | Sheet1 |
2 | Alona | Sheet5 |
3 | Alfie | Sheet3 |

Column A is the hyperlinks. column B is the exact name of another worksheet in this workbook. i want the hyperlink to reference to the cells in column B so when the hyperlinks are clicked the active (or visible) sheet is the sheet being referenced. example, when cell A1 (Alexander) is click it will take you to (reference B1) Sheet1. is this possible? i know i can make a simple hyperlink by right clicking and going to hyperlink and then just choose the "place in this document" but i have many many many many hyperlinks to make, i was hoping i can do it formula wise.


I was hoping someone could help me.

I have several reports that once run have several worksheets, I have a macro that is applied to each of the reports which produces a menu page and has a hyperlink to each of the worksheets in the report (workbook).

The hyperlinks are all in one column (column B) and each report may vary with the number of hyperlinks from cells B6 to B27.

The problem I have is that there are 3 levels of reports (Group, Office and Cost Centre reports). The Group hyperlink will always be at the top in Cell B6, however the Office and Cost Centre hyperlinks will be mixed.

I need the Group hyperlink to be in Column B, the office hyperlinks in column C, and the Cost Centre reports in Column D in the same row as they were in Column B.

I was thinking if I put a list of all the office hyperlinks in cells B40:B47 and did a If Vlookup whereby if the office hyperlink was found a cell would be inserted and the hyperlink would be moved one column to the right, if the office hyperlink wasn't found, then the hyperlink would be moved 2 columns to the right (as this would be a Cost Centre report).

Is there an easy way to do this?



Is there a maximum amount of hyperlinks I can have on a worksheet?

I have got 250 hyperlinks so far, and keep finding that some (at random) no longer work.

For example, I have a spread sheet that shows prices, and the hyper link takes me to the email showing the price. Some emails have a dozen prices on, so that hyper link will be in a dozen cells. When I insert the hyperlink, I put it in the first cell, then drag and drop {copy cell} to the 11 below it.

As I am using the spread sheet I find that some hyperlinks just don't work - say 3 out of the dozen!?!

The mouse pointer will turn into a hand when over a hyperlink, but on the cells that don't work it doesn't change - but the font is still the same has a hyperlink; i.e. blue and underlined.

Also, some hyperlinks take me to a different hyperlink to what it says in the cell. I honestly think that excel is getting confused. But instead of guessing, I thought I would ask the guys that would know.

Can anyone help me?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a method of printing a batch of pdf files from within excel that are opened via a hyperlink. I use an excel document as an index file for users to navigate their way through the assembly of a vehicle.

Below is a link to a screenshot of the excel file:

In column G of the document I have "Click Here" hyperlinks, which direct the user to a pdf file for the given task.

The user is able to open each document as they go through the build process which is great if they can use a computer near their station but unfortunately the number of computers available are limited so sometime I have to print the notes out for use. What I would like to do is select all of the hyperlinks from one section and print them in that order. I currently have to do this manually one by one which is time consuming so was looking for a quicker method of doing it?

All the pdf files are stored in 1 location so it's not so easy just to pick out the ones required for printing, plus they would be in alphabetical order instead of the order required for the build process.

Any help or info would be much appreciated. I'm not too clued up on macros so if this is the only option could you explain what would be required?

Many Thanks,

Dear Friends, please help me create hyperlinks with macro

In B3 I have a name (Jakie)
In C3 I have an hyperlink (
In D3 I have an hyperlink (

In E3 I want a word "Visit" with hyperlink clicking on which will takes me to
In F3 I want a word "Page" with hyperlink clicking on which will takes me to

I have data from B3:D350 and need hyperlinks popuated in range E3:F350


Hi once again,

Is Conditional Hyperlinks Possible?

Example: Clicking on a Hyperlink may result in different Hyperlinks based
on a cells value etc.

If 'A1' = 'This' then open 'This' Hyperlink.
If 'A1' = 'That' then open 'That' Hyperlink.

Just Courious as to how this can be done.. Thanks..

I'm trying to solve the following problems with hyperlinks in Excel:

1) When I have two hyperlinks in a cell, I would like to be able to optionally go to these 2 links separately. Either I click on the cell and there's an option to go to one of the 2 links, or when I click on a different part of the cell I get a different hyperlink re-direction. Can this be done?

2) When I have an hyperlink in a cell mixed with non-linking texts, I would like to not follow the hyperlink automatically whenever I click the cell. Perhaps only if I click on the portion of the cell that contains the link?

3) This is not a problem but something I am currently able to do: Make the hyperlink in a cell have the hyperlink format (underlined blue), but the rest of the text remains in their own format. When I click on the cell, I follow the hyperlink.

