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How Do I Turn Off Auto Correct?

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I need help with auto correct.

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am having a problem getting correct results with my vba code. How would you construct correct vba code to produce
correct unique values at the bottom of the table ?
A B C D E Description Category Date Trans type Amt. Apples 11/15/11 Auto. $10 Oranges 11/16/11 Auto. $20 Pears 11/16/11 Auto. $30 Apples 11/18/11 Auto. $40 Pears 11/19/11 Auto. $50 Oranges 11/20/11 Auto. $60 Should give Apples $50 Oranges $80 Pears $80

Is there somewhere I can edit the AutoCorrect Data in an easier way that
using the Auto Correct options menu. I want to input a large amount of data.
Is there a master list or sheet somewhere?


Does anyone kno if i can turn off the auto correct for dates. I never type the date as 23-4-11 always with a / so I have no need for Excel to automatically convert the format of the cell to a date. I use - for other things and always have to format the cells as text first. Very annoying!

where is the auto correct data file stored?
I have ust set up a new pc and need to transfer the info

I am using Office 2007, and I figured out how to turn off the autocorrect function in Word, but I can't find the function in Excel.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

I am trying to use the auto sum feature, when I try to add multiple auto sums
together,, it returns a zero total. what do I need to turn on or off to so I
can get the correct total

Hi All

I need help with a formula that will scan down a list of names in column A and compare it to a list in a hidden column (D).The idea is that it will check the spelling in column A and auto correct it to the one in D.

I will use this when i am downloading data to excel as there can be variencies in spelling e.g. Absence or Absense. My existing macro's which are auto populating another workbook just ignore the spelling mistakes, which then means that the auto populated data is wrong and there are far too many entries to individually correct each mistake.


Please can you give me a solution to my problem.

I have a Table in Excel 2010 and in one column I have a formula. During the year the formula changed . So for example from row 1 to 500 I had my original formula, which must stay, but now I have changed the formula from row 501 onwards.

What my problem is , everytime I add a new row to the Table the formula auto updates buts takes the old formula from Row1 and I have to manually copy my new formula over the old one.

Just for THIS column I do not want excel to Auto correct or update. But for the rest of the table it must keep auto update.

I do not want to cancel the Proofing in the Options , because that will apply to all my spredsheets and files.

Any ideas what can I do.

I am trying to type the intials for a company which are CNA. Every time I do this, Excel auto corrects to word to CAN. How do I get around this problem.

I am working w/ values that are interpreted as dates by Excel. The issue is that as I change it through code and have it displayed as I need it, I have to move it around to other locations w/in current sheet or to other sheets it gets reformatted to a date or serial number.

I was looking for a way to disable this feature as akin to turning off auto-correct feature. But have not found any method to do so. Can this be done in code?



I know how to turn off auto-expansion by
"unchecking the Include new rows and columns in list option on the AutoFormat As You Type tab of the AutoCorrect dialog box."

how do you turn it back on?

Thank You!

I am constantly running into this horrible design decision to auto-check
excel formulas as they are typed. I type in formulas, then add parentheses
from the right hand side back to the left to make certain of the calculation
orders. Every time I put in a close paren and then move backwards to add the
opening paren, Excel interrupts me and pops up a dialog telling me my formula
is broken..... WHILE I AM STILL TYPING IT. The worst part is that it
requires two clicks of non-default options that alternate positions (i.e. I
have to move the mouse t the correct button two separate times) in order to
go back to typing my formula. I have turned off every auto-check option
there is, and it still does this. GIVE ME A WAY TO TURN THIS OFF!


I run a football sweep in work, and I currently have a Leaderboard with 16 players in it.

The Cell Headers are
Position; Name; Correct Results; Correct Scores; Total Points

The leaderboard is set by the Total Points, then the number of correct results, then the number of correct scores. My Total Points auto populates from the monthly tabs I have, and each persons score for that month. However I would like the cells to Auto Sort based on the Total Points, but to keep the other cells tied in with the Points Except from the position colum.

Is anyone able to help me do this. So if someones points put them from 4th to 1st, then the name cell, correct results, scores, and points cell all go with them.

I have attached an image to give you an idea of what I mean

Thanks in Advance


i use excel 2003. have just noticed that on several of my worksheets the auto sum works but only after i have hit save. until i save any changes to the set of numbers in the auto sum do not reflect in the total. only when i hit save does the sum total adjust to the new correct number. This problem is just on the last few worksheets that i have created. On all my other worksheets the Auto SUM works correctly, showing the new total as soon as a new number is entered in the auto SUM column.

