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How To Lock The Scroll Bars

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how can i lock the scroll bars so that the users cannot scroll through the whole page. i have made a user interface. now an then the users keeps on asking me where the interface is, but i have realised that they have scrolled away from it

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Similar Topics

I need to analyse data presented by an application with a web page interface. The web form has limited space for a text description so the field has scroll bars that allow users to see all the text. I copy and paste this information into my spreadsheet, but Excel takes the scroll bars with it, creating a cell which is part filled by the text box which will not resize when I increase the column width. I have tried Paste Special, but the options there, although doing away with the scroll bars, concatenate the text from all the fields in the web form into a single cell, which is very difficult to split out. (Sorry but this forum doesn't support me adding a screen shot to show you what I mean).

Does anyone know how I can reformat the relevant column to get rid of the scroll bars?

Many thanks.

Well, the title pretty much sums up my question. I have a section of a page I need the users to stay in without wandering to other portions of it (where I have lists they don't need to bother). But I need them to be able to activate the macros and use the chosen area. I know how to hide the scroll bars, but the wheel still allows scrolling. I need to lock it up.

Anyway to do that with the Excel options?

I did read some of the suggestions from previous post of a similar nature, but I am not sure they apply since this workbook has multiple macros in it. I could enter a VBA lock in one macro, but would it apply throughout the others? Also, it is only one page of five I need to lock up.

Thanks in advance,



I am working on a macro which consists of so many sheets in one workbook. I want to lock the scroll bars in one of the sheets so that the content wont move off the screen. The other sheets should have the scroll bars..

Please help me out

Thanks in Advance

I have a sheet with Buttons and Scroll Bars. I want to protect the worksheet
so all the user can do is type in the project name. Then use the scroll bar
to put in the estimated cost of the project. Then the button runs a marco
which creates a seperate sheet to input addtional info for the project.

When the worksheet is protected the Scroll Bars won't work. The lock toggle
under format for the scroll bar doesn't seem to work. When the worksheet is
protected: If the toggle is off you can edit the scroll bar information but
still can't use it. If the toggle is on you can't use or edit the scroll
bar. We want the user to be able to use the scroll bar but not edit it.

The button works fine. You can click it but not edit.


I protected a worksheet and my code always leaves it in an empty spot where no one can see any information. Our admin assistant pointed out that the scroll bars (the thin and long bars on the bottom and the side that move the screen left-right and up-down). Is there anyway to lock them?

Gene Klein

I have a worksheet where I use 21 scroll bars to change data and I want to use a macro to reset all the scroll bar control values to 5. I know I can do it as below but there must be a cleaner way of limiting the amount of code, just shown reset for two scroll bars below:

Sub ScrollBarReset()
'I want to reset all the scroll bars numbered 40 to 61 to the value of 5
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Scroll Bar 40").Select
With Selection
.Value = 5
End With
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Scroll Bar 41").Select
With Selection
.Value = 5
End With
End Sub

Many Thanks.

I am created a forecasting tool. I would like to use scroll bars to calculate a projected amount based on a prior years actuals. Each month will have a scroll bar for each line item. Scroll up to increase a projection, scroll down to decrease not really rocket science. But, when I create an initial scroll bar then copy and paste it to where I would like it to be positioned, the Link Cell is stays the same. Is there a more efficient way to move the Link Cell besides going into each scroll bar's format control? I could easily have 120 scroll bars.

I have looked through the forum and cannot find a basic assist on scroll bars.
I have found how to fix specific issues that happen to scroll bars, but now how to make them in the first place.
Can someone direct me to a website or something useful on how to set up a scroll bar using excel 2000?
Everything I seem to find is designed for excel 2007 or doesn't just pick a problem. Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately I cannot send a copy of the file I'm having a problem with, but I'll try to explain what's going on.

I'm using Excel 2007. I used Developer > Design Mode, to add a couple of scroll bars to one of my worksheet. I then used those scroll bars as interactive sliders to change the formatting of cells on that worksheet. When I created this on Friday, it worked great. Now, I come back to this file today and the scroll bars are frozen. I'm not getting any errors, but I can't move the scroll bars. When I'm in Design Mode, I can select one of the scroll bars. It then gets surrounded by the highlighting little boxes, but when I right click and select Properties, the properties panel is for the worksheet, and not for the scroll bar. The pull down at the top of the properties panel does not offer any other selections. I've tried everything I can think of to figure this out, but at the moment, I'm really stumped. Oh, yes, I've made sure macros are enabled in this file, in case that matters, and I've tried "Bring to Front".

Does anyone have any ideas?

We have two computers that share one printer. The printer is switched from one computer to another by pressing Scroll Lock twice. So, sometimes the scroll lock is either on or off. The problem I am having is in excel, if you have the scroll lock on and you enter a number in a cell then arrow to the right it puts a dashed line around the previous cell and has the cell reference showing in the previous cell. Like it is creating a new formula or something.