For all intents and purposes let's assume hyperlinks are URLs only.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I have a series of hyperlinks in cells that display dates. I am looking for a formula that will reside in a different cell, that determines the latest (max) of these dates, and then will have a hyperlink that connects to the hyperlink of that cell.
That is, I would like to have hyperlink in a cell, and have it open the hyperlink of a different cell. The selection of that different cell is based on a determination as to whether the date displayed in that cell is the maximum value of a range of cells (each cell has different hyperlinks).
Thank you! in advance

I have an excel sheet which is filled with hyperlinks to other excel documents.

If I hover over any of the hyperlinks, they look like this:


if I right click a hyperlink and go to 'edit hyperlink' it appears liks this:


I have a macro that needs to traverse all these hyperlinks and access the files themselves. However, when I access the cell's hyperlink value via the VBA code I get the 2nd format, and the macro isn't able to open the link.

I am retrieving the hyperlink address using the following:

log.Worksheets(1).Range(hyperlinkCol & i).Hyperlinks(1).Address

Is there anyway that I can retrieve the hyperlink in the full UNC format that I'm seeing when I hover over the hyperlink?

This is killing me, I have about 1800 hyperlinks that I need to use to pull data from each sheet.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi everyone,

I'm kind of new to Excel and VBA programming and searched existing threads and I've usually been able to find what I need without posting myself, but have had no joy with this one so here goes.

I have a spreadsheet containing multiple Hyperlinks in Column C, (approximately 70).
The hyperlinks are all various formats (.doc .xls .pdf etc)

If possible I would like to carry out the following actions by clicking one command button in the active worksheet.
If any error encountered, automatically stop macro, delete all documents from C:\temp and print error report.

1. Open the first Hyperlink and convert file to pdf (using Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro)
2. Save the pdf file to a temp file location (i.e. C:\temp\File1.pdf)
3. Close both open documents (i.e. Hyperlink document and pdf document.)
4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 above until the last Hyperlink in Column C.
5. Open Adobe Acrobat and combine all pdf documents in file location C:\temp
6. Save combined pdf document to C:\temp
7. Print combined document
8. Delete all documents in C:\temp when print job complete
9. Exit Excel

Any ideas? Thanks!

I've got a list of links I'd like to print to a PDF, but for whatever reason, hyperlinks created with the HYPERLINK formula don't work. The Menu-based ones do, but I'd like to avoid having to redo all these links.

Does anyone have a workaround?

On my spread sheet, there are many hyperlinks, and just recently I noticed that the hyperlink destinations have changed, but the text in the box remains as before. For example, the hyperlink for say, B4 reads 1234, but it somehow changed and sends me to the hyperlink for 2234 (the box directly below, B5) and this continues the entire way down the spreadsheet. The hyperlinks have shifted up one, but the box contents have not. There is so many entries I do not want to have to re-hyperlink all of them, thank you

Hi Guys,

This should be very simple.

I have a spreadsheet that is accessed by various people. In one of the Columns say Column M, I would like to paste Hyperlinks. These Hyperlinks would be for a relevent email that has been saved in my C Drive.

The email is sometimes saved as HTML and MSG.

My question is instead of showing the Hyperlink and clicking on it as normal, is there a way that I can click on a command button that would contain the Hyperlink in it? The Hyperlinks look huge and untidy so I am trying to smarten things up a bit

Thanks in advance

I have a workbook with three worksheets and two hyperlinks. In Sheet1 there are two hyperlinks, one that links to cell A1 on Sheet2 and one that links to cell A1 on Sheet3 and performs a simple sub procedure when the hyperlink is clicked. I inserted the hyperlinks by right-clicking on the appropriate cell and choosing "Hyperlink." I need to tell it if the link to Sheet3 is clicked, perform the sub procedure, and if the link to Sheet2 is clicked, do not perform the sub procedure. I have the following code so far:

Private Sub Worksheet_FollowHyperlink(ByVal Target As Hyperlink)

If Target "this specific hyperlink" Then Exit Sub

'rest of sub procedure

End Sub

Does anyone know syntactically correct way to refer to the hyperlinks in my sheet (i.e. what code should I use to replace "this specific hyperlink")?

I've been looking for a method of doing this task for a while and after experimenting with macros in excel I can officially say I need some help!

I have no experience using VBA so it would be great to get some advice on how I could create a macro for my needs.

I have attached a screenshot to help with this query.

Basically, what I would like to do is the following:

1. Open file 1
2. Print file 1
3. Close file 1
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for remaining files

I have the following macro which opens file 1 but this is as far as I have managed to get:

Sub Open_File()
' Open_File Macro
' Macro recorded 25/05/2011 by bdy
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+a
Selection.Hyperlinks(1).Follow NewWindow:=False, AddHistory:=True
End Sub

I have tried recording all the steps but have been unsuccesful so far...

The excel document contains the following hyperlink base if this helps:

\\fafile100vm\users$\bdy\Macro Test Folder\PDF Files\

The idea behind this is that I would like to create a button within the spreadsheet where the user can simply click on it and they are able to print out a specified range of files in the correct order. Currently the only way of doing this is by clicking each hyperlink, opening the files, then print them one at a time which is not very efficient.