What line of code would I need to used to turn off the auto-calc upon opening a workbook?


I am trying to set up a new auto run macro that will run automatically when a workbook opens.

What is the correct macro name to do this that is compatable with excel 2003 and 2007?

In this auto run macro, I would like to tell the system to alway run a macro by the name of Every_update anytime there is an entry made anywhere in the entire workbook. What is the best way to do this?

I've been working with a large, old spreadsheet that I inherited. It has
~150 worksheets.

Occassionally, a row of formula won't update. That is, I change some values
on 1 worksheet, but when I get to another, the new values are not reflected
in a formula that might be merely adding 2 cells from the first sheet. I
have and keep auto calc = "on". I can go to the cell and hit "F9". The
value doesn't change.

If I re-type the exact formula, it correctly calculates and shows the
correct value. If I drag and auto fill this formual across the row,
essentially replacing each formula with an exact duplicate of what it already
had, the value re-calculate and display the correct value.

What could cause this? More importantly, how do I fix it?

Thank you, in advance for any suggestions.

I am using a simple excel credit/debit worksheet that is auto totaling in the last column. I have 5 or 6 entries a year and I would like to leave a blank row between years for grouping. When I leave a blank row the auto total function doesn't work, is there any way to correct this? My curent formula is:


When I open a new instance of Excel 2007, Auto-calculate is set to ON. I then turn this option off, close Excel only to find that upon re-opening Excel, Auto-calculate is again set to ON. Strangely, when I make this modification in a fresh instance of Excel 2007, I am asked to save the workbook, 'Book1.xls'.

Seems like there is a file or a setting somewhere on the system that needs to be modified to allow me to turn off Auto-calculate. Where can I find this file/setting?

O/S: XP Professional SP2


- Luis

I've searched through previous post with no luck on my workbook. I would like to have all the auto filters remain active all the time.

I have workbooks with a dozen or so worksheets, each having their own auto filters set. When I protect the sheet, I select to allow filter use and it works. But when I reOpen the workbook the fitlers don't work. I have to unprotect and protect again saying to allow filters. I have to do this on every sheet I want to use.

Can there be a way of 'on open' or 'auto-run' something to turn all the filters back on when anyone opens the file?

Thanks, I appreciate any suggestions and help.
In Atlanta

Hello all,
How do I auto fill a series of 2014 dates in the row below the weekdays? I have a row C5 that has a series of auto fill weekdays successfully for 2014. I can't seem to auto fill the weekdates in the row below. I have to make manual adjustments for each Monday, and for the correct month ends, etc.
Do you have a solution for me?
Thank you.

Lately, I've been having problems with the Auto Filter feature. Previously it worked fine, but now it will just not filter on a couple of my spreadsheets.

Some background: The spreadsheets in question have around 200 lines. I am using Excel 2003 on Windows XP Pro and consider myself fairly proficient at Excel.

Here's what tends to happen: With Auto Filter on, a few filters may work, but eventually, I will click the down arrow to make a selection and nothing happens. To fix the problem, I have to turn off the Auto-Filter and then usually, have to select all rows and Unhide everything to show all the data. Then, I will turn Auto-Filter back on and the same process will start all over again.

This only started to happen recently and as far as I can tell only on a couple of similar spreadsheets with data in approx. 20 columns with a few VLOOKUPs in the data.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


I'm looking for the VBA command that will perform the funtion that will auto-fit or auto-format column widths -

just like when I click on the upper left-most little box that highlights everything and then I double click on a column edge so that every column is the correct width to show everything within the columns.

Make sense?


Hello and thank you in advance for any suggestions. As stated in the title, I'm not even sure if this is possible.

I'm trying to format my work schedule(attached) so that I can fill in the info per employee, and have it automatically fill in the correct employee name for the correct location.
For example: row 61 is "employee 2". I would like to figure out a formula that would allow me to enter a number or code(anything really) into Mondays schedule, say in cell B61, that would auto copy that employees name into the correct location, say cell B4.

I have 3 locations with 3 shifts each that I want to auto fill based on the information that I put in for each employees work week.

The three locations and shifts we can call:



I guess a better way to say it is that I want to be able to put something in any of B60:B89 that puts the corresponding employee name in the correct cell in B2:B29

And of course I will need to be able to do it for all 7 days of the week.

I really hope this makes sense. My apologies as this is my first post here.

Again, thank you in advance for any and all help.


I would like to customize the cell entry and how do I turn off the auto help feature in excel. for example, when I type "=" A I get a pop up with with all the functions start "A". Is there any way to turn off this feature? Please let me know. thanks