What I was hoping to do is to have a bit of code that would check to see if the scroll lock was on. If its on then turn it off.

Is that a doable thing?

I have some scroll bars in my spreadsheet. I have not selected 'Locked' in the Format control properties. This should mean that when the sheet is locked the scroll bars should be selectable......

However, on locking the sheet, the scroll bars become locked and I get the helpful error 'The cell or chart you are trying to change is protected and therefore read only'

What am I doing wrong?

V 2000. I have just compiled an extensive userform that takes up more than the screen.I have clicked the (both) scroll bar option in the properties box.

My problem is that the scroll bars are not working.

Is there further coding that I need to incorporate to make the scroll bars active.



I would like to lock the scroll bar so that users are not able to scroll up or down, left or right on my sheet.

I currently have a form that I want to have 2 Scroll bars, one Vertical and
one Horizontal. Using the Forms toolbar I can easily make a scroll bar and
assign whatever I want to it fairly easily.
The problem is that the Rotate option is grayed out so I can't have a
Horizontal bar, only vertical ones.
These bars are going to be used to pin point a specific cell in an array,
and im currently using =INDEX() based on two bars, then in the array using
conditional formatting to highlight the cell that is currently being used.
But i'm currently having to use 2 Vertical scroll bars instead of one of
each, which is not very tidy.

Any help would be appriciated. Thanks.

I have 20 dynamic charts with scroll bars and I want to avoid manually
adjusting the maximum value each month on the 20 scroll bars.

Is there some VBA I could use to do this?

Thank you!

One of our Office XP for Small Business users (running Win XP Pro SP 2) is no
longer able to see the horizontal scroll bar in any of his Excel files --
files that used to display correctly a few days ago. He also can no longer
see the three colored buttons in the top right of the screen (for Minimize,
Zoom, Close). The scroll bars are set to display in the Prefs and we haven't
changed any settings on our monitor -- any idea what we should do?

Can anyone tell me how to get the vertical scroll bars that I've inserted into a text box within a VBA userform to start at the top????
They work fine but when you click on the command button on my excel sheet the form appears as it should except that the scroll bar is all the way at the bottom so the upper text is cut off.
I'm sure there must be a pretty simple fix.


Does anybody have any idea how to control the scroll bars in the file dialog
that would appear when you want to open a file or multiple files.

Basicailly, I'd like the scroll bar to be at the beginning the first time
it's run. Then each subsequent time the macro runs, it would record the last
position of the file list and use it the next time open is called.

I found doc's for controlling the scroll bars of your own list boxes, but
how to control the system open scroll bars baffles me.

I have a huge pet peeve in Excel. As your spreadsheet grows both vertically and horizontally, the scroll bar accommodates this growth as needed. However, if you were to delete columns and/or rows, the scroll bars stay at the maximum bounds. Am I making sense? lol. Is there a way to reset the scroll bars so when you grab the scroll bar and pull it to the bottom, it goes to the last entry currently in the spreadsheet, not the cell where the maximum last entry was? lol, I really hope this makes sense.....

Here's a tricky one. I have a user form controlled by a macro, but when some users with a low res 800 x 600 screen use it, the bottom of the form is cut off.
I can add a Scroll Bar control that has a slider box, but how do I make the Scroll Bar properties move the view downwards to bring the lower portion of the form into view?

I want to embed a scroll bar in a worksheet that I can use to scroll rapidly left and right (rather than use the default scrool bars). I have seen this done elsewhere but have no idea how to achieve it and can't find any help. Advice anyone please?



For some reason when i have excel 2007 not maximised my scroll bars vanish.

Not sure why this is happening.

Any Ideas why this would be happening?

I have check Excel Options -> Advanced -> Display options for this workbook
both show horizontal/vertical scroll bars are checked.

I have used split panes to show two copies of my screen side by side/left and right. There are already two horizontal scroll bars on the bottom - one on each pane. There is only one vertical scroll bar on the right side of the right pane. Two questions:

1. Can a VERTICAL scroll bar be added to the right side the left pane so that each pane can independently be scrolled up and down without the other pane scrolling simultaneously?

1. Is there a way to remove these HORIZONTAL scroll bars on the bottom?

Thanks! (My first post...)

Hi All!

I really need some scroll bars in a VB6 project Im I've never done them...I aint got a clue what Im doing!!

Ive google'ed this and it has a very good win32 scroll bar topic, but becuase out system were around when Rome took over Britain...I cant use them as no one has the win32 DLL file!

Does anyone know a way around this without using the win32....

I know that pressing the scroll lock key will alternate between scrolling the page or moving between cells. The problem I am having is on one machine this works fine but on another machine when I have the scroll lock ON and then hit an arrow key it will highlight (marching ants) the cell that I moved to and put formula in the cell I just moved from. Something like: B4+B5.

How can I get RID of this behavior? I've matched all the settings in the options section but can't seem to figure out what else it could